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    New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight

    So Much Harry Potter

    by , 08-11-2011 at 04:42 AM (878 Views)
    08/05/11 Friday
    I am in school, I know it is Friday, and I am impatiently waiting for the class to come to an end so I can go home. I fidget in my seat, willing the time to go by more quickly, completely ignoring the paper in front of me. I have all weekend to do that homework, there's no hurry. Something hits me in the back of the head, it is a wad of paper. I pick it up and look at it. There is a note scrawled inside that says, "You are having a cow." Wtf? I look around the room and see there is a boy a couple rows back from me looking at me. He points at me and mouths the word 'cow' very clearly. Weirdo… The bell finally rings and I get up to leave. I brush up against someone as I'm gathering my things and she gives a mock scream. She says something contaminated touched her and she needs to be disinfected before she catches whatever it is that makes me so gross. Another idiot. I already know for a fact that the school is full of idiots. I ignore the idiots and leave the classroom, heading for home. In front of the school there is a group of five boys picking on one boy. Bunch of cowards… I head over to the group, I recognize the boy getting picked on… and I know I don't like being picked on, so neither does this boy. One of them, a particularly fat one, is saying the smaller boy probably wets the bed, how pathetic is that? I comment it is about one tenth as pathetic as a group of five idiots picking on one person. The fat one turns around and says no one asked me, so get lost. I apologize for my mistake… six picking on one, since the big one is clearly fat enough for at least two boys. The fat kid says he isn't fat, he has big bones. I say wow… he'll never have to worry about breaking a bone, then… those bones aren't big, they're HUGE! The fat kid says he's not opposed to hitting a girl, so get lost before he beats me along with Potter. I say I'm not opposed to kicking him in the… wait… Potter? Harry Potter? He looks at me blankly. Does that make you Dudley Dursley? Yeah… who wants to know? I tell him I read about him in a scientific journal… the first known human being to exist with absolutely no brain at all! He says that does it, I'm going to get pounded. He takes a swing at my face, I catch his fist in my hand and twist it over into a very uncomfortable position. He lets out a cry of surprise and a bit of pain. I tell him he has one chance to run home to his mommy before I kick him in the nuts so hard they get lodged in his fucking nostrils. Someone is coming, it is a teacher, asking what is going on here. Everyone is instantly on their best behavior. Dudley whispers to Harry that he will get it later on… and then to me that I will get it tomorrow. Um… tomorrow is Saturday, retard… I won't be seeing you… Harry says that was worth it to see Dudley get shown up by a girl. I invite him to come to my place. He says he can't come home with me every day forever. I ask why not, my dad won't mind. And it's not like his aunt and uncle give a shit… He can't argue with that, and we head back to my place together. I tell him there is a technique to being able to fight people like Dudley… and I know someone who can teach him if he wants to learn. He seems very interested.

    08/06/11 Saturday
    I am in the back yard of my own house, though it is not the house I live in now, it isn't even a house I recognize. My father is there with me, in fact, my father is James Hetfield from Metallica. Also there with me are Harry Potter and Vegeta from Dragonball Z. Hetfield goes into the house, leaving Harry and me there with Vegeta. Vegeta is giving us a martial arts lesson. He says it doesn't matter how large your opponent is if you know the right techniques to handle ourselves. So we spend a while out in the back yard working on exercises to get in shape and martial arts techniques. I am thinking I am at least getting some exercise for a change, and maybe this time I will even be able to stick with it. Somehow, even though Vegeta and Harry Potter are there with me, and James Hetfield is my father, it never occurs to me that I might be dreaming until I wake up.

    08/07/11 Sunday
    I am in the back yard of a house that is clearly not one of the places I have ever lived in my waking life, but it is familiar to me as my home. This entire dream consists of practicing martial arts with Harry Potter, Vegeta is the instructor. For some reason it never once occurs to me to do a reality check…

    Note: In spite of doing reality checks periodically during the day and telling myself to do them when I am dreaming, I never seem to do them anymore. If anyone has any ideas on how to get back into the habit it would be really helpful, I used to have frequent lucid dreams and now they're gone…

    08/08/11 Monday
    I am in bed and waking up, the alarm is going off, I don't want to get up… it is too early… why is my alarm going off now?! I sit up and look around the room, there is some light coming in the window, but it is clearly still early in the morning. I drag myself out of bed and get dressed before dragging myself out to the other room. Someone speaks to me from the door, says this is the last week of school, come on, get out of bed. School… wtf? I have school? What is going on? I sit up and get out of bed, not sure what to think. I get dressed and when I go to brush my hair I see I am about 11 years old. My mind just falls into the routine of going to class now, all thoughts of dreaming gone. Eat breakfast, walk to school. I am walking to school with Harry Potter, who apparently spent the night at my house last night. The entire time I am walking to school I get the strange feeling that someone is watching us… following us… am I just being paranoid? Nope. About half way to school a group of five boys blocks our path, one of them is Dudley Dursley. They seem ready for a fight. Dudley says no one humiliates him in front of his friends… I say no need to, he makes a complete fool of himself on his own. He turns red and says he's going to pound me… then he comes at me. I use leverage and strength I didn't realize I had to flip him over and onto his back, then I step on his fat neck. Try that again I'll rip your dick off and shove it so far up your ass that you're giving yourself a blowjob! All five of them look shocked that a girl just did that. While they are shocked, Harry and I continue to school where all my classes go predictably boring. My last class is over, and I am ready to head home… but wasn't I supposed to meet Harry and walk home with him? I look around for Harry for a while, then I finally find him. I'm not sure what made me check… but I find him in a dumpster. He has had his ass kicked… by Dudley and his gang, no doubt… I help Harry out of the dumpster, at first he is mad at me, saying Dudley was beating him because of me, then he is upset, saying he tried to use Vegeta's techniques, but they didn't work… I tell him it takes time to train to fight. I focus on healing a couple of his injuries… the healing works. We walk home together, I am plotting revenge on Dudley, but Harry wants to learn to fight and take care of things himself.

