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    1. Someone Else’s Skin

      by , 08-03-2017 at 05:29 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-02

      Someone Else’s Skin

      I am in a dark forest at night and there is snow falling lightly. I am on a horse, and there are two men there with me also on horses. One of them is young but seems to be the leader. We are all dressed in all black. The other two are arguing about whether some people we are after called Wildings are in fact dead. Did the cold kill them? Garrett says cold can kill, and shows that he lost both ears to the cold at some point. I gather that the one man who looks like a leader is Sir Waymar Royce and the other man is Garrett. They call me Will… so I’m a man? Garrett tells Sir Royce that he believes the Wildings are dead because I said so. Sir Royce wants to see the Wilding camp I found, so we head off.

      Sir Royce is riding a big horse, really too big for the terrain, and Garrett and I are on smaller horses. We get to the base of a ridge and then go on foot, leaving Garrett with the horses. At the top of the ridge we look down into the Wilding camp. There are no bodies, but their gear was left behind. Sir Royce sees this as an “I told you so!” moment, and I ask why they would have left their weapons behind. Sir Royce wants me to climb a tree to see if I can spot the Wildings so I do. I see no Wildings but I see strange specters approaching. I look down and see Sir Royce is engaging one in battle. He gets wounded and several specters surround him to finish him off. I call out to distract them and jump down among them. I pull out a sword and use the song Battery by Metallica to charge it with light energy since these look like demon specters. I cut down the one Sir Royce was fighting and turn to face the others as the first lets out an unearthly shriek. I take down a second and then a third, their shrieks echoing in the night… and then everything fades to black.

      After the darkness clears I am somewhere else. Now its daylight and I am on a small horse or pony, going through a medieval town with some other people. I feel I am a young boy now… We go to a town square where a man is being executed. I see the man has no ears, and that triggers a memory of Garrett in the dark forest, that’s Garrett! A man is pronouncing Garrett has been sentenced to death. I start to say something but a boy near me stops me. I say I know the man being executed, the boy says there’s no way I could know that man… he’s an oath breaker from the wall. I look back and see the man take a large sword and cut off Garrett’s head. One man there seems to find it funny. We leave on horseback heading for a castle. The man who did the execution (I find myself thinking he is my father) is explaining that the person who hands down a death sentence should be the one to carry it out.

      Two of the boys had gone ahead to race back to the castle but we catch up. One of them (my brother Robb) is holding something squirming. There is a HUGE wolf lying dead. Robb is holding a cub! It’s adorable! I want to pet it. The other boy (half brother John) hands me a cub and I cuddle it. After arguing for a bit it is decided we (me and my two brothers and two sisters) will keep the cubs and raise them as our own. The boy who laughed at the execution seems disappointed that we aren’t going to kill the cubs. I give him a dirty look and ask what kind of person would want to kill innocent cubs? We head back towards the castle. John stops as we move away from the wolf and finds one more cub that he keeps. I am thinking I should have said something about knowing Garrett, but there’s no point to it now. Everything fades…

      After the darkness clears this time it is night again and I am in a forest of some kind. Now I feel like I am a grown woman. There is a man sitting near a creepy tree with a creepier face carved in the trunk, I have the thought that man is my husband. I approach him and say the name that comes to mind… “Ned?” I almost add “Flanders” after that but I stop myself. Ned asks about our children and I tell him they are inside trying to choose names for the wolf cubs… but wasn’t one of those wolf cubs mine? No… that was a different dream, where I was a young boy… and that seems really weird to be thinking. I have bad news for my husband… a letter. I take it from a pocket and hand it to him. He reads it and then looks grief stricken. His old friend John (not my brother / son) had died, and he is taking that hard. I hug him to try to help him feel better. He keeps reading and finds another old friend named Robert who is coming for a visit. That cheers him up some. He starts talking about all there is to do to prepare for a visit from the king and a whole lot of people. Then everything fades again and I wake up.
    2. 01/28/11 Fractured Memories

      by , 01-29-2011 at 01:40 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Plans: My main plans for tonight were to just remember something, some kind of dreams, although being lucid would definitely be a big plus. It seems my desire to remember some stuff has come to pass, but I was not lucid. What I do remember came in a bunch of seemingly unconnected fragments that make little sense or no sense at all. I really need to get my dreams back to how they used to be. I used to fall asleep in the evening with no dream plans at all and the energy inside me would take me somewhere I needed to be, but lately that hasn't been happening… maybe I'm planning my dreams out too much… I need to get it back.

      Where In The World Is Sam?
      I am in a mall that I have seen many times in dreams, though I have never seen it in my waking life. I am wandering around in the mall, looking to buy a new Nintendo 3DS, though I know I couldn't possibly afford one. I am thinking maybe I can trade some old crap towards buying it. While I am looking for the computer store, it seems every time I am in this mall the stores have moved, I run into a frantic MoSh. He asks me if I have seen Saim, he says he has to find Saim before it's too late. I stop him from hurrying off and ask if he wouldn't have more luck looking for her in a dream. He calms down a bit and says I am right, he'll go home and try to sleep so he can find Saim in a dream.

      Guilty as Charged
      I am in my room, I am looking through all of my stuff, I am looking for something that might be worth a bit of cash to sell on the internet. I have to do this because my credit card statement is coming due, and I haven't got anything to pay it with. I wonder how I managed to get myself in debt after the problems I had in the past… My mom comes in and says she knows I am in debt, I'm not sure how she could know, and she clearly doesn't know the whole of it. I decide to come clean and tell her I have a couple thousand dollars of debt. She doesn't get angry like I had expected, instead she looks deeply disappointed, which is worse. She says I apparently learned nothing the first time. I tell her the charges are not mine, I don't even have that card any more. This is a flat out lie. She says she will make a couple phone calls and get it cleared up. I hurry to my purse and take the card out, going directly to the bathroom where I take a scissors and cut the card into tiny pieces and flush them away. There. Now no one can prove I had the card.

      Dinner and a Class
      I am just walking into a classroom where I have signed up for some kind of school class, though I'm not sure what class I have signed up for. I don't think much about this discrepancy. I know my friend Alicia is taking the class as well, so I look around the classroom to find her. She is near the front of the room, but all of the seats around her are completely filled. Damn… I can't sit with her. I look around for an empty seat and then I spot Tigress a couple seats behind Alicia. I hadn't realized she was also in this class! So while I had just said, "Crap!" when I saw I can't sit with Alicia, I now say, "Yay!" since I see I can sit with Tigress. Class passes awfully fast, then the four of us go out to the parking lot where MoSh meets us there and says he will take us all out to dinner to celebrate some accomplishment. I am feeling uncomfortable about letting him pay for my dinner… especially when he says we are going out for steak… so I say I will have to take a rain check, I have to go home. So as the rest of the group goes in one direction, I walk in the direction of home. I have walked only a short time before I remember I drove to school, so I have to turn around and walk back to school to get my car.

      The Punch is Sweet!
      I am at a large party where everyone is dressed up and wandering around, though I am really bored right now. There's a buffet table with lots of snacks laid out on it, a couple of large bowls of punch, and everyone is just standing around talking, which is really boring to me. I spot a familiar face in the room, who is going from one person to the next. It's Patrick Jane from The Mentalist. Some of those people are laughing when Patrick leaves, some are angry, some are just confused. Patrick comes over and asks me if I know how to catch a killer, but he doesn't leave me a chance to answer. He says you have to be sweet about it, and then asks if I would mind creating a small distraction… I'm not sure what is going on, but I decide to play along with that. I go to a different table and attach a tablecloth to the shoe of a particularly stuck up woman, who glares down at me as if she was looking at a cockroach. I tell her I dropped something, and I move away. She doesn't see the tablecloth is attached to her shoe. I stay close to her and start bugging her a lot, so she turns and walks away, pulling the tablecloth and a lot of snacks with it, everything falls off with a crash. The distraction works, I look over at Patrick to see what he is doing. He is pouring sugar into the punch bowl, then he quickly moves away. I go back over near Patrick, he whispers that that sugar will quickly reveal the killer.

      The Flame of the Dragon
      I am in an open field, I look around to see where I am. I am actually on the edge of the field, and I am looking out across the field of tall grass as a gentle breeze blows across the meadow. There is only one thing visible out there, other than this, the field continues as far as the eye can see. The one thing I see is just about unbelievable, so I feel the need to check this out more closely. The grass is so tall I am able to crouch down and move in such a way that I am completely hidden from view. As impossible as it seems, what I saw from the edge of the forest has been confirmed… I am looking upon a dragon! The dragon looks a lot like the one in this picture, a red dragon standing up on two legs and glaring down… right at me… crap… I have been seen. He looks quite pissed off, too. He takes a deep breath and then exhales a huge blast of flaming energy in my direction. I instinctively cross my arms in front of me as if to block the attack… and Witchblade forms armor and a shield to actually do that… So the fiery attack doesn't get through my shield, although the force of it pushes me back quite a ways as I lean into the shield to keep from falling over. I move the shield a bit when the blast is over, and I am now standing on a burned area of the meadow, the dragon is glaring down at me still, though he also looks rather surprised that his attack didn't get through. He quickly covers his confusion with a threat, he tells me that was a warning… and if I don't leave now he will erase me from existence. I have no desire to fight this dragon, and to be honest, I had intruded on the dragon's space. So I don't argue the fact at all, I say I'm sorry I disturbed him, and I quickly return to the cover of the forest.

      Animal Rescue
      I am on my bike, and I am heading home, riding down a road surrounded by pine trees and other areas of nature that are nothing like my area IWL. The problem I notice is that there is a steep hill going up towards home, and I realize that there is no way I will be able to ride up that hill without having my legs hurting so bad they might fall off. So I get up and walk the bike up to the top of the hill and then the rest of the way is downhill. I get on the bike and cruise down the hill to where the road takes a sharp turn to the left, where I leave the road onto a trail that fortunately goes straight. I slow down so I don't crash, and I notice someone has laid a trap line of steel jaw traps, and there are animals trapped in them. I stop by each trap and release the animal being held there, fortunately they all seem to realize I am trying to help and they don't attack me, not even the ones who would normally attack. I rescue a couple cats, several dogs, a pair of wolves, a bobcat, and more. I am now thinking I should be home by now, and since I stopped to help the animals, I will be late. I figure that my mom will just have to wait, the animals are more important.
    3. 01/19/11 Shattered Memories

      by , 01-20-2011 at 02:18 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: My dreaming has been non-existent lately, or at least my recall has been. I'm not sure why I've been having so much trouble remembering dreams, but there are many nights where I don't remember a single dream. Due to my lack of recall, I am taking a bit of a break from trying to dream share with Dakotahnok, since meeting someone for the first time is often a difficulty in itself, and I just want to remember dreams. I do have minor plans, of meeting Nomad and giving him a healing back massage, of hanging out with him for a bit in his serial RPG world as one of the vendors… but nothing major except to remember something.

