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    1. Snakes!

      by , 07-18-2017 at 11:09 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 07-18


      I am at my house with my mother. It isn’t the house we currently live it, rather it’s the one on Calle Kino where we lived quite a few years ago. We go outside to take the garbage and recyclable bins to the end of the driveway. I push one and she pushes the other. We get them out ok and then turn to come back in. When I turn around I stop so quickly that I fall on my ass. There is a rattlesnake not far in front of me. I am probably within striking distance right now. I start to move slowly away from the agitated snake. I glance behind me to make sure I wasn’t heading towards anything dangerous and I see another rattlesnake behind me! Looking around I see a total of five rattlesnakes around my mom and me. I manage to get to my feet and then my mom and I take the only opening to get away from the snakes.

      Once we are back safely in the house my mom seems to completely forget the snakes ever existed. I, on the other hand, am paranoid of finding snakes in the house. I look around the rooms but I see no snake. I then hear a bark from outside. We have an enclosed porch on the back of the house and the dog is waiting outside the sliding glass doors that lead outside. I recognize the dog as our current dog, Max. My mom opens the door and goes into the enclosed porch. It is getting dark out now so I can’t see into the corners of the enclosed porch. I get a flashlight and shine it into the darkness at a suspiciously shaped object. It’s a snake! There’s a snake in the enclosed porch now! I tell my mom and she urges the dog to hurry from the outside door into the main house. We go in after and close the door. I look at a cage on a table and see my hamster inside. I am thinking I haven’t fed my hamster for far too long. I sprinkle food into the cage and the hamster eats happily. I am wondering what to do about snakes when I wake up.
      Tags: hamster, snakes
      non-lucid , nightmare
    2. Voices in the Night (a short fragment)

      by , 05-05-2017 at 04:51 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-04

      Voices in the Night

      I am lying in my own bed, completely unaware that I am dreaming. I am just lying there in the dark, but it feels like there is someone there with me in the dark. I stay still, I don’t really want to let whoever it is know that I am awake. I lie there for a bit longer and I think I am about to fall asleep when I hear a voice. It is a male voice speaking loud and clear, the voice also sounds like it might be mechanical or a recording, or maybe a digitally altered voice. It says the same thing three times in a row. “Go kill yourself. Go kill yourself. Go kill yourself.” I can also feel something in the room moving around in the darkness, I can’t really explain how, but I feel something there. And I become very angry at whoever or whatever is in the room with me. I respond to this anger by letting out a stream of expletives that is way beyond the words I am normally likely to use, focused mostly around the ‘F’ word. “[email protected]% off, you [email protected]%ers! [email protected]% you! Go [email protected]% yourself, you [email protected]%ing piece of [email protected]%! [email protected]% you and the [email protected]%ing horse you rode in on! Did your [email protected]%ing horse come up with this plan? It’s way too complicated for a [email protected]%ing idiot like you!” My cursing continued for a bit longer, repeating the part about telling them to go [email protected]% themselves. I can practically feel a presence of someone standing right beside my bed and moving around me, but then I wake up and all is normal.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    3. 05/29/11 A Night of Nightmares

      by , 05-30-2011 at 02:17 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Not In The Face!
      I am in a strange place, it looks kind of like a scene from Assassin's Creed. I am not alone here, MoSh is here with me. There is also a woman here, though she is off to the side a ways. A man comes into the area, I don't recognize him, but it seems MoSh recognizes him. MoSh is instantly pissed off at him. MoSh gets in the guy's face and starts yelling at him. The man does't act like he really cares if MoSh is mad or not. That's before MoSh starts beating the shit out of the guy. MoSh says he is going to punch the man in the face once for each time he has or will make Sam cry, and he then he begins pounding the man's face to a bloody pulp.

      Carnivore Floor
      It is as if I am watching this dream from a third person perspective rather than participating in it. It is night time in a nondescript house, and I hear a woman scream. A large reptilian creature is dragging a woman down a hallway from some bedrooms. There is a man chasing after the creature, though he seems to be chasing in slow motion. He is calling after the creature to stop. I finally see that the man is running so slowly because he is sinking into the floor like deep sand. Then he steps into a hole in the floor. The hole is filled with razor sharp teeth. It bites the man's foot off. The man falls over and the floor is waiting for him to land in a much larger hole filled with millions of teeth. The man's scream is cut off my a crunching noise, then he hole closes. I am still looking at the floor when a small hole opens and issues a burp before the scene fades to black like the end of a movie.

      Eat Me!
      I am in a small house that I don't recognize. I look around, I think I am there to gather evidence of child molestation going on there. I know I'm not supposed to be there, so I am staying hidden as I search for clues. For some kind of incriminating evidence. Maybe the pervert video taped it. I end up at a bedroom. There is a rather fat balding guy sitting on a bed next to a young girl. He has his hand on her thigh. She pulls away. I have caught him in the act! But he sees me! He says I am a sweet little thing. I realize I am a child. The girl tells me to run. The man comes over to me and puts his hand on my shoulder. He says a sweet thing like me can't be out alone. He pulls down his pants and pulls out his penis, he asks if I want to lick his candy. Too bad for him he didn't realize I'm in a sick and twisted mood. The girl says I'd better take a lick or he'd be mad. I'm a freak, though. My teeth are like a shark. I don't lick... I bite. And rip the thing right off, spitting it to the side. He is screaming in pain. I tell him I like his candy... I'll have more... I'll take it all... With my shark teeth I rip him open and watch him bleed out while the girl is crying beside me. I tell her that is the fate of such evil.

      False Awakening
      A man gets out of bed and stretches. He is a young looking man with dark hair. As he gets up I see there is a woman sharing his bed. She pretends to be sleeping, but she is awake and silently crying. I wonder what happened. The man walks from the room an into a hallway that seems to go on forever. He seems surprised at that, but he walks down the hall a short ways. He looks back and sees the bedroom door is gone. The walls are melting, hands are reaching out and grabbing him. He can't move. The hands grow claws and start rending the flesh from his bones. He is screaming in pain until he wakes up in bed, next to the woman, breathing hard.

      Another False Awakening
      The man looks at the woman lying beside him. The woman pretends to be asleep, but she is silently crying. The man notices she is crying and tells her to quit whining. She belongs to him, that is final. She says she isn't crying about having to be with him. He asks why the fuck is she crying, then? She says she is crying for him... for the horrible painful death he had experienced. He asks what the fuck she is talking about. She pauses, then says she was mistaken. She is crying for him for the horrible painful death he is about to experience. She transforms into a strange creature with lots of teeth and bites his hand. He seems paralyzed. She says she doesn't like it when her dinner squirms. She begins on his right leg, leisurely eating him while he can barely issue groans of pain. He wakes in bed to his own voice, "NOOOOO!"

      Are You Awake Yet?
      The same man sits up and looks at the woman beside him. He involuntarily cringes. He gets up and leaves the room quickly. He pauses in the doorway and then continues. He goes into the bathroom and splashes water in his face. He sees a face in the mirror that is not his own. He mutters something in a different language that sounds like a prayer. The face in the mirror speaks English for a bit and says the penalties for the man's crimes is death. The man stumbles back and leaves the room. The bathroom door leads outside into blazing sunlight. There are beautiful harem women all around. The man is told he is in his eternal afterlife. He drools over the women and tries to touch one. She pushes him away. All the women start yelling at him in a foreign language, throwing rocks at him. They are chanting death, death, death! He is surrounded by beautiful harem women throwing rocks of ever increasing size. One woman knocks him down. They all surround him, kicking until he stops moving. The man wakes in bed, but seems too terrified to move.
      lucid , non-lucid , nightmare
    4. 05/02/11 Backlog of Dreams

      by , 05-03-2011 at 12:48 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      A Large Problem
      I am at Alicia's house, we just got back from a vacation of some kind and I need a ride home. There are quite a few others there with us, apparently they have been on the vacation with us, and many of them are also waiting for rides. One of the women is bitching to Alicia that she thinks Alicia should take us all home, or at least her. I think she is being rude. I call my mom and ask if she can come to give me a ride home. She says sure, she will come pick me up right away. I wait there with Alicia and the others for a while. The other people there seem to start disappearing, though I never actually see them go. I assume they got a ride home. My mother takes quite a long time to get there, but finally she does. She is in a car I don't recognize, the car is tiny. She climbs out of the car and I see she looks about three times fatter than she was when I saw her last. She had been in the process of losing weight… so what happened? She waddles over to see me and say hi to Alicia, I note how out of shape she seems. I am worried for her health. She says she is here, let's go home. I say ok, when we get in the car I ask her what happened to her diet. She says nothing, her diet is going fine. Why do I ask?

      Living In Filth
      I am in a house that looks absolutely disgusting, though I know it is not mine. I am looking through the house for something, trying to see if I can find anything of value in the place. I look into a room that smells particularly bad and I start looking around, though I am sure I don't want to be in there very long. I am about to leave when I see something horrible… there is a cat in there. The cat is lying in a pile of filth, there is nowhere else for the kitty to go, and the cat looks very sick. The poor kitty is missing most of its fur. The cat clearly once had a long plush black coat, but huge chunks of that coat have come out, leaving bald spots over a large portion of the cat's body. I go to pick the cat up, the cat's body is limp and unresponsive. The cat seems to be barely alive. I get on my cell phone and call someone, maybe the owner of the home? I am talking to a woman. I say that there is a cat in the filth, not responsive, and is just lying there in her own filth. The woman says there is a healing gem in the house, in the living room, use that. I go to the living room, or what I think is the living room. It's really hard to tell, the room is also filled with filth. I am digging through the disgusting filth trying to find the healing gem. What if I can't find it? A patch of my skin is turning green, rotting off… this place is making me sick, too. But I don't want to leave until I find the healing gem and save the kitty!

      Note: I have a long haired black kitty named Shadow. The image of the sick kitty was so vivid in my head when I woke up that I had to go into the other room and check on Shadow, pick her up, and love her. She responded with a purr.

      Real Life DDO Skills
      I am on a vacation with my mother, we are leaving the hotel to go on a visit to a local theme park that is similar to Disney Land. It isn't actually Disney Land, but I know it will be a lot of fun. We get to the theme park and go over to the ticket stand, but the tickets are around double the price we expected it to be. This park is less well known than Disney Land, so we had expected it to be a lot less expensive. Their website had indicated it was a lot cheaper… but the lower price doesn't include any of the rides at all, I really don't see the point of that ticket. My mom and I leave the ticket booth, deciding it is too expensive to go in. On the way back to the hotel we are discussing our options, and we eventually decide I should sneak inside and ride the rides for the day. She says she will give me money for food. She says she wasn't really interested in the rides to begin with, so she will spend the day doing something else. I agree to the plan, but there is one problem with it. I will have to either improve or buff my sneak skill before it is high enough to allow me to sneak into the park.

      Someone Is Watching
      I am in a hospital data center, it seems I have landed back at the same dead end job I had before I went back to school and got a bachelor's degree. That is really depressing. It is Halloween night, and I can see quite a few people down below in the parking lot dressed in costume. The hospital itself is entirely closed, so at least I don't have to worry about getting customer service calls for the night. The people down below start dispersing, it seems there was a party down there but now it is over. That is also a bummer, I missed out on all the free candy. Another worker stuck there at night comes into the room and tells me there is a suspicious character wandering around the property, so he would recommend I stay in the data center with the door locked. He leaves, and I lock the door behind him. As luck would have it, now I start having to go pee. The restroom is a short distance down a dark hall from the data center. I look out the window at the parking lot again, there is now a creepy looking guy in a costume standing there watching my window… or it looks like he is watching my window. I have to go pee worse. I am also getting a bit hungry. The vending machine is a short distance down the dark hall as well, though in the opposite direction from the bathroom. Great, I am hungry and I have to go pee and there is a creepy guy out there. I figure I will have to go eventually, so I should go ahead and go out there while the creepy guy is in the parking lot. It will take him time to get up to the third level where the data center is.

      Protective Custody?
      I am with Alicia, we are going to the U of A football field to see a game. We are talking about some random things, about how well we expect the U of A to do this season… Alicia asks me if I think my mother might take more of an interest in college football if the NFL doesn't work things out in time for the next season. I'm not really sure if she might or not… Alicia and I go into a room that is on the ground level with the football field. I look out onto the field and I can see the grass looks quite a bit thicker than it normally does, but I don't notice this as odd. Alicia is looking out over the field as well, she is also complaining about our view, saying it will be hard to see what is going on out there. Something starts looking strange to me, I look around to see if I can identify what is out of place. I finally decide to do a reality check and I find I am dreaming. I remember I have plans to go meet up with MoSh and see about finding Sam. I think I'll just bust out a window and fly off. I guess I really only ended up being semi-lucid, because the best thing I can think of is to smash the window with a chair. I pick up one of the chairs and slam it into a window. This has very little effect, which surprises me. I should certainly be strong enough to smash out the window… I hit it a few more times and finally crack it, then it finally comes down. Alicia is asking me what I am doing, why am I breaking a window? To my surprise, the window doesn't lead outside. It leads into a room that is filled with styrofoam popcorn. The popcorn falls out of the room in huge piles, and there is a woman with long dark hair in the room. The woman is sitting on a bed, looking out at me over what is left of the popcorn. She says someone shut her in the room. They said it was for her own protection, but she thinks that is a load of bullshit.

