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    1. The Dark Tower – A Bridge to Doom

      by , 12-16-2017 at 06:05 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 12-14

      The Dark Tower – A Bridge to Doom

      I am walking with the others along an old road. For while it is hard to see anything around us, because the road sits down below ground level. We finally come to a bridge. It is a large suspension bridge, although it doesn’t look like it is in the best of conditions. I think Eddie might be sick. He says the heights have never been one of his favorite things. Roland asks if he thinks he’s going to be able to make it? He says now is the time to admit that if it is the case, and we will find another way. I can see that Eddie is looking across the bridge to a point where a lot of it is broken away and it looks like we will have to cross on top of a large curved pipe. That doesn’t look particularly easy. After considering it for a bit, he says he’ll make it just fine. I tell him if he needs help I will help him. And also his Witchblade will. If he slips and falls, it will not let him fall. It will shoot a tendril or rope to grab hold of something more solid, and then it will pull him up. So we start across the bridge.

      Eddie is doing his best not to look down. Roland and Susanna both seem OK, although Susanna seems a little uneasy with her artificial legs. She has gotten used to walking on them, but this is something new. Jake seems to think this is fun. He seems to have no fear heights, and he is making his way across the bridge as if there was nothing wrong with it. We are making our way across to quite easily. We come to the part where we will have to walk across the curved pipe, but there are cables to the sides of it so that we can use them as hand rails. Jake runs off across the pipe. That’s when he decides he’s made a mistake, when he looks back and sees his little Billy Bumbler struggling with it. Oy is having trouble getting purchase on the curved pipe with his clawed feet. Jake is trying to urge him across. Eddie seems to be doing OK for now, so I go forward and try to scoop up Oy learned my arms. He doesn’t seem to want to be touched by anyone except Jake. I told him that I can carry him across the gap. Jake is also trying to reassure him, telling you it’s OK and let me pick him up. Finally he lets me scoop him into my arms. I look back and ask Eddie if he will be OK? I say if he has trouble, I can come back. He says he will be OK. So I carry Oy across the gap in my arms.

      There is an asshole at the other end of the bridge now. It is the asshole Gasher wants to take Jake back to his Tick Tock Man. He’s holding a grenade up over his head and saying that we had better cooperate or we will all ride the handsome. I think that means he’s going to blast all of us into the next world. The idea that the grenade might be a dud comes to mind. The asshole says that he wants to take Jake with him, but everyone else will be able to leave. People are getting angry when Roland seems to be considering complying with it for the time being. Probably because if the grenade goes off, even if the blast doesn’t reach us it will probably destabilize the bridge enough to make it fall. So everyone would die. Eddie says the grenade might be dud. That seems logical considering it’s probably pretty old, but it doesn’t seem safe to count on that. Plus, I am remembering from the books that it is not a dud. And then Jake says he should make the decision for himself. He doesn’t wait for Roland or Eddie or any of us to come up with a plan, he heads off across the rest of the bridge towards the asshole.

      The asshole says he thought we would listen to reason. Eddie is saying that Jake should stop, there’s no saying that Gasher will let us leave even if he has Jake. He tries to say he’s not that much of an asshole, if he was he would have told us to throw our weapons over the side. But he didn’t because we’re going to need them in the city. Oy, still in my arms, now wiggles his way free and goes chasing after Jake. Jake catches Oy in his arms as they meet up. Asshole wants Jake to throw Oy over the side, but Jake’s only response is fuck you. I am thinking maybe I could telekinetically contain the explosion if the grenade kills off. I start to follow Jake so I can get a better view of the hand holding the grenade. The asshole says to stop right there or will all ride the handsome. He moves away from the end of the bridge and disappears between a couple of buildings. Just a little bit after that I hear a loud explosion. The grenade wasn’t a dud…
    2. Some Fragments

      by , 10-26-2017 at 07:57 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 10-26

      Some Fragments

      Shelter: I am driving my car through the desert near my house. I am looking for a cave or an underground structure. I am thinking that I need to know of some place relatively safe in case there is a nuclear bomb attack. I am finding more caves and stuff than I thought I would, but none of them seem sufficient. Either they are two open to the outside air, or not deep enough, or both. One I find that looks promising seems to be known by too many people. I am thinking if we are too late, there would be no room for us there. Or maybe other people who got there first will be assholes. I am going inside to check yet another small cave when I wake up.

      Homework: I am at a school, though it doesn’t look like any of the real schools I have attended. I have to look around for my class for too long so I go in late. I find a seat and try to look like I didn’t just run in. The instructor doesn’t say anything, she just passes out booklets of papers. Each booklet looks pretty long, and as I page through it I see very little writing in it and a lot of blank lines meant for us to fill out. This homework assignment looks like it will take hours. The instructor is guiding us through the first page and says to fill in “nuclear / atomic” in the first blank underneath the “type” heading. I write that down, though I have no clue what it means.

      Game of Dreams: This part is from Game of Thrones. I am with some people in Kings Landing. We are sitting behind a booth like a merchant booth in the marketplace. We have a lot of food. There are also people gathering around. Someone let them know we have food. We start distributing this food. Things get a little out of hand. People are pushing and shoving and getting violent to get some food. But when they get too out of hand, Vegeta glares at them. I hadn’t even realized he was there. Everyone backs down and proceeds in an orderly fashion. Vegeta laughs. He says a couple of the tough looking guys pissed their pants. We continue giving out food to the people. We have an infinite supply. I am thinking that Q has given us a bottomless store of food. There is meat, cheese, vegetables, grain, bread, fruit, and even some sweets. Everyone is very happy to be getting the food. I can tell they are all hungry. And it seems other merchants have been price gouging lately, but I’m not charging anything. Their coin is useless to me anyhow.
    3. The Garden of Music

      by , 05-05-2017 at 11:59 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-05

      The Garden of Music

      I am in a place that looks somewhat familiar, but I can't place it. It looks like it is a garden of some kind, and there are many beautiful flowers and plants around, and a stream running through it with a bridge that crosses over it. I look at some of the plants and flowers and some of them look like they are newly planted. Others look like they are a bit sick or maybe damaged by something, I can’t tell which. As I walk among the plants I get the idea I will help them out a bit, whether they be new, sick, or damaged. I have an ocarina on a cord around my neck and I start playing it now. I play the first song I think of which is Voices from the Macross Plus soundtrack. As I play the music I see the plants are visibly growing. Plants form buds, the buds bloom into beautiful flowers. Small plants grow larger and many new and bright green leaves start growing. Some smaller plants turn out to actually be saplings and they grow into large and beautiful trees, many of which have blossoms of their own. I begin to walk through the garden while playing this song and now I hear birds singing in the trees where there hadn’t been any birds before, of course there hadn’t been any trees there before. I walk over the bridge and play the song again, creating the same effect in another area of the garden. The weather is perfect for a walk outside, and I am not sure how much time has passed in this way. The music and the beautiful garden. I am about to play the song yet again but everything fades and I wake up feeling very calm and relaxed.
      Tags: garden, healing
    4. 10/20/14 - Fall Into Darkness

      by , 10-26-2014 at 02:19 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Note: It has been a long time since I have posted a dream. I have been having some serious issues with depression and I have been unable to remember most of my dreams and mostly not cared about the ones I have remembered. I think I am breaking out of the darkness of depression now and I will try to post dreams more often again.