      Body and Mind
      I am on the moon, in the area near the koi pond, though I am not lucid and I don't realize where I am. I look around and see Nomad there, I know that his presence should be telling me something, but for some reason my mind can't make the connection between Nomad and dreaming. So I continue to be non-lucid, and Nomad mentions something about me promising him a massage. I don't remember making that promise, but I have no problem with doing that, so I say sure, but let's go somewhere that he can lie down comfortably. We go over to the grassy area of the healing glen, he lies down, and I give him a back massage, focusing healing energy into it. We are talking about nothing in particular, he mentions that his dreams are fusing with his waking life, he says for example this seems like a dream right now. I agree that this is dreamlike, but I still don't do a RC. After the massage, Nomad says it's my turn, I tell him it's not necessary, but he says he agreed to it, so lie down. I lie down, and he rubs my back, and the place really does feel like a dream. The massage is so relaxing that I fall asleep in the dream and wake IWL.

      100% Off Sale: It's All Free!
      I am with Nomad again, this time we are at a market stall like one might find at the swap meet, it is one of the larger ones, though, and there are people all around. There is a display of fruit that seem to be sparkling slightly, I look at the fruits and wonder what they are. The price tag on them says "100% Off, Today Only!" I pick up a fruit and take a bite of it, it is sweet and juicy… I like it a lot. I think if I can take a bunch of these home, I won't have any problems making myself eat fruits more often. Now to find a vegetable I like just as well… I look at the vegetable display, these are also free. I try a couple of them, and while they aren't as good as the fruit, there are definitely some I could get used to eating. Nomad comes over to me and tells me to not eat all the inventory, I look at the fruits and vegetables in my hands, but I can tell he's just joking around. There are other displays there, with a variety of chocolate treats on them, I wonder how many Weight Watchers points those would cost me… though I should be able to afford to eat something since I have eaten mostly fruits and vegetables. So I start eating other things. Yummy things. Chocolates, cakes, tortilla chips dipped in spicy cheese sauce… washing it down with soda… there goes my diet… While I am eating, a young man asks where he can find some magical fruit. I point to the beans with a giggle, he says not that, the real magical fruit. Since it's the closest thing to magical I have seen, I direct him to the sparkling fruit. He goes over to take one, I eat for a bit longer, then I wake.

      The Sound of Music
      I am in the mall, though it isn't a mall I am familiar with at all, and I am walking around past the stores looking for anything that might be interesting. Most of the places are just clothing, which while some women might be really into, I'm not… I spot a couple of computer stores, but oddly enough, they're closed. I see a music shop that specializes in keyboards… organs, pianos, synthesizers… I go inside and start playing around on some of them. An employee comes over and asks if I realize I am playing around on a $10,000 piece of equipment that is extremely fine tuned and any disturbance could put it out of tune, any disturbance such as me pounding on the keys. I am not actually pounding on the keys, so I say any instrument that goes out of tune that easily is certainly not worth $10,000. He says only a musical ignoramus would say something like that. Another man comes over and asks the first man how many times he has warned him not to point out and make fun of the ignorance of customers… The rude man tries to answer, but the second man, who I get the idea is the owner, says the run man should go set himself on fire for 5 seconds as punishment. The rude man slinks from the room, I wonder if he really will set himself on fire. The owner asks what I am looking for, I tell him I am looking for a synthesizer that looks and sounds enough like a real piano to convince anyone that I am playing a real piano. The owner looks at me oddly, even I don't know why I asked for what I asked for, then he says to follow him and leads me to a room filled with pianos before I wake.

      The Aftermath of Doom
      I am on my way to school, though things aren't exactly as I expect them to be. There are much fewer people there at the school when I arrive, though I don't notice that it isn't ITT Tech… and then there's the fact I have graduated from ITT Tech already. While there aren't many people around, there are lots of things lying around, discarded for some reason. I look at the objects on the ground. Many of them are along the side of the sidewalk, I see discarded iPods, discarded Nintendo DS systems, discarded PSPs… I pick up a couple of those things and look at them, no one is around, so I start collecting stuff that has been carelessly discarded. If they didn't care enough to keep their stuff with them… I also see purses lying around with no owner. I know I am being nosy, but I open the purses and look in the wallets for identification. Many of them have ID, many don't, so I hang on to a couple with ID and I leave the ones without ID, except I take any cash out of the wallet before leaving those purses behind. Money… iPods… game systems… this is my lucky day! But why is all this stuff lying out there? I wonder if maybe these people are coming back soon, and will be upset when their stuff is gone. The problem is I can't remember where I got what well enough to put it back, so I keep it. I go into the school and find a couple other people there, they look terrified of something. They are discussing the disappearances. I hear them pondering theories including the biblical rapture, alien abduction, a flesh eating virus, demonic attack… A third person says he saw it all, they were all just torn apart by an unseen force. The others don't believe him, saying if that was true, he would also be dead…
    4. 01/01/10 Broken in Two

      by , 01-02-2011 at 04:01 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Plans: This is my first night of the new year, though I don't have any special plans going on for tonight. This may or may not have contributed to the fact I have only a couple fragments of non-lucid dreams to post, which while these dreams are insignificant and dumb, I am journaling them to stay in the habit of remembering and journaling.

      Free the Holiday
      I am in an office, this is where I work, and there is an office meeting going on right now. I look around the room and see the other people I work with, and also the boss is in there addressing all of us. I am sitting at a computer, working on finishing up a system backup of one of the many servers I am responsible for. I am in the data center of a hospital working as a computer operator, which means I am also responsible for answering phones and responding to issues that users throughout the hospital may have… and this is the part I hate. And it is because of this that I am completely miserable right now, sitting there at the computer, looking at the phone, actually afraid that it could ring at any moment. And while the whole team is present in the office, I am the one currently on duty, so if the phone rings I will have to answer it. While I am afraid of the phone ringing, the boss is talking about an upcoming holiday, saying an operator will have to be on duty for the holiday, and we are taking turns covering holidays so no one person is forced to work on all of the weekends. He is now announcing the person who will have to work on the upcoming holiday, and he indicates a black man who I know works the same shift I have… so at least I won't have to work that holiday. He is getting mad, however, saying that since I just started work here I should have to work for the holiday instead of him. The boss isn't pleased with the other man's attitude, he says the holiday schedule is based on taking turns, it's not based on seniority, and it is his turn now, so he will work on the holiday. I feel some degree of relief that at least I won't have to work on the holiday.

      Poison Desert
      I am out in the desert around my house, it is sunny out, though it isn't especially hot. I decide to take a shortcut through some open desert so that I can get home a bit quicker, so I follow a trail I know off into the desert. It is a fairly long trail, and I haven't really explored the entire area, so this will be a first for me. I come to a place where there is a large sewer tunnel entrance, and there is a small warehouse type building next to that with some equipment and stuff in it that is used in the sewer system. I think it is odd that there aren't any roads leading to the warehouse, so I decide to investigate. I go over and look into a window, where I see many barrels of toxic waste… or I am assuming they are toxic due to the radiation symbols all over them as well as the skulls and crossbones. One of them is being emptied into the sewer system, and that seems like a really bad thing, so I think I need to get some evidence and turn these idiots in. I am considering breaking into the place when I see there are people in there, so I had better wait until there aren't any people there. I move a bit away from the building and then I notice there is someone coming out… shit… I do a couple stretches on my legs and then I take off down the trail jogging as if nothing is wrong at all, as if I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary. The man is yelling to get my attention, I don't want to stop because he might be suspicious, so I keep going, pretending I haven't heard him. As I get out of sight, I put my earphones in figuring if he catches up and says something I can say I had my music turned up too loud. Would that work? No clue. I continue, moving at a good speed, until I finally reach a main road. I head down the street towards my house, which isn't the house I currently live it, it is the house I lived in previously, and I haven't lived there for about 10 years…

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    5. 12/26/10 Healing Dreams

      by , 12-27-2010 at 02:58 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      12/26/10 Healing Dreams
      Plans: I didn't really have any major plans when I fell asleep last night, Christmas was over, and I'd spent some time playing games on my new Xbox 360 Kinect, which actually does involve some exercise… and my body is sooooo not used to any kind of exercise that I went and tired myself after about an hour and a half of active gameplay… is that pathetic or what? So my main thought was to get some sleep, which I accomplished, but not much in the way of dream recall... a couple of fragments.

      Holding My Last Breath
      I am in a hospital, I am walking down the halls even though I am not sure why I am in the hospital. It's like I have forgotten so much, am I there to visit someone? Am I there as a patient? Damn, I wish I could remember something, I am wondering what is wrong with me when the idea I might be dreaming occurs to me… and I do a RC by pinching my nose. When I am still able to breathe, I realize that I am dreaming.

      I look around the hospital hallway, trying to figure out where I am and what I should be doing there. I remember that I didn't have any specific goals for the night, so I am thinking that I must be there for some kind of purpose, since that is usually the case when I appear somewhere randomly. There are doctors everywhere, even what appear to be a couple of patients walking in the halls, but no clue as to why I am there. I look into one of the rooms and I see someone in there with severe burns, he doesn't look good at all. I glance around, then I go into the room and focus on a healing spell for him, the result is his burns quickly heal over. The man looks at me and says it's a miracle and I must be an angel of some kind, sent down to mend his wounds. His ranting and thanking me gets more attention than I want, and soon there are several doctors and nurses in there. One of the doctors seems very happy to see me, he asks if I have come to heal the Longbottoms some more, because there has been no further improvement since I had been there last time, so if it was supposed to continue on its own, something went wrong. I now know where I am, at least… I am obviously at St. Mungo's hospital in a Harry Potter world. And maybe I was there to help with healing Neville's parents, so I follow the doctor from the room and onto an elevator that goes to another location and then opens. The doctor leads me quickly down the hall to a room numbered 657.

      Inside I see that Frank and Alice Longbottom are sitting in a pair of chairs right next to each other, though each one of them seems completely oblivious to the presence of the other one. They are both staring off into some version of infinity that only they can see. So I focus on using the song My Last Breath by Evanescence to heal the two of them, and it seems to be having an effect… it looks like they are actually focused on me instead of on some parallel world that might exist only in their minds… but then as soon as the song is over, they both slip away again. It seems like my attempt was an epic failure, though the doctor says that was a very good sign, as they have had absolutely no response to any external stimuli except for my song and Neville's visits… I wonder if maybe Neville could help with the healing, since they are already showing some reaction when Neville visits, the song would give them some more stimulation… and I have the idea that once they get free of the catatonic state, there is very little chance of sliding back into it. The hard part would be getting them to that state. So I tell the doctors that I will come back to do more later, and they thank me for trying again, and then I leave the room. I am walking down the hallway, fortunately there is no one around me when I wake.

      Dear Diary
      Or at least I think I wake up… I roll over in bed and give off a couple yawns, I am remembering a Harry Potter dream, I really should sit up and take a few notes. Or just grab my iPod touch and take a couple notes… or grab the notebook by my bed and jot a few notes. I know I need to take notes or I might end up forgetting the dream, but it is still a difficult task to talk myself into doing it when I just want to fall back to sleep. So I grab my iPod and type in a few notes to remind me of the trip to St. Mungo's to do more healing on Neville's parents. Then I hit save, and set it back on my waterbed bookcase before rolling over and falling back asleep.