      Summoning Problems
      I am outside riding my bike down some roads in the middle of the desert. I note the fact it isn't hot, in fact it is a very nice day for a ride. I am getting close to home, I only have one more hill to go up before I get there. I think that hill looks far too difficult to ride my bike up. I do a random RC and I realize I am dreaming. I don't become especially lucid, though, I don't remember any of my goals. I just want to play around with some of my dream skills. First to make this hill a bit easier. I focus on my summoning. I try to summon a bike with a little motor to help me with the hill. Epic fail. I try again… epic fail. Well, maybe I'll try something easier. I ride my bike up the hill, it is easier than I had expected. Of course I am dreaming… so I shouldn't get tired so easily. I get home and see that my home is an apartment rather than my own home. I am a bit thirsty after that bike ride, so I summon a coke. Epic fail. I try again, and I am finally able to summon a can of coke. Only one problem… the can is the size of a peanut! I focus on it becoming bigger. It grows a bit. I say I want it bigger… it grows some more… bigger… finally it is the size of a normal can of coke. I open the can and start drinking it.

      Beach Combing
      I am on a beach, it is a wide and beautiful beach. I feel I have absolutely nowhere I have to be right now, so I decide to explore the beach and maybe play in the water for a while. The water is quite cold, but there are a lot of interesting places to explore. I head down the beach and find a rocky area with a lot of caves and inlets. I start looking inside the small caves and inlets. I find some gems on the ground. I wonder if they could be real or if they are just decorations and souvenirs for explorers to find. I pick up a couple of them that I think are especially pretty. I continue exploring, and I finally reach a dead end in one of the caves where there is a large treasure chest sitting there open. Most likely it is there for tourists to take souvenirs. I look inside and take a couple of treasure pieces, I take a necklace and a pair of gemstone earrings as well as a few gold coins, then I leave the rest of it for other explorers to find.

      Demon Jungle
      I am at the edge of a jungle, preparing to go into the dense foliage on the hunt for something that redefines the word evil. I know I am not alone in this hunt, someone else just left me to circle around behind the target. He will come from that direction to make sure the thing doesn't get out by going that way. So I go into the forest, searching around for traces of the thing we are hunting. I find the thing has left an obvious trail. The trail is a little too obvious. It could easily be a trap. I continue following the trail, but I am also being observant for any kind of a trap. In spite of being watchful for a trap, I step right into the middle of it. I am in a small clearing when a circle of dark mud forms around me. The mud bubbles up from the ground and forms into dark mud figures that are circling around me. My mind immediately goes to DDO, and I pull a sword out of nowhere… out of my ass? I swing the sword and cut through a couple of the figures. Cutting mud is ineffective. I shoot flames from my hands and dry the mud into dust that blows away. Something is moving in the trees… I see glowing eyes in there, sinister eyes. Something moves into the clearing. I can't really see what it is, though, it seems to be cloaked in a cloud of darkness, it seems to be blurred out of existence… weird… it is attacking me somehow, I can't even see it move, but there are razor sharp talons cutting at me. I heal the cuts immediately and shoot fire back at the thing. The fire burns the cloud of darkness away. I attack with my sword. The thing blocks with its talons, cutting at me, attacking with a fury. I am finally able to block the talons with my sword and fire a blast of flames directly at the creature. The flames burn all the way through the thing and it is incinerated.
    5. 04/02/11 Seekers of the Dead Flesh

      by , 04-03-2011 at 08:06 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Dead Flesh
      I am in my own room at night with the lights out, but it is darker than it normally is. The shadows seem to be pressing in on me from all directions, pressing in with an actual physical force. For some reason I become especially aware of my own breathing… and it seems harder than normal to breathe. It is almost painful to breathe. I hear something around me that sounds like voices whispering, I hear the voices but they are whispering too quietly to hear what they are saying. Dead flesh. The voices are talking about dead flesh… yuck… A voice in my ear speaking. Look around, do you think this is real? It isn't! A voice in the other ear. You think you're real? You're not, nothing is real. Another voice right at the back of my head… All you are is an accidental bit of electricity sent through a mass of brain tissue at just the right way to imitate a conscious mind. A pulse of light through the dark, there and then gone completely. A flicker of energy contained in a mass of dead flesh. The voices are all around now, I can't really tell where they are coming from. You are a chunk of dead flesh, animated for a brief time, dying from the day it is brought into existence. You didn't exist before this slab of meat was created, nor will you exist after it decays. The flesh could crumble tonight… or tomorrow night… or 20 years from now… or even longer, but it will break down. Anything I can try to do, am I really going to con myself into thinking it matters? I tell the voices to shut up. DEAD FLESH! You are not a conscious being… DEAD FLESH! You are a chunk of matter waiting to decay… DEAD FLESH! Pathetic physical mass of DEAD FLESH! Should I treat this flesh as a temple? DEAD FLESH! As a garbage bin? DEAD FLESH! What does it matter? DEAD FLESH! It will only make a difference of a couple short years… DEAD FLESH! If it makes a difference at all, that is. DEAD FLESH! All you are is flesh. DEAD FLESH! Flesh is all you are. DEAD FLESH! Go ahead, make up fantastic tales of far off worlds! DEAD FLESH! Use them to comfort yourself… DEAD FLESH! To keep yourself from realizing that all of life is puny and worthless! DEAD FLESH! And when the body decays into DEAD FLESH! It will be as if you never existed at all! DEAD FLESH! Look! DEAD FLESH! It's started already! DEAD FLESH! I look and see there are bugs crawling on my arm. I brush them off, and underneath the bugs my skin is turning a sickly gray color, the color of decay. DEAD FLESH! DEAD FLESH! DEAD FLESH! The voices keep going, I want to get the gross stuff off. I go to the shower and turn on the water, run it over my injury. DEAD FLESH! DEAD FLESH! DEAD FLESH! The flesh itself washes off of my arm to reveal the bone beneath. The bone itself starts to crumble, the voices keep chanting and chanting… DEAD FLESH! DEAD FLESH! DEAD FLESH! Then I finally wake up in bed… and the first thing I think to say is, "Come forth to me now, all ye seekers of the dead flesh." I speak this into the darkness before I stop and sit there wondering, "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!"

      Fusion Healing
      I am in a strange place with MoSh, it looks like a house, but it is a home I don't remember ever seeing before. I look around and I see there is a bedroom there, there is a woman there I don't recognize. MoSh clearly recognizes her, though. MoSh goes over to her and starts trying to talk to her, but she seems so despondent, not even turning to look at MoSh when he speaks. MoSh looks over to me and says he needs help to heal her, he's not sure what to do. He's not sure how to help her. I know healing spells, so I go over to the woman and start using a song by Evanescence called My Last Breath. She is paying no more attention to me than she had been to MoSh. Completely unresponsive. I look back over at MoSh, not sure what to do. MoSh is the one who knows this woman… my energy is needed for healing… so what would be needed is a combination of MoSh's and my energies, maybe that would get her attention. I go over to MoSh and I say we have to help her together, he says that is ok, he will do whatever he can to help. So I fuse with MoSh… somehow this seems completely normal, in fact nothing here has seemed odd enough to trigger me to do a RC… I/MoSh go back over to the woman, who has been completely oblivious to anything happening, she is still staring off into the same distant nothingness as she was a short time ago. I go for the same song, trying to work it again. "Hold on to me, luv… you know I can't stay long. All I wanted to say is I love you and I'm not afraid. Can you hear me? Can you feel me in your heart?" Now she seems to be responding, she reaches out her hands and I/MoSh take them in my/his hands. She is now looking into my/MoSh's eyes, no longer gazing into some distant abyss. A white light radiates out of me/MoSh, the light flows through the woman, making her entire body glow and seem to float a bit off of the ground. She seems oblivious to the fact she is now floating, but she has not gone back into her trance, she is completely fixated on my/MoSh's eyes, looking so intensely as if she can see all the way into my/MoSh's soul… I wonder which soul she sees… or does she see both? The two of us/them are lying down on the bed, this is going somewhere I don't belong, so I pull out of MoSh. The spell is complete anyhow. They play around a bit on the bed, the woman is still glowing with the white energy. I am hit with an unexpected loneliness… an emptiness in my heart that goes all the way into my soul. A voice is speaking behind me, the voice is cold and emotionless. Soul? What soul? You have no soul, fool, there is no such thing as a soul… you are nothing but a mass of dead flesh. A chance gathering of matter, a figment of some other dreamer's dream, of someone else's mind, and soon when my body decays I will be gone. I turn around and demand to know who is saying that. I notice MoSh and the woman turn to stare at me. I guess I am acting really strange now… A voice in my mind keeps repeating, "You are DEAD FLESH! You are DEAD FLESH! You are DEAD FLESH!"
    6. 03/17/11 Lost in Ruins

      by , 03-18-2011 at 12:25 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Plan: Night 3 of my MILD challenge, when I fell asleep last night I was wishing I could do something to help with the disaster down in Japan, things are such a disaster down there... I don't even have money to donate... I was thinking if I could just AP a lot better than I could use that ability to find survivors, even to find those who have passed so their loved ones could have closure. I was focused on that, and I had a lucid dream where I did just that. It felt like my consciousness was jumping from one animal to another and searching for survivors...

      I am in a different place, I am lucid, but I'm not in Japan, which is what had been on my mind when I fell asleep. Instead I am on the moon, and Nomad is there with me. He says he thinks some of the people from other worlds that we are in contact with such as Washu, Q, etc. can possibly manage to communicate with the people trying to keep the nuclear power plant in Japan stable… if they can manage to communicate, maybe they can help. I tell Nomad I really wish there was something I could really do to help… He says all we can do is try. We teleport to the nuclear plant, along with the people I mentioned who are going to try to help, there are somewhere around 180 men and women rotating in and out of the plant, sea water is being brought in to cool the reactor core, radiation levels are high. Washu says the right kind of energy field can help neutralize some radiation… which is also energy… though it won't help if there is a meltdown… there doesn't seem to be a lot I can do there.

      So now I am in a city, or what's left of a city. The place is a complete disaster, it looks like I was completely wrong about there being even a vague chance of finding anyone in that place who is still alive. I am having feelings of hopelessness, but since I am non-corporeal right now, I go ahead and phase through some of the rubble to look farther underneath it. More destruction… solid rubble… just a total disaster.

      The dead, I only spot a couple of bodies, but there are spirits of those who have passed being drawn to me since I am in a form similar to them but still connected to a living body. They are lost and confused, some don't even seem to realize they're dead. I try to tell them they need to move on to the next world, some do so, others don't want to admit they're dead, and still others don't even believe in another world after this one. I find a survivor. Now what? She is trapped, unable to move, too weak to make much sound. I find a short way to the surface. After a short look I find a rescue dog and enter the dog's mind, a friendly dog, a good dog wants to help. The dog and I guide a rescuer back to the trapped woman. Perfect! I can get the animals to help! I enter a bird and harass a rescuer until he finally follows me to a some trapped animals that are still alive.

      As a kitten, I lead a rescuer to a man and his daughter who are trapped, drawing attention with plaintive mews. Still as a cat, I find a woman buried in rubble. I can't find anyone to help, she is so deep down… and hurt too badly. All I can do is stay by her side and purr… she seems to find some comfort in the kitty beside her purring… the kitty is also crying…

    7. 02/20/11 Spiders and shacks and traps... oh, my

      by , 02-21-2011 at 04:32 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Plans: I didn't have any special plans for the night, just to have some lucids and remember them. I am continuing to try to make myself do a RC every time I wake up, but I just never think of it… no matter how much I try to focus on it. I will keep trying, I'm not sure what else to do, though.

