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    New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight

    A Song of Healing

    by , 06-15-2017 at 12:38 AM (327 Views)
    2017, 06-14

    A Song of Healing

    I am at a mall with my mother. It’s similar to a mall in my local area, but not exact. I know I have been to this mall before, however, in previous dreams. No thought that I might be dreaming occurs to me now. My mom and I are going into a clothing store and looking for some new clothes for me for work. I look around but I can’t find anything I like that will actually fit me. So we leave and head for the theater at the mall where there is a live performance of Harry Potter, and the author J.K. Rowling is even going to be in attendance for this presentation. We go to the theater and wait in line to go inside. Once inside I see J.K. Rowling surrounded by people asking for her autograph. I also see someone I don’t want to see… so instead of waiting to try to get J.K. Rowling’s autograph I pull my mom into the theater to get a good seat, or that’s the reason I give her for my hurry.

    In the theater there are already quite a few people seated so my mom and I pick a spot. I look around and see quite a few people with popcorn and I think that would be good, but the person after me knows my mom and might see her if she goes for popcorn so I say I don’t want any when she asks. People keep coming into the theater and I watch carefully to see if the man outside is coming in. I don’t see him. I look to the front of the theater and I see a different man looking at me. He clearly recognizes me. And somehow I know he works for the man who is looking for me. I look to my mom but she is gone. Another man comes over and says to remain calm. He says he’s a friend and will make sure I get out of here safely. He gives a dirty look at the man up front who is watching me.

    The man beside me looks under my seat and finds poison darts. He asks the man watching us what the poison would do to me. He says it would land me in the emergency room. I say it would be lethal if I drank all four of them. The man beside me says no, don’t talk like that. Another man, a fat man in an oversized t-shirt, comes over and takes one of the darts from the man beside me. He says he hasn’t tried this yet, and breaks the cartridge open and drinks some of the fluid inside. He looks like he’s getting high off of it. I look back at the man beside me and then I hear a woman a couple rows back let out a cry. I look just in time to see J.K. Rowling collapse in shock. I look to see what she saw and I see the man who drank the poison now has no nose, it looks like it melted off his face, but he looks higher than ever.

    The man beside me urges me to get out of here. I head out of the theater but on the way I lose track of him, and then I am in the hall of the mall alone. I head down the hall, looking for a bathroom. I open a door and find myself in someone’s house. A woman is there and she looks pissed at me. I think she is pissed because I just walked into her house, so I turn to leave but the door to the mall is gone. The woman starts yelling at me and demanding to know if I’m sleeping with him. I ask who. She says MoSh, of course! She says I’ve been fucking him, haven’t I?! I tell her MoSh wouldn’t want to get involved with me, I’m too old for him. Then I realize what is happening… this must be Asuka, I was going to heal her! I focus on the song Voices from the Macross Plus soundtrack. Light energy flows through Asuka and she calms down. She says she doesn’t know why she said what she did. I tell her it was unstable negative energies. I am about to say more but everything fades to black and I wake up.

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      Wonder why she keeps getting like that.