      Note: I didn't realize the second part of this dream was actually a dream and not me really waking up and journaling until I checked my iPod and found there were not any notes files saved… >.<

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    6. 12/21/10 This Is The Way I Pray...

      by , 12-23-2010 at 11:43 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      12/21/10 This Is The Way I Pray...
      Note: It seems that Lujan has been making things difficult for Asuka and MoSh again, I'm not sure what has set him to start being an ass again. But I am thinking he needs a little discouragement from continuing to do that. I spent some time thinking up some nice nightmares made just for Lujan. So here are a few highlights from the night of nightmares Lujan had…

      Dude Looks Like a Lady
      Lujan is at a strip club filled with the most beautiful women ever, all of them are dancing around a pole and stripping slowly down to the point where they have nothing on but what their mommas gave them. The tops come off, the women shake their breasts teasingly as they remove their bras. Then it's time for the bottoms come off, leaving each woman only wearing sexy and colorful panties… then the panties came off. Impossibly, huge hairy dicks sprung out of the tiny panties, and the "women" started swinging their hips, they all came in close around Lujan, so he is now surrounded in a pocket of dicks all pointed at him, and the "women" are laughing as each one of them cum on him at the same time, which results in Lujan puking all over the place.

      The Way I Prey
      "Another dream that will never come true, just to compliment your sorrow…" - Disturbed
      Ok, well the earlier scene may have been amusing, it didn't really accomplish anything. The next nightmare is a work of art, it comes in the form of a multiple level dream, which I hope has had the effect of convincing Lujan that any further attempts to bother Asuka will lead to some very unpleasant situations for him. The course of the dream was inspired by the song Prayer by Disturbed. This one starts off as what I'm sure is a very pleasant dream from his point of view. He is sitting in on a porch swing near the pool in his inner world with Asuka right next to him, or he thinks it's Asuka… Actually, it's me, so I pretend to be into him for a bit, but when I lean in for what he expects to be a kiss, I turn into a twisted version of myself, Witchblade formed into a nasty looking claw with which I am gripping his neck, glaring at him and growling, eyes glowing red like a demon… I tell him that if he wants to avoid being trapped in an endless nightmare, he will make sure he never bothers Asuka again. For just a bit he acts worried, but then he laughs, he says this is a dream, and he's not going to waste his time with me when his woman is waiting for him…" He attempts to wake himself up…

      "Another life that I've taken from you, a gift to add on to your pain and suffering…" - Disturbed
      Lujan wakes up in his own bed, or at least it looks like his bed, he chuckles to himself and rolls over to see me standing over him by his bed, so I pin him to the bed by the neck using an Alex Mercer style claw on my left hand, not convinced of the consequences yet? "I think that you might have to take another taste, a little bit of hell this time." I tell him that this is a nightmare from which he will never escape. He says that's not a power I have, so my threat is empty, and just for making the threat he is going to have some extra fun with Asuka… I use an Alex Mercer claw on my right hand to tear Lujan virtually in half, in response to the pain most likely, he wakes up… or tries again to wake up…

      "Another truth you can never believe has crippled you completely…" - Disturbed
      Lujan wakes up and gets out of bed, he is muttering to himself about how that bitch dared make threats against him when there is no way I could ever… manage… to… then he stops his muttering and looks over at me, I have remained in my demonic form, glowing eyes, evil look, Alex Mercer claws on both hands… Lujan is getting mad now, he says he doesn't know what shit I am playing at, but I had better stop if I know what's good for me, because I would only be making matters worse by… the next thing out of his mouth is a cry of pain, as I put some of the tentacles like is used in Prototype by Alex Mercer, and they have emerged from the ground beneath Lujan and pierced through his legs, binding him painfully to the floor. "Do you believe now that you can never escape from the nightmares I create?" followed by an evil laugh… then Lujan tries again to wake up.

      "All the cries you're beginning to hear, trapped in your mind, and the sound is deafening!" - Disturbed
      I have a little time to set up the next phase of the nightmare, so I transform the room where Lujan will be waking up into a hospital bed in the middle of a really creepy and twisted hospital, which is there for the sole purpose of performing cruel and unusual experiments on the unfortunate individuals trapped within its walls. The hospital looks like those in the video game series Silent Hill, where everything in the hospital has been transformed into twisted and backwards forms of what is expected. Add the extra effect of people in the other rooms crying out in pain and fear, and it became a very creepy setting indeed. The tortured cries in the other rooms are what "awakens" Lujan, at first he thinks he is going to wake up for real, and yells at someone to shut up while he's sleeping, but then he apparently realizes it isn't any normal sound and opens his eyes to see the creepy place he is in. I have transformed myself, as well, now I am one of the twisted nurse creatures from Silent Hill, I am carrying a syringe with a huge and filthy needle, Lujan is staring at me in shock, I tell him he just needs a little shot… He looks at the needle and tells me to keep it away from him, I tell him he has to take his medicine… and I'm sorry, but that left foot is going to have to go. He looks down at his left foot, which is now rotten and crawling with maggots and other assorted insects, he is trying to pull the bugs and stuff off of the foot when I stick him with the needle and inject the fluid… there… that didn't hurt, did it? The sound of the cries becomes deafening as Lujan adds his own cries, the fluid is burning him on the inside… then he "wakes up" again.

      "Let me enlighten you, this is the way I pray…" - Disturbed
      I am now in a more normal looking dream with Lujan, he is looking around nervously as if he expects to be attacked at any given point, he looks over and sees me there… I look like my normal self now. He says he doesn't know what shit I am up to, but it isn't going to work, my tricks and illusions won't work. I tell him they aren't illusions, it is just a small sample of the nightmares I can create… there's plenty more where that came from… he says I can't keep him in a dream forever, and once he is out of this dream he would have his way with Asuka and it would be all my doing. Apparently he had not yet had enough…

      "Living just isn't hard enough, burn me alive inside! Living my life's not hard enough, take everything away!" - Disturbed
      In an instant the serum I injected in him earlier becomes active again, I can even see the fire burning inside of him when he opens his mouth to cry out but is completely incinerated instead.

      "Another nightmare about to come true will manifest tomorrow…" - Disturbed
      So now it's time for another false awakening, this time I am not visible when Lujan wakes up in bed and gets up. He says something about that was an intense dream, then he looks around the room. He walks to the door and opens it, but he doesn't step outside. For outside the door it is not normal as it is in the room. Outside the door is Silent Hill, the twisted dark version of a town, though I have no idea what his home town looks like so I can't replicate it correctly. That doesn't seem to be what he is noticing right now, however, as there are creatures moving around in the mist and cries of pain and torture everywhere. I have transformed into a zombie at this point, and I am lumbering towards him like a zombie would do, there is blood all over my face, I reach out and grab his arm and proceed to rip a large mouthful of flesh from the arm… yuck… he pulls away and slams the door, I puke. Ok… that was more of a nightmare for me than him… I change to my normal form and teleport into the room, he is demanding I return his inner world to normal. I ask how he is so certain that his nightmares have not manifested into reality. He says he knows it's a dream, this is not his reality. I say but the nightmare is now your reality, and you will never wake up. That doesn't stop him from trying yet again…

      "Another love that I've taken from you, lost in time, on the edge of suffering…" - Disturbed
      Back in Lujan's usual inner world, the place with the nice house and the pool, I am lying on a lounge beside the pool in a revealing bikini, I am in the form of Kanmuri. Lujan is looking around nervously as if expecting something nasty to happen at any moment, but nothing does. As Kanmuri, I walk up behind Lujan and ask what is wrong with him. He jumps about three feet as he turns to look at me, I make a point to look perplexed. He seems glad to see it is me (Kanmuri) and grabs hold of me a bit too roughly for my liking, but it seems he is doing it out of desperation rather than cruelty. He says he has been trapped in the worst nightmares, a series of nightmares, each time he thinks he wakes up he finds it's another nightmare. He says it is over now, and I (Kanmuri) know how to help him relax. He reaches out towards me to embrace me, but I push him away. He seems surprised at that and asks what is wrong. I don't answer, I just disappear into nothingness. He is calling for her to come back, but a hollow voice speaks and says he has turned away a woman who would have him and is after one who wants nothing to do with him… the entire place is suddenly covered with snow and ice, a frigid wind is blowing, the plants are now dead. Too bad, it looks like you've been shut out in the cold, all alone… a hollow laugh follows that comment. The cold wasteland around us literally shatters like glass, leaving Lujin falling into space…

      "Another taste of the evil I breed will level you completely…" - Disturbed
      I am floating in a void with Lujan right beside me, I'm not sure exactly how to read the look on his face, I think he is trying to look angry, but I can tell the nightmares are starting to get to him, the fact he has seemingly woken up many times and yet is still trapped in this dream. I have said I can keep him in the dream indefinitely, even forever, and it is starting to look like that might be true. He says he wants out of this dream right now, he wants to wake up. I tell him that is easy enough, just say he will never go after Asuka again. He said he would bring his woman back with him if he wants to. I tell him that he is asking for another taste of the evil I have brought, although I can't promise he'll survive it. He says he wants out of the dream immediately. I tell him if that's the case, he should just wake up.

      "Bring to life everything that you fear, live in the dark, and the world is threatening…" - Disturbed
      So now I am with Lujan in a completely normal looking room, or at least I can't see anything strange about it. He is looking nervously around, I am invisible so he can't see me. Well, there is one thing odd about the room… there are no windows or doors in it. He is looking for a way out, he seems rather desperate to find an exit from this room. There is no exit revealed, but the walls do start closing in from all directions, causing the already small room to become even smaller… The walls change from ordinary walls to steel, and that metal becomes red hot, so hot that it is glowing, the temperature in the tiny room soars. Lujan is calling for someone to get him out of the room, out of the dream, his skin is burning and blistering painfully.

      "Living just isn't hard enough, burn me alive inside! Living my life's not hard enough, take everything away!" - Disturbed
      The walls are suddenly gone, he is back in his ordinary inner world, and he immediately heads for the pool in search of some relief from the burning heat… but the pool is filled with red hot lava instead of water, so no help there. He is surrounded by beautiful women, all of them scantily dressed, and they are all crowding around him. But when they get close enough, they do not bring gentle caresses or love, they have fingernails that are more like razor sharp claws, and they immediately start clawing at Lujan, pulling at the already burned flesh, tearing it off, a couple of them are eating it, it really looks quite disgusting… As that is happening I hear him calling out for me this time, calling to Raven, so I become visible just outside the group of ravenous women who are tearing at his flesh. He says he'll do it, he'll leave Asuka alone, just let him out of this dream! I look at him with doubt, I say if he goes anywhere near Asuka, if he even so much as looks at Asuka, if anyone else does anything to Asuka on his behalf, he'd better be sure he isn't even thinking about her, or he will be back in this dream before he knows what happened, and the dream will not end, but it will go on forever. The eternal nightmare. He says he will have nothing to do with Asuka, he doesn't even want to hear the name, just get him out of this nightmare!