      Maze of Webs
      I am in the laundry room of our house, looking at the door that leads out onto the back porch. I look back into the kitchen and see that there is no one there, and I am glad there is no one there. I open the door and walk out onto the back porch, closing the door behind me. I almost head blindly down the steps to the carport, but I stop suddenly when I see there is a wall of cobwebs blocking my way. I shudder at the idea that I almost touched those cobwebs… there are spiders crawling all through the webs, they are big, about the size of golf balls. This scares me, even though I am not normally scared of spiders in waking life. I turn to go down the back stairs, but to do that I have to cross the entire porch… which is covered in more cobwebs, walls of cobwebs, everything is covered with cobwebs… and more of those huge spiders. I am momentarily scared into not moving at all, then I snap out of that and I look to the door I just came out of. I go to open the door, but I stop as I see the spiders have already covered the knob with more cobwebs. I need a stick of some kind to pull cobwebs out of the way so I can get out of there… I look around to try to find a long stick, at first I think there is none, but I finally find one. I pick it up, moving carefully to avoid touching any cobwebs or spiders, and use it to scrape the cobwebs away from the doorknob. The cobwebs come easily away from the doorknob, but now there are spiders crawling on the stick towards me… I throw the stick aside and grab at the knob… but it's locked… and I'm out there surrounded by cobwebs…

      Real Life Models
      I am in the yard outside of our house. I am designing a small building, designing it in a 3D modeling software, and the building is forming itself right here in front of me. It turns out that there is someone there building the shed as I am directing. We continue designing the building, which is going to be a part of a new game I am working on, and soon it is finished. I go into the house because I need to get something, though I don't remember what that something was because I go back outside without it. I look at the shed, the man who has been helping me says everything is all done. This isn't good… I am upset with him, I tell him he shouldn't have converted the structure into an editable poly until after I unwrap the UVW map and add the textures to it. He says I need to calm down, there is nothing wrong. I say that there is something wrong, I won't be able to add a texture to the shed now… it will all be the same dull color, which will make it unusable. He says no, all I need to do is add the new modifier to it… then add whatever textures and colors I want. I stand there for a minute, then I realize he is right, I shouldn't have gotten upset.

      Note: An editable poly is a format for 3D objects in 3D modeling software such as 3DS Max, the one I use. UVW unwrapping and a UVW map is a process used by 3DS Max or other software to place the colors and patterns in the proper places on that object… such as coloring most of a door brown for wood and then making the knob silver.

      Death Maze
      I am with a group of people and we are on the run, there are others chasing after us. The people after us are part of the mob or drug dealers or something like that, they are after us because we stole their money. We go into an old abandoned subway system in an attempt to escape our pursuers. We are going through the passages when one of the people I'm with finds a hidden passage, it had not even been visible from a distance. We get inside and head down one of the passages, but we come to a dead end… that's not good… had the entrance closed behind us? No… it hadn't. We head back for the entrance but the people after us are blocking the way, they are standing just inside the passage. Now the entrance slides closed… a lot of good that does now. One of the thugs is trying to figure out how to open the exit, the others are threatening to kill my associates and me. They are pointing guns at us, saying to hand over their money or die. We don't have the money with us. They're going to kill us all? One if them looks like he is about to fire… but he doesn't… and blood starts coming from his mouth… I look and see that a bunch of needle thin spikes are coming from the floor… and all of the thugs have been impaled. The passage is now turning, it is really disorienting… it is rotating around until it looks like we're standing on the wall and the floor is somehow up above us… the ceiling is off to the right… blades come from the walls and are cutting anything and anyone in their path… one of the men with me is caught by surprise… the blade shreds off about an inch from his back… he falls to the ground screaming in pain… the next blade removes his head. The rest of us run down the passage in the other direction, but it's a dead end… I have no idea how we are supposed to get out.
    8. 12/21/10 This Is The Way I Pray...

      by , 12-23-2010 at 11:43 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      12/21/10 This Is The Way I Pray...
      Note: It seems that Lujan has been making things difficult for Asuka and MoSh again, I'm not sure what has set him to start being an ass again. But I am thinking he needs a little discouragement from continuing to do that. I spent some time thinking up some nice nightmares made just for Lujan. So here are a few highlights from the night of nightmares Lujan had…

      Dude Looks Like a Lady
      Lujan is at a strip club filled with the most beautiful women ever, all of them are dancing around a pole and stripping slowly down to the point where they have nothing on but what their mommas gave them. The tops come off, the women shake their breasts teasingly as they remove their bras. Then it's time for the bottoms come off, leaving each woman only wearing sexy and colorful panties… then the panties came off. Impossibly, huge hairy dicks sprung out of the tiny panties, and the "women" started swinging their hips, they all came in close around Lujan, so he is now surrounded in a pocket of dicks all pointed at him, and the "women" are laughing as each one of them cum on him at the same time, which results in Lujan puking all over the place.

      The Way I Prey
      "Another dream that will never come true, just to compliment your sorrow…" - Disturbed
      Ok, well the earlier scene may have been amusing, it didn't really accomplish anything. The next nightmare is a work of art, it comes in the form of a multiple level dream, which I hope has had the effect of convincing Lujan that any further attempts to bother Asuka will lead to some very unpleasant situations for him. The course of the dream was inspired by the song Prayer by Disturbed. This one starts off as what I'm sure is a very pleasant dream from his point of view. He is sitting in on a porch swing near the pool in his inner world with Asuka right next to him, or he thinks it's Asuka… Actually, it's me, so I pretend to be into him for a bit, but when I lean in for what he expects to be a kiss, I turn into a twisted version of myself, Witchblade formed into a nasty looking claw with which I am gripping his neck, glaring at him and growling, eyes glowing red like a demon… I tell him that if he wants to avoid being trapped in an endless nightmare, he will make sure he never bothers Asuka again. For just a bit he acts worried, but then he laughs, he says this is a dream, and he's not going to waste his time with me when his woman is waiting for him…" He attempts to wake himself up…

      "Another life that I've taken from you, a gift to add on to your pain and suffering…" - Disturbed
      Lujan wakes up in his own bed, or at least it looks like his bed, he chuckles to himself and rolls over to see me standing over him by his bed, so I pin him to the bed by the neck using an Alex Mercer style claw on my left hand, not convinced of the consequences yet? "I think that you might have to take another taste, a little bit of hell this time." I tell him that this is a nightmare from which he will never escape. He says that's not a power I have, so my threat is empty, and just for making the threat he is going to have some extra fun with Asuka… I use an Alex Mercer claw on my right hand to tear Lujan virtually in half, in response to the pain most likely, he wakes up… or tries again to wake up…

      "Another truth you can never believe has crippled you completely…" - Disturbed
      Lujan wakes up and gets out of bed, he is muttering to himself about how that bitch dared make threats against him when there is no way I could ever… manage… to… then he stops his muttering and looks over at me, I have remained in my demonic form, glowing eyes, evil look, Alex Mercer claws on both hands… Lujan is getting mad now, he says he doesn't know what shit I am playing at, but I had better stop if I know what's good for me, because I would only be making matters worse by… the next thing out of his mouth is a cry of pain, as I put some of the tentacles like is used in Prototype by Alex Mercer, and they have emerged from the ground beneath Lujan and pierced through his legs, binding him painfully to the floor. "Do you believe now that you can never escape from the nightmares I create?" followed by an evil laugh… then Lujan tries again to wake up.

      "All the cries you're beginning to hear, trapped in your mind, and the sound is deafening!" - Disturbed
      I have a little time to set up the next phase of the nightmare, so I transform the room where Lujan will be waking up into a hospital bed in the middle of a really creepy and twisted hospital, which is there for the sole purpose of performing cruel and unusual experiments on the unfortunate individuals trapped within its walls. The hospital looks like those in the video game series Silent Hill, where everything in the hospital has been transformed into twisted and backwards forms of what is expected. Add the extra effect of people in the other rooms crying out in pain and fear, and it became a very creepy setting indeed. The tortured cries in the other rooms are what "awakens" Lujan, at first he thinks he is going to wake up for real, and yells at someone to shut up while he's sleeping, but then he apparently realizes it isn't any normal sound and opens his eyes to see the creepy place he is in. I have transformed myself, as well, now I am one of the twisted nurse creatures from Silent Hill, I am carrying a syringe with a huge and filthy needle, Lujan is staring at me in shock, I tell him he just needs a little shot… He looks at the needle and tells me to keep it away from him, I tell him he has to take his medicine… and I'm sorry, but that left foot is going to have to go. He looks down at his left foot, which is now rotten and crawling with maggots and other assorted insects, he is trying to pull the bugs and stuff off of the foot when I stick him with the needle and inject the fluid… there… that didn't hurt, did it? The sound of the cries becomes deafening as Lujan adds his own cries, the fluid is burning him on the inside… then he "wakes up" again.

      "Let me enlighten you, this is the way I pray…" - Disturbed
      I am now in a more normal looking dream with Lujan, he is looking around nervously as if he expects to be attacked at any given point, he looks over and sees me there… I look like my normal self now. He says he doesn't know what shit I am up to, but it isn't going to work, my tricks and illusions won't work. I tell him they aren't illusions, it is just a small sample of the nightmares I can create… there's plenty more where that came from… he says I can't keep him in a dream forever, and once he is out of this dream he would have his way with Asuka and it would be all my doing. Apparently he had not yet had enough…

      "Living just isn't hard enough, burn me alive inside! Living my life's not hard enough, take everything away!" - Disturbed
      In an instant the serum I injected in him earlier becomes active again, I can even see the fire burning inside of him when he opens his mouth to cry out but is completely incinerated instead.

      "Another nightmare about to come true will manifest tomorrow…" - Disturbed
      So now it's time for another false awakening, this time I am not visible when Lujan wakes up in bed and gets up. He says something about that was an intense dream, then he looks around the room. He walks to the door and opens it, but he doesn't step outside. For outside the door it is not normal as it is in the room. Outside the door is Silent Hill, the twisted dark version of a town, though I have no idea what his home town looks like so I can't replicate it correctly. That doesn't seem to be what he is noticing right now, however, as there are creatures moving around in the mist and cries of pain and torture everywhere. I have transformed into a zombie at this point, and I am lumbering towards him like a zombie would do, there is blood all over my face, I reach out and grab his arm and proceed to rip a large mouthful of flesh from the arm… yuck… he pulls away and slams the door, I puke. Ok… that was more of a nightmare for me than him… I change to my normal form and teleport into the room, he is demanding I return his inner world to normal. I ask how he is so certain that his nightmares have not manifested into reality. He says he knows it's a dream, this is not his reality. I say but the nightmare is now your reality, and you will never wake up. That doesn't stop him from trying yet again…

      "Another love that I've taken from you, lost in time, on the edge of suffering…" - Disturbed
      Back in Lujan's usual inner world, the place with the nice house and the pool, I am lying on a lounge beside the pool in a revealing bikini, I am in the form of Kanmuri. Lujan is looking around nervously as if expecting something nasty to happen at any moment, but nothing does. As Kanmuri, I walk up behind Lujan and ask what is wrong with him. He jumps about three feet as he turns to look at me, I make a point to look perplexed. He seems glad to see it is me (Kanmuri) and grabs hold of me a bit too roughly for my liking, but it seems he is doing it out of desperation rather than cruelty. He says he has been trapped in the worst nightmares, a series of nightmares, each time he thinks he wakes up he finds it's another nightmare. He says it is over now, and I (Kanmuri) know how to help him relax. He reaches out towards me to embrace me, but I push him away. He seems surprised at that and asks what is wrong. I don't answer, I just disappear into nothingness. He is calling for her to come back, but a hollow voice speaks and says he has turned away a woman who would have him and is after one who wants nothing to do with him… the entire place is suddenly covered with snow and ice, a frigid wind is blowing, the plants are now dead. Too bad, it looks like you've been shut out in the cold, all alone… a hollow laugh follows that comment. The cold wasteland around us literally shatters like glass, leaving Lujin falling into space…

      "Another taste of the evil I breed will level you completely…" - Disturbed
      I am floating in a void with Lujan right beside me, I'm not sure exactly how to read the look on his face, I think he is trying to look angry, but I can tell the nightmares are starting to get to him, the fact he has seemingly woken up many times and yet is still trapped in this dream. I have said I can keep him in the dream indefinitely, even forever, and it is starting to look like that might be true. He says he wants out of this dream right now, he wants to wake up. I tell him that is easy enough, just say he will never go after Asuka again. He said he would bring his woman back with him if he wants to. I tell him that he is asking for another taste of the evil I have brought, although I can't promise he'll survive it. He says he wants out of the dream immediately. I tell him if that's the case, he should just wake up.

      "Bring to life everything that you fear, live in the dark, and the world is threatening…" - Disturbed
      So now I am with Lujan in a completely normal looking room, or at least I can't see anything strange about it. He is looking nervously around, I am invisible so he can't see me. Well, there is one thing odd about the room… there are no windows or doors in it. He is looking for a way out, he seems rather desperate to find an exit from this room. There is no exit revealed, but the walls do start closing in from all directions, causing the already small room to become even smaller… The walls change from ordinary walls to steel, and that metal becomes red hot, so hot that it is glowing, the temperature in the tiny room soars. Lujan is calling for someone to get him out of the room, out of the dream, his skin is burning and blistering painfully.

