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    Game of Dreams – A Mountain That Jousts

    by , 08-23-2017 at 12:32 AM (93 Views)
    2017, 08-22
    Game of Dreams – A Mountain That Jousts

    Eddard: I am at a jousting tournament with my daughter. She is sitting beside me and watching very intently. The first two contestants come on the field. One of them I know is named Jamie Lannister, and the other one is called The Hound. I am thinking they are both assholes and wishing they could both lose. On the first attempt Jamie almost knocks The Hound off of his horse. On the second encounter, The Hound gets a good hit and Jamie falls off his horse. The Hound has taken him down. Jamie's horse runs off and Jamie is left rolling in the dirt with dented armor. This is made even more comical by the fact that Jamie’s helmet has been dented and turn backwards. He can't see or get it off. He ends up being led off the field since he can't see where he’s going. They are probably going to a blacksmith to get it removed. There is much laughter, and I hear the king laughing louder than anyone.

    Next match is between someone who looks like Legolas from Lord of the Rings and a really big guy that I am thinking is a mountainous asshole. I am thinking he could be called Hugh. With the last name of Jass. Hugh Jass would be perfect. The asshole’s is riding a large stallion which is being very uncooperative. Legolas’ horse is a mare, and I'm wondering if she's in heat. She might be making the stallion want to mate. They ride at each other, and the asshole is having such a problem controlling his horse that he doesn't even get a strike it. Legolas knocks him from his horse with ease. The asshole is so big that when he falls he takes his horse with him. The Hound is laughing his ass off. He disentangles himself and gets to his feet in a fury. He calls for his sword, which his squire brings quickly, probably fearing for his life. He moves to kill his own horse. I focus on a telepathic signal to warn the horse, and the stallion moves quickly and bolts for safety. The mountainous asshole is a bigger asshole than I thought.

    More enraged with his horse escaping, the asshole goes towards Legolas, sword in hand. He knocks Legolas off his horse in one blow. He clearly wants to kill Legolas. Definitely a sore loser. The Hound, who is the asshole's brother, comes onto the field and tells him to leave the boy alone. This Legolas is actually just a boy. The Hound and the asshole duel with swords as Legolas is taken to safety. They fight until finally the king decides to put a stop to it. He bellows at the top of his lungs, “Stop this madness, in the name of your king!” The two knights are now surrounded by guards. When the king speaks, The Hound immediately falls to one knee. This causes the assholes’ next stroke to miss wildly. The asshole finally drops his sword and just glares at the king in fury. He storms off the field in a rage. I am thinking someone should stop him, he might hurt someone in his rage. But no one dares to get in his way and the king says to let him go.

    My daughter clearly favored Legolas, and she is relieved that he is OK. Legolas soon comes back to the field. This time he is not his armor. He forfeits the last match of the joust to The Hound, saying he owes The Hound his life. The crowd is cheering wildly, cheering Legolas because they like him, and cheering for The Hound because he is the winner and he saved Legolas’ life. I hear some people nearby talking. One of them says Legolas had to know his mare was in heat, and since Sir Gregor (the mountainous asshole) always chooses a large stallion with more spirit than sense, it was surely planned. He sounds like he finds the tactic amusing. Another man says there’s no honor in trickery. I comment that it’s all part of knowing your opponent, which is something you should always try to do. An unknown foe is much more dangerous. The next event is about to start, but I wake up.

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