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    New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight

    Game of Dreams – Shadow Attack

    by , 08-27-2017 at 06:03 AM (144 Views)
    2017, 08-24

    Game of Dreams – Shadow Attack

    Tyrion: I am riding on a horse. There is a wet bag over my head and my hands are tied in front of me. We finally come to a stop. When they remove the bag I look around to see where I am. None of it looks familiar, but somehow I know it's not where I'm supposed to be. I see some people around me that I recognize. There is a woman here with us, Catelyn Stark. I am angry at her because when I was playing this game as her I set a plan in motion. She has totally screwed it up. When I was playing as her I had clearly put into her mind that Tyrian Lannister (who I am playing as right now) did not try to kill her son. But she threw that out. When we start moving again they leave the bag off of my head. And then they untie my hands. Am I supposed to be grateful? A couple times when I have a chance to talk I try to tell Catelyn I'm not the one that tried to kill her son. I even try logic. If I was the one that tried to kill her son, why would I use my own blade? That would be stupid. I tell her I just left Winterfell after having given them a plan for making a saddle so that her crippled son could ride a horse. Why would I want to kill him and then make him a nice saddle? And then there was the story of how I supposedly got the dagger in question. I'm interrupted at this point, however, because we are under attack.

    We are hugely outnumbered. We need every single fighter we can get. I am there, with two of men loyal to Tyrion. But none of us are armed. I tell Catelyn that we should all be able to flight. She doesn't want to trust me. I tell her that if some of us lose here then we all lose. These bandits will kill everyone regardless of family, we are in this together. Finally she gives us weapons. She gives my companions a sword at a bow, and she gives me a big ass axe. A big old battle axe. Now I feel more like a dwarf out of Lord of the rings. The enemies are approaching, and our archers attack first. I see that there was a minstrel with us who is hiding behind a rock. I looked out into the line of fire and I see that the arrows aren’t actually doing anything to the enemies. They are just bouncing harmlessly off some strange energy field around them. It looks like dark energy. But what would they be doing with dark energy? I know if someone doesn't charge our weapons with light energy then we're screwed.

    I don't know how I will explain it, but I have to do something. I focus on the song Battery by Metallica to charge everyone's weapons on our side would light energy. There is some lightning and sparks pass to all of our side’s weapons. Everyone pauses, but there isn’t time to question now. They have to go back to fighting. The next arrows that our archers loose cut right through the dark energy field. I have also charged my own axe with light energy. That means we are able to hit the enemies, but it doesn't mean we can't be hurt by them. I am doing my best. It seems a bit awkward handling such a big weapon when I'm so small. I jump up on top of a horse’s head, not realizing I could even jump that high, and bury my axe in an enemy’s head. I take out another enemy that was right next to the first from the back of the first enemy’s horse. I jump down to the ground and the two horses run off to get out of the violence.

    I am about to go after some more enemies when I hear a woman scream. I turn around and look and see that Catelyn is surrounded by enemies. It only vaguely crosses my mind to not do anything. Instead I go over there and bury my axe in the back of one of the enemies. A second enemy turns away from Catelyn and starts coming at me. That leaves him wide open. Catelyn has a dagger and it is charged with light energy. She slits his throat with it. The other enemy that was attacking her, and all of the others that are still alive, have decided not to stick around. They were probably figuring they were completely protected. But they weren't. At least not protected from me. I look around for a bit, several people have died. I wasn’t able to save everyone. Tyrion’s own people are among the dead. They weren’t really warriors, Tyrion hadn’t expected to have to fight.

    One of Catelyn’s people is injured, Sir Rodrik Cassel. I am thinking I can heal him, but I don't want to make it too obvious. I look around and then pick up some dry leaves. They are harmless. I tell the Sir Rodrik and Catelyn that I have something that can help his wound. At first they don't want me anywhere near him. I finally convinced them when I tell say that if we get attacked again, we need every single fighter we can get. So they finally let me try. I put the harmless but useless leaves on the wound and tell him it’s a special herb that will help with healing. I also focus healing energy. The man says that he can feel the difference right away. This is the pain is going away. After I am done with that, one of the other people thinks that I should give up my weapons, but Catelyn says I am to keep them, we may be attacked again with little notice. I finish my previous thought. I couldn’t have won the dagger when my brother lost the joust because I never bet against my family. I lost considerable coin on that match. It is here I wake up.

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