      Fall Into Darkness
      I am somewhere I don’t recognize, but I don’t really care about that. I feel awful. I hurt inside, my depression is giving me serious problems right now. I don’t really notice anything going on around me, just the pain inside. I finally pull myself to my feet and I look around. The room I’m in looks abandoned. It looks like whoever had been here left in a bit of chaos. It looks like it used to be an office of some kind but now it is trashed. There is some broken computer equipment lying by a desk that is almost broken in half, papers are strewn everywhere, and none of the lights are working, leaving the room only illuminated by a street light outside the window. I don’t pay too much attention to the setting, however, I walk over to the window and look out.

      The window has been broken and I am able to step right out onto the ledge. I see there is a city outside, but there aren’t many lights on even though it is night time. I look down and see I am a long way up in what must be a skyscraper. There are people way down there, though there is something odd about the way they’re moving. Because of how I am feeling, however, I don’t pay too much attention to the people down below. I am just hurting so much inside. I know things will never get any better. I’m no good to anyone, and I’m no good to myself, there is only one way to escape such pain. So with absolutely no hope in my broken and dying heart I step off of the ledge and feel myself falling into the comforting embrace of death…

      But no… that doesn’t happen. I fall for a bit and then I feel I am being lifted back up into the air. It feels almost like flying, which is an exhilarating feeling compared to the crushing depression I felt just seconds before. I notice that someone has put their arms around me. Someone has snatched me right out of the air, taking me into a strong and comforting embrace… and we are flying! Or it certainly feels like flying… maybe it was just a really high jump because the next thing I notice is that my rescuer and I land safely on the roof of a building next to the one I jumped from. My rescuer sets me down and now I am able to turn around and see who it is. I turn around and find myself staring directly into the blue eyes of Alex Mercer from Prototype.

      From the look in his eyes it appears Alex is a mix of concerned and annoyed. He asks what I was thinking when I did something that foolish, do I want to die? I tell him that was the general idea. I tell him there really is no reason for me to continue. He looks at me for a bit longer and then asks if I even realize that I’m dreaming. He says he knows I can’t really die in a dream, but do I really want to? I stop for a bit and look at him, trying to comprehend the idea that I am just dreaming now. The pain inside has faded a lot now that I am here with Alex. He takes me into his arms and says he would love for me to be able to come to the dream state permanently so we could be together more, but not like that. He said he only wants that to happen when it is my time, he doesn’t want to see my life end like that, there is still too much that I can do in my current home world. I tell him there isn’t any hope. I tell him I can’t do it alone. I can’t face all that is against me all alone. He said I am never really alone, he is right here with me. And so is Altaïr… and Hetfield… and everyone else that is in my inner world. And even in the physical world I have my friends and my mom. I tell him that everything just feels so hopeless. He said he can help me with that… and he’ll no longer take ‘no’ for an answer. He pulls me back into his arms and holds me there, it feels comforting. I don’t even realize that he’s actually consuming me until everything around me fades to black and then I wake up feeling at peace.
    5. 11/03/13 Death is Forever

      by , 11-04-2013 at 04:38 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Death is Forever
      I am in a place I don't recognize. It is dark, but there is light up ahead. I am in a hallway. My eyes adjust to the darkness enough that I can see I am not alone there. Alex Mercer off of Prototype is there with me. I look over at him and see he is looking back at me. I don't know where we are or why we are there, I get the idea he doesn't know, either. I hear voices up ahead. I head to the end of the hall to see who is talking. I peek carefully around the corner and see there are too people in a home office of some kind. It's Dana Mercer and James Heller off of Prototype 2. I wonder why the two of them are together. I listen carefully and I can pick up what they are saying. Heller is saying something about his daughter being kidnapped by Dana's brother. Dana says he is not her brother any longer. I glance over at Alex to see how he is responding. He looks pissed. He shifts form to someone I don't recognize, a blonde man who actually looks quite a bit like Edward Kenway off of Assassin's Creed IV.

      I stand there and stare at him briefly before peeking around at Dana and Heller again. Alex is looking around the corner with me, glaring daggers at both of them. I think it's a good thing looks don't kill or they would both be dead right now. Apparently one of us makes a noise that Heller hears because he asks who is there. I figure they will find out we're there sooner or later so I come out into the open and identify myself as Raven Knight. Heller asks who my friend is. Alex doesn't answer, he is still glaring, mostly at Heller. I look over at him and answer the first name that comes to mind… Edward. This is Edward Kenway. Heller stares at both of us for a couple minutes, Dana takes a couple steps towards me. Heller grabs her arm and says not to get to close… we're both infected. When Heller grabs Dana, Alex tells him to get his hands off, practically snarls it. Heller says Alex (calling him Edward) has no business telling him to do anything. Alex says Heller will cooperate if he wants to stay in one piece. I roll my eyes… I see Dana doing the same. Heller wants to know where Alex Mercer is. Alex says Heller had better hope he never finds him. "I… er… he would tear you apart." Dana interrupts and asks me what Edward and I have come here for. Before I can answer Heller is yelling at Alex again, telling him he will destroy Alex Mercer and start out with Edward as a warm-up if he doesn't shut the fuck up. Alex says he should kill Heller right now for just saying that. I take hold of Alex's arm and tell him to calm down. He doesn't seem to be hearing me and pulls his arm away. Heller tells him to go ahead and try it. Alex stops and says no, he won't… that would be too easy. He says he has heard Heller has a daughter.