      "Living just isn't hard enough, burn me alive inside! Living my life's not hard enough, take everything away!" - Disturbed
      The walls are suddenly gone, he is back in his ordinary inner world, and he immediately heads for the pool in search of some relief from the burning heat… but the pool is filled with red hot lava instead of water, so no help there. He is surrounded by beautiful women, all of them scantily dressed, and they are all crowding around him. But when they get close enough, they do not bring gentle caresses or love, they have fingernails that are more like razor sharp claws, and they immediately start clawing at Lujan, pulling at the already burned flesh, tearing it off, a couple of them are eating it, it really looks quite disgusting… As that is happening I hear him calling out for me this time, calling to Raven, so I become visible just outside the group of ravenous women who are tearing at his flesh. He says he'll do it, he'll leave Asuka alone, just let him out of this dream! I look at him with doubt, I say if he goes anywhere near Asuka, if he even so much as looks at Asuka, if anyone else does anything to Asuka on his behalf, he'd better be sure he isn't even thinking about her, or he will be back in this dream before he knows what happened, and the dream will not end, but it will go on forever. The eternal nightmare. He says he will have nothing to do with Asuka, he doesn't even want to hear the name, just get him out of this nightmare!

      "Return to me, return to me, return to me, turn to me, leave me no one…
      Turn to me, return to me, return to me, turn to me, cast aside…
      Return to me, return to me, return to me, turn to me, leave me no one…
      Turn to me, return to me, return to me, you've made me turn away…" - Disturbed
      As this part of the song is playing, I hold my hand out to Lujan, offering to help him get away from the women, who are covered in his blood and look more like monsters than women… They don't want to let him respond to me, but he finally manages to reach out and take my hand… a healing energy flows over both of us, forcing the ravenous women into the pool of lava where they are consumed by flames. Lujan has been completely healed, gone are the burns, and the places the women had been tearing at his flesh are healed as well. That brings noticeable relief from the pain, I can tell just by looking at him. As the light healing energy floods the entire inner world, or as much as I can see, the whole place returns to the way it normally is, a nice pool and a nice house, Kanmuri is over by the house, looking out with a confused look on her face, I wonder what it has looked like to her…

      "Living just isn't hard enough, burn me alive inside, living my life's not hard enough, they take everything from you…" - Disturbed
      "Now remember your promise," I say to Lujan, who seems relieved to be back in his normal inner world, enough so that he might start kissing the ground at any moment, "Because if I find out you fucking lied to me I'll have to come back… and you don't want me to have to come back. You think you just had a nightmare? That's a walk in the park compared to what will happen if I have to come back. Eternal nightmare, that's what you will get, an eternal nightmare, and you know I can do it." He is babbling incoherently, I can only make out a few words such as "Never" and "Asuka" and "Stay away" and I piece together that he is saying he will never go near Asuka again, and will stay away from her… Kanmuri is standing there with us now, well actually Lujan is hunched over on the ground babbling, Kanmuri wants to know what happened to Lujan, I tell her he needed a bit of a lesson, so if she wants him to care for her instead of Asuka, she could make progress towards that by caring for him now, he would be in need of some comfort and some gentle treatment since he had been treated rather harshly in his nightmare. So Kanmuri helps Lujan stand up, he says he wants to make sure Asuka is nowhere near him, that she can't get anywhere near him, because it might look like he had gotten near her on purpose… Kanmuri is talking in a soothing voice, saying Asuka is nowhere to be seen, she is not here and would not be coming here. He is saying something about monsters, and evil demon women, Kanmuri is telling him none of those are here, he is safe in his own inner world. She gives me a strange look that says she finds what I have done to be disturbing to say the least, and I agree with her on that, but if it will make him leave Asuka and MoSh alone, it will have been worth it.

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    9. 09/04/10 Asuka's Mystery Stalker

      by , 09-06-2010 at 02:05 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Notes: After successfully recalling a couple of nonsensical non-lucid dreams last night, I had a positive outlook for remembering more dreams this night… and I did! A few weird non-lucids, a couple of lucids… compared to my recall of late, my recall last night was downright epic! I am sooooo happy I seem to have broken my dry spell! On a side note, when I was about to go to bed, I checked my kitties' food dish to be sure they had food for the night. I found they did… but it was covered with ants! I was very annoyed at that, since I had to stay up long enough to clean up the ants before I could go to bed, and I think that influenced a couple of my unpleasant non-lucid dreams. I had some good recall last night, but when I fell asleep, I was not successful in slipping into my WILD…

      FA - I rolled over in bed, not realizing that I was in a dream, and I felt I had a lot of itches all over my body. I tried to scratch a couple places, I didn't want to have to get up and wake myself up… I remembered cleaning up ants from my cats' food dish before bed, and I thought how strange it is that after seeing ants I often get the sensation that there are ants crawling on me even if there are not. Scratching wasn't working… and I thought I felt something. I reached for my lamp to turn on the light and see if there might be a few ants in my bed, which was really going to piss me off since now I would have to change my bed in the middle of night… The light came on and revealed that my bed, and I, was covered with ants! Hundreds of them, no, thousands of them! My first response was to get up, and try to brush them off, it wasn't working, I went to call for my mom to help and I got a mouth full of ants, I spat them out and finally did call out for my mom… and that woke me up.

      FA - Wow… that had been a disturbing dream… I was still feeling the ants on me from my dream, crawling all over me. I sat up and turned on the lamp by my bed… no ants, thankfully. I sat there and thought about the dream I had just had, I heard something on the floor beside my bed. It sounded weird, but I figured it was most likely one of my cats down there doing something, most likely getting into something that she shouldn't be. I looked down to see which cat it was and stop the cat from doing something she shouldn't be… what I saw was the bloody carcass of a cat that was teeming with ants! The bloody cat moved, looking up at me and giving off a pained meow, as I was paralyzed by the sickening horror of what was happening to my poor kitty… A scream welled up in my throat and burst out, which woke me up.

      FA - That was too much… I had to go check on my kitties! My poor kitties! I sat up quickly in bed, disturbing and chasing my one cat, Midna from the room. I saw a dark form of her as she ran from the room, well, at least she was ok, but I wanted to see my other two cats before I could go back to sleep. I left my room and went into my game room, my black cat, Shadow, met me at the door with a meow. I scooped her into my arms and cuddled her for a bit, then I left that room, looking to find Princess, my fluffy white cat. She wasn't in the living room or the kitchen, she was most likely in my mom's room sleeping with my mom… I didn't want to disturb my mother, but I couldn't go back to sleep without seeing that Princess was ok… I carefully opened the door to my mother's room, allowing just a small amount of light in, since Princess is white I would see her easily… I saw that the bed was moving, the whole bed was moving, it was nothing but a mound of ants! Ants! Why so many fucking ants?! Just like in my dream… wait… dream… I did a nose pinch RC and found out I was dreaming… just a dream… whew.

      So I set the mound of ants on fire and burned them away without touching my mom or the two dogs and one cat on the bed… my mom looked over at me and sleepily asked me to turn up the air conditioner, she was hot. I said sure, then closed the door and moved away. Hmmm… enough playing with DC ants, my DC mom, DC dogs, and DC cats. What was my first goal? I remembered that my first goal was to go meet up with MoSh, we had wanted to see if Asuka knows anything about the enemies who most recently attacked her, to see if there was any connection between the attacks that happened earlier and the most recent attack, it seems like there are too many attacks for it to be random. So I opened a portal to MoSh's inner world and went through…

      On the other side of the portal I found I was outside of MoSh's house in his inner world, MoSh was outside in his yard with a large black dog, I headed towards him and the dog. As I approached MoSh, however, the dog disappeared, MoSh looked a bit disappointed, though he didn't look like he was upset at me. I was hoping I hadn't interrupted anything important. MoSh said he was glad I was there, he gave me a big hug, I was a bit surprised, but I hugged him back and we went into the house. Asuka was inside the house, and we went into the living room, and there was a comfortable place to talk. MoSh wanted to know if Asuka knew the people who came after her the most recent time, she said no, she didn't know them, in fact, she didn't know any of the people who had come after her the first time they had done it… except those who had stolen her flame… and of course if they were trying it for a second or third time, of course she had recognized them. I asked her why, since she has been training with Vegeta and Tuvok, why she hadn't been doing more to defend herself… she said she thought I already knew that, she didn't want to lose control. I said I thought Tuvok and Vegeta had been helping her with that. She seemed a bit irritated about me asking that… She said she wasn't certain she could keep control.

      Asuka added that someone had been trying to nab her off of Voyager one of the times she was there with Tuvok… but Q had interfered with that. I asked if Q had said who the asshole was. She said the guy had been hired by someone, but he hadn't known anything about whoever had hired him, just that he was going to get paid well and he was supposed to infiltrate Voyager to get someone. Great… more mysterious enemies. I was thinking it might still be a good idea to open a portal and try to track down and see if there might be any commonality that connects the various assholes who have gone after Asuka. I was about to say something about that and open a portal when everything faded and I woke.
    10. 07/21/10 The Nightmare Returns

      by , 07-23-2010 at 04:45 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: Tonight I fell asleep with some very ambitious goals including checking to see if L will leave Asuka alone if she goes out, dream view a dream MoSh had quite a while ago where he was speaking with don Juan, sharing a DDO dream with Tigress, finding and doing another healing spell on Xildron, tasks of the year… the list of my goals just seems to go on and on… I fell asleep with my light / sound machine and successfully slipped into a WILD…

      I found myself in a very familiar setting standing in the front yard of MoSh's house in his inner world. I went right up to the door without any hesitation, I wanted to get going on my goals. I knocked on the door and MoSh answered it. He was smiling when he saw me and he opened the door to let me in. When I looked around the room I saw Asuka sitting in the living room watching something on television. I walked over to Asuka and looked to see what she was watching, there was nothing actually on the television and I wondered why Asuka was staring at a blank screen. As if on cue, Asuka got up and came over to me, she said she was ready to go out and see that L had gotten the picture that he needs to leave her alone. I asked her where she wanted to go this time, it really should be somewhere she would be likely to go on her own. She said she knew of a mountain spring that was very relaxing. She said it was a place where she hoped to take MoSh someday so they could relax there and have some time to themselves. She said she was waiting until he started remembering her more consistently, though. After fusing with Asuka by using the fusion amulet she opened a portal and we went through it as one person.

      The other side of the portal was a beautiful place. There was a crystal clear pool of water with colorful flowers growing on the surface of the water, numerous lily pads dotted the surface of the water as well. Colorful butterflies were flitting around near the shores of the pool, and there were even some butterflies out on the lily pads farther out in the pool.

      It really was a very peaceful scene. I could see why Asuka would want to spend some time alone there with MoSh. I just let Asuka go where she wanted to go since she knew this place and liked it, and she waded into the water a bit. The water was very pleasant, and there were small fish tickling my feet. We spent quite a bit of time there wandering around the place, exploring all the hidden areas to find what wonders might be found there. We spent so much time there that I was beginning to wonder if the dream was going to end without L showing up… that would be a good sign that he had learned something from the last time he had kidnapped Asuka. After spending a bit longer there, Asuka said she was ready to go home… but first she wanted to go into the water in her own body, because the water here is so wonderfully refreshing and she couldn't feel it as well when fused with someone else. So we separated right there. Asuka swam out into the water still in her kimono which floated out beside her in an ethereal way. She sank beneath the surface of the water.

      I had turned away from Asuka for only a short time to take a closer look at some of the beautiful flowers, to go over to them and smell them. The flowers were beautifully fragrant, and their fragrance was also very relaxing. I was smelling the flower when I heard some sounds from behind me. I turned around just in time to see there was a pair of tendrils were reaching through a portal and wrapped around Asuka, pulling her towards the portal. Wtf? I chased after her as she disappeared through the portal, jumping out over the pool of water and reaching to grab hold of Asuka's leg as she was disappearing through the portal. Then the portal was gone. I was yelling at an empty sky to give Asuka back right now, you yellow bellied bastard. My first thought was that L had come after Asuka again, well he would pay for that… I focused on opening a portal to follow Asuka to wherever she had been taken, then I flew through the portal ready to kick the ass of whoever I found on the other side.

      I emerged from the portal in a world that looked like it was entirely made up of crystal formations. There was a sun shining brightly in the sky and rainbows were reflecting off of many of the crystal formations that made up the landscape. It was really a very beautiful place that I wouldn't have minded visiting if I hadn't been following after Asuka… Things being as they were, however, I didn't take time to notice the beauty of the place. I looked around for any sign of Asuka having had been through there recently. The fact was that I didn't see any sign of human life anywhere let alone Asuka… some very shiny butterflies were flitting around the crystal formations just as the ones near the mountain spring had been flitting around the flowers there. I called out to Asuka a couple of times, scanned for any trace of her, and I found nothing. I was in the wrong place! I wasn't sure how I had managed to get to the wrong place, but I tried the portal again.