      "Return to me, return to me, return to me, turn to me, leave me no one…
      Turn to me, return to me, return to me, turn to me, cast aside…
      Return to me, return to me, return to me, turn to me, leave me no one…
      Turn to me, return to me, return to me, you've made me turn away…" - Disturbed
      As this part of the song is playing, I hold my hand out to Lujan, offering to help him get away from the women, who are covered in his blood and look more like monsters than women… They don't want to let him respond to me, but he finally manages to reach out and take my hand… a healing energy flows over both of us, forcing the ravenous women into the pool of lava where they are consumed by flames. Lujan has been completely healed, gone are the burns, and the places the women had been tearing at his flesh are healed as well. That brings noticeable relief from the pain, I can tell just by looking at him. As the light healing energy floods the entire inner world, or as much as I can see, the whole place returns to the way it normally is, a nice pool and a nice house, Kanmuri is over by the house, looking out with a confused look on her face, I wonder what it has looked like to her…

      "Living just isn't hard enough, burn me alive inside, living my life's not hard enough, they take everything from you…" - Disturbed
      "Now remember your promise," I say to Lujan, who seems relieved to be back in his normal inner world, enough so that he might start kissing the ground at any moment, "Because if I find out you fucking lied to me I'll have to come back… and you don't want me to have to come back. You think you just had a nightmare? That's a walk in the park compared to what will happen if I have to come back. Eternal nightmare, that's what you will get, an eternal nightmare, and you know I can do it." He is babbling incoherently, I can only make out a few words such as "Never" and "Asuka" and "Stay away" and I piece together that he is saying he will never go near Asuka again, and will stay away from her… Kanmuri is standing there with us now, well actually Lujan is hunched over on the ground babbling, Kanmuri wants to know what happened to Lujan, I tell her he needed a bit of a lesson, so if she wants him to care for her instead of Asuka, she could make progress towards that by caring for him now, he would be in need of some comfort and some gentle treatment since he had been treated rather harshly in his nightmare. So Kanmuri helps Lujan stand up, he says he wants to make sure Asuka is nowhere near him, that she can't get anywhere near him, because it might look like he had gotten near her on purpose… Kanmuri is talking in a soothing voice, saying Asuka is nowhere to be seen, she is not here and would not be coming here. He is saying something about monsters, and evil demon women, Kanmuri is telling him none of those are here, he is safe in his own inner world. She gives me a strange look that says she finds what I have done to be disturbing to say the least, and I agree with her on that, but if it will make him leave Asuka and MoSh alone, it will have been worth it.

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    7. 12/15/10 A Tale of Two Hogwartses

      by , 12-20-2010 at 02:54 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      12/15/10 A Tale of Two Hogwartses
      Plans: Go to Hogwarts, take the train to the pyramids... Nomad says he'll be there if he can. Yay! No other plans.

      Field Trip
      I am at Hogwarts where I teach. The students there have been many new things lately, need I think it would be a good idea to practice it all. I think maybe a simulation where they can practice without any danger, and I think of the Outer Realms training area. Do I need to ask Dumbledore before taking these kinds of trips? I think maybe I need to find out for sure before taking the students off to all corners of the reality. So I head to Dumbledore's office, looking for Dumbledore to check and make sure field trips beyond Hogwarts grounds will be ok. As I am almost to the hidden entrace to Dumbledore's office, I see a pissed Umbridge passing on her way out of Dumbledore's office. She pauses long enough to glare at me intensely, then she storms off in a huff without saying a single word. I wonder what has gotten her in such a bad mood, but then she is usually in a shitty mood, so I don't pay much attention to her. I go into the hidden office so I can ask Dumbledore about field trip. Dumbledore asks if I saw Umbridge leaving, he said she is still trying to find a way to get me kicked out of Hogwarts, and she is still failing to do so. We have a bit of a chuckly at Umbridge's expense, and then I proceed to ask Dumbledore about the field trip. At first he seems a bit hesitant, says he isn't sure if it's a good idea to be taking the students into actual danger. I tell him that there is no real danger, the place I know of is 100% safe, no one can get hurt for real there. I tell him it's more of a simulation or an illusion than anything, or more like a waking dream, something that can't really hurt anyone. I give my word that all of the students will be completely safe. After a bit more of a pause, Dumbledore says he needs to check a thing or two out first, not due to not trusting me, but he doesn't want to give certain people any valid reason to have me kicked out.

      Moon Express… All Aboard!
      I am outside of Hogwarts, somewhere on the grounds, but I am not certain which Hogwarts I am at... I have been there only for a couple minutes when Nomad shows up, he says he wants to go to the pyramids to meet up with other dreamers there. I say I had thought he was going to wait at the pyramids for dream class dreamers, and we would meet there when I bring the Hogwarts Express to be part of the transportation. Nomad looks at me for a bit, then he says he was going to do that, wasn't he? Then Nomad says we will take the Hogwarts Express back to the moon and meet up with the dream class dreamers anyway. Nomad and I go to the station where the Hogwarts Express drops off the students, where we find there aren't many people. There is one there who seems to be a sort of guard, so we approach him. He says that no one is allowed access to the train without Hogwarts clearance, but he quickly changes his mind when I use MoP (Master of Puppets) to make sure he agrees to let Nomad and me take the train out for a while. Both of us get into the engine of the train, and head out on the tracks. There is a tunnel that the train passes through, which makes a perfect hidden location to go through a wormhole to get to the correct dimension. When we come out of the tunnel, the tracks lead right up to the pyramids, the Giza pyramids in Egypt. I see some people there, but I have no idea who they are. I don't recognize anyone there. After the train stops, Nomad gets off and starts talking to some of the people there, and soon I see there are dragons around us, and some of the people are getting onto the train. I notice the tracks don't continue on for very far, so how are we supposed to get to the moon? Does the train fly? Well, I figure it's going to have to start flying. I pull the train away from the pyramids after everyone is on board, and the problem of the tracks is solved right away. Two beams of moonlight seem to solidify and form tracks heading up to the moon, and that is what the train rides on to get to the moon. So I drive train onto the tracks of moonlight and moonbeam tracks all of the way to the moon. The surface of the moon has been terraformed, and the station there looks like a station in a theme park I might see in Disney Land or some other place like that. I pull the train up to station where I see people getting off, but it looks like there are quite a fewer than got on… I figure that some of them woke up. I tell Nomad that I had better return train, Nomad gives me a strange look. I tell him everyone here can wake up as they would normally. So now I follow a loop in the moon tracks and now the tracks head back down to the surface of Earth. I pass by the pyramids, go through the wormhole tunnel, and I return the train to Hogwarts without anyone other than the guard I used MoP on noticing the train had ever been gone.

      The Second Challenge
      I am a student at Hogwarts, I am there with MoSh, I am not lucid. MoSh says we are going to be finding out about the second task of the tri-school challenge. I think that sounds pretty cool, so I follow MoSh to the room where we will be meeting. I see Draco there, though he doesn't seem to like the fact I'm hanging around with MoSh, I wonder why he should have a problem with that. MoSh says I had better go over there and get with my partner, he looks a bit jealous. Partner? Who is my partner? MoSh says Draco is, of course, maybe I should do a RC as well. I do a RC and I realize that I am definitely dreaming.

      McGonagall enters the room and announces that there is going to be a meeting of tournament contestants, so since we are all together in the meeting room the room where we first gathered, it is time to give out the first clue on how the task will be done. It seems this room is to be used as a common meeting place. McGonagall tells us the standings, how everyone did in the first task. I hear someone bitching that MoSh is still there when he didn't finish, McGonagall repeats in a somewhat impatient voice that not MoSh finishing due to foul play so it doesn't count. I hear someone else say to kick Draco out for cheating. McGonagall says Draco is not responsible for his father's actions, and was not the one who cheated, now before we run out of time, let's get to business, which is the next challenge... We are getting to talking about the task when Umbridge bursts in, she immediately points at MoSh and then at me, she says MoSh and I should be disqualified. McGonagall asks on what grounds? Umbridge then indicates her own forehead, which now has large red letters on it that spell out EPIC FAILURE. Several of the people laugh briefly, causing Umbridge to scan the room to see who it is, but she is unable to determine who laughed. I use MoP on her, then I telepathically say that little problem certainly is not worth interfering with the tournament. She pauses, then she agrees out loud to something no one else even heard, and finally she says she overreacted to the writing on her face. After another brief pause, she turns and leaves. Everyone is looking in the direction she went with strange looks on their faces, including McGonagall. After a bit of silence goes by, McGonagall finally gets the attention back to the tournament challenge. The second tournament challenge will be using magic this time… Draco comments that it was stupid to have a challenge where magic wasn't allowed… McGonagall ignores the interruption and continues to tell us that only our wands will be allowed at the beginning of the challenge, though anything else obtainable in the course is fair game. Like the previous challenge, only a small amount of information would be revealed at different times before the challenge, so they aren't telling us much... What they do tell us is that we will be taking a valuable treasure from its powerful protector, so we will want to work on spells that could help us deal with an opponent that is considerably more powerful than we are. These clues make me if this is the golden egg and the dragons challenge that she is talking about. I think it sounds very possible that this is the dragon challenge, or at least that it will be something similar. I figured Draco won't be able to cheat this time, but I wonder if the others will cheat. If they're going to be cheating, there's plenty of ways I could cheat, too… though I don't really see the point. Even if they don't cheat, I will still be able to handle the challenge.

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    8. 12/13/10 Shattered Memories

      by , 12-15-2010 at 12:48 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Plans: I didn't have any specific plans tonight, MoSh said he had plans to challenge Draco Malfoy to a duel, so I had thought I might be there to see what happened. It turned out that I wasn't focused enough to get my usual WILD, and my recall for the night seriously sucked… all I remember are these fragments.