      Heller gets really pissed and says if Edward lays one hand on her he will make him beg for death. Alex says not to worry, he would never hurt the little girl… he's just going to tell her the truth about Heller, about what he has done, about what he has become… before he's done she won't be able to stand the sight of Heller. He says he can't wait to see what Heller's reaction is when Amaya looks him in the eye and tells him he is dead to her. Apparently Alex has forgotten that he is in disguise, he is too busy yelling at Heller and ignoring everyone else around him. He says Heller stole Dana from him so he is going to make sure Amaya never speaks to Heller again. Heller doesn't make the connection. He keeps referring to Alex as Edward and says he won't get anywhere near Amaya, that once he gets her back from that psycho… Dana makes the connection and interrupts, "Alex? Is that you?" Alex stops short, realizing what he said gave him away. Heller continues with his rant. Once he gets Amaya back from that psycho he's going to take her somewhere safe but then he'll hunt Edward down and make him beg for mercy before he kills him. Having blown his cover, Alex shifts back to his normal form, which takes Heller completely by surprise. I say, "Well look at that… Edward can transform…" Heller immediately launches off on a new rant, demanding to know where Amaya is and what Alex has done with her. Alex says he doesn't have Heller's brat. That fucking imposter no doubt has her, and he has no idea where. But as soon as he tracks that piece of shit imposter down… I am waiting to see what Dana's reaction is going to be, so far she has only managed to stand there and look shocked and a bit confused. But before she can react any more the ground starts to shake. Strange vine like tentacles burst up from the floor, ripping through the room and into the ceiling, tearing the ceiling away and revealing the open night sky.

      More tendrils tear the walls away, leaving us standing out in the open in the ruins of what had been a house. One of the tendrils had punched a hole in the floor right in front of us and then retreated. Alex Mercer jumps up through that hole and lands in the floor right in front of us. Or at least it's someone who looks like Alex Mercer… he is laughing manically and staring at Heller, not seeming to notice there is an Alex Mercer already present. Dana is looking more confused than ever, looking between the two Alex Mercers quickly. Heller is yelling that he will kill both Alex Mercers… he'll take them both on at the same time. The Alex beside me says no, this piece of shit is his. The other Alex is starting to say something to Heller but he doesn't get anything out beyond Heller's name before the Alex beside me attacks him. A fight breaks out, Alex Mercer vs. Alex Mercer, though one of them clearly has the upper hand. In addition to the usual viral form shifting abilities he is using energy attacks and lightning. He forms his blade and charges it with a bolt of lightning, then attacks the enemy Alex with a sparking blade. There isn't time to continue watching the two Alex Mercers fight, however, there are enemies attacking right there on the ground. Various types of hunters and brawlers…

      I'm not entirely sure which are which, but it doesn't matter since they are all attacking. Dana isn't able to fight, so she is just trying to stay back and out of the way. That leaves Heller and me, I'm not entirely sure what to expect out of him. The question of who he will attack is answered for him as two of the enemies jump on him at the same time. I don't have time to watch and see what Heller is doing, I am being attacked by more of the enemies. I form an Alex Mercer blade from my arm and armor from Witchblade and cleanly remove the first enemy's head. The second one dodges and comes at me from behind. Witchblade blocks the attack and I drive the sword backwards into its face. No time to make sure it's dead, two more attack. By the time I finish with those two I see there is one about to grab Dana. I use Battery and call a bolt of lightning to strike it, knocking it back away from Dana and crumbling one of the few remaining wall fragments left of the house. It attacks me now and I finish it off with my blade. I look back over to where Alex and Alex are fighting. I look just in time to see one Alex pin the other to the ground using Megadeth's Crush 'Em as a song spell. The one Alex jumps down to where the other Alex is pinned. He says there can only be one Alex Mercer before he cuts the pinned Alex open and consumes him. All the enemies are gone now, either dead or they have left since the other Alex Mercer is no longer there to control them. Heller is going to attack the remaining Alex. I get between him and Alex to deter that move, I know it will not end well for Heller. Instead of attacking Heller demands again to know where Amaya is. Alex glares over at him for a bit and then grabs something from a broken table. He scribbles on it, wads it up, and throws it at Heller. It is a piece of paper. He says she is there, now go get her before he changes his mind. He chuckles and says the imposter was going to make her queen of the new world… though he has no idea why the idiot would have chosen a kid and a relative of Heller's, meaning she is most likely stupid, too. Heller gets annoyed at that and acts like he might attack Alex after all. I am still between them, I ask Heller if he doesn't think Amaya has waited long enough? She needs her father to be with her instead of playing with Alex. He glares at Alex one more time, then looks over at Dana. Dana says he should go to Amaya, she will be fine… or at least she thinks she will be… She is watching Alex closely. Heller leaves, jumping off into the night. Dana hesitates and then asks if it was the imposter the whole time, doing all those horrible things. Alex says if she had bothered to listen to him he had been trying to tell her there was an imposter on the loose. But she had preferred to give up on him and without even hearing what he had to say. She says now the imposter is gone, though, and things can be like they were. Alex doesn't seem in the mood for that, though. He says the only problem with that is once someone is dead, they don't come back… and don't forget, he is dead to her. He opens a portal and disappears through it. Dana calls to him to wait, but he is gone. She looks at me as if wanting to know what she can do. I just shrug, not knowing what to say, and then I wake up.
    6. 03/03/13 Thinny and Charyou Tree

      by , 03-04-2013 at 03:38 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Into the Thinny
      I am in a place I don't recognize. I look around and I see I'm not alone there. Roland, Cuthbert, and Alain are there with me. I'm having a Dark Tower dream. Roland is not exactly with us. He is staring into a glowing pink ball and looks completely zoned out. I recognize what is happening just as Alain punches Roland in the face. Roland drops the glowing orb and falls over backwards. Alain catches the orb. For a minute I think he's going to zone out, but he puts it in a bag and the light goes out. The others say we have to get moving if we're going to blow up those tankers. I am thinking MoSh would want to be here... so I focus on a portal to find him. A portal opens but then I realize he is right beside me. Why didn't I see him before? There are some guards on the tankers who are quite surprised when we go charging through their line, apparently no one has any interest in stealth this time. Alain is shooting with a machine gun, perforating all the tankers and spilling oil all over the place. Cuthbert fires burning fireworks into the oil puddles. Roland, MoSh, and I are covering them so they don't get shot while doing that. For some reason I have a crossbow instead of a gun, but it serves the purpose just fine as I take down an enemy as he is aiming at Cuthbert. Then the explosions come. One tanker after another. The enemies have made the mistake of keeping them too close. They probably figured it would be easier to defend, but they are so close that one explosion sets off the next one. Only one tanker fails to ignite. I use a fire spell to set it ablaze. There is chaos, but the enemies are regrouping. Roland is leading everyone away, I grab a horse and follow. All of the enemies are following us towards what I remember is a box canyon and a thinny. A thin spot between worlds. To enter a thinny is to die. I look at the enemies following us on horseback and think the horses don't deserve to die like that. Maybe I can save some horses. Roland dismounts, and the rest of us do, too. We enter the canyon on foot. Roland is staying behind to light the brush on fire to trap the enemies with the thinny. I want to save some horses.

