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    1. Incredibly Chronological Dream and Two Lucids

      by , 01-23-2014 at 06:57 PM (Raven's Roost)
      Wow, last night was the most productive dream night I've ever had. Throughout the whole night, the same dream stretched chronologically and completely context logically. Rare indeed. The whole dream was spent with me either hanging out with or texting my friend Celeste, who I haven't seen in years. There was a bit of romance but mainly it was just a refreshing dream about friendship.

      My first lucid came about while we were driving around hanging out.

      I am in the passenger seat and Celeste is driving. Its a warm summer day and we have the windows rolled down, Celestes hair is playfully being tossed by the wind. I look outside and we are driving on a dirt road, completely surrounded by tall wild grass, wheat fields, and cornrows. We make our way up a slowly slanting hill and she finally pulls over. "This is it!" she says excitedly as she gestures out the window. A lone tree sits upon the hill gigantic and majestic, looking older than god. I laugh and run up to it and begin to climb, when suddenly I become lucid. I hang on to the tree and feel its rough bark as clarity slowly comes to me. I remember wanting to try spinning instead of hand-staring as a stabilization technique, so when the dream begins to fade I use it and find it incredibly effective. Celeste laughs. "What are you doing??" I wave to Celeste, and keep a promise I made to myself do nothing sexual.

      The field oozes summer. Pollen floats in the air, heat raises from the soil, and I can feel the sunbeams on my face. Absolute heaven. Remembering another thread I commented about flying techniques, I decide to try flying as its been a while since I last did it. I jump high in the air and slowly float down, most likely just psyching myself out. I laugh at myself and know I can do it, so on the second attempt I leap forward and stay elevated. I begin to levitate just over the wheat field, letting the wheat tickle my legs.

      After a few moments of flying around, I come to the edge of the field and see a construction site through the thin forest. I land and begin walking around the construction site. I see a cement foundation filled with dirt that will be used for a house, and to make sure I'm still in control I will flowers to grow. I turn away briefly then look back, and the foundation has become overgrown with beautiful wild flowers. I walk deeper into the construction site but
      lose lucidity before I can do much of anything else. I check my phone to see that six hours has passed and Celeste is worried. I tell her I'll be there in time for dinner and the scene changes.

      My second lucid was super brief.

      I attend dinner with Celeste and a husband and wife are there who my dream self recognizes as the owners to the small movie theater in town. Evidently we have history, as we laugh and talk for hours. Finally dinner is over, and everyone hugs and says goodbye. As the husband and wife are leaving, I feel a crunch in my mouth and pull out one of my bottom teeth. I look in the reflection of a car window and another falls out next to it. I smile to see if its noticeable, and, no surprise, it is. I begin to panic, then realize that strange dental things happen to me often in dreams. Bingo! I become lucid again and try spinning, but I'm aware of myself already waking up. I just stand there and enjoy how strange it is for your body to wake up when you're already "awake".
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    2. Waltzing in the Mansion - Lucid

      by , 01-19-2014 at 07:13 PM (Raven's Roost)
      Just a small aside; not even two weeks after rejoining I've had three lucids... Knew being involved here would do the trick!

      I had several small dreams last night, but they were dull so I'll cut to the chase.

      I am sitting on a red velvet couch in an incredibly elegant ballroom. Red velvet curtains twenty feet high have been drawn across all the windows, and beautifully polished wood pillars stretch upwards fifty feet to the cathedral ceiling. A glimmering chandelier hangs above the ballroom floor, casting a golden hue across the room. I know I am waiting for someone, but whom I'm not sure.

      Suddenly, a beautiful Latino woman tackles me off of the couch. Before I know whats happening, she begins hurling fireballs at me. I remember that I'm spider man, and I begin slinging around the room, even though my webs are invisible. Her flames are flying everywhere, but the room is impervious to fire or magic, as nothing catches. I sling some webs at her but they seem to have no affect. Finally, I hide behind one of the luxurious curtains and get a good look at her - gorgeous, and in a white dress with a large cleavage swoop and quite long train.