      Wizard Duel
      I am at Hogwarts, though I am not actually lucid, it is seeming completely normal to me. I am walking across the grounds, not thinking of anything in particular, when I hear there is something going on not far away. I follow the sound to see what is going on over there. I come around a corner of the castle so I can now see the source of the noise, and there are people standing around, two of them look like they're getting ready to attack each other. I get a little closer and then I see that the two people threatening each other are MoSh and Draco! WTF?! Dammit, Draco, I am thinking as I go over to the group of people, I guess maybe I was just retarded to think there was any chance of Draco keeping his word not to try to get back at MoSh in some way, well, now I will just have to put a stop to it before the idiot finds out that I'm not the only one currently at Hogwarts with abilities never before seen in their world… (Note: Even though I was thinking about having special dream powers, and about MoSh having dream powers, and even remembering some events of previous dreams, I never once considered doing a RC! >.< Damn, I can be sooooo thick headed when I'm not lucid!) So I go over to the group of people standing around Draco and MoSh, I am wondering why no one does anything, it is just like a fight in school… everyone just watches a couple people beat the shit out of each other, well not me. I step out in between them, successfully getting hit by some random curse thrown out by Draco… which has absolutely no effect on me at all… and I tell them to cut it out. Draco and MoSh are both staring at me as if I am nuts, but I don't really notice. I am annoyed at Draco, who obviously didn't keep his word not to do something stupid by trying to get back at MoSh, I tell him I should have known better than to believe a single word he says, he promises one thing, and as soon as I turn my back, there he is doing what he had promised not to do. Everyone around us is staring at me now, Draco is trying to say something about MoSh, he's saying MoSh started it? Yeah, right, like I am going to believe that… MoSh is talking to me now, he is asking me what I'm doing, he says he challenged Draco to a match… they're having a duel, nothing more. I look over at Draco, then at MoSh, I think my face was turning bright red… A duel? Yup, Draco and MoSh both confirm that, as do several of the people who had come to watch… I look at the group around, mostly made up of Gryffindor and Slytherin students, probably came to cheer on the participant from their own house… um… right… a duel… now I feel really stupid…

      Dream in a Dream: More Fish in the Sea
      I am outside in a forest area, I am in an area of soft dirt and I am drawing in it, I am trying to figure out some symbols that might serve to help me make magic work on this plane. I have started by drawing a circle around myself, I continue drawing symbols around the circle, though I'm not even sure what I am trying to accomplish. I see there is someone else there, I look up and I see there is a man there watching me… is that what I am trying to do? Attract someone who will love me and treat me right? He's kinda cute, but that's not my main concern, I am looking at his energy, which looks good, it looks welcoming, caring. I stand up and smile at him, he smiles back… really? I have to get the nerve to say hi to him… but then that falls apart… a woman comes over and they start kissing, a thin woman, one chin, a pretty face, younger than me… great… There are men out there, good ones, but that is no benefit to me. Are there more "fish in the sea" after breaking up with my ex boyfriend? Sure… too bad I don't have any bait! ,u_u, The scene fades out to reveal I have been dreaming, and now I find I am in bed… leading to the next dream…

      Don't Look at Me
      I am now at Hogwarts, in bed, I am in the hospital wing… but why am I in the hospital wing? How did I get here, and what do they think is wrong with me that they brought me here? I open my eyes, and I see Madam Palmphrey standing beside my bed, she says she sees I have finally woken up. I ask her what happened, she says I had a fit of some kind down on the dueling field, accused Draco of lying about something and attacking MoSh, accused MoSh of provoking Draco to attack… then passed out… I say I don't remember doing any of that, and I really don't remember any of that, so I have no idea what she is talking about. I sit up in bed, I feel fine now, and I look around the room… MoSh is there! He is sitting off to my right, just a bit beyond Madam Palmphrey… my mind is still a bit fuzzy, I want to go hug MoSh, I see Asuka there beside him… a woman, perfect face, perfect body… I am remembering the previous dream… no bait, I'd almost let myself forget. I turn my face away from MoSh, I really don't want my face to be showing. When I look in the other direction, I find I am looking at Draco Malfoy?! What is he doing in here? I pull the covers over my head, telling them to not look at me… I'm ugly…

      Ghost Cats
      I am at school, though it is not my normal school, it reminds me more of the local community college. I am outside the school, right at the edge of the school grounds, where there is an entrance to a hiking trail that is used for exercise for students and also as a relaxing place to walk for anyone who decides to. It is late afternoon right now, and I start walking down the trail following a cat I saw disappear down there. I see the cat disappear around the next turn in the trail, and I keep following. I come to the end of the trail where there is a small trailer home, a very small one. The cat is sitting in front of the trailer, licking its paw. I move towards the cat, the cat becomes transparent and moves off into the trees like a ghost. It is suddenly night time, the door to the trailer is open and I see movement inside, something is drawing me inside. I go to the door and I see some strange things in there, a lot of semi-transparent cats, and a strange feeling that makes my hair stand on end… without even realizing it, I have taken a couple steps into the trailer. The door closes behind me, and the trailer goes completely dark except for the fact the cats, the semi-transparent cats, are glowing faintly in the darkness. In spite of being surrounded by ghosts, I do not feel afraid, I feel a sense of sadness from the cats, as if they are trapped there. I go over to one of the ghost cats and pet it, though there is no substance to the cat, it arches its back as if it is being stroked, purrs loudly… then turns into a mist and flows out the window. I hear a fading purr from outside the trailer. Now the other cats are surrounding me, meowing eagerly… and each cat I stroke purrs, then turns to mist and floats out the window. After I pet the last cat, the trailer door opens and I look outside… I see glowing cats playing in the sky.
    9. 12/08/10 Shattered Memories

      by , 12-11-2010 at 05:33 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Plans: Challenge one of the tournament tonight at the Hogwarts where I am a student with MoSh. It looks like I'll be working with Draco, though, since we're in the same house. MoSh will be working with Harry and Hermione since they're all in Gryffindor. This sucks.

      Tour of the Castle
      I am in a bedroom at Hogwarts and I'm not lucid. I really need to RC every time I'm in a bedroom that isn't my own... So I leave the bedroom and enter an office of some kind, there is a big ornate wooden desk, there isn't much in the room, it looks like it isn't in use right now. I look around for a bit, not sure what I'm supposed to be doing in there. I was still pondering that when there was a knock at the door, I open the door to reveal Professor McGonagall waiting at the door. I let her inside, she says she has come to help me get acquainted with the castle. So now I follow McGonagall down the hall. I notice there are two exits from the living area / office, one of them leads to the main hallway while the other leads directly to a classroom, it's the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. I follow McGonagall to the main hallway and then we go around the school, meeting an assortment of people. Filched greeted me with a grunt and a glare until I say he has an adorable kitty, after which I pick up a surprised Mrs. Norris and then give her cause to purr, and she purrs very loud indeed! I comment to Filch that I love anything feline, I am a hopeless cat lover. Mrs. Norris clearly likes me, so Filch soon calms down. He had been a bit upset when I had first scooped Mrs. Norris into my arms. McGonagall says we need to keep going, so I set Mrs. Norris down and follow McGonagall. We are seeing where all of the classrooms are, meeting all of the teachers and others that work there, for the most part I get a friendly welcome.

      There are a couple people there who seem less than thrilled to see me. And those are actually people I have already met, I am sure of that. Somewhere along this tour I have become lucid, so I am now aware I am dreaming. Snape greets me with a grunt and a dirty look, I know he wanted to be the Defense Against the Dark Arts class. I am figuring he voted me in only because, when choosing between Umbridge and me, I am the obvious choice. Lucius is in the halls, I wonder how much time Lucius is at Hogwarts. As McGonagall is introducing me to people, she is saying the role they play at Hogwarts. It turns out the heads of the houses aren't the same as in the book. In fact, McGonagall introduces Arthur Weasley as the head of Gryffindor, I say I thought that was McGonagall. McGonagall says no, seems surprised, then says there would be far too much room for bias if the heads of the houses were also teachers. She says Snape would never flunk anyone in his house. She says Arthur Weasley is head of Gryffindor, Xenophilius Lovegood is head of Ravenclaw, I have never heard the name of the person who is head of Hufflepuff, and Lucius Malfoy is the head of Slytherin.

      Speaking of Lucius Malfoy, McGonagall meet up with him in one of the halls. He doesn't seem too happy to see me, but at least he is making an effort to hide that. He McGonagall has something she needs to attend to, and she needs me to wait. Right there with Lucius? Don't take too long... So there I am in the hallway with Lucius, and it seems a bit awkward, so I just wait there silently while Lucius is giving me a strange look. While I am standing there thinking the situation rather sucks, someone even worse comes along. Dolores Umbridge comes along down the hall. She is still not pleased to see me, but it seems she is currently more angry a Lucius for some reason. She walks right over to Lucius and says she should curse him into next week for that trick. She says it took her hours to find the proper counter-curse to get rid of that obscenity from her forehead. I remember the word BITCH being tattooed on her face, I look to see if it is really gone. Lucius is also looking, he says it's good she cleared up that label... the word BITCH didn't properly describe Umbridge. I look and now the words UGLY BITCH are displayed on her forehead, glowing and changing color constantly. I say Lucius is right on this one, Umbridge's forehead looks much better now, then I turn away quickly because I think I might start laughing. McGonagall comes out of the room where she had gone, she looks at Umbridge and gasps. She is staring, all she can say is, "Dolores! Your face! It's..." I interrupt McGonagall and say her face sure does look a lot better. McGonagall is about to say something else when Umbridge takes a look at me, gives a huff, then says I shouldn't get too comfortable since I won't be at the school for long. She leaves in a huff. McGonagall makes no further attempt to stop her, but she does want to know who put it there. I say I didn't do it, but I think it was Q. Q has a sense of humor and would no doubt find that amusing. From the closed door of a women's restroom a bit farther up the hall comes, "Lucius Malfoy!!!" There are a few other sounds, then Umbridge comes out of the bathroom and storms over to Lucius. I notice that, unfortunately, her forehead is now clear of writing. Damn. She got rid of it. She points at her forehead and tells Lucius that she has countered how curse. As I am watching, however, the words DUMB UGLY BITCH appear on her forehead in neon pink. I snort a bit of laughter, turning it into a cough, though it still gets Umbridge's attention. She heads off in a huff again.

      I follow McGonagall through the rest of the tour of the castle, though nothing more worth noting takes place. I am thinking it would be sooooo easy to get lost in there that it isn't even funny. I wonder how the students manage to find their classes at all. I guess it is something they get used to, but it seems the setup would lead to a lot of tardy first years, at least for a while. The tour ends back where we started, back in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. McGonagall says again that everyone, or most everyone, is glad to have me aboard. So don't pay any attention to Umbridge, she is all talk and there really is nothing she can do now that I have been voted in by a majority of the board members at Hogwarts. Speaking of Umbridge, she storms into the room and demands to know where Lucius Malfoy is, I see her forehead now sports only one word, and that is FUCKTARD. Q must have heard Tigress use that word. McGonagall says that is really immature, but she seems to be snickering a bit, too. I wonder what it will say next... I was fortunately able to wait until McGonagall left the room before I woke up.

      Concert Shirt Swap
      I am in a large room, it is an auditorium, and there are people coming into the room and taking seats, it looks like there is going to be a concert going on soon. I am thinking I somehow got in without a ticket, and I am hoping I don't get caught... because the ticket price is outrageously expensive, there's no way I could afford one. I am trying to remember who is playing, is it even worth that kind of money? Well, no matter, I got in free, so I'm happy. It turns out that they are even giving out free t-shirts, one of the employees gives me one, so I look at the shirt, and it displays the names of the bands to be playing. There are a couple opening acts I don't recognize, but the headlining groups are Metallica and Disturbed, awesome! I take my shirt off right there in front of everyone, not really being concerned about the people who are around me to see. I put on my shirt but then I realize I have a big hole in it! That really pissed me off, so I switched back to my own shirt. I look around and I see that some people have laid their shirts around, I figure I will make a swap. Bit when I try, someone calls me on it, I say I thought it was mine... Sorry. The music starts, it's Metallica playing, I am hoping I haven't missed Disturbed. Of course now the place is darker, so I am able to swap my shirt with another. Then I make my way towards the front of the crowd to get closer to the band. It's Metallica, but I don't recognize the songs.