      I ask MoSh to help me save horses. He agrees. I tell him I'll open an exit portal and only riderless horses are to pass through. We all head towards the place where we can climb out of the canyon. MoSh and I break off, however. We head towards the thinny. I hear the sound of the thinny but it doesn't seem as bad as the books described it. Apparently that's not true for Cuthbert and Alain. They are staring at the thinny. I see smoke from the mouth of the canyon and I hear horses coming. Roland arrives and sees Cuthbert and Alain approaching the thinny. He fires two shots over their heads to wake them from their trances. He calls everyone over to where we climb out. I tell him to go ahead, MoSh and I will catch up. He seems hesitant. I tell him we're from the other side if a thinny... we'll be fine. They head up the steep rock wall. Horses are panicking and throwing their riders. I open a portal in front of a panicking horse. The horse goes through. Most of the horses are going the wrong way. I wonder how I can redirect the horses to the portal without having everyone get out. A couple of riderless horses find their way to the portal. I mount a riderless horse and head around, getting other horses to follow. I see MoSh doing the same. We manage to gather a small herd. I see people running around in blind panic. Others seem to be in a trance, gazing into the thinny. MoSh and I get the horses through the portal. The thinny is growing. I think there is no way we have gotten all of the horses. Roland is calling to us to come quickly. MoSh and I climb up the rock after the others. We reach the top of the cliff. Roland is yelling like crazy. Telling everyone to move for their father's sake. He tears the wizard glass away from Alain and opens the bag, and pulls out the glowing pink orb.

      He looks into the orb, screaming "NO!" over and over again. He then finally stops. He looks at the orb and then at me, then back at the orb again. He has a look of disbelief on his face. He asks how that can be... then tells me I have to get going for my father's sake, he doesn't know how I do it, but I am in two places at once. Or maybe the orb is lying... but it can't lie... but it can mislead. That means maybe it hasn't happened yet. Maybe there's still time... But it looks like I have to do it... so go before it's too late. I remember he is probably talking about saving Susan. I thought I had already done that... maybe not good enough. I tell Roland I will get her to safety. Roland says he will have to be gone, he tells me to please make sure Susan is safe. He says he would wait for her forever, but his destiny lies elsewhere. I am not sure what he is talking about, but I figure I had better get to Susan if the wizard glass has already shown me rescuing her.

      Charyou Tree
      I am in what looks like a town out of a western movie. It is dark out, and the moon is full and shining brightly. There are people standing around and yelling. There is a cart being pulled down the street. Everyone is throwing stuff at the cart and yelling charyou tree. There is a corpse driving the cart, or a woman who looks like a corpse. That is Rhea, the witch who had the wizard's glass for too long. There is a woman standing in the back of the cart, her hands are tied in front of her. That's Susan Delgado.

      They're taking her to the bonfire to burn her. That was what Roland had been looking at in my previous dream. I wonder how I can manage to stop it. I wonder what Roland has already seen in the wizard glass. The cart passes by me and the crowd falls in behind it, yelling and throwing things at it. I follow after the cart and the crowds, everyone is still chanting charyou tree. The cart pulls ahead of the crowd, pulling ahead to where the bonfire is set up with stuffy guy dummies all over it. They're carrying Susan to the pile, throwing her on it. A woman is yelling at her, calling her a whore. They have torches. They're about to light the fire. I wonder how everyone got filled with so much hate. I know for a fact that isn't their natural state. Maybe it's something Rhea did to them... and maybe I can fix it. I use a song spell to try to drain it away... and distract everyone from the burning at the same time. I use the song Touch My Heart from the Devil Hunter soundtrack, focusing it on spreading positive energy through everyone. The song plays out loudly in the night, and it does get everyone's attention. I go over and get between the people with the torches and Susan. Susan's aunt Cordelia seems more resistant to the positive energy than the others. While most everyone is looking rather disoriented she is still trying to urge them on. So I focus the energy of the song on her specifically. Soon everyone has stopped chanting, the only one who still wants to burn Susan is Rhea. I direct the final part of the song at Rhea, I wonder if it could be the energy from the wizard's glass that is making her behave as she is. When the positive energy surrounds Rhea, however, she just gets more angry. When the song is over everyone is looking disoriented. Someone finally speaks up. It is a man who says the witch has been using them. Now people are getting mad at Rhea. I untie Susan, who seems more concerned about Roland than herself. I wonder what effect this will have on the story... Rhea is calling curses at everyone, but has become more concerned with getting out of there. She steers the horse and cart around and rides through the crowd.

      The people scatter to clear the path before they get run down. Rhea disappears down the street, still yelling curses. People are starting to talk to each other now, they are talking about a witch that is more powerful than Rhea, some are worried about Rhea's curses. I tell one of those people that the positive energy from my song will keep the curses away. I'm not sure how I know this, but it sounds true. Susan is thanking me for saving her, she wants to go meet up with Roland. I'm not sure what to tell her about that, since it seemed to me Roland had already chosen his quest for the tower over a life with Susan. I walk with Susan through the crowd. None of them can look her in the eye, some of them are murmuring apologies, Cordelia is beside herself trying to apologize… she says the witch Rhea had used them all, and she can't believe what they had been about to do… Susan isn't paying much attention to her aunt, she wants to go to Roland. She says she knows where Roland will be, she will go meet him there. Him and Sheemie, they'll all get away together. Susan and I are now clear of the crowd. I wonder what to do now, but it isn't up to me, I wake up.
    7. 12/21/12 Mall Shooter

      by , 12-21-2012 at 10:07 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Mall Shooter
      I am at the mall with my mother. We are just arriving and trying to find a parking place. It takes a while but we finally find one. My mom says she has some Christmas shopping to do, so why don't I keep myself busy doing something while she takes care of that. I decide to get a haircut. I want to let my hair grow out longer, but I figure getting split ends off will help. I go in to a salon and I find it is nearly impossible to get the hair stylist to understand what it is I want. I finally give up and decide I need to show her a photo. I remember there is a magazine in the car that has a perfect photo. I head back out to the car to get the photo. As I am about to leave the building I hear an alarm going off. A fire alarm. Everyone is rushing to the doors. I head to the doors, too, and out into the parking lot. People are scattering to their cars in an attempt to make sure their vehicles don't burn along with the mall. I make my way through the rapidly clearing parking lot. I realize someone is shooting at us! I see the small explosion as the bullet hits the asphalt not far from me. I duck down and run towards where I know my mom's car is parked. But I am too late. I feel bullets tearing into my body, all up and down my left side. I have certainly been hit several times. But I feel no pain. I figure my body must be in shock. I fall to the ground and feel surprisingly peaceful as I die… then wake up in bed.
    8. 12/02/12 Millennium Puzzle

