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    Freddy’s Nightmare

    by , 05-22-2018 at 12:04 AM (442 Views)
    2018, 05-21

    Freddy’s Nightmare

    I am in a bedroom I think of as my own, but it is clearly not my house because it is a second floor room and my home has only one level. I am in there with two friends, one woman and one man. I don’t recognize them. On my computer desk I have pushed the computer equipment to the side and there is a black cauldron sitting on the desk, on a stand over a pie tin filled with burning charcoal briquettes. A strange potion is bubbling inside the cauldron. There is also a lot of smoke rising from the burning charcoal. There is a smoke detector just outside my bedroom door and I am afraid it will go off due to the smoke, so I close the bedroom door and open the window. There is a cool breeze outside and all of the smoke is sucked out the window as if by a vacuum. But there is still too much smoke! The potion is done so I dump some water on the burning coals. I miss with some and it splashes on my power strip which gives out a bright spark so I quickly move it out of the way.

    We have to wait for the potion to cool now. I glance back at the open window and something catches my eye. I look outside and see it is getting dark, but in the dim light I see a man approaching our house along the sidewalk. There’s nothing much that sets him apart from any other pedestrian in this average neighborhood, but he catches my eye. I watch him for a bit more and see he turns and walks up to the house. I tell the others that someone is here. The woman with me says it is too soon! The man asks where he is. I tell them he was walking up to the house but I can’t see him now. I look back outside and now I see a couple little girls drawing on the sidewalk using the light from a streetlamp. I am thinking it’s quite late for such little ones to be outside alone… but then my attention is brought back by a pounding on my bedroom door.

    No one has to open the door, it flies open. In the doorway stands Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. He has a smirk on his face. The woman whispers to me that the potion isn’t ready yet! Freddy is mocking us but then he says he has grown bored and has found new playmates. He holds up a stick of pink sidewalk chalk. He’s going after those little girls? No way! He steps into the room and I grab for his sweater but he steps back and laughs. He is still mocking us but I am ignoring that… I make a second grab when he comes in again but I miss again. He seems to be enjoying the game and gets a bit closer the next time so I grab him. I pull him over directly in front of me and glare at him right in the eye, and I start threatening him. I call him a pathetic piece of shit and I tell him that if he so much as looks at those little girls I will track him down and tear him apart piece by piece!

    Maybe it’s the threat or maybe it’s the look on my face, but he looks a bit worried about that… but my friends in the bedroom with me think I’ve gone mad. The woman asks what I think I’m doing. I am annoyed to be interrupted in my threats to Freddy, so I look over at her with some exasperation and ask what is it? I’m busy threatening this guy! She says that’s a monster who could invade my dreams. I tell her that he would never have the balls to invade my dreams, but if he tries to put his cowardly ass in those girls’ dreams I will be there to make sure it becomes his worst nightmare! Maybe I should just kick his ass so he knows I’m serious… but then I wake up.
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