      A River Runs Through It
      There is a river running through our yard, across the driveway, blocks the driveway. The water is rancid. Oil in it. Can't get out, worried about dogs... what if they drink this crap??? They can't reach. Not an issue. What if it erodes and grows wider? We need a bridge. Mom talking to my brother, John about the bridge. I follow the river to see where it comes from, can it be diverted? Somehow I become lucid... that's John! I don't want to lose him again... I hug him, I don't want to let him go, he wants to know what brought that on...

      I am in my own bedroom, I get up off the bed and go out into the living room. I haven't been sleeping, I have been lying in there relaxing, but now I think it is time to get doing something. I go outside to get a bit of fresh air, but there is something weird about the yard. It takes me a bit to recognize what is wrong with the yard, but I finally see that there is a river running through it! I see my mother out there talking to someone, I go over to see what is going on, because I know there isn't supposed to be a river in the yard. The river flows across the driveway, so it is impossible to get our cars out of the driveway. I find it is my brother John that my mom is talking to, I also get a closer look at the water. The water is disgusting. There is a lot of oil and crap in the water, and it also smells bad. My mother is talking to John about leaving the river there and building a bridge... but why would she want to keep the river stench going through the yard?! I follow the river to the west to see if I can find out where the river is coming from and maybe it can be diverted. Somewhere as I'm following the river I become lucid, though I can't identify exactly where.

      Now that I'm lucid I head back to where my mom is talking to John still, but now I realize it's a dream and that as soon as I wake up John will be gone again. This realization makes me sad, I miss my brother. I decide to take advantage of the time I have with him. I run over to John and I throw my arms around him in a great big bear hug. He seems a bit surprised, but he returns the hug. I keep hugging him, I really don't want to let go. It seems almost as if, by holding on to him tightly enough, I can pull him from the dream into waking life. Of course that isn't possible, but I hold on to him tightly just the same. I am still holding him when I wake up, and of course he isn't there.

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    10. 12/07/10 Dammit, Raven, do a RC!!!

      by , 12-08-2010 at 05:50 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: There were several more dreams, but I don't remember them in extreme detail, so I am posting my fragmented memories here as one posting.

      The Path Less Taken
      I am at Hogwarts, but I am not lucid. I am with Draco in the same room where we were planning out ideas for getting through the first challenge, I see the map laid out on the table with the figures Draco placed still on it, they are pacing around a bit as if rather bored. Draco himself is pacing a bit, he seems agitated about something, so I ask him what is bothering him. He says he doesn't see the point of having a challenge where we can't use magic, it is supposed to be, after all, a wizard tournament… not a muggle tournament… I tell him I don't really know the reason for this challenge, but it is part of the tournament, so we have to get passed it before we can continue to the other challenges. I look at the map again, looking at the different routes through the obstacles. One obstacle is to cross over a deep ravine, or the contestants can use a nice bridge over the ravine and meet up with flying enemies there… Another obstacle takes the form of a sheer wall, there are two ways to get past, but they are both hidden… one is a way up and over, the other is a way down and under, the locations are marked on the map with a couple of Draco's markers. There is a dense forest that is specifically designed to get people lost inside it. There is once again an easy way to navigate the forest, but there are enemies set up along it. One obstacle is a rushing river that empties into a wide lake, there is a bridge, which is blocked by enemies. Parts of the course would require crossing the rapids, or crossing the lake, or there is a shortcut to be taken by riding the rapids, then taking the right fork that comes just before the lake. I am looking at the map like I would a video game layout, deciding what would be the best choice of routes to take.

      While I am looking at the map and Draco seems to be talking to himself, the door to the room creaks open… both Draco and I stop to look over at it. A cute little fox comes into the room, then actually leans up against the door to push it closed behind it. The fox comes over to me and rubs around my legs until I pick him up and start petting him. Draco is staring at this, he asks me what that is all about, why is that thing in here? I tell him he had better be nice to the fox, he responds by saying he doesn't care about any dumb old fox, I can keep it as a pet for all he cares. Draco keeps talking about ways to make sure we win, but I am more distracted by the fox now, who is definitely pushy for attention. He wants to be petted, scratched, hugged, cuddled… so I am doing all of that to make the fox happy, and I am rewarded with a purr. I finally tell Draco to calm down, we will make it through the obstacle course, the first challenge will hardly prove to be a challenge at all. He asks if I have any experience without using magic, I say actually, I do, and none of the routes on the map look like something we can't handle. My suggested path is to go the hard way over the ravine, all we would need is a couple lengths of rope, then through the forest, I have an excellent sense of direction, and over the wall, he already had the locations of the hidden ways through… so face the obstacles instead of the enemies, since enemies are much easier to handle with magic. I wonder if an item such as Witchblade would count as magic… well, I'm sure they couldn’t trace the Witchblade like they could spells in use… I would have to find that out.

      A Job Search
      I am in a strange room, it is rather dark and a bit on the creepy side, I am sitting in a chair facing a long table at one end of the room. There are quite a few people sitting at the table, all of them have their attention focused on me, and I am finding that to be a bit awkward, I wonder why they are all looking at me. As my eyes adjust to the dim light, however, I see that I recognize several of them. Right in the middle of the group is Albus Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series. To his right is Professor McGonagall, beside her is Professor Sprout, then a couple people I don't recognize. To Dumbledore's left I see Professor Snape, next to him is Professor Flitwick, whom I can barely see over the table. Beside Flitwick is someone who makes my stomach churn, I feel like I might puke right in front of everyone, it's Professor Umbridge… and Flitwick does not look pleased with the seating arrangements, he is scooted as close to Snape as he can get without being overly obvious. On the other side of Flitwick is Lucius Malfoy, who has a look on his face that suggests he is smelling something foul… and he is also sitting as far from Umbridge as the table will allow, and he doesn't seem to care about being overly obvious. There is a good three feet between Umbridge and Lucius, and Lucius is crammed into the last foot of space available at the end of the table. Umbridge appears completely oblivious as to the reactions of those around her, either not noticing, or choosing not to notice.

      Dumbledore is the first to speak, he says we all know why we are here, but I haven't got a clue why I'm here… He says he has found a candidate for Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, referred to him by an old acquaintance. From behind Dumbledore, Q steps forward to be seen. Q pinches his nose and points at Umbridge, miming that she stinks like something rancid. Then he mimes to me that I should pinch my nose… but I can't smell Umbridge from this far away, so I'm not sure why I would do that. Dumbledore says all of them have had a chance to review my credentials, which Q has so kindly supplied, so if there are no further questions, they would have their vote now. If the majority agree, then I am their new Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor. Umbridge jumps to her feet and says absolutely not, she has never heard of such a thing, Dumbledore should know very well that the ministry would assign a new instructor. Dumbledore stopped her and corrected her, that if he was unable to find a qualified candidate in the allotted time the ministry would assign a teacher, but since he had found someone in the allotted time… Umbridge huffs a few times, paces back and forth behind her chair, huffs a couple more times, then Dumbledore asks her, in a polite but firm manner, to sit down. A couple of them, Snape and McGonagall actually agree here, want to see that I can do defensive spells, the choice is finally made that I should summon a patronus since that will defend against evil energies such as dementors. So I summon my patronus after finding a wand in my pocket, and it is a beautiful white panther. Lucius wants to know why he has never heard of the 'Knight' family before, Dumbledore says I come from a distant land, but Q has given assurances that there has never been a relative of Raven Knight who was not a powerful witch or wizard, including a daughter who is being home taught. I am thinking I don't know of any relatives of Raven Knight…

      They finally have a vote, everyone raises their hand to vote me in except Lucius and Umbridge. Perhapes not wanting to be siding with the likes of Umbridge, Lucius finally raises his hand to vote yes. Umbridge sternly refuses to do so, instead she sits in her seat and huffs a few more times. Dumbledore said that the decision is made, he welcomes me to the staff of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. More loud huffs come from Umbridge. I see Q do something, and when I see Umbridge's face next time, the word BITCH is tattooed on her forehead. I have a hard time not laughing in her face, as she says she won't stand for this, and will have me removed immediately, all the while the word BITCH is changing colors on her forehead, it is actually glowing. Lucius has spotted that now, he is openly staring at Umbridge, who finally asks him what he is looking at. Lucius says he sees nothing unusual, but he sees that the truth has come to light in a surprisingly obvious way. The word BITCH flashes blue, then green, then red… Lucius gives me a strange look, welcomes me but doesn't sound like he entirely means it, then leaves. McGonagall sees the word on Umbridge's forehead and steps back in shock… "Delores!" she says, "What is that on your forehead?!" Umbridge looks at McGonagall strangely, then summons up a mirror and sees the word for herself. She curses under her breath at Lucius, apparently thinking he had done it, then storms off, huffing all the way out. The others all give me a warm welcome, saying to come back any time in the next week, and they will set me up with a room in the castle. I realize one of the people I hadn't recognized at first is Arthur Weasley… I am surprised I didn't spot him right away…
    11. 12/06/10 Fractured Memories

      by , 12-08-2010 at 01:22 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: I had lots of dreams last night, so many that my memories of them have gotten a bit fragmented and hard to separate out. So here are the fragments I remember. My plans included more Harry Potter dreams with both MoSh and Tigress, the wizard tournament with MoSh, Tigress was looking for something that happens beyond the scope of the books. I was able to get into my WILD, my memories are just a bit fragmented…

      Search for Lucius
      I am at Hogwarts, and I am looking to find out what Lucius might know about the spell that was placed on Asuka that made her lose her memory. I don't really know where to find Lucius, but I remember Draco saying Lucius is on the governing board of Hogwarts, so does that mean he is at Hogwarts? I hope that maybe he is. I am wandering around in the halls, I really don't know where to start looking. I spot Draco in the halls, and I follow Draco for a short time until he notices I am behind him. He stops and turns around, he asks why I am following him. He says maybe I had been looking to find him, well I have now. He says that Snape told him the contestants in the tournament need to make a plan on how to handle the first challenge. He says that generally, at least at the beginning, the contestants from each house would most likely help each other out so their house contestants can both make it. He says we should decide what we're going to do, to make sure the great Harry Potter comes out of the competition looking like the loser he is.

      Training to Win
      I am on the top of the hill near Hogwarts, it is the same place I was at when we all summoned patronuses. Vegeta is there, as are the other contestants in the tournament, though I don't see Tigress. I wonder if she is sure going to continue this series, I start thinking things may have diverged when Cho Chang shows up, and I remember she is from Ravenclaw, so maybe the divergence has already happened. Vegeta pairs everyone up, switching the pairs around, so everyone will have a chance to train with different partners. In addition to tournament contestants, there are also quite a few other students there who are just interested in what Vegeta has to teach them. I notice Neville Longbottom sitting off to the side, watching everyone training from a distance. Vegeta tries to get him to join in, but instead he turns around and runs away. Vegeta watches him go and then returns to our training.