      by , 12-03-2012 at 04:52 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Millennium Puzzle
      I am at the home of my ex boyfriend James. His apartment doesn't look like I remember it, but I don't pay much attention to that. I see James sitting on his bed trying to assemble a 3d puzzle. When I get closer I realize it is the Millennium Puzzle off of the YuGiOh anime / manga series. He seems to be having some difficulty with the puzzle, and has become quite frustrated. He is trying to cram a piece into a spot where it clearly doesn’t fit. I ask what he is doing. He says if he can just finish the puzzle then he will have control of the spirit that lives within it. I think that would be extraordinarily bad. I am not sure why, but I don't want that to happen. I look at him trying to cram one of the pieces into place. He finally gets one of the pieces right. I think it won't be much longer before he gets all of the pieces. He resumes trying to force a piece to fit where it doesn't belong. I tell him to quit that, he has it all wrong. He says I shouldn't talk unless I can do better. I say maybe I can. Let me give it a shot. He says he doesn't want me to finish the puzzle. It's his puzzle. I ask how about if I finish it except for one piece. He says I can do that. I tell him I'll take the puzzle home and take care of it. He repeats to leave one piece out of the puzzle so he can finish it. I take the puzzle from the room and get in my car to go home. I realize I have no idea where I am, so I pull over and start working on the puzzle. It is easier than I expected. I finish the puzzle and slide the final piece into place. Now James can't finish it. I wonder if there is any reason I should have refrained from finishing… oh, well. It's too late now. I wonder how I am going to get home when I wake up
    9. 11/28/12 Drinking and Concerts

      by , 11-29-2012 at 12:55 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Pass-Out Drunk
      I am at work, in this dream I have found a job and I work in the same tiny office as my mother. It is a very small building that consists of nothing more than one room for the office and one room for a bathroom. There is a small refrigerator, but it contains only drinks. Specifically it contains only beer.

      Since there is nothing else to drink my mom and I start drinking beer. I don't really feel any effect, but my mom rapidly becomes drunk. I notice the beer doesn't have much taste to it. Stale beer. My job is to monitor some computer systems even though I have absolutely no idea what they do in such a small building in the middle of nowhere. I am drinking another beer and I find the foam is actually whipped cream… which is even worse. I end up sneaking to the bathroom to dump it since I think I might offend someone by throwing the drink away. When I return to the office I find my mother has disappeared and Rumplestiltskin from Once Upon a Time is now there… wtf? I ask him where my mother is. He said passed out somewhere, she had a bit too much to drink. He asks how the potion has been working. I am completely not lucid and I have no idea what he is talking about. He says this seems to be a bad time and disappears into thin air. I go outside to find my mother but wake up before I find her.

      Def Leppard
      I am at a concert that I have been waiting for quite a while for. It is a Def Leppard concert, and I am waiting in line for tickets. Unfortunately when I get there I don't have the money for a ticket. Some weirdo behind me offers me money in exchange for a small favor, but I don't want to go wherever his twisted mind might be so I turn him down. He tries to say more to me but I walk away. I sneak into the building anyhow and look for an empty seat. As long as the place hasn't sold out I will be ok. I think I am about to get caught when an usher tells me I'll have to move, but she just directs me to an empty seat. It is in the nose bleed section but at least I got in. I am right on the aisle and the band members are walking down the aisles to the stage. Joe Elliott, the lead singer, walks right past me.

      I wait for the concert to get started. Then I realize it already has but I can't hear anything. The sound is really low. People are out of their seats and crowding around the stage in an attempt to hear the music. I wonder what is wrong with the sound system. I manage to get right next to a speaker but it still isn't all that loud. People are getting impatient and most of them leave. Others are wandering around the stadium collecting belongings that have been left behind by impatient fans. Mostly t-shirts that were collected at the concert. I find a couple t-shirts, one of them fits me so I keep it. I am also disappointed in the concert. I am glad I didn't pay money for it! I think Def Leppard are just as disappointed in the sound system, they finally just walk off the stage in frustration. Joe Elliott throws down the microphone as he leaves. I see the weirdo that was behind me in line, he looks dirty. Or like something is wrong with his skin. I'm sure glad I don't owe that guy a favor! I walk away before he can see me, and then I wake up.
    10. 11/26/12 Once Upon Oblivion

      by , 11-27-2012 at 06:02 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Oblivion Assassin
      I am in a series of underground chambers, armed with a bow and a quiver of many arrows. I am dressed in my Assassin's Creed outfit and I am creeping through the chambers silently. The chambers look like those found commonly in the video game Oblivion. I see someone in the room up ahead. I know the only people that are in here are bandits. They are after the treasure, too. But they can't be allowed to get it. I silently pull back and release a single arrow. The arrow hits its mark and the target collapses, dead. So I creep farther into the caves. I find the single bandit had been standing over a treasure chest. In the chest I find some gold coins, which I collect and put in my inventory (?) for later use. Continuing deeper into the caves I come across a locked door. This does not give me any problem as I pull out my lock picks to pick the lock. I manage to unlock the hard leveled lock with breaking only one lock pick. Not too shabby. On the other side there is a multi-leveled room. I see a bandit off to the right and a bandit on the lower level. Two arrows take care of that little problem. I am spotted by a bandit off to the left, who apparently isn't nearly as stealthy as I am… he calls out that showing my face was the last mistake I'll ever make. But I am faster with my arrows than he is in approaching me with his axe. The arrow takes him right through the neck; he falls to the ground with blood spurting out. There's another treasure chest here with some gems in it, which I collect. I jump right down to the lower level of the chamber. The bottom shouldn't be much farther. There's another locked door. Did the bandits really think this would keep me out? Well, this time it is almost successful… I break quite a few lock picks before I finally get it. There's a long hall on the other side with glowing crystals embedded in the walls. I follow the passage to the end which is a large circular room. There is a stone that looks like one of the sigil stones floating in the middle of the room. I wonder why the bandits haven't taken it yet. Maybe… I pull out a pouch and scatter dust in the room. There are magical beams in the room that seem to be functioning like the lasers of a security system. I use my acrobatics to maneuver through the beams and get to the stone. When I take the stone it glows brighter and becomes blinding. When the light becomes blinding it actually wakes me up.

