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    New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight

    Garden in a Cave

    by , 09-01-2017 at 04:03 AM (124 Views)
    2017, 08-31

    Garden in a Cave

    I am driving on my way home from work. I turn off to the side to check out a dirt road. This dirt road is no more than a pair of tire tracks going off away from the main road. I follow this road for a little while, and soon it turns into a larger dirt road. The dirt road circles around and somehow ends up meeting up with the interstate. There is no actual entrance to the interstate here, so I have to drive parallel to the interstate on more dirt roads for a while before I can get on. While I am doing this I spot a cave. I can see it from the road, but there doesn't seem to be anyone around it. That seems worth checking out so I take another dirt road road and park near the cave entrance. At first the cave looks very shallow. But as I go further in, I discover a nearly hidden passage that goes deeper. I explorer back into the cave. Once I am in the inner chambers I have to wait for my eyes to adjust to the dim light. There are some open shafts in the ceiling that let some light in.

    I continue and soon I find that there is someone else there. I find Allison there. It looks like she's been living there. She seems surprised to see me. Since I am there, she decides to show me everything that she has going on there. Not only does she have a comfortable living area, but she also has an underground farm. It seems that she has been experimenting with growing plants in low light. She has made it so they can grow in the very low light conditions of this cave. There are many fruits and vegetables growing here. I don't recognize all of them. Allison picks one vegetable that is textured like an onion. When I taste it however, it does not taste like an onion. It tastes more like a fruit. She says it supposed to be spicy. Like a pepper. She asks if I think it is spicy. I told her no, I don't think it is spicy. I get something all over my shirt. It might be the juice from the vegetable. Allison said she can clean my shirt. I take my shirt off and give it to her. I realize I am late getting home. I had better leave. I go outside without even thinking about my shirt. There is another cave farther up a hill that appears to be a tourist attraction. There are some teenage boys staring down and pointing at me. One of them takes a photo and says he has scored. I am thinking he hasn't really, I would have to be naked for that. Allison throws me my shirt and I put it on. Now I have to get home quickly. I wake up here.
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