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    New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight

    Darkness Rising

    by , 08-22-2017 at 12:32 AM (99 Views)
    2017, 08-21

    Darkness Rising

    I am in a pretty normal looking small town, but there is definitely something wrong here. It only looks normal at first glance. The more I look the more off things seem to be. There are people around but they all seem scared of something, and there is a negative feel to the place. No one talks to me, but I am able to overhear what is going on. The town is getting corrupted by evil energies. People are being murdered and left in obscene positions throughout town. No one can move the bodies, anyone who tries suffers a horrible sickness and then death. A young girl was hung from the ceiling and her parents grieved to leave even her body like that. A young blonde girl looking and acting like Diana from Grimm managed to use telekinetic powers get the girl's body down without becoming ill. The family is having a funeral today with a public viewing after.

    I follow a procession through town and no one notices me. I follow them to the funeral behind a church. I stay out of the way as family members say their goodbyes. Everything is peaceful. Soon they tell the people outside they can come in as long as they’re respectful. No one has been disrespectful, but as soon as the people come things seem to change. I get a feeling of dread it both looks and feels wrong. Diana looks over at an antique dagger hanging on a wall. She takes it down. She cuts some fruit left for the people with the dagger and it instantly turns rotten. She touches some people gently on the face with the flat of the blade and they look like zombies. She says they can be saved, however. She finally reaches a little girl who acts scared. Diana says not to be scared, the dagger reveals corruption, it doesn’t cause it. She touches the girl, gets a shocked look on her face, then runs the dagger through the girl’s neck. The mother is hysterical, but the reason is revealed… the girl turns into a monster as she dies.

    Diana says she’s sorry, but that wasn’t the woman’s daughter, that was a demon. The mother wants to know where her daughter is, Diana doesn’t know. The monster body dissolves into the ground. The ground shakes and cracks open, a demon much larger comes out, laughing menacingly. The demon says he has won, they killed an innocent! Diana says no one is foolish enough to think killing a demon counts as killing an innocent just because it was disguised as a child. She steps towards the demon, but then stops. She says he’s stronger than she thought. The demon says now she will belong to him. Diana looks at me and says she needs my help. She knows I can wield light energy, and we can send the demon back to hell. I don’t know how she knew that, but I go to help her. She creates a whirlwind of light energy pulling the demon back into the crack, but he resists. I use the song Battery by Metallica to hit the demon with a bolt of lightning. With a roar of anger the demon loses his focus and is sucked down into the ground. The cracks close themselves. Diana says it’s ok if I have to go, she knows how to remove the corruption from the people. I wake up.
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