      Defying a Curse
      I am in a small town that looks like a fantasy from a RPG. I walk down the street, looking for some sign of why I might be there. I don't see anything. So I keep walking until I get to the edge of town. I see a commotion going on. There is a rather large man there, he shoves a boy rather hard and knocks the kid to the ground. When the boy tries to get up the man pushes him back down with a foot to the chest. What an asshole! The man is telling the boy to stand up and be a man, stop being such a little… he then cuts off his words in mid sentence. He is staring at someone. I get closer and I see he is staring at Rumplestiltskin from the Once Upon a Time series. The boy, I realize, must be Baelfire, Rumplestiltskin's son. The man is making excuses, saying he didn't realize the boy was the son of the dark one. No harm meant, followed by a nervous laugh. The boy gets up and tells his father he is ok, and wants to just go home. Rumplestiltskin says he wouldn’t be much of a father to let someone get away with doing that to his boy. Baelfire says again that he is fine. The man said it was all in good fun. Fun is a big guy beating up on a kid? Rumplestiltskin says he'll show the man some fun. Baelfire tells his father not to do anything, then reminds him that he promised. I wonder if this is the same one I already tried to help stabilize his energy. When I get close I find out it is the same one when he says quietly to me that my little spell for control doesn't work. I tell him I have another one that should work better, but it is one he will have to do… I can show him how. The man takes Rumplestiltskin's little conversation with me as his chance to leave. Rumplestiltskin has other ideas… vines come from the ground and bind his feet in place. He says again that he was only having fun with the boy, and pisses his pants. I snicker at that, but then I focus on using Unforgiven II by Metallica to transfer use of the song spell The Curse by Disturbed to Rumplestiltskin. That is a song I have used in the past to stabilize my own dark energy. "I've held on too long just to let it go now, will my inner strength get me through this somehow? Defying the curse that has taken hold, never surrender, I'll never be overcome." He uses the song and seems to stabilize, though you couldn't tell by the look on his face when he goes over to the man who pushed his son. The guy is crying… I laugh at that. He seems to expect something horrible, but instead the vines let him go. He runs away over near some other guys who make fun of him for bawling like a little baby. He gets mad at them for not helping him. They say they're not that stupid. Rumplestiltskin tells him not to let that happen again. The man is thanking me for saving him. I tell him I didn't do it for him. Does it make you feel like a big man to push kids around? I call him a cowardly asshole… the only reason I stopped it was because what was going to happen to him shouldn't happen in front of a child, and if it had happened then an important promise would have been broken. If there hadn't been a kid watching… it's here that I wake up.
    11. 11/25/12 Once Upon a Time

      by , 11-26-2012 at 12:32 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Curse Sphere
      I am in a castle I don't recognize. I look around to see where I am. People are all freaking out, it looks like there is some kind emergency going on. I look out the window to see if I can recognize the location and I see a dark cloud in the distance, it seems to be consuming everything in its path. I immediately know where and when I am. I'm in the Once Upon a Time story, just as the curse was about to reach the castle. I enter the next room and I find Gepetto and his boy next to a closet built into a tree.

      I tell him there's no time to explain, but don't send the boy anywhere… I can stop the curse. He looks at me with some doubt. I leave the castle and head in the direction the curse is coming from. I find myself standing on the drawbridge as the cloud is approaching. I focus on the song Blitzkrieg by Metallica, for the part that says "Save us from fate, save us from hate, save ourselves before it's too late…" The song starts a vortex within the cloud that finally pulls the entire thing into a small ball about the size of a marble. The marble drops into my hand, apparently harmless. People behind me are cheering for joy that I was able to stop the curse. Even the areas touched by the curse seem to have been restored to normal.

      There is a burst of smoke not far in front of me and a pissed off evil queen materializes. She is going on about how I have ruined everything. I don't bother waiting for her to go on and on, I focus on the song Frozen to heal her heart. The golden energy forms and flows into the queen, seeming to have its intended effect. She seems a bit disoriented, but that is pretty normal. I am figuring my job here is done when another pissed off individual appears. Rumplestiltskin is pretty annoyed. He is getting mad at me and saying there's no way for him to get back to his boy now. I tell him I'll take him to his boy. He's suspicious and asks what the catch is. I tell him no catch. He says all magic comes at a price… what's the price for this? I tell him there is no price, I just want to help. It is clear he won't accept that I would do it for free. We finally agree that he will owe me a favor, with the limitations that the favor cannot put his or his boy's life in danger. I figure I'll never collect anyway. So now that Rumplestiltskin is cooperative I use the song Voices to help him stabilize his energy and then I open a portal while focusing on finding his boy. Unfortunately I wake up here.

      Slaves of Darkness
      When I get back to sleep I am able to return to the dream. I find I am with a somewhat worried looking Rumplestiltskin in a strange place that I hadn't expected.

      It isn't the orphanage I had expected to find Baelfire, who is Rumplestiltskin's son. Instead there is a large open pit mine and there are children working the mine. I wonder who would make them do this. I then see some specters that remind me of dementors floating over the mine forcing the children to work using dark energy whips. I'm not sure what they’re looking for, but I bet it's a good bet they're looking for dark shards. Baelfire ended up here?

      That's not good… I get closer to the mine, being careful to stay out of sight. Rumplestiltskin asks if his boy is in that horrible place. I tell him I think so, that's why we were brought there. Let's try to not get their attention and go in the back door.

      There is a ventilation shaft in the side of the mountain that is barely large enough for Rumplestiltskin and me to fit through. It opens into a row of prison cells where there are children locked up. They all look sickly. Exposure to dark energy. I use the song Through the Never to open a portal and call to Q.

      Q says he'll clean up the dark energy and make sure they all get home. Baelfire is not there. He must be in the mines. So Rumplestiltskin and I make our way to the surface. I disguise us both as specters, which is easier since Rumplestiltskin is already using dark energy. After a short search we find Baelfire, one of the specters standing over him with a whip. Before I can do anything Rumplestiltskin says he will protect his boy and rushes in to do so. Baelfire recognizes his papa, and the cloaked figure says Rumplestiltskin will die slowly. Rumplestiltskin tries to use his powers… the specter brushes it off. He tries again, harder this time, and the specter turns into a cockroach. A pissed off cockroach flits around Rumplestiltskin's face then flies a short distance before running off. Ok, so I am surprised Rumplestiltskin was able to handle a specter… but now many of them are coming. He can't handle all of them. We gather the children in close to us, where they'll be easiest to protect. Then it's time for the big spell.

      "Suddenly the unreal silence is broken by a lament, a lament that comes from the deepest, darkest abyss. And from the seven gates of the dark fortress the dead come back to life to face them… this is hell! Immortal fire, now rise, light my heart, light my way through the darkness, a guardian of space and time!" The immortal fire erupts all around Rumplestiltskin, the children, and me, and extends outward, incinerating specters that make contact with it. Even as the fire spreads I open a portal to Q, so he can take the children out… all but Baelfire, who won't let go of his papa. No matter… I can get the three of us out of there. The fire is dying down, so I lead them through another portal and back to their home world. Baelfire seems both glad and disappointed to be home, though Rumplestiltskin promises him things will be different. Baelfire assumes he lost the power somehow… but that's not true, but Rumplestiltskin says he feels more in control of it. Things will be different. He looks at me strangely. I don't have a chance to say anything before I wake up. It looks like a happy ending for all.
    12. 11/24/12 Return of the Raven

      by , 11-25-2012 at 01:17 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      It has been since forever since I have posted any dreams. Today I finally felt like journaling again. Hopefully this is the first of many posts to come.