      I exited this portal to find myself about five feet in the air over a pool of rancid water. I wasn't ready to be in the air, so I fell right into the disgusting water which reminded me of sewer water. It was disgusting! It smelled bad, it was covered with a thick layer of slime, although the area around it didn't look contaminated or anything. It was just a typical stagnant pool of water. I paid about as much attention to the foul water as I had to the beautiful crystals, I flew back out of the pool and scanned the area for Asuka, for any trace of Asuka. Once again I could not find any sign that Asuka was there or that she had ever been there, at least not recently. Whoever had taken Asuka, I was on a wild goose chase, somehow they were making it so my portals weren't getting me to her! I was getting pissed at ending in the wrong places. I landed on dry land, felt like I was going to wake up when I didn't want to, so I dilated time. Something was keeping me from tracking down Asuka, and the first person on my list of suspects was still L, so instead of focusing my portal to follow Asuka I focused it on going to L's inner world. There was a bit of resistance when I tried opening the portal but it was nothing I couldn't easily overcome.

      This time when I exited the portal I was in L's inner world, near his pool where I usually appear. I scanned the area for Asuka again, and I knew right away I had found the place she had been taken. I approached the house to see if they were in there, Asuka's energy frequency was still around the place from her last visit so it was a bit harder to tell which signals were more recent. When I headed for the house, however, Kanmuri came from around the corner of the house and pointed towards a building I hadn't noticed before. She said if I was looking for Asuka, L had taken her in there and insisted on being left alone, and when she had just peeked in out of curiosity L had gotten so pissed off at her… she said she didn't know what was going on in there. That was clearly where I had to go next, though.

      I followed a path to the building which appeared to be a guest house, and though the path was very pleasant and beautiful with trees and flowers around it, now it seemed like a path descending into a nightmare. I didn't want anyone to see my approach so I used the song Of Wolf and Man by Metallica to change my form into a small blue bird since there were many similar birds around the area. I flew over to the guest house and landed on a window sill. I looked in through the window and I saw both Asuka and L, and I immediately wanted to kill L slowly and painfully. Asuka was sitting on a couch with no restraints or anything to keep her from leaving, but she was staring off into space with a blank expression on her face. She was also quite bruised and she was crying.

      L was sitting beside her with his arm around her, had he been the one who had beaten her? He had wanted to take Asuka with him so he could beat her? Or had he done that out of anger over the torturing she (I) had given him last night? An unforeseen backlash of that tactic, making L want to get revenge for the pain she (I) had put him through.

      I no longer cared about being unnoticed, instead I changed back to my normal form, my Assassin form, and kicked the front door of the guest house open, it slammed open with a loud crash that made L jump about three feet in surprise. Asuka didn't respond. I used telekinesis to slam L against the wall hard enough to put cracks in it, I asked him what the fuck he had done to Asuka, why was she like that, what had happened. He sniffed the air and said someone sure stank… I said it was him who stank even though I was pretty sure he was referring to the stink of the rancid water that was still on me. I demanded again to know what he had done to Asuka. He said he had just been playing games with her, those games that she seemed to like so well, it seemed she didn't like them anymore. He was laughing the whole time he said that, so I pounded the laughter out of him by slamming him around the room some more using telekinesis and I ended up slamming him right through one of the interior walls into the bathroom where I made sure his face landed in the toilet, actually he hit the toilet hard enough to crack the bowl… the icing on the cake was when raw sewage backed up from the pipe below and washed over L…

      I looked over at Asuka, who had still not responded to anything that had happened. She seemed to have not noticed L getting thrown around the room, she hadn't noticed me yelling at him, she hadn't noticed him going through the wall or getting covered with sewage… I went over to Asuka, who didn't respond to my presence, but when I went to help her stand up she was very compliant to that. I focused on healing her injuries, I would do more healing on her once I had her somewhere safe. If she would snap out of this strange trance for anyone, that person would be MoSh. I opened a portal to get to MoSh's inner world and led Asuka through it.

      I carefully helped Asuka out of the portal into the front yard of MoSh's house. I led her up to the front door with ease, she was offering no resistance, but she was also not reacting to the change in location. What the fuck had that asshole done to her to make her this unresponsive? We reached the front door and I opened it to find MoSh was right inside, he had been about to open the door. He asked what had happened, what was wrong with Asuka, who had done that to her, what had they done to her… I said I didn't know what had been done to her, but it was L who had done it. I told MoSh that L had shown up and kidnapped Asuka to take her… MoSh interrupted, asking how could I just let L have Asuka? I continued to tell MoSh that she had been taken, I had tracked her down to L's inner world and when I got to her she had been like this, worse in fact, it looked like L had been beating her. MoSh said something about a picture being real, and it had happened because I had let L take Asuka… what picture? He took Asuka into his arms and said something about so many men… so many men? I had only seen L… I told MoSh that Asuka needed healing, and he said any fool could see that. I said I would help him heal her, but he just glared over at me, he said Asuka didn't need any more of my help, I had clearly 'helped' her more than enough. He said they didn't need that kind of help. He slammed the door before I could say anything else.

      I paused, I wanted to go inside and try to explain things to MoSh, but he was right… I was supposed to have been protecting Asuka, not just letting L walk off with her to do whatever he wanted to her… if I'd just been more careful she wouldn't have gotten taken, L wouldn't have done whatever it was he did to her… Maybe I should send Basara back over to do some healing on Asuka, who clearly needed it. How was she doing now that she was with MoSh? I walked around to the side of the house and peeked in through a window to see if I could find the two of them. First I saw Asuka's clothes tossed carelessly aside in the room. Then I saw Asuka was sitting naked in a corner of the room and I could see MoSh trying to get her to come out. Asuka wasn't responding to him, she had her knees pulled up to her chest, making herself as small as possible, and she was crying. That was because of what L had done to her, whatever he had done it must have been pretty awful to leave her in such a state. Seeing her like that made me want to hurt L, and hurt him bad, really bad.

      So now it was time for L to pay, and the price was high. I opened a portal back to L's inner world and went through it looking to draw some blood. Kanmuri was standing near my portal when I got there, I asked her where L was, where was that foul piece of shit hiding, because I had some business to discuss with him… Kanmuri asked what was going on, she asked what had been wrong with Asuka when I had brought her out from the guest house? She had figured L was in there trying to coax Asuka into bed with him and probably epic failing at that, he wouldn't have hurt her, would he? I scanned the area for L and found him in the main house, I headed straight for him with Kanmuri following after me. She wouldn't shut up. L didn't hurt Asuka, did he? She said she knows he can be an ass sometimes, but she couldn't see him actually doing anything to hurt Asuka… he's too crazy about her… I told Kanmuri, focusing a bit too much of my anger on her, that I didn't know what L had done to Asuka, but he had definitely hurt her, and he'd hurt her bad. Kanmuri stopped and had a shocked look on her face as she watched me go into the house.

      I found L in the living room kicked back on the couch as if nothing was wrong in the world, and that just pissed me off more. He looked up at me and smiled, he said it was so nice to see me again. He said if I wanted him all to myself, he could have said so instead of coming in and stealing Asuka. That was it, I was much too pissed off for words. All I could feel inside was unstable dark energy, but I didn't make any effort to control it, I just let it do what it wanted. The shadows in one corner of the room came to life as a swarm of scarab beetles each the size of a golf ball.

      I used telekinesis to hold L still long enough for the bugs to get on him. The scarabs didn't stay still long enough for L to get them off, they immediately burrowed their way into L's skin, tunneling through his flesh as he was screaming in pain. I could see the moving bumps of the scarabs underneath L's skin, and he was apparently desparate to get rid of them as he tore through his own skin to get to one of the scarabs and pull it out. He threw the bug on the floor and stomped on it. So he had gotten rid of one of about ten bugs that were now tunneling through his flesh… several of which were in places he could not hope to reach. He was yelling at me or someone else to get those things out of him, get them OUT! While L was writhing on the floor in pain I was kicking him as hard as I could, anything to make him pay for what he had done… I'm not sure how long he was writhing and trying to reach the scarabs under his skin, how long I was kicking him before he was finally still, there was blood coming out of his mouth… and finally I woke, not really wanting to remember the events of this dream…
    11. 07/20/10 Wanna Play a Game?

      by , 07-22-2010 at 01:42 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: It seems L has been causing problems again, still trying to get to Asuka even though he has a girlfriend of his own, and now he is using Kanmuri to do it! We came to the conclusion that we were going to try to make L afraid of Asuka, so that he would want to avoid her at all costs. My goal for tonight was to go ahead to do this. I fell asleep, failed to slip into my WILD. I actually don't remember the beginning of this dream or exactly how I became lucid, but here is the dream from the point where I start remembering it…

      The earliest thing I remember in this dream is being in MoSh's inner world. I was in the living room with MoSh and Asuka. MoSh was playing a video game on the flat screen television while Asuka was watching him. Asuka got up and came over to me. She said she was ready to do whatever we had to do to make sure L would finally stop bothering her and MoSh. I told her I had a plan I thought might work. She said she knew, and she was ready to do the fusion. I said there was one more part to it… while fused, we should go out of MoSh's inner world and do something Asuka would enjoy doing… thus making her an easy target. So when L took her back to his inner world, that was when his nightmare would begin. MoSh seemed to have barely noticed I was there, I wasn't fully convinced MoSh had noticed me at all. I touched him on the shoulder and he finally looked up. I told him Asuka and I were off to give L a nice nightmare. I said L might need a few nightmares to get the point across, but it would start now. MoSh saved his video game and changed the channel. He said he would watch it from there. I asked Asuka what she would like to go out and do, she said she likes gardens and flowers, so that's what I focused on when I opened a portal. Asuka and I fused using the fusion amulet and went through the portal.

      There was a beautiful garden on the other side of the portal, just as I had wanted to find. I could feel that Asuka liked it very much. I just let her control our fused body as she wandered through the garden, looking at the various flowers, smelling some of them, admiring others from afar, she picked one and put it in our hair. The garden was full of winding paths, there was a stream flowing through it with a pretty bridge over it, and Asuka's goal seemed to be to explore every bit of the garden. There was no questioning that the garden was pretty, but I was beginning to think L wasn't going to take the bait this time. Had he not noticed that Asuka was wandering around in a garden by herself? Had he caught on to the trick? Was he not as interested in Asuka as we had thought? Whatever the reason, it was beginning to look like he wasn't going to show up at all. I was just about to suggest to Asuka that we go home, I was getting a bit bored, when a portal opened in front of us. Without even giving much of a look around to make sure Asuka was alone, L's arm reached through the portal to grab our left arm and pull us through into his inner world.

      I recognized L's inner world right away, we were near the pool that is outside of his house. I saw that Kanmuri was already back there, she was lying out on a lounge near the pool sunning herself when we arrived. She got up and looked over at L and me, rolling her eyes in an exacerbated manner. She asked L if he was never going to get it through his head that Asuka has no interest in him, he should stop going after some woman who didn't want him and give his attention all to her. She said she has an open mind about L having another woman around, but he should quit already with this woman who clearly doesn't like him. L said he had rescued me once more, that MoSh had carelessly let me out on my own, and now he would make sure I was protected. He said he knew I wanted to stay with him and he would make sure that this time it happened, MoSh and Raven weren't going to take me away from him this time.

      I looked around at the pool and the house. I told L he might just be the man for me, assuming he has bigger balls than MoSh who seems to get mad at me every time I start to have some fun. L said of course, he has much bigger balls than MoSh, how could there be any doubt about that? He said his purpose would be to ensure I had fun every moment I was there with him. I smiled at him and said maybe I could be happy here after all, he said it had taken me long enough to acknowledge that he was really the one I want… he apparently thought I wasn't dressed properly, however, because he motioned and my clothes changed to a tiny sundress that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. I didn't really care. L looked at me in the sundress, practically drooling, and then said whatever would make me happy and want to stay was what I would get.

      I told L what I really wanted to do was play some of the games I never get to play with MoSh without him getting mad. He asked what game I wanted to play. I said hide and seek… with a twist. I gave him a sexy look along with that suggestion which clearly got his attention. I said I would hide first. He said sure… then I said for him to count to 50, then come find me… He turned his back and started counting rather fast, I was actually surprised he could count that high. I went into the house and looked around in the first room I was in which appeared to be a kitchen. I moved through the kitchen into the living room where there was a lot of fancy furniture. I noticed one corner where there was a particularly dark shadow, I changed form into a shadow and merged with that shadow becoming completely invisible. Shortly later L came into the room. He said he knew I was in there. So… let the show begin.

      L seemed pretty sure I was in the room, I wondered if he was cheating somehow. I focused on changing the dreamscape now, causing the shadows to grow and take over the room. Where it had been pretty bright and cheerful, now it was rather dark and dreary. L seemed to think that was strange, but he continued looking for me. I morphed my shadow form into my normal form, but I was dressed in tight leather instead of the sundress. L did a brief double take, but then said he had found me, so what was his reward? I said I wanted to hear him scream, he said he was sure I could make him scream. I said I knew I could, giving off an evil grin at the same time. Some of the other shadows formed dark tentacles and bound him to the floor, arms and legs spread, he apparently still thought he was in for some wild sex…

      I had long fingernails which were actually thin blades dripping with acid. As I was standing over him some of the acid dripped onto him and burned through his clothes, burning into his skin. Those blade fingernails could be fired… so I fired one into his right shoulder where it smoked a bit as the acid ate away at his flesh, he let out a brief cry of pain and asked me what the fuck I thought I was doing… I said I was playing my game with him, I wanted to hear him scream. I fired more of the spears into him, into his arms, into his legs, anywhere I could fire one without hitting a vital organ and allowing him to die too quickly. I'd said I wanted to hear him scream, and he was screaming now. I took a couple of minutes to stand over him and laugh at his pain, he was screaming that it hurt so much, begging me to stop, crying like a baby, and a foul odor wafted over from him… he'd shit his pants! I acted disappointed, saying even MoSh had been able to play games better than this… how disappointing, because I was just getting started.

