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    New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight

    Game of Dreams – Mountain Fortress

    by , 08-29-2017 at 06:51 PM (78 Views)
    2017, 08-29

    Game of Dreams – Mountain Fortress

    I am riding on a horse. I am Catelyn. I am riding with a small group of people into the mountains. Right now we are hiding. One of our people spotted horse riders heading our way. There are roving bands of bandits around here. We have already lost a couple people to them. We don't want to meet another attack. I can see Tyrion Lannister nearby. He is sharpening an axe. We are waiting with trepidation for the riders to arrive. I am hoping they pass us by, but I don't know how much chance there is of that. Then one of our people calls out. He has cited a banner being flown by the riders. It is the sigil of my sister’s house. These are not enemies. I am relieved. One of the visitors is my uncle. He has the symbol of the black fish on his cloak. He says we should've let them know we were coming so they could meet us with an escort. He says it's very dangerous on the roads. I say yeah we found out the hard way. He is here to escort us the rest of the way. He has about 12 people with him.

    We proceed into the valley. We passed through gate that is guarded, but the guard lets us right through. We continue down into the valley, and I look back to see Tyrion riding right next to Braun, one of those sell swords, and feel suspicious. I know he didn't try to kill my son, but he might still be up to something. Now I have to clean up the mess that Catelyn has made while I was away. I know that tear Tyrion is innocent, but she wasn't convinced. I talk to my uncle about what happened. I tell him about my son’s fall, about the attempted murder that I interrupted, and about how someone is trying to set Tyrian up. I tell him that we made like we were taking him prisoner so that maybe the actual perpetrator would feel complacent and get careless. He thinks my tale is rather strange. He says that's not what my letter said. I tell him that I did not want anyone to possibly intercept that letter. So we have had to behave as if Tyrion was our prisoner.

    Soon we reach a gate house at the base of a mountain. Most of our group stays down below. However, my sister has requested that I come up immediately. It is night time now, and that is a dangerous climb at night. A girl says that she has made the trip up the mountain many times in the dark. We will ride mules. We take the mules most of the way. We make our way up the mountain at a slow but steady pace. The girl and I have some small talk, but nothing really important. We finally get to the farthest point where the mules can go no farther. Now there is a steep climb that is more like a stone ladder instead of a stair. The last part has to be done on foot, or to ride up in a basket that is used to raise goods and supplies. I remember earlier Tyrion said he has his pride and therefore would not ride up with the turnips. That seems silly to me. I say I have more sense than Tyrion, and since I’m tired I will ride up in a basket.

    I am lifted up to the top where there is a castle. They take me to see my sister. At first she seems happy to see me, and give me a big hug. She's a bit chubbier than I remember. But as soon as we are alone, she starts yelling at me for bringing Tyrion to her castle. She says she didn't want to get involved with the Lannister's. I told her she's not going to be able to avoid them. She says no one can get in the Eyrie. As she was yelling she woke a child in the next room. A little boy comes out asking what's going on. This is the new ward of the Eyrie? He's only six years old. I try to talk sense to my sister about preparing for a possible war. The kid gets scared. My sister is coddling him. To my surprise, my sister pulls her nightclothes down over one breast, and the six-year-old boy begins to nurse. What the fuck? My three-year-old no longer nurses! It is all I can do not to say something. But I don't want to make things with my Lysa even worse. The boy asks if Tyrion is a bad person. My sister says he is. I say someone is setting him up, he didn’t do anything. Lysa ignores me. The boy asks if we can make TTTLY. She says that might be just what we do. I am feeling a bit annoyed at her now.

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