      At The Market
      I am in a market place that looks like something I might expect to find in a small Arabian village.

      There are numerous people shopping, selling their wares, and I notice that the sun is setting in the west. I am looking at the different shops, looking to find some explosives hidden in one of the shops that is set to kill a lot of people. I am looking through the shops as the sun sets and it gets dark and the lights come on around the market. I am thinking there is no way I will find the explosives in time. But then I finally do. They are disguised as dolls at one of the shops. I wonder if the shop keeper knows that they're explosive or if he just thinks they are dolls. I think I just need to dispose of them. I collect them all and buy them. Now to get them out of here before they blow up. I carry them… there are five of them… to the edge of the market where I am confronted by several men with guns. I dive for cover as they are shooting at me. I think it is amazing that I didn't get hit. I think I should be covered now, but they are still shooting. I do get hit now… but the bullets don't cause any pain. I think that is odd, too. I slip off deeper into the brush, and find an enclosed area of rock where I don't think the bombs will hurt anyone. I keep expecting to be shot at. Then I woke.

      Tears of Darkness
      I am outside a big house. The front door is standing open and I hear a woman crying inside. I go inside to see what might be wrong. I follow the sound upstairs to the bedroom where I find Regina from the series Once Upon a Time on her bed crying.

      I ask her what is wrong. She looks up and quickly wipes the tears away as if she thinks she can hide the fact she was crying. She asks what I am doing in her house. I tell her the door was open and I heard crying, so I wanted to know if I could help. She says she doesn't need any help. And she doesn't know why I'm offering it anyhow. I figure there's no point in arguing with her, so I go right into the spell song Frozen. Golden energy forms around Regina, which seems to take her by surprise. She says in an awed manner that the magic is working… but how? I don't pay any attention to her reaction, I just continue focusing on the spell. The golden energy flows into Regina. When the song is over she is just staring at me. She looks out the window and says she isn't angry any more… I say that is good. She says it's too late, they already know who she is… they'll never believe things could be different. She said she didn't even believe things were different. I tell her that I'll spread some positive energy so everyone will be a bit more receptive to the idea of giving her another chance. So now I go out the window and fly over the town of Storybrook, focusing on the song Voices to cover the area in positive energy. No one will be able to be angry with this energy around. I am just reaching the far side of town when I wake up.

      Let's Make a Deal
      I am in a forest, wandering around. I stop to look around and I see a strange man has appeared from nowhere. He is rather unattractive… or at least there is something wrong with his skin. He identifies himself as Rumplestiltskin, and says I have been looking for him. My first thought is he is trying to make a pass at me… but then I remember the Rumplestiltskin from Once Upon a Time.

      I remember that my goal was to stabilize his dark energy so as to avoid the situations where he acts like an asshole. He asks what he can do for me. I say there is nothing I need, this is about something I can do for him. He looks like he is feigning surprise. He asks exactly what I can do for him. I pause a minute, and that is too long, he says he wants to discuss what he can do for me. He pulls out a small vial of a glowing purple liquid. Overcome by curiosity I ask what it is. He asks if I ever considered what it would be like if my depression just went away. I said that is impossible… and anyway, what does he know about my depression? This isn't about me, it's about you! I reach out with my mind to sense his energy, he is using dark energy, which I already knew. And it is pretty unstable… though nowhere near as bad as it can get. This should be easy to balance it out. He waves the potion in my face. He says he knows more about my situation than I may think. I figure this is going nowhere, so I will just use one of my balancing songs. He says all magic has a price, points at my heart. Before I can stop myself I blurt out that my magic isn't what did that. Someone else did that and I wish he would… but then I cut myself off. Why the fuck am I telling this to Rumplestiltskin?! I say I'm not going there. He suggests I want this 'him' to die a horrible death, to meet extreme misfortune… I say no, I'm not going there. I am finding he is a bit annoying. He says now it's time to talk about the potion. He waves it in my face again. I say many have tried to get rid of my negativity… none have succeeded. He says he has never tried. He says the potion is mine if I do him a favor. What favor? Take him to wherever his boy is. He says he is sure I know about his son, and he wants to see him again, and he knows I can do it. He can see I'm a traveler. Well I figure I was likely to do that anyhow… and stabilize his energy at the same time… so I say I will take him to his son. I open a portal and use Avalon to find his son. A portal opens and we both go through it. On the other side there is small house. I wonder what that is. I get closer. It is an orphanage. There are some kids outside playing. One of them stops and looks over. He calls out, "Papa! You came!" He runs over and the two of them hug. I focus on Voices, using the calm music to help stabilize Rumplestiltskin's energy. It is working. I can see this new world has not had the effect of removing the power… but now it is stable. He seems pleased with the outcome and tosses me the glowing potion, saying he is keeping his end of the deal. I look at the potion. It's supposed to clear out all my depression. Not likely. But what if… I open the bottle and smell it. Rumplestiltskin says it won't work unless I drink it. Is it safe? It doesn't matter… this is a dream. I drink the potion. It tastes like grapes. Yum. I wake up.
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    13. 04/13/12 Movies and Oblivion

      by , 04-13-2012 at 09:30 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Movies at Home
      I am in my own house, it is pretty late at night. There are no lights on, but there's light being emitted by the large screen television in the living room. I go into the room and look at the TV. It seems bigger than I remembered it being… I see there are quite a few people sitting around the TV, all the seats on the couch are filled, both chairs, and there are a few people sitting on the floor. I see my friend Alicia sitting to the left of the TV, and she is making out with some guy I don't know. I don't want to interrupt. I see another friend Tigress off to the right side of the TV, but she is making out with Silver Wolf. I don't want to interrupt them, either. There is a guy sitting almost directly in front of the TV by himself, just watching the movie. I go over and sit down beside him. I look at the movie and I see it is something I don't recognize. I also have the idea it is something I have no interest in. I look over at the guy to my left. I see that he has long silvery hair that seems to shine in even the minimal light of the room. He must have sensed me watching him because he looks over at me. It's Sephiroth! I sit there and stare at Sephiroth for a bit, drawing a strange look from him. I am about to say something to him to explain my rudeness, but before I can he surprises me by pulling me over to him and kissing me full on the lips! I ignore the movie and make out with Sephiroth.