      As I was deciding where to fire the next blade, Kanmuri came into the room and looked around. She asked what was going on in there, she had heard screaming… she looked and saw L pinned to the floor by shadows and with the blades sticking out of him, acid burning the areas around the blades. Now L was begging Kanmuri to help him, telling her that Asuka (I) had gone completely insane. Kanmuri looked upset, thought I think she was feigning it, and asked me what I was doing to her man, let him go right now. I made the dark tendrils retract, the room was bright and cheery once again. L still couldn't move, the blades had him pinned to the floor. I was definitely willing to help. I said it seemed neither L nor Kanmuri wanted to have any fun after all. I pulled the first blade out of L, doing this brought another scream of agonizing pain.

      The blade was barbed so that it would go in smoothly but the barbs would extend when pulling it out, ripping the flesh on its way out. Kanmuri told me to stop doing that, I was hurting him. I said she wanted him to be free to get up, right? I continued pulling the blades out one by one, not doing it especially fast, twisting them a bit as I pulled them out, basically doing whatever I could to increase the pain they were causing… and of course the acid kept burning even after I had removed the blades. L was begging incoherently now, I couldn't tell what he was saying. The instant I got the last blade out Kanmuri was over to me telling me to stay away from him, how could I be so sick as to do those horrible things? I told her he had agreed to play my game… now he wanted to back out. How rude. Kanmuri told me to get out of L's inner world, she told me I wasn't welcome there. She began healing L's wounds, clearly soothing his pain with healing energy. I figured she wanted to be the good guy since she wanted L to focus his affection on her. I didn't interfere with that and I opened a portal back to MoSh's inner world when Kanmuri told me again that I was not welcome there.
    12. 06/29/10 Roasting on an Open Fire

      by , 07-01-2010 at 12:11 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: I fell asleep with very little in the way of goals tonight… MoSh had said he was going to come over to do a healing on me, although I told him I felt ok. But then a little extra positive energy never hurts anything, so I figured if he wanted to do it, we could share some positive energy, most likely with Basara involved since he usually shows up whenever someone mentions the idea of healing. Unfortunately I was not successful in entering my WILD this night.

      I was in a clearing in a forest. I could see there were buildings around, it looked like a small town was hidden amongst the trees. I wondered where I was. I didn't even consider the idea I might be dreaming. I noticed that there were quite a few people around, and then I noticed they were Templars. What the fuck was I doing in a Templar base? I figured I didn't want to be there, so I went to leave. That was when I noticed there was a big guy on either side of me holding onto me tightly. Their grip was like iron, and I could not make them budge to get free. I was a prisoner of the Templars… that couldn't be good.

      I heard another Templar say they were ready. One of the big guys holding me forced me to the ground so that I was lying on my stomach with my face in the dirt. I felt someone lie a long wooden pole on my back, and I was quickly bound tightly to that pole. When the large Templars moved away from me I couldn't move at all except to turn my head and look around a bit. They turned me over onto my back and ripped my clothes off… I called them a bunch of fucking perverts. I was now naked and tied to a metal pole… I could hear people around me laughing and jeering.

      The Templars then stood the pole up and I realized I was bound approximately in the middle. I saw they had a fire ring in the middle of the clearing, a rather large one. It was long and fairly narrow, there was a rotisserie stand on each end of the fire circle, and a pan sitting on top of the wood that looked like it was there to catch the juices of roasting meat. It looked a lot like the picture here, except the pan was on permanent metal legs and the fire pit and pan looked long enough to accommodate a very large piece of meat… or a person…

      It was about then that I realized what they might be planning to do. Since I believed that was my waking life, this resulted in a feeling of ice cold fear at the pit of my stomach… I fought against my bonds, desperate to get away now, to avoid what it seemed they had planned. The bonds were too tight… I couldn't budge them even a millimeter. And my worst fear was confirmed when they carried the pole I was on over to the fire pit and placed it where the spit of the rotisserie would go with me hanging on it, looking down into the black pan. There was a quantity of grease in the pan, which was hardened right now. I was noticing every little detail… a fly stuck in the grease and trying to get free, but it was no more able to move than I was. Templars preparing to light the fire. This couldn't really be happening. I think I might have done a reality check if I could have even moved in order to do one… I found I kept repeating the word 'no' over and over, and I was ashamed of the fear I heard in my voice.

      Then I said there must be some agreement we could reach that would allow me to get out of this. A couple of them laughed. But one of them said there was. He said if I could present one of my friends to take my place, they would gladly roast up my friend instead of me and I would be free to go. One of my friends? He said yes. Any of them would do. Either Nomad or MoSh would be their first choices… but if I presented them one of the others I have shared dreams with it would be sufficient, too. Markus, Tigress, or even Loaf… someone laughed that they could have toast… just choose one and teleport them here and I would be free to go while my friend was executed in my place. I told them they had to be kidding… there was no way I would betray a friend like that… I knew perfectly well I could never live with betraying a friend in that way, so in spite of my fear I told them to go fuck themselves. The Templar said it was my choice, and told the other one to go ahead and light the fire under the pan.

      I didn't really notice anything at first. Then the pan was heated and it was getting a bit uncomfortable as the heat was rising off of the pan and into my face. The heat continued to increase, an intense and dry heat that made it feel almost like I was on fire. How long could this last? Wouldn't I get heat stroke and pass out from that heat before long? They let the fire die down a bit and the heat faded to a lower but continuous agony. For some reason it seemed to be imperative that I make no sound to let them know the pain I was in, so I kept my mouth tightly closed so I would not let an involuntary cry or moan or pain escape. I saw as the grease below me melted and the fly was consumed by the heating grease, killed. Another thought I was having was that the heat would burn through the ropes that bound me to the spit… then I could get free… but they were thick and sturdy ropes that didn't seem to be suffering from the exposure at all. A Templar came over and looked at me, then he poked something on my leg with a long fork, causing a sharp and excruciating pain… somehow I knew he had just popped a heat blister… that area of my leg was now in much more pain than the rest of me, and other parts of my body felt like they were beginning to blister, I could actually see a few blisters starting to form on my breasts… When would I finally get heat stroke and pass out?!

      Another short while… and several more popped blisters later… a Templar came back over. I was expecting another popped blister… but instead he had a cup, which he used to scoop some of the now sizzling grease out of the pan. He proceeded to pour the sizzling grease all over my back… where it burned unbelievably hot. The Templar poured a couple more cups of blazing hot grease on my back, laughing when I was unable to contain a cry of pain… these assholes were basting me! And even after he walked away, the grease on my back was continuing to cause an unbelievably intense agony… it seemed I would surely pass out, but somehow I didn't… even though I wished I would, prayed that I would pass out or die from heat stroke… Instead I just hung there in agony, all hope seemed lost…

      "Raven!" I heard a familiar voice and forced my head to turn, although that caused heat dried skin to crack and bleed, bringing with that another wave of pain… I someone standing off to my left a ways, and a portal opened behind him. My sight was fuzzy… I wasn't sure who it was… He continued talking. "It's time for… what the FUCK?!" Apparently he had taken a look around for the first time since arriving and noticed things were not as they should be. I wanted to call out to the man for help, but my throat was too dry and cracked to speak… and all that came out was a small squeak… As I have stated, my mind was really foggy from the heat and the pain, but I heard some cursing, a demand to release me, and then a fight. I saw movement to my right and the man who had just arrived shoved one of the Templar's faces into the hot grease in the pan below me. When the Templar's face came out it was covered with blisters and the Templar was screaming in pain. I heard more fighting, some Templars screaming about something… a loud hissing sound like an angry cat or snake… and then silence.

      The man from the portal returned. He took the spit I was tied to away from the flame and started untying me. Every time he touched me it was excruciating, but I did my best not to let him know that because I knew he was just trying to help. Once I was free I found I couldn't even stand on my own… my legs were about like spaghetti… The man supported me, holding on to me as gently as he could… I heard him say he would get me healed up as good as new. He could heal IWL? Wow… I wondered if there was any possible way I could get him to teach me to do that… but even if he couldn't, he had already done so much by getting me free of the Templars. He lied me down in a soft area of grass. Even as soft as it was, each blade of grass was like a steel blade cutting in to me… I once again did not let him know how much it hurt. He was trying so hard to be careful.

      The man sat down near me. I could hear him playing a guitar. I could feel healing energy come from that guitar. Soothing healing energy… it felt like a soothing healing salve had been applied to my entire body, and it felt wonderful. I tried to open my eyes and see who it was that had saved me… but I was so tired. Completely worn out. But he was playing a guitar to create a healing effect. I only know two people who do that. Basara and MoSh. And I couldn't see Basara shoving a Templar's face into burning grease under any circumstances, unless he had seen what they were doing and completely snapped, so I was assuming it was MoSh… I tried to ask the man if he was MoSh… "You… MoSh?" He didn't really answer that, he just told me to rest… when I fell asleep here I would wake up and be safe in bed. Safe in bed? Was this really just a nightmare? I let myself relax and slip into sleep. I could find out for sure later if it was MoSh who had come to find me. I fell asleep and woke up.
    13. 06/28/10 Execution / Visions of Castaneda

      by , 06-30-2010 at 10:33 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: I had a goal tonight of meeting up with MoSh, checking on and doing a healing spell on Asuka, who has been absent from his dreams lately. After that MoSh wanted to go view an event from a Carlos Castaneda book where Castaneda was watching don Genaro do something interesting near a waterfall… I'm not sure what, but MoSh said that to see the full extent of it I would have to look at his energy, not just his body. So we have tried to do this before and met with an epic fail, so we're going to try it again. I used my light / sound machine to meditate. I fell asleep and successfully slipped into a WILD…

      Ok… I immediately noticed something was off… I was actually over someone's shoulder and being carried… wtf? Was this some kind of attack on MoSh's inner world? Because that was where I was supposed to be… I tried to ask the person carrying me who the fuck he was, but I found I couldn't speak… my mouth was full of a foul tasting fabric… yuck… I went to take it out of my mouth, but I found my hands were bound tightly behind my back. Ok… this was annoying. I tried to activate Witchblade to cut through my bonds… nothing happened. This was really starting to piss me off. I was going to try something else when the man carrying me slung me off of his back and stood me on my feet, which I also found were tightly bound. I looked at the jerk who had been carrying me and did a double take… it was a fucking Templar.

      I tried to curse at him, momentarily forgetting my mouth was full of foul tasting cloth… apparently curious as to what I would say, the Templar removed the cloth. After a couple of spits to try to get rid of the taste, I did curse at the Templar. I told him if he didn't want a personal tour of Hell then he had better get those bonds off of me immediately. He just laughed. He said I was the one who would be going to Hell… He said he was glad I was awake for my sentence, although he was sure I would have awakened as it was being carried out. No one could sleep through that.

      Ok, this guy was dense, so I would have to show him a thing or two… his armor was metal, so the first thing I thought of was to use Battery on him. Nothing happened. I repeated myself, "Battery!" Still nothing happened. The Templar laughed. He said I should know perfectly well that stuff doesn't work in waking life. I told him that this was a dream. He said the drugs must have gotten me quite confused… but I had already been convicted of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death. He said I had seemed to lose my senses when the method of my execution was announced… but he was glad to see I was fully lucid and able to experience every moment of it. I said of course I was lucid, it was a lucid dream. He said I could tell myself that all I wanted, it wouldn't change a thing. He pushed me to the side, I fell to the ground since my hands and feet were still tightly bound. I looked up and saw the Templar opening the doors of an old medieval execution device known as an iron maiden.

      At first I wasn't really sure what to say… was this madman really intending to use that thing? He picked me back up by the ropes on my arms and carried me over to the device, setting me between the open doors. He laughed and said this was going to be fun. I had no thought that I could be actually killed here… I knew it was a dream… I told him if he even thought about trying to use that thing on me I would see him in the dark realm where I would have a front row seat to watch the cruelest demon I could find slowly burn the flesh from his bones. He just laughed again and started swinging the doors closed. I told him I had been leaving them alone because they hadn't been bothering me, but doing something like that would mean all bets are off. So unless he wanted to know… While I was threatening, he had continued swinging the doors slowly closed. The spikes on the doors were poking me, and pushing me back a bit into the spikes on the back of the device. He laughed when my words got cut off, then with one final hard shove, he pushed the doors completely closed.