    08/09/11 Tuesday
    I wake up in bed and know right away that it is time to go to school. Time to get up and get ready to go. I pull myself out of bed, I currently have no awareness of my normal waking life, and no idea that I could be dreaming right now. I come out of the bedroom and have breakfast, I don't want to go to school, I never do, but this is the last week. Yay! I am walking to school with Harry Potter, and it feels like we're being watched. This seems to be a common occurrence now… nothing happens before we reach class, though. No one shows their face. I wonder if it was Dudley and his goons, and they are too cowardly to show their faces. Most likely. Classes today are preparation for the final exams, so there isn't much time to think about anything else. I get really bored with going over material for final exams and I end up doodling again, though this time I am more careful about getting caught. I am doodling plans for a puzzle game I have had in mind, though I am not entirely sure what I plan on doing with the idea. I will figure out that part once I have the idea finalized.

    08/10/11 Wednesday, Dream 1
    I am in an office, I am there for a job interview. I have no memory of how I got to be there, and I can't even remember what job I am interviewing for. Of course this results in me being about ten times as nervous as I usually am at an interview, and that is never a good thing. I look around the office a bit, it is a really fancy office. I am there by myself, I wonder when the person interviewing me will arrive. I get nosy and look around on the desk. It is a massive mahogany desk, clearly an antique… it is well polished and there are many items on it. I note the items consist of some antique looking pens, a couple bottles of ink, several rolls of parchment, and what is most notably absent is a computer of any kind. Actually there is nothing electronic at all. Weird. I sit there and wait for a few minutes until the door finally opens and a man walks in. I do a double take as I recognize the man, it looks like Professor Dumbledore. I am doing a double take when he comes over and says he's sorry to have kept me waiting, there was some urgent school business to attend to. He introduces himself and says he is pleased to meet me, Quintus has told him a lot about me. Quintus? I am wondering who Quintus is, Dumbledore continues. He says Quintus has said I have held such positions before and performed admirably in them, and he is inclined to believe Quintus since they have been friends for so many years. Who the fuck is Quintus?! I am struggling with this question, but Dumbledore doesn't seem to notice, he keeps talking. I am hardly hearing what he is saying, though I am somehow answering, not even aware of my answers. Finally I am leaving the office, and Dumbledore is saying he is required to speak with someone else, but he really feels he has already made his decision. I wish it was that easy to get a job in my waking life…

    08/10/11 Wednesday, Dream 2
    I am in school, I am taking a test. It's a final exam. In this dream I spend the entire day going to two different classes and taking final exams, then the school day is over. I get to go home early, though the idea is for me to go home early and then study for the final exams still to come tomorrow. What fun, I am so glad class is almost over for the summer. Outside of the school I meet up with Harry Potter, and we are walking home together. Harry says something about that he really should go home one of these days… he can't move in with me permanently. I ask why not, as long as my dad doesn't care… and it seems pretty clear that his aunt and uncle don't give a shit. Harry says the Dursley's would probably be glad to get rid of him. I say then the problem is solved. Unless someone complains, there is really no reason he can't just stay with me… unless he really prefers living with the Dursleys. He said no, he would not prefer that. I say let's get home, I need to do some studying for our final exams tomorrow. Maybe we can help each other out. Sure, sounds great. The whole way home I can't shake the feeling we are being watched, though I never see any sign of anyone following us. I wonder if Dudley might be a problem… it seems Harry notices me being paranoid. He says if I'm looking for Dudley, don't worry, Dudley is still back at school trying in vain to finish a final exam… when he probably got stuck on the first question, the one where he's required to put his name.

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    1. MadMonkey's Avatar
      I love how episodic and almost planned out your dreams are. Also one thing I do to get back into the habit of doing RCs is wright RC on my hand and do one every time I notice it.
      Raven Knight likes this.
    2. Raven Knight's Avatar
      I love how episodic and almost planned out your dreams are. Also one thing I do to get back into the habit of doing RCs is wright RC on my hand and do one every time I notice it.

      Thanks, I'll try that.
    3. INeverWakeUp's Avatar
      If you want, I could teach you the Custom MILD where you do reality checks during the day. It makes MILDing more successful.
      Raven Knight likes this.