      Inside Information
      I am in a small room with Draco, we are sitting at a table discussing ways to proceed through the challenge that will soon be happening. I am really not sure what preparation is possible, since we don't know any of the specifics of what obstacles might be in the way. On the table is an assortment of snacks and a map of the area the challenge will take place in. The course has been laid out for us, so everyone will know where to go, but that is it, no other details are included. There are several possible paths to take through the course, so not everyone will take the same path or meet the same challenges. So now Draco starts placing different things on the map of the course, he places small animated figurines that represent obstacles we will encounter, or maybe just obstacles we might encounter. I think this is strange since I had thought the specific obstacles were secret. I ask Draco about that, and he says his dad knows people… so in other words this is cheating? I comment that if anyone finds out, he will be disqualified, or maybe we would both be disqualified, which would eliminate any chance of Slytherin having the tournament winner. He says no one will find out, unless I am planning on telling someone… I tell him I'm not planning on telling anyone, but that doesn't mean no one will figure it out… well, he already has the information now, so we spend the time figuring out what the best path through the challenge course is.

      Congradulations! It's Twins!
      I am in my bedroom at home, but there is one main difference, and that is the fact there is a cradle there. It is a single unit, but there is a separator in the middle of it and it is larger than the normal cradle, it is specifically made for two babies at once. On top of that, there is a baby in each side of the cradle, one is a boy, one is a girl, and I know for a fact they are twins… and they are mine! I have no children IWL, so this should be a giveaway that it is a dream, but I do not do a reality check. I have to go to class now, and I know I have to take my babies with me, as there is nowhere else to leave them for the day. I get everything ready to go, then I walk out without them, heading off to school. I get to class before I realize I completely forgot about the babies, I hadn't even checked on them before leaving the house, wow… I am a shitty mother… I am heading to the library at the school, suddenly ITT has a really nice library, and my mother meets me there with the babies. I take the babies, one in each arm, they are sleeping peacefully in my arms, I hope they stay that way. When I get inside the library, they tell us we'll have to move to a new building while the library is being remodeled, so I have to try to pick up both my stuff and the babies to go next door. Tigress meets me there, and she takes one of the babies, and we go next door. There is a large pillow next to the table we set up on, so we lie both babies on the pillow where they play quietly, looking up at us and smiling. I am thinking both of the babies were born on Christmas day, and the strangest thing is I don't remember even having sex, so was I raped? Was it some kind of immaculate conception? Abducted by aliens? My babies don't look like aliens…
    12. 12/03/10 Dreams within dreams within dreams

      by , 12-06-2010 at 04:33 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: This was a three level dream… I was having a dream in a dream in a dream… these can get a bit confusing, but I will do my best to keep things straight.

      I am lying in my bed, I am not sure how I got there, just that I am really tired. I feel a soft furry animal curled up beside me, so I reach down to pet the animal I assume to be a cat. Instead, the animal pikas when I touch it. Pika? I sit up and turn on my iPod Touch for the light from the screen, and there is a real live pikachu sitting beside me, looking at me. He is looking at me, and he pikas again, then he curls up right by my chest, where it is really easy to scratch his ears. For some reason, even though I know that means I am dreaming, I am still sleepy and I lie down, soon falling asleep with the pikachu beside me… I slip into a dream.

      I am in the Hogwarts castle, I am lucid, and I am playing games with Bellatrix Lestrange. The kind of games that end up with her shitting her pants either with fear or with frustration or anger or something… I am having a hard time remembering the details, but I do remember a couple of fragments… I am in one of the classrooms at Hogwarts, facing Bellatrix Lestrange across several desks, she is acting in her usual insane manner, brandishing her wand around like a complete madwoman and yelling incomprehensible things in between her insane cackling. I telekinetically take her wand right out of her hand, pulling it straight to me. I tell her she needs to stop waving that thing around before she puts out an eye or something. She actually pauses, looking at her empty hand and then at me holding her wand. She demands I give it back to her immediately, I tell her to take it back if she wants it so badly. She does nothing, so I ask her if that's a problem, can't she do a simple summoning charm to take her wand back? Or can she not do magic without a wand? Because if she can't do magic without the aid of a stupid little stick, then she is way more pathetic than I had ever thought possible. She demands her wand back now, I ask her if I really look dumb enough to give it back to her, then I leave the room, yelling at her to come get it if she dares…

      I am in the dungeons of Hogwarts, the passages down there are like an endless maze, and I am lucid. I am teleporting all over the place, I am playing games with someone, and I soon find the person I am playing with, it is Bellatrix Lestrange. She is apparently pissed off at me about something, because she fires a curse at me, but I teleport before it can hit me. Instead it makes a hole in the wall. I teleport to a spot right behind Bellatrix and whisper quickly into her left ear, "You missed! Tag, you're dead!" and then I teleport away as she is turning around. She spins around and fires another curse, but I am gone before she even fires the curse this time. I am a disembodied voice before I re-materialize somewhere else, and I let out a hollow sounding laugh that echos through the dungeons, all around Bellatrix, making her look frantically around for the source. She is yelling at me to come out, she is calling me a coward, calling me a whole slew of names I don't recognize but I am sure they are nasty and insulting names. I teleport to a position right in front of her and give her a shove backwards, she fires several quick curses at me, I teleport and reveal the mirror behind me, her curses bounce back and almost hit her except she ducks out of the way quickly. Some more hollow laughter for her benefit. She is yelling again, apparently loud enough that it got Snape's attention. Snape comes down the hall, clearly pissed off, and barely avoids Bellatrix's franticly thrown curse. "Watch what you're doing, woman!" Snape snarls as he comes over closer to Bellatrix and plucks her wand from her hand as she is looking frantically around. I appear behind Snape, in front of Bellatrix, and she starts pointing and yelling, "There she is! There she is!" at Snape. As Snape turns around, I teleport away so there is no one for Snape to see. Snape looks back at Bellatrix with a strange look that is somewhere between disgust and pity.

      I wake up from the Bellatrix dream and now I am in my living room with Tigress, it seems I fell asleep while I had been hanging out with Tigress. So now I am not lucid. Now that I am awake, I tell Tigress about the dream I just had, about the fact it seemed so vivid at the time, I tell her I could feel every sensation, every bit of energy, I really need to write down some notes to be sure I don't forget this. I pull out some paper and start writing down some notes, writing them as quickly as I can, trying like crazy not to forget about it. While I am doing this I wake from this dream.

      Now I wake up in bed, I roll over and think I had better jot down notes from the dream, the Bellatrix dream and the dream where I was telling Tigress about it, but I hear something out in the other room that makes me stop and listen. My mother is talking to a man, the man's voice sounds sooooo familiar right now… I can't really believe what I am hearing. It's my brother, John, but it can't be… he's been dead for four years now… there is no way he could be back, is there? I listen to them out there, my mom is clearly thrilled that John is back, I hear John ask if mom thinks it is ok for him to wake me up to say 'hi' to me. My mother says that she is certain I won't mind considering the situation. I decide to pretend to be asleep, to not let them know I had been spying on them, so I close my eyes as I hear my bedroom door open. I peek out through one squinted eye, an eye barely open enough to see, certainly not enough for someone else to notice, and I see my brother come into the room. He is speaking to me, he says good morning, it's time to wake up. And I wake up, but unfortunately I wake to my waking life.
    13. 12/01/10 Memories of Hogwarts

      by , 12-02-2010 at 04:03 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: Tonight I had plans to meet up with MoSh to place a connection between his inner world to the Hogwarts we have been visiting, but then he told me that someone has been screwing with Asuka's memory and she doesn't even remember him. So the first plan became to restore Asuka's memory. I also had plans to meet up with Kaomea to raise a bit of chaos in a different Hogwarts, specifically one where Professor Umbridge (5th year Defense Against the Dark Arts Instructor) deserves to be the object of some amusement. More specifically, never can these two dreams meet! Unfortunately, I once again have only fragmented memories.

      The Memory Remains
      I am with MoSh in a strange town, I have no idea where we are, and I am not lucid. MoSh and I are looking for a new age store where he says he will be able to find Asuka, he says I will have to help her remember him. I am wondering how I am supposed to help Asuka remember him if he can't do that himself. We are heading toward the store, MoSh seems to know where he is going, but we reach a spot where there is a barricade and a cop is not letting anyone down the street we need to take. And they are clearly taking this very seriously, there is a large barrier that is about ten feet tall at least and it is topped with razor wire… um… they are taking this way too seriously. MoSh and I take a different street to go around the barricaded area and get to the new age store that way. Now there don't seem to be any streets heading in our direction at all, and the street we are on is curving in the wrong direction. MoSh points out an alley and we go down that, determined to reach the store. There are dogs there now, about seven big dogs that look like Rottweilers, and they are all blocking the alley and snarling menacingly. I go over to a fire escape and jump to reach the ladder, pulling it down. Now MoSh and I are able to use the fire escapes to get past the dogs. We continue using the fire escapes until we finally reach a store called New Life, MoSh says that is where Asuka is working. The fire escape ends on the roof of the place, which seems a bit odd, but we are able to get inside through a trap door. Inside, Asuka doesn't seem to think this is strange at all, and she greets us by asking what she can help with. I tell her I think MoSh is looking for a bit of quality time with her, adding a wink. She looks at me strangely, as if she has no idea what I am talking about… MoSh says I had said I have a song to restore memories, maybe I should try that. I look in my pocket and find I have my iPod, so I take it out and play the song "The Memory Remains" by Metallica while focusing on restoring her memories. The song plays through, and it looks like there is a flicker of recognition in Asuka's eyes.

      Haunted Dungeons
      I am at Hogwarts, and this time I am spontaneously lucid, or maybe I just don't recall the time when I became lucid. But at the point where my memories start I am with Kaomea, Fred, and George in some dark corner of the dungeons at Hogwarts. We are all talking about making fools out of Umbridge, Snape, Ubridge, some of the Slytherins, Umbridge… oh, and Umbridge! It is unanimous that every there hates Umbridge beyond all others. Something comes into my mind, I am thinking Kaomea and I can use form shifting to make Umbridge look really retarded, and the effect will last even after we are gone. The situation will be set then for Fred and George to have whatever fun they can get out of it, make a plan? They say they will improvise, that is what they do best. So we start off by sending a fake message from Snape that says he needs to meet with Umbridge immediately. Kaomea and I turn into cats… she turns into Hermione's cat, Crookshanks, I turn into Mrs. Norris. Umbridge comes down into the dungeon shortly later. I, as Mrs. Norris, go over and wind around her legs, which results in her kicking me. I hiss at her. That doesn't fit with all her plates and pictures of cats in her office… but it is also not unexpected. I flip back to my feet, arch my back, and I hiss loudly. Umbridge tells me to shut up, so I start mutating. From the form of a cute little kitty cat I start growing, there are bony spines protruding from my back, and my hissing becomes more malevolent… Before long Umbridge is staring, stunned and terrified, at a face that looks something like this.