      The first reaction I had was that I couldn't believe he'd actually had the balls to do that… and of course his balls are something I would cheerfully relieve him of… That thought only had an instant in my mind before I was hit with a wave of excruciating pain, feeling each and every spike as it was rammed through my body… it was immediately the worse physical pain I have ever felt… and then to top it off, they had piped in some kind of loud screaming that sounded a bit like an enraged banshee who was also in pain. But this was a dream… why was I feeling so much physical pain in a dream? That damn screaming was too loud for me to think… and then I realized the one screaming was me… apparently an unconscious reaction to the excruciating pain… With an enormous effort of will, I forced myself to close my mouth and think… I just had to wake up. So I focused on waking up. Wake up… wake up… wake up… nothing happened. I tried to move a bit to wake myself up, but the attempt at movement only redoubled the excruciating pain I was in by shifting my position on the spikes… And still I did not wake up. Why could I not awaken? I also noticed I was no longer silent. I hadn't started screaming again, I was just emitting low groaning sounds of pain that sounded like the expression of someone in the deepest pits of despair. I could hear laughter outside… the Templar was enjoying this.

      I remembered reading a couple of articles, from when I was doing some research on torture devices I could put in a dungeon for a video game I am designing, about a person shut inside an iron maiden living for as long as a couple of days. How long had I already been in there? Not long, I didn't think… this was a dream. That meant I would wake up. But how long would that take? This was a dream… that also meant I should have my powers. Why weren't they working? Maybe something was blocking them… I just needed to focus to overcome that block… As I was trying to focus, I unintentionally shifted my body again… another wave of unbelievable pain… an involuntary cry of pain and despair… a laugh from the Templar outside… broken focus. A simple ability, like telekinesis… I focused on opening the doors to the iron maiden. That would either result in my being free or in my dream body bleeding to death and me waking up. At that point either alternative was an acceptable result. Nothing happened. I was going to try to focus better when the floor literally dropped from beneath my feet. But of course I was pinned on the spikes and could not fall… instead I was hanging on the spikes now… and what I had thought was the worst possible physical pain got about ten times worse…

      After hanging there with my mind clouded by pain for what felt like forever, the floor closed again and I was once again standing on something solid. Apparently that was something they would do for periodic amusement. I could now hear at least two or three Templars outside laughing. One kept saying to do it again. Another said they had to wait… set a pace for the pain, deliver it all at once, what do they do for fun then? For fun?! For fucking FUN?! Those fucking sick bastards, what kind of mind does a person have to have to think putting someone in a device like this is fun?! Rage and dark energy were boiling up within me… and I let it. The dark energy brought a feeling of cold numbness, which blocked out most of the pain. It was not stable dark energy, and I didn't care. I let it be unstable, let it expand and fill me until it was bursting out of me like an explosion… and then there actually was an explosion…

      The resultant explosion that blew the iron maiden into three separate pieces… blasted the two doors off to the front, and threw the back half against the wall behind me. One of three Templars got slammed with a door to the iron maiden… it had flipped around in the explosion and he was now impaled on the spikes of the door. Another Templar was staring at me… and kept repeating two words… Oh, shit… oh, shit… oh, shit… He disappeared, abandoning his partners like the coward he was. I was currently pissed and full of unstable dark energy. I used telekinesis to lift the free Templar and slam him into the back half of the iron maiden, impaling him on the spikes there. Must have hit a vital organ or two, because he died quickly. I noticed the one pinned under the door was still moving. I went over and looked at him. His face was contorted by pain and terror. I wondered what I looked like that would instill such a fear response… as if that was a request, I saw a brief 3rd person view of myself… I looked like Sorceress Edea from Final Fantasy VIII (the form usually called the Queen of Night), but in addition to looking like a dark sorceress, I looked dementedly pissed off…

      ok… it was a bit disturbing, or it would have been if I hadn't been bursting with unstable dark energy. I stepped on the door under which the terrified Templar was pinned... forcing the spikes further into him, and eliciting a cry of pain and a plea for mercy. I had no urge to be merciful… I gave one more shove down on the door and then walked away as the Templar was grimacing in pain and trying in vain to lift the heavy iron door off of himself.

      I walked over to the dungeon door… and did absolutely nothing, but the door blasted off of its hinges apparently of its own accord. I left the dungeon into the main Templar base, throwing dark energy spears at the Templars, randomly impaling them and pinning them to the wall. Some died quickly, others cried out in pain as they hung there dying a much slower death. I got to the center of the base, or what looked like the center, and unleashed an Immortal Fire of pure unstable dark energy, a wall of black flames burst out from me, incinerating everything in its path. I was feeling a bit disoriented… and the scene around me shifted.

      *Visions of Castaneda*
      Now I was in MoSh's inner world where I had intended to go in the first place. My dark energy had been drained off in the Templar base, and I just felt drained rather than homicidal. I collapsed to my knees in the yard in front of MoSh's house, taking deep breaths and trying to calm myself down. I noticed all my wounds had somehow healed, probably from the intense energy flow… The door to the house flew open and MoSh came running out with Asuka right behind him. MoSh got over to me and was worriedly asking if I was ok… what had happened? I wasn't able to answer right away, which seemed to worry him even more… but finally I was able to tell him I would be ok. Data was there… and he opened a portal. MoSh picked me up… I was trying to tell him I could walk just fine… and carried me through the portal, Asuka followed, and we were in the healing glen. Basara also showed up, and we did a mutual healing, with the crystal golem putting in extra healing energy. My dark energy was stable again, completely controlled.

      "Carlos Castaneda," I said to MoSh, "Let's go watch him." MoSh looked surprised. He said no, we didn't have to do that tonight. He said I should get my rest. I felt the dream slipping, too… but for some reason I thought it would be a worst case scenario to let this entire dream be wasted on being tortured by and subsequently killing stupid Templars. I wanted to do something productive. I told him I was ok and I wanted to do it now. I focused on time dilation to stabilize the dream, turning one hour of IWL time into four hours of dream time… I asked for the book… then I remembered it was called 'A Separate Reality' by Carlos Castaneda. I summoned the book. I opened it and skimmed for the word waterfall or don Genaro. Found mention of don Genaro, so I transported MoSh and myself to my room in my inner world and got my laptop. I loaded the book into my laptop through a scanner and then activated the holographic viewing system… I was wondering if it would work… the new scene took shape around us. We could now watch the events in the book… and see the events of the book instead of looking like snack food to a bunch of hungry graboids.

      I looked around and saw the target of our viewing. Castaneda, don Juan, and a couple other guys were sitting in a line on a row of rocks that they were using as chairs. They were all staring at a waterfall. The waterfall was quite beautiful, but I didn't see that the beauty of the waterfall alone would command their full attention for that long… I looked over at the waterfall. There was an older man climbing a trail beside the waterfall. It looked like a difficult trail, but the man looked like he was in much better shape than his age might indicate. For the most part he was sure footed about his ascent to the top of the falls where he disappeared from sight.

      MoSh touched me on the shoulder and asked if I was sure I was ok… he said it looked like something pretty serious had happened to me. I said I was ok now. He hesitated, then said since we were here, we might as well do it right. He said to point at don Genaro with my pinky when he came back into view. I didn't say anything about that not being my method of energy scanning… I knew what he meant, that was really all that was necessary. The man, apparently don Genaro, appeared by the edge of the waterfall at the top.

      I focused on seeing his energy, not just his body. At first I just saw a bright aura, he had strong energy… but also pure and stable. No corruption there, but that wasn't what I was looking for. I watched him for a bit, then his energy field seemed to change its shape, he was clearly manipulating his energy. I watched from next to MoSh as he used tendrils of energy like ropes to help him get to a small stone in the middle of the falls… and then to an even smaller one… somehow without getting swept away. He wouldn't be swept away, he had his energy tendrils to hold on to. He stayed on the second stone for a while, positioning his energy tendrils just right, removing them from the first rock and anchoring them to the far bank of the river… And then he used them to pull himself over to the far bank where he landed with cat-like grace on all fours. He paused there and pulled his energy tendrils back into himself, then finally stood up and looked down at his audience. All four men were staring wide eyed. Don Genaro now momentarily glowed brightly, expanding his energy field in a bright and colorful aura that looked like it might be visible from space… before disappearing from sight on the other side of the waterfall.

      It started raining now. The four men who had been sitting got up. I could hear Castaneda talking plaintively to don Juan who was responding as one might to a child who is complaining too much… responding in a tone that sounded like a reprimand… but I couldn't hear what they were saying. And I also had the feeling it didn't matter what they were saying. MoSh and I had been there to see don Genaro's show, not to find out what Carlos Castaneda was complaining to don Juan about… MoSh asked what I had seen. I told him what I had seen, don Genaro using his energy tendrils to help him get across the flowing waterfall without falling off. He commented that it seems I had seen it. I said yeah, I have been able to see energy in the dream state for quite some time… though I didn't remember seeing someone use the energy in that manner before… MoSh said that when Castaneda and don Juan had first watched this, it had been in the physical plane of our own home world… and then Castaneda had written about his experiences, although Castaneda had not been able to see what don Genaro had done at that point. Castaneda had looked, but had not been able to see. That didn't seem odd since most people on our physical plane aren't able to see energy…

      The hologram shut down at that point, apparently MoSh and I had seen everything we were going to see. MoSh said don Genaro had been manipulating his energy body on the physical plane of our world. I said yeah, that was pretty cool. I saw MoSh and I were back in my inner world again. I went over to the couch and sat down. MoSh was walking around looking at things. I could feel myself about to wake up again. I told MoSh that I was about to wake up, and time dilation seemed like too much effort to try again when it has never worked the second time anyway. MoSh was saying something else to me when everything faded and I woke.
    14. 06/15/10 Astral Dream Demons

      by , 06-29-2010 at 03:34 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: This is a dream that happened back on the 15th of the month, and I would swear I had journaled and posted this dream, but I couldn't find any trace of it. No copy on Dreamviews, no copy on Mortal Mist, no copy on my personal laptop… somehow it disappeared completely. There were quite a few similarities with Nomad's version of the dream, as well as some differences, so here is my version of the dream where Nomad, me, and several other dreamers went to help a friend of his with a dream demon.

      I was in the biodome on the moon, and I was lucid. I was sitting there watching the koi. The pretty fish were swimming around in the pool. The sunlight was reflecting off of their shiny scales and off of the surface of the water. It was really very pretty. I was sitting there watching the fish when someone approached behind me. I turned to look and saw it was Nomad. I remembered that he had a friend with a dream demon giving her nightmares, an older woman. I asked if he was there so we could go help his friend… he said yes. I thought for a bit… I was thinking someone else had said they wanted to come help with this… but who? I was lucid, and yet my mind wasn't fully clear. But of course my mind isn't completely clear IWL, so why would I expect 100% clarity in my dreams? Nomad opened a portal and both of us went through…

      On the other side we were in someone's bedroom. There was a woman sleeping in the bed with a… um… an ugly thing sitting on top of her, looked like it was holding her down to the bed. But she wasn't reacting to the thing's presence… the thing was the size of a large human, looked demonic, and appeared to be absorbing some kind of energy from the woman. I didn't know what the thing was doing to her, but I could easily tell it wasn't good… Nomad transformed into a big cat… a solid black jaguar…

      In that form he attacked the dream demon on top of the woman, hitting it across the face with one enormous paw, claws fully extended. The force of the blow knocked the demon off of the woman and onto the ground, practically turning the thing's head around on its neck… The thing got back up and used its hands to forcibly turned its head back toward the front with a rather sickening cracking noise. It started laughing at Nomad. It didn't seem to be paying any attention to me at all… I wasn't going to have that. I transformed into a big cat, a black panther… which looked mostly like Nomad except the spots were vaguely visible on his coat where as mine was a black as midnight…

      I pounced on the back of the demon, drawing the demon's dark energy out of it and into me. Nomad had changed into an Assassin dressed in solid black robes, he drove his hidden blade right into the demon's head. The demon collapsed, seemed to be calling out to someone, but then it was completely out of energy and faded to nothing.

      I was about to ask Nomad what the demon had been calling to when there was a portal opening… and a bunch of Templars coming through? On brooms like a Halloween witch would use? I was briefly doing a double take at that… A group of Templars coming to aid a demon and pretending to be Halloween witches at the same time… um… One of them was talking to Nomad, seemed to be annoying him. I went to another one and asked what the fuck he was doing. He said he was working for witches or something. I then asked the first question I had thought upon seeing them riding in like that…

      "So tell me…" I said, "Did you really learn everything you know about witches from Halloween ghost stories and the Harry Potter series? Do you really think witches ride brooms in the night? If so, where's your black cat? Or was your goal just to come here and look completely retarded? Which you've accomplished very well… And why the fuck are you working with…"

      "FUCK YOU!!!" I was interrupted by one of the loudest expletives I have ever heard… I looked over and saw Nomad chuckling next to a Templar who was poking at his ear as if he could not hear a thing, which after that expletive, he probably couldn't… Nomad yelled something completely incomprehensible at the other Templars… no doubt completing the process of making the one right next to him totally deaf… Nomad turned back into a black cat and attacked some of the Templars near him…

      "Oh… There's your black cat!" I said, "And he's pissed…" Nomad tore a few Templars apart with his claws and teeth, I opened a vortex portal that pulled them all in and deposited them… I wasn't sure what was a good place… somewhere far away… on the moon Titan.

