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    New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight

    Game of Dreams – Night Ambush

    by , 08-30-2017 at 05:20 AM (83 Views)
    2017, 08-29

    Game of Dreams – Night Ambush

    I am in what used to be a whore house. There are whores all around me trying to get my attention. I ignore them, I was there to meet someone and now I’m leaving. There is a man near the door. He greets me when I get there. I'm thinking it's time to get back to the castle. The man, who I seem to think is called Little Finger, but I'd rather call him Little Dick, is saying goodbye to some whores. We leave and it is raining outside. Jory Cassel is with me as are two other of my guards. We mount our horses and ride towards the castle, chatting about Robert’s bastards. It seems that the previous hand was murdered after looking into Robert’s bastards. But why? Everyone already knows the king has more bastards than true born children… I have a bad feeling as we are riding through deserted streets in Kings Landing.

    One of our guards calls a warning, and the next thing I know we are surrounded by soldiers. All them with the Lannister lion displayed. I recognize, Jamie Lannister, is on a horse. His foot soldiers close in around us. There must be at least 20 of them. This is not good for us, there are only four of us. Jamie is asking if I remember his brother, and then describes Tyrian Lannister. Of course I remember him. Jamie says that he seems to have run into some miss fortune on the road. I told him that's too bad. He asked if I would know anything about this. I say no, how would I know anything about this I've, been here. Little Dick sighs, apparently happy with that response. It's just the truth. Jamie doesn't believe me. He says he knows I gave the order to capture his brother. I am clueless. I ask who captured his brother. He says my wife has of course. He says he sure I knew that. Jamie then turns his attention to Little Dick. He says if Little Dick doesn't want to get blood on his clothes he had better leave now. Little Dick rides his horse pass the soldiers, and they let him pass. Little Dick calls back that he will get the city watch. He disappears around the corner moving at a quick pace.

    Jamie Lannister seems to be out for blood. He pulls out his sword and tells me to show him my steel. He says he will gladly do me like he did Ares, but he'd rather if I had a blade in my hand. I tell him he can't kill me. He thinks about it, and then says I'm right. He says that would run the risk of my wife killing his brother out of spite. He rides his horse out past his soldiers. He calls back to them to make sure no harm comes to me. And then he chuckles evilly. He tells them to kill my companions. I tell him that's not going to happen. He laughs and says there’s nothing I can do to stop them unless I plan on fighting all of his soldiers myself. I look up at the sky, and I see that it’s still cloudy and raining. This means no one will notice an errand bolt of lightning or two... Jamie Lannister rides away like a coward, but his soldiers are closing in around us. We have no choice but to fight.

    I call a bolt of lightning with the song Battery by Metallica. One of the soldiers get struck by lightning and falls over. His metal armor was a perfect conductor. That all hell breaks loose. Some of the soldiers are confused by the random bolt of lightning, but most of them seem to think that was a fluke. The fighting begins. I strike a bolt of lightning down on one of the soldiers who is going after one of my guards. I turn and look at someone is almost grabbed a hold of Jory, but he removes the person's head with his sword. I have to be careful when I call a bolt of lightning to make sure that none of my people are touching the target or they will get electrocuted. I strike another bolt of lightning on an enemy not touching anyone else. There's another one down. My companions are fighting like mad. They are doing a good job, but there are just too many enemies. One of my guys is being pulled off of his horse. He manages to get loose just enough that I am clear to hit the enemy. I hit three enemies around him with lightning. The lightning broke into three and hit all of them at once. Some enemies are saying the gods have turned against them. I call a bolt of lightning on another one. The rest of them run now.

    I turn my horse around to make sure that Jory and my two guards are safe, but I do it too fast for the wet muddy ground. My horse slips and falls over, with my leg trapped under it. That is extremely painful. Jory yells at them not to come back. My horse man just to get up off of me, but I know that my leg must be badly broken. My guards come to me and one of them says my leg looks really bad. I am a little delirious right now. I am laughing crazily as I say I couldn’t avoid my injury, but at least you three are ok. One of my guards gets on each side of me to hold me up. My leg is a flare of pain. They start helping me down the street, I see people walking out of buildings but none of them want to get involved. My two guys are talking about how strange it was that lightning struck, only struck the Lannisters. Finally we meet up with the city watch that Little Dick promised to send. They have a cart so I am able to ride back to the castle. I am in and out of consciousness. The next thing I know there is a guy there with a cup telling to drink. I would swear he said it was milk of the puppy. I tell him I don't want to drink dog milk. But he's insistent, and I end up drinking it. It tastes weird. And as soon as I drink it I pass out.

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