      Locked Away
      I am in a prison cell of some kind. I have no idea how I got to be there, all I can think of is how my mother is going to react when she finds out I got myself arrested. I have the idea I haven't even gotten to make my one phone call or talk to my lawyer… what is going on here? I try to think of what I might have done to end up in prison. Someone across the hall is yelling rather rude things at me, I choose to ignore him. He is just another prisoner, and probably has no more idea why I am here than I do. Even if he does, he is clearly too rude to help me out. I hear him saying something about magic… about me doing magic to get out of here? Why not? I think for a bit and finally a Harry Potter spell comes to mind… Alohamora. I use that spell on the locked door and I hear a click as the lock disengages. I am about to leave when I hear someone coming. The guy across the hall seems to think the guards are coming to execute me, though I seriously don't think I am in here for anything that serious. I probably got caught stealing something. Unless, of course, I broke in somewhere to steal something and there was a murder that just happened to have taken place at that same scene which I was also being accused of… The guards arrive and someone is complaining that there is a prisoner in this cell, so I step back. Apparently they weren't coming for me after all. So after they're gone, I'll leave. There is a strange old man there who seems to know me, he claims to be the emperor. Emperor? What does he think this is, a game of Oblivion? It turns out that is exactly what he thinks. He says he is Uriel Septim. Um… am I in a game of Oblivion? Cool! I guess I didn't get arrested at all, I just entered a virtual reality so realistic that I forgot it was a game! Harry Potter spells work in Oblivion? I figure it must be a mod. The emperor and the guards leave through the secret exit and I follow them, thinking Oblivion is going to be awesome in virtual reality, but then I wake.
    14. 04/10/12 Recent Dreams

      by , 04-11-2012 at 01:20 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Note: It has been a long time since I have posted any dreams. I have been sooooo depressed lately that all I have really wanted to do is crawl into a hole and fall asleep and never wake up. I think it is lifting a bit, so I decided to go ahead and post these dreams.

      Maze Hunter
      I am in a suit of futuristic armor and in a futuristic looking underground facility. The facility is laid out like a maze, and I am there to hunt some creatures, some violent creatures that have been killing randomly both in the facility and on the surface around the facility. Killing indiscriminately. They have to be stopped. I am walking down a long hall with flickering lights giving it a rather creepy feel, like the facility hasn't been in use recently. I hear movement up ahead, I look at a scanner on my wrist to confirm it is one of the enemies and not an ally. I cautiously approach a turn in the passage where I know the enemy is just around the corner. I manage to surprise the enemy by jumping around the corner and firing my weapon before he can react. My weapon is a laser blaster that is about the size of a shotgun, and it emits a blast of fire that blasts the enemy apart. I can see through the broken parts of the armor that the enemy is reptilian in nature, I am wondering if it is of a race I have encountered in the past called Reptizars. I'm not sure, usually they don't need any armor beyond what is offered by their scales. I hear something behind me and turn just in time to dive out of the way as another of the enemy fires at me. I dive down a side passage, rolling over quickly onto my back and waiting for the enemy to appear. I don't see anything… what is that thing up to? I am sure he will come around the corner at any time, but before he does, I wake up.

      To The Races
      I am in my own car, the car I have in my waking life, which is a red Dodge Neon. I am driving down a street quickly, intent on getting to a race track where I have been entered to race… in my Neon. There is a special race going on at the race track where whoever feels like entering and has a non-modified street car can race for prizes. I think I probably don't have much chance entering with a Neon, but someone else has entered me and I am not going to back out. I figure there will probably be some other amateurs there with cars even worse for racing than my Neon. Right now I am racing on the freeway just to get there before it is too late, before I miss the start of the race.

      Mad Monkey Inn
      I am in a hotel of some kind, I have a job there. I am taking the key cards from people as they check out and leave the hotel to go on their way. It seems many of the visitors are disgruntled, and cranky upon leaving. Also I notice that several of them look like they have been bitten or scratched, like they have been attacked by a wild animal of some kind. I look around and see an ad on the wall that says each visitor to the hotel gets their own monkey to sleep with for the night. Not a stuffed monkey, a real live spider monkey. I think that is really strange. A man comes from the rooms area with a particularly cranky monkey. The monkey is clearly trying to bite and scratch the man, I wonder what is going on there. Have monkeys been injuring all the guests? The man stops by me and says no one told him the monkeys wake up so cranky in the morning. He says he should sue this dump. He hands over his key, then shoves the cranky monkey into my hands as well. He leave in a huff, but I pay very little attention to him since I am now trying to keep the monkey from biting me in the face. I am holding the monkey at arm length and I am not sure what to do with him now. After all, I haven't even been trained to handle the monkeys!

      Hawaii 5-O
      I am with Steve McGarrett from Hawaii 5-O. We are trying to gather evidence against a cop we both know is dirty, but so far we have been unable to prove it. Alicia is there with us, and I go with Alicia to check in one direction. Alicia spots a couple of gang bangers and proceeds to flip them the bird. I wonder why she did that. They get pissed and come after us. Alicia disappears quickly, and I hide myself behind some dumpsters in an alley. I meet up with Steve just as the gang bangers catch up with me. Steve kicks one of their asses, I fight and manage to beat the other one into submission. The dirty cop is there, too, presumably there to get a payoff or something. But there is still no evidence. Steve takes the cop's gun and shoots each of the gang bangers, killing them. He hands the gun back to the dirty cop, who is standing there looking stunned. Steve says we had better leave, the rest of the gang will be coming. Steve beats on the cop for a bit and then we disappear. Steve says when the rest of the gang finds the cop over their dead friends, they won't hesitate to tear the cop into so many pieces that we'll never find all of them.

      Darkness Below
      I am at the public library and I realize I have to go to the bathroom, so I look around to see if there is anyone around that looks like they might steal my computer while I'm away. I see no issues so I head into the bathroom. There is no one in there so I choose an empty stall to do my business in. I sit down and do my business, and I am about ready to get up when I hear a strange noise outside the stall. It doesn't sound like a person, it sounds more like an oozing mass of something crossing the floor… and the smell of raw sewage reaches my nose. Yuck! One of the other toilets must be backing up. Gross! I look at the floor to see if I can see any sewage coming from the other stalls… but what I see is that the ground is suddenly all cracked and covered in mold. Yuck! How could I not have noticed when I entered that the bathroom was this disgusting? Black ooze is coming up from the cracks. It seems to be alive. I step out of the stall, there is something really gross happening. The mirrors are all broken in the bathroom, and there is black ooze also coming from cracks in the wall. I head over to the door, which is also covered with black sludge. A humanoid form is stepping from the sludge, human in shape, with a huge gaping and dripping mouth that is emitting a long groan like a zombie. The thing reaches for me, and reflexively I use the spell Damage, Inc. to throw a fireball at the thing. The spell works, and the thing bursts into flame as if it was made out of oil and is very flammable. The room is quickly engulfed in flames, completely surrounding me, but then I wake.
    15. 01/29/12: No dreams

      by , 01-30-2012 at 06:42 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Actually, last night was one of the most frustrating nights there is. The kind of night where I am absolutely certain I dreamed, but every time I tried to grab hold of a thread of memory it just slipped further away. I feel like the donkey that is following the carrot on a stick. I know the memory is there, I just can't quite reach it!
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