      She stumbles backwards a couple of feet, then trips and falls on her ass before letting out a horrible sounding scream of pure terror. I hear someone behind me, so I quickly transform back to Mrs. Norris and jump on Umbridge's chest and start purring. Snape enters the hall and sees Umbridge on the floor, cowering, pointing at me and saying to get it away from her, please get it away from her, it's a monster… Snape picks me up by the scruff of the neck and looks at me, he states the obvious, "It's… a… kitty… cat…" in his usual mocking tone. He puts me down and looks at Umbridge with disgust. Umbridge is going on about how I had been a monster just second ago, I respond with a questioning, "Meow?" Snape says, "That's Mrs. Norris, Filch's cat… she may be filthy and have fleas, but she is no monster." Umbridge wants to know what Snape wanted to see her for, he says he doesn't and then walks away. Umbridge is visibly shaken, but then she walks down the hall she came from. I see Crookshanks waiting near the end of the hall, Kaomea is going to have some fun with Umbridge. I head down the hall towards them, to see what is going to happen, but this is the last part I remember.
    14. 11/30/10 Lucid Intervals

      by , 12-01-2010 at 01:00 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: My plans for this night included meeting MoSh to have another dream in a Harry Potter world, and I also had plans to meet up with Tigress and have a dream about fighting zombies. Unfortunately, my recall is just barely on the happy side of CRS (Can't Remember Shit). So after the dreaming, all I have to show for it is these fragments. I was spontaneously lucid in both of these, or maybe I just don't remember becoming lucid.

      Hogwarts 2000 Race
      I am with MoSh at Hogwarts… we are all outside on the hill that we were at when we practiced our patronuses. MoSh, Asuka, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are there with me. Ron is being really rude, he is saying he doesn't want any filthy Slytherins here, Hermione is telling Ron how immature he is being, so shut up. Ron finally shuts up about me being there, then MoSh is wanting to have some kind of competition with Harry. After a bit of discussion they end up deciding on a race. So we all go into the castle to fetch some brooms, Harry says unless MoSh has his own broom, they can both use school brooms so it would be even. MoSh summons a broom, Harry gets his Nimbus 2000, and we go back to the hill. The course is set, and they both take off. Ron wants to go up on a broom of his own to watch the race from a better view, Hermione is apparently afraid of heights, I decide to see what it feels like to be riding a broom, so I summon one and fly up with Ron to watch Harry and MoSh race. The two of them are racing along the agreed course, and they seem to be pretty close, but then MoSh apparently decides the broom is more of a hindrance than a help. Harry does a double take as he sees MoSh's broom fall, yells out MoSh's name, apparently thinking MoSh is falling, then pulls a very good Homer Simpson (staring with a blank expression on his face) as he sees MoSh continue flying without the aid of the broom. Harry continues the race, but now MoSh is going faster than he was before, and Harry is already behind. So the distance between them only grows until MoSh crossed the finish line. I land next to MoSh and Hermione, Ron is also pulling a very good Homer Simpson, he is still floating in the air on his broom. Hermione is congratulating MoSh on his win, but she stops mid sentence when she sees he has no broom… now she is pulling a very good Homer Simpson with the others.

      Resident Evil: The Dark Side
      I am with Tigress in an abandoned looking town that reminds me of Silent Hill, though it reminds me of Silent Hill on the lighter side. There is a lot of fog and stuff, but aside from being a bit dark and dreary, it is a normal looking small town. Tigress and I are looking through the town, we both have an array of weapons strapped to us, I know we are looking for zombies. I hear the sound of gunfire and turn to see Tigress has taken out a zombie. I blast a zombie off to my left with my shotgun as it comes out of the space between two of the buildings. Tigress and I continue exploring the place, but then things begin to change… I hear a strange noise, a sort of squishing noise like might be heard when pulling something out of the mud… or maybe the sound that might be heard from a swarm of bugs and maggots in a pile of rotting flesh… I know that is gross, but I don't know how else to describe the sound… Along with the sound, the surroundings are changing. The buildings are actually decaying, the tops of them are getting covered with a gross looking green stuff that looks like mold, which is spreading down the buildings. As the buildings decay, several of them start to collapse. The mold stuff spreads to the ground and across it, leaving a really gross looking surface. And as the decay spreads, so do the zombies. Not just a couple, but lots of them, so many of them. Tigress and I are firing our weapons on rapid fire now, a shot gun is too slow, I choose a different weapon and start cutting them down. We are completely surrounded by zombies, but if we can't hold them off, we will take a shitload of them with us!
    15. 11/22/10 Shattered Memories

      by , 11-28-2010 at 04:50 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      House of the About To Be Dead
      I am in a castle, I look around the room I am in. In spite of having had recent dreams of Hogwarts, that is not what comes to mind first here. I am thinking I am in the process of designing a video game. I am designing one of the levels, this castle will be a great setting. So right now I am looking around the level, trying to see where I want to put enemies and items and stuff like that. I place the enemies all over the place, and then I decide to do a run through to see how my AI on the enemies is working. So as the level starts, the enemies attack me, so I grab a weapon and fight back. There are weapons lying around, so I am able to use the in-game weapons to fight. Most of them are melee weapons, but I also find a gun or two. Ammo is rare so I have to conserve it. As I explore the castle I see there are enemies where I don't remember putting them. I think that is great, that means the AI of the game is making the enemies track me down to attack. I kill some more of the enemies and then I see someone else is in there with me, not one of the enemies. I look closer and see Walms killing enemies. Wait a minute…. Walms? Time for a RC! I am dreaming!

      Now I am lucid and watching Walms kill enemies, making quite a gory scene of it as well, it looks like he might be eating some of them… I resume killing enemies, just because I am dreaming doesn't mean they don't need to die, and I finally make my way over to where Walms is. It looks like he is going to attack me, but then he stops, apparently seeing that I'm not one of the enemies. He makes some kind of comment to me, I say I was going to see if he could use a song spell… say gravity maybe, since I don't remember seeing him use that in a dream, and I am wanting to know more about DT… Walms just looks impatient, he says ok, but he'll only show me once, there are too many people to kill to waste much time. If I need more help, it will have to be another time. He goes through these steps relatively slowly, it looks like part of him briefly teleports and then reappears, and an enemy on the other side of the room is suddenly in two pieces… it looks like the enemy got cut open by some sharp claws, which I see Walms has formed. Ok, so I will try duplicating that… I select an enemy and try to do the same thing… epic fail. The result is my arm on the other side of the room, still holding an in game sword I had found, and flopping on the ground erratically while the enemy watches it in a totally confused state. For some reason this strikes me as particularly hilarious, and I crack up laughing. Walms is looking at me like I have completely lost it, and then he goes back to killing things. I grow a new arm. I want to try that DT again, but it didn't work so well last time. I have an idea. I look at the enemy who is watching my severed arm flop about. I pick up a sword on the ground near me, then I open a portal… just big enough for the sword to fit through… and I make the destination of the portal right behind the enemy. I shove my sword into the tiny portal, it emerges from the other end and impales the enemy. I pull the sword back and the portals close.

      I am pleased with that, so I do it some more. One of the enemies looks like my ex boyfriend, James. He is trying to say he still loves me, which I don't believe. Walms enters the room and is killing stuff. James says some insulting stuff about Walms, I don't remember what, and Walms gives him a dirty look. I tell Walms that this one is mine, I'll take care of him. Walms continues on his way, killing another enemy. James says he wants me to call him IWL, I say it's not going to happen. He says he really wants me to call, he misses talking to me and wants to… *glurg* Now he looks like he's about to be sick. I follow his path of vision and see Walms eating an enemy, James seems pretty grossed out by that. I find this to be hilarious, too, and I start laughing again. I tell James to be gone before Walms decides he looks like a tasty snack. James scoffs at that, saying I know perfectly well that he can… I slip my hidden blade through a tiny portal that opens behind James' neck… and thus stab him. I wake up here.

      Designing the Moon
      I am designing some more of my game. I am on the moon, with Nomad, and he is helping me design the game. I am working with a strange sort of biological machine, I am thinking this is normal, it is merely one of the utilities in the game design program I am using now. Nomad and I are discussing what we want to do on the moon, how we want to set things up, Nomad wants to start by terraforming the moon. Ok, that works, so we need to decide what areas we will have. I suggest different areas based on different elements, like a fire area, an earth area, an air area, etc. Nomad says that sounds awesome, and says we can start with the forest area. I am thinking of how the game can flow, and I am coming up with a vicious circle where each element needs one of the other elements and there isn't really any place to start. I am taking to Nomad about setting up the game so it will work smoothly, he seems a bit confused by the fact I am talking about video games, but he seems to play along for now. Upon finally coming to the conclusion that the earth level would be first, Nomad asks why I am talking about making a video game… I tell him this video game will be epic, with all these territories, it will make an excellent MMORPG. Nomad smiles and says that is awesome, we would make an MMORPG area for dreamers. I am a bit confused at first, then I think of something and tell him it is a great idea to use dreams to design parts of the game, maybe even most of it. Nomad says yeah, we should use dreams… dreams like this one! I look at him in a puzzled manner, he tells me this is a dream. That isn't making sense, I tell him we are designing a video game, not a dream…

      Space Ark
      I am with MoSh in the landing bay of the tower on the moon, we are going to go somewhere Q has told us about. I am lucid for the first time, and thinking I can't wait to see what kind of place Q has found this time. We get in our ships, MoSh gets in his ship with Asuka, I get in mine with Basara, and we launch from the tower. Before we have gone far we find a wormhole that Q has created, and we fly through the wormhole to a distant area of space. There is now a fleet of ships near us, ships flying through space going to somewhere I don't know. We fly over towards the fleet, and I see fighter ships around that look like the ships on Starfox… There is also one huge ship that looks like a section of a planet under a dome, the other ships are all flying around that one, which seems to be the one to be protected above all others. We make contact with them, and they give us permission to land, making me wonder if Q has been here before us to tell them we are coming… We land in the landing area, and there are some people there, they are talking about what the ship is for. Apparently they were able to get warning of their star going supernova, so they constructed this space ark, with a section of every kind of habitat from their home world and also a selection of all the different animals, so they would be able to start over on a new world. He says most of the space ark is wilderness, and they have to take care of everything to make sure no life is lost on the way to their new home.

      Back to the Drawing Board
      I am in a strange room, I know I am there to continue designing a video game, no doubt the one I was working on earlier. I am working on a puzzle part of the game now, testing it out to make sure it is working properly. The way to solve the puzzle is to step only on certain tiles and in the right order and use those tiles to reach the other side of the room. I do the jumps necessary to get across the room, I am wondering if it is the proper difficulty. Does it need to be harder? Easier? Have a difficulty setting? I'll have to give that some thought. When I am almost to the other side, I notice something wrong with one of the animated parts… there is a fan in a vent that is wobbling instead of spinning properly. So I get out of the game and enter a modeling mode, moving over to the fan and adjusting the size and shape of it to make it fit better. While I'm in the modeling mode, I adjust some walls and start adding a new room. In the new room there are two bodies that appear to be dead but will come to life and attack. This fact is actually betrayed by a slight twitch in the bodies that gives away the fact they aren't really dead. Now I just have to test to make sure they come to life at the right place to make the game challenging without making it impossible.
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