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    New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight

    The Dark Tower Ė The Great Race

    by , 10-12-2017 at 03:43 AM (90 Views)
    2017, 10-11

    The Dark Tower Ė The Great Race

    I am on a beach. I look around see if I can figure out how I got here. I see that there is a man nearby. There is also a woman in a wheelchair. They seem to be having an argument. I go closer to see if that might be why Iím here. I recognize the people. The man is Eddie, from the Dark Tower series. The woman must be Detta or Odetta. As I get closer I can tell sheís the nice one. She is not using long strings of shouted expletives. She and Eddie are arguing about whether or not he should leave a gun with her. She says that Roland will be angry. Eddie says heís not leaving her without a way to defend herself. When I get a little closer Eddie turns and sees me. He asks if I can talk some sense into this woman? He seems to know me. I tell him that I can do better than that. I can go do whatever it is he needs to do, and he can stay with Odetta. He says he has to take the wheelchair back to get Roland. He points at a door that is standing on its own. I she words on the door, the pusher. I tell Eddie and Odetta that I will take the wheelchair back and get Roland. Eddie asks if Iím sure I can do that? He says that Roland and will be hard to push in the wheelchair. He is thinking I will be weak because Iím a girl! I give him a dirty look. I told him that I could carry Roland over my shoulder the whole way. But that wouldnít be very comfortable for him. Eddie agrees finally and says for me to go ahead.

    For the next part of the dream I am running down the beach pushing a wheelchair. I really like the fact that I donít seem to be getting tired. Itís completely unlike how things are when Iím in the waking world. I have to go around some rocks and other obstacles on the beach, so that slows me down some. But it doesnít slow me down much, and before I think it is possible I find Roland. Roland appears to be either unconscious or sleeping. I go over closer to him and he seems to wake up a bit. He looks up at me, he looks quite confused. He says my name, Raven, but seems unsure as to if I am real. I tell him that Eddie stayed with Odetta while I came to get him. He says that he will need to be pushed in the wheelchair, heís not strong enough to walk. I am wondering why my healing attempt havenít really work on him. Iím thinking maybe it is because of poison rather than just a physical injury. That can make a difference. Roland gets to his feet with much effort, and he sits down in the wheelchair. I focus some healing energy into him just to be sure he doesnít die on the way. He seems to perk up a bit, but not enough to let him walk. He asks if Iím sure I can handle this? I tell him this will not be a problem. I get behind the wheel chair and try to push. I am actually surprised by how much harder it is to do, but that is just because I wasnít prepared. I start pushing forward at a good rate.

    I pick up speed as I am pushing Roland in his wheelchair down the beach. It is going faster and faster. A couple of times I have to make sudden adjustments to keep from running into one of the obstacles on the beach. There are rocks, Driftwood, and the hardest ones to see our places where soft sand has collected. But I managed to keep going at a quicker rate without getting in any wrecks. Once again the trip seems to go by very quickly. And once again I am liking the fact that I donít seem to get tired. I wish I could just live all the time in the dream state. Soon we reached door. I see the door there, but I see no sign of either any or Odessa. I wonder where they couldíve gone. Roland is not in good shape, and I know he needs to go through the door to get medicine. I tell him that I will look for Eddie and Odetta. Roland says that he had intended to take Addy with him this time. I am wondering how that would work. Three people in one body? But that doesnít really matter. Roland says Eddie still has one of his guns. He says hopefully he will not need to use it. Then he hands me the other gun. He says that when he goes through the door his body will be lifeless on the ground here. He says at that point, if the other has come back, she will be able to take the weapon with ease. I donít need to ask the other is, I know he is talking about Debra walker. So Roland goes over to the door and manage just open it. I can see through the door, it is looking onto a busy sidewalk. Iím not sure what is going on there. Roland goes through the door, then his body collapses outside.

    I start looking around now. I start calling out Eddie. I also call out Odetta. I call out Eddie and say that if the other has returned, donít forget the song. You can bring her back. You can bring Odetta back. I continue looking for a while, and I am about to give up. I have no idea where they couldíve gone. Especially when Odetta doesnít have her wheelchair. Hi come around a quarter in the rocks, and I stop when I hear a nasty sounding voice. It is a womanís voice, and she tells me to stop right there. Stop right there, you home bitch. It is definitely not Odetta. I turned around to see her. She has a gun pointed at me. I am not worried about the gun. I am worried about Eddie. I ask her where it is? She says heís around. She tells me to drop the gun Roland gave me. I told her Iím not going to do that. She says then sheíll blow my brains out. I tell her she wonít be doing it with that gun. I tell her thereís nothing she can do to hurt me, so I am certainly not worried. I ask her again where Eddie is. She says heís just enjoying the beach. That doesnít sound good. So I look around for Eddie some more, and I find that he is on the beach. Below the high tide marker. And somehow heís gotten all tied up. I wonder how thatís even possible considering that he had the gun and data has no legs. I am figuring he mustíve fallen asleep, just like in the books.

    Detta seems to move surprisingly fast with no legs. I hear her calling to me that I had better leave him be or she will shoot me. Iím still not worried about that. So I go down to where Eddie is tied up, and I start working on removing the ropes. Data is pretty close behind me, and I can see that Eddie is trying to warn me that fact. Detta points her gun at me. She pulls the trigger. She gets a resounding click. I get Eddie the rest of the way untied, and Detta tries to shoot me again. She gets another click for her efforts. I have Eddie completely untied now. I tell him to stay behind me while we go back and take care of Detta. I tell him that her gun canít hurt me, but it can still hurt him. I walked right up to Detta. She tries to shoot me again, this time the gun fires. There is a loud bang that actually startles me. But the bullet seems to bounce off of my body. It might have something to do with the Mercer virus. Detta is staring in stunned silence now. So is Eddie. I take the gun away from the stunned Detta. I tell Eddie he can go back to using the song now. He needs to use the song to bring back Odetta. He doesnít need my help for that. He goes over in front of Detta and uses the song, My Last Breath by Evanescence, and I can see when Detta changes back into Odetta. So at least for now things are safe. That is a good thing, because it is also now that I wake up.
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