      I don't know why I thought of Titan, but that was where I sent them… After the Templars were gone, Nomad and I did healing spells on Alexis. She seemed to wake up a bit, and Nomad was talking to her. I'm not sure what he was saying to her, but she seemed to be getting agitated by it, but soon calmed back down and went back to sleep. It looked like she would be ok. Nomad started talking about getting pulled into a dream… I told him he was already in a dream. He said he meant into another dream. I wasn't really sure what he was talking about… was he about to wake up or just switch dreamscapes? I told him to focus on something and stabilize the dream… but it was no good… Nomad disappeared… and then I woke.


      Note: This was actually two separate dreams for me, but I am putting them together since they are both back dated dreams and belong together as one.

      I was on the moon in the biodome again. I was lucid. I remembered Nomad disappearing from the last dream… I wondered if he was ok. I focused on finding him. A portal opened. I looked through into a black void… wtf? Nomad was floating in the blackness all by himself, yelling expletives at absolutely no one… I wondered if he was on dream drugs again… I called out to him, then threw him a tendril of Witchblade to pull him through my portal and into the biodome. He looked around. I asked if he was ok. He said Alexis was still in danger, we had to go back. I asked what was bothering her now… he said more dark things… he had seen them. I wondered if he had or if that was dream drugs… better check on her. Better look and find nothing than not look and have her attacked.

      I was about to focus on a portal to get back to Alexis when another portal opened. Tigress came in. She looked at me, and changed into a paladin. She asked if I was up for a DDO dream. I told her I was going to help Nomad with his friend first. She asked what was going on there. I said Nomad had said his friend was being attacked. She pulled out a sword and said killing stuff there was fine, just another DDO quest. Um… ok… I went to open the portal again, but this time MoSh appeared. He asked why no one had come to get him. MoSh! That was who I was supposed to go get before Nomad and I went to help Alexis! I apologized to MoSh, saying my mind hadn't been clear enough to think of it… Now Nomad opened a portal, and we all went through it.

      On the other side Nomad and I were on the edge of a forest looking at a rather creepy castle. I wondered why Alexis would have this creepy place in her inner world… maybe there was still a dream demon or other dark entity harassing her… We went inside the castle and looked around. Alexis looked kind of creepy, too. She was dressed all in black and had horns… she looked like a demon! She was smiling, however, and didn't look hostile. She was still smiling at us when something weird came through a portal and tackled her, and before I could even identify what it was, the two of them fell through another portal… with Nomad right behind them. The portal closed before the rest of us could get there… I had to focus on a portal to follow Nomad…

      I went through the portal, MoSh and Tigress with me. On the other side we were on a desolate plane. There was an outcropping of rock over a deep canyon. There was a woman… Alexis… huddled beside a big ugly thing there. The ugly thing was growling and snarling down at her, looming over her.

      I must have been in a feline mood, because I now changed back into the big panther I had been in the previous dream and tackled the demon thing off of her. We were now plunging through the air into the canyon, the thing was biting at me as we fell, I was sucking its energy out… I saw a bunch more dark creatures, those looked like shadow demons of some kind, coming from somewhere and attacking Alexis. Nomad was protecting her with a shield, Tigress was consuming the dark things, MoSh was blasting them with green flames from his naga form… Some of them were still getting through to Nomad… why wasn't he getting Alexis out of there? There was no need to be here in this dark world except to protect Alexis… and once she was safe, we could all make our exit. That was the last I noticed before hitting the ground of the canyon, I landed on top of the creature I was fighting…

      The creature was stunned a bit, but then it attacked me again. The shadow creatures were coming after me now, but they never got to me… Tigress and MoSh intercepted the entire hoard of them, so I still just had the one big ugly thing to deal with. I pounced on the thing one more time and tore at its neck with my razor claws, drawing some more dark energy out… wow… this was a lot of dark energy… the thing was no longer moving. I changed back to my normal form and flew back out of the canyon. Alexis and Nomad were gone. Tigress and MoSh were still there, though most of the smaller shadow creatures had either fled or been destroyed. I opened a portal so the three of us could get back to the biodome. MoSh and Tigress went through. The big ugly thing grabbed at me from behind. I threw a blast of lightning made from light energy right in its face, then went through the portal and closed it behind me.

      Tigress asked me what took me so long. I said I had found an old friend to play with a bit more. This was the first chance I had gotten, so I focused on The Curse by Disturbed to stabilize all the dark energy I had just absorbed… Tigress, still a paladin, sheathed her sword. She said she had told me this would do fine for a DDO quest… I told her I wished they had quests like that in DDO! That would be awesome. She said it would be hard. Yeah, but hard and AWESOME! Everything faded around me and I woke.

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    15. 06/13/10 Master of Illusion

      by , 06-15-2010 at 02:18 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: I went to bed tonight with an unexpected goal. MoSh had come on the computer and said there were some disturbing things going on with him, he'd had a nightmare, so my goal was to go check out MoSh's inner world and make sure things were ok in there. This was the goal I had in mind when I fell asleep. Once again no WILD, but I did have the following dreams…

      I was at work. It was the hospital where I used to work. I was sitting at my desk. I had been sleeping. Crap… I looked around and saw Susie also asleep. Well, at least I hadn't been seen sleeping. I got up and paced a bit in the office to try to wake myself up. I woke Susie up. She looked up at me and asked what I was doing. I said I was sleepy so I was walking to wake myself up. She said to grab a pillow and sleep then, it was nap time. Nap time? Since when did my job have nap time? She must have seen that I was confused. She asked how else am I supposed to check the inside of the servers except through a lucid dream? She said I should get to sleep and into a lucid so I could go check out the MExchange1 server while she finished checking on the Harp0 server. She lied her head down to go back to sleep. Checking servers in lucid dreams? Better get in the habit of doing RCs. To begin that I did a RC right there. I could breathe through my nose even when I pinched it… I was dreaming right now! Screw this job! I'm outta here!

      I walked out of the office and down the hall to the door that led to the fire exit. Concrete stairs led both up and down from there, but instead I climbed up on the concrete railing. I did another RC just to be sure, then I jumped into the air and flew. Yay flying! Yay lucid dream! Ok… focus. I flew away from the hospital and thought about my goals. I wanted to do a DDO dream… I wanted to open a locked book I have in my inner world… I wanted to complete the task of… MoSh! That name pushed into my head with force. MoSh! I had said I was going to go check out what had happened with MoSh! I bumped paying a visit to MoSh to the top of my list of goals. I focused on opening a portal… at first it didn't want to work, but then I focused harder and it opened. I flew through the portal…

      I landed in the yard outside of MoSh's house. The weather was bright and sunny. I went over to the house. I could hear voices inside, a man and a woman were talking really mushy mush to each other. I looked inside through the window and saw MoSh and Asuka kissing pretty heavy. I didn't want to interrupt their make-out session. I turned to leave, but I remembered I was going to check on Asuka. I looked into the window again. I would check on both of their energies to see if there was any sign of contamination. I looked, focused, and I saw none. It wasn't just that I saw no contamination, I saw no energy at all! They weren't real! Wtf? I quickly made up a corny rhyme spell… "Dispel the vision that I see, from illusion set me free." The illusory MoSh and Asuka vanished… and the entire scene shifted…

      Now I was in the basement of MoSh's house. MoSh and Asuka were chained to two separate stone tables. There were people there torturing them. I recognized the torturers, too. Nomad was peeling MoSh's skin off and Angel was sticking rusty nails in Asuka. Wtf?! No way could that really be Nomad and Angel… Whoever it was I was going to stop them. I went in to stop them and noticed again… no one there had any energy. I repeated the spell I'd made to dispel illusions… "Dispel the vision that I see, from illusion set me free!"

      The scene shifted again, but not much this time. It had just shifted so that Nomad and Angel were being tortured by MoSh and Asuka instead of the other way around. "Dispel this vision that I see, from illusion… glurk…" My spell was interrupted when I nearly puked. MoSh had just torn one of Nomad's eyes out and fed it to Asuka, popping it into her mouth like a piece of candy… Yuck! I went through my dispel illusion spell faster so I wouldn't get distracted again… "Dispel this vision that I see, from illusion set me free!"

      The scene changed again. Asuka tied up naked between two trees in a forest, MoSh videotaping as a line of disgusting looking men forced themselves on her. Asuka was screaming and crying… no… repeat dispel illusion spell… MoSh and Asuka swapped places, the ugly men were doing MoSh from the rear while Asuka filmed it and laughed, "How do you like it, you sick fuck?" Um… no… repeat dispel illusion spell. The scene shifted. Asuka and MoSh having pretty violent and raunchy sex… well, I don't know how they like to do it… The people had no energy, not real. Repeat dispel illusion. MoSh stabbing Asuka many times and then coming towards me with the bloody knife… no… dispel illusion… MoSh and Asuka skinning live animals, couldn't tell what kind… no… dispel illusion. This was getting ridiculous! Asuka giving oral pleasure to MoSh then suddenly ripping his… um… you-know-what off with her teeth… no… dispel illusion, dispel illusion, dispel illusion! Damn it! Why wasn't it working?! I focused carefully, not paying any attention to the screaming around me as who did I-don't-want-to-know-what to who… and focused on the spell, "Dispel this vision that I see, from illusion set me free. All this horror cannot be, make it gone, so mote it be!"

      I stood there with my eyes closed a bit longer. No screaming… no sounds of raunchy sex… no crying… no sounds of animals in pain… I carefully opened my eyes. I was outside of MoSh's house. There was a strange fog hanging over the area. Q telepathically told me it's called a fog of illusion. The fog lent a creepy aspect to everything. I used the song Full Moonlight to gather up the strange fog from all over, in the house, all around… into a small orb that I threw into a void.

      Ok, now where were MoSh and Asuka? I had to find them. I felt for their energy and found it. They were both in the house. I went in through the front door, following Asuka's energy because she was closer. I found her in the kitchen, in the pantry, cowering in the back corner trying to make herself invisible. She saw movement, shrank back, but then came to me crying tears of relief. She said she was so glad to see me… MoSh had been infected with dark energy, he was trying to kill her, and she hadn't been able to do anything for him. She said she had tried to get out of the house to get help, but he was always waiting there with his huge knife, saying which parts of her he wanted to cut off first… "Please help him," Asuka said, "It's not his fault… it's dark energy, I'm sure…"

      I checked Asuka for energy corruption. I found none, but I did a Touch My Heart healing spell on her anyway. Golden energy flowed into her. I then followed MoSh's energy. It was downstairs in the basement. I found him there. He seemed to be sneaking along the back wall, trying to blend with the shadows, getting closer to the stairs. He saw me there and apparently thought I was Asuka. "Come on, Asuka," he said, "Try to fight it! You need healing! Just fight it for a bit… I really don't want to hurt you!"

      "I'm not Asuka," I said. He heard my voice and recognized it. He came running over to me and put his arms around me. He said he was really glad to see me, Asuka needed healing… and she needed it bad. He motioned to the far side of the room. Shawna came out. MoSh said Asuka had tried to kill both of them, and neither Shawna nor him had been able to heal her. But she needed help badly… I would help, wouldn't I? I said I already had seen Asuka and I had used a healing spell on her. I used Touch My Heart on MoSh and Shawna, though they didn't look infected, either.

      When MoSh and Asuka were in the same room, I told them what illusions I'd had to break through in order to get to the reality of MoSh's inner world. The psycho version of MoSh trying to kill Asuka and the psycho version of Asuka trying to kill MoSh and Shawna weren't real, they had just been illusions. Very convincing, very hard to penetrate. I told them there had been a strange fog all over the place, the fog of illusion. They seemed to understand and accept that, now everyone was pissed. Who the fuck had put that there? How had they gotten in? I wondered if it was something L had done when he was inside before, or if he had used another dirty trick to come back and do it… because if he had come back after the incident last night, he was apparently looking for a permanent playmate in Walms. The idea that L secretly finds being beaten to a pulp to be a turn-on crossed my mind briefly, but I got rid of that because it would make me sick very quickly…

      Asuka, Shawna, and MoSh were all hugging now. MoSh pulled me into the hug. We all hugged there for a couple minutes, everyone was relieved that things seemed normal now. MoSh was thanking me for helping. I said I would be there to help any time, I was glad he and Asuka and Shawna were all ok. The dream slipped, and I woke up, disappearing right out of the group hug.

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