      The beauty of both the place and the woman jolts me into lucidity. As soon as I become lucid she lowers her hands, and turns to look me in the eye, smiling. Most dream DC's I encounter go still and brain dead when I become lucid, but not this one. I walk slowly out from the curtain and I am suddenly in a tuxedo, and I have the overwhelming feeling that this is my ballroom. "You're finally awake!" she says with a smile, which I must admit creeped me out. Usually in my lucids whatever plot was occurring vanishes, but not so here.

      "Dance with me" she requests, as the two of us embrace in fine ballroom posture. We begin sweeping around the ballroom in the most elegant waltz of all time. My heart is in my throat as I haven't had a lucid this clear in months. After a few moments of our sweeping dance, I try to recall the task of the month, and recall the basic one about asking New Years resolutions. The effort of remembering causes me to dance clumsily and nearly lose lucidity. I stop dancing to look at my hands and surrounding to anchor myself, and notice that the red paint of the walls has become a Christmas wallpaper of green gold and red. I look at her and her beauty makes me nervous to speak to her, even though I know its all a dream. I ask her her New Years resolution.

      Suddenly, she sweeps me up and begins to lead like I was a few moments before. She is leading so hard that she seems to just pick me up and hover me across the floor in an aggressive dance. She spins me and dips me like a lady and I take this to mean her resolution was to take control, whether it be dancing or something deeper. I find it funny that I am being held in a dip, and I allow myself to
      lose lucidity and wake up grinning.

    3. The Most Delicious Cake Ever (Lucid)

      by , 05-29-2013 at 02:36 PM (Raven's Roost)
      Non-Lucid Lucid

      I found myself with my mother in Boston. For some reason we decided that it would be a good idea to keep my car in a garage for the night, and I would take the train back to my house in the suburbs.

      It fastforwarded a bit, and I pulled up to a parking lot that seemed to be in the middle of some place in Texas or Louisiana. It was a really backcountry place, with wooden hand painted signs and ancient gas pumps. It was midnight, so the store was closed, and there was only one cute redhead "working"; after pulling up for service she talked on her cell phone about some gossip for another two or three minutes until I revved my engine.

      She gave me a dirty look but hung up and we chatted, I dug around my wallet for a tip, handed her three ones, then got out of my car. I decided to take a look around the outside of the shop. I found some old hard bagels that must have been fresh a morning or two before, and the icebox had nothing but cobwebs. I started to get a little suspiscious, and on cue a hick truck filled with a bunch of young guys pulls in and up next to the redhead in my car.

      I shift uneasily, and then panic when I hear my car accelerate and kick up dust. Two of the guys have taken my car, and the red head and the other two guys are laughing their heads off as they peel out of the "parking lot". I become furious and chase after my car down a dirt road, its nearly pitch black but I sprint after them anyways. Suddenly, I begin to transform into a werewolf, and a grim satisfaction that I will tear them to shreds sets upon me... But then I realize that I this is definitely a dream!

      I feel the lovely electrical sensation I get, but my vision goes darker and darker. Before I awaken though, an old-school tutorial voice comes on and instructs me to fall backwards and have faith. I do it, and the next thing I know I'm in an upstairs bedroom of a gorgeous house.

      "Congratulations, you have escaped waking up! Kind of like how this guy escapes!". All of a sudden I become aware of a young man in plaid pajamas, wrapped lazily in masking tape. He tears it off dramatically, tells me we have to leave, and runs downstairs. Everything is incredibly vivid. As we reach the front door I look around. White walls, cathedral ceiling with a chandelier, nice artwork and antiques, and the calm lighting of an overcast morning.

      He falls to the ground in exhaustion, and says "we've escaped from the bad guys!" To add a plot twist, I pull out a gun and aim it at him, only there is no gun, just my hand pretending to hold one. I try a few moments to conjure one, but I can't - so he looks at me like a crazy person and pushes my hand away.

      I decide not to waste any time with him, and I can feel my real life arms starting to hurt, so I know I don't have much time. I walk into the main room of the house, adorned with a covered grand piano, more gorgeous furniture, and several windows and sliding doors that illuminate the room naturally. I investigate the piano, and on top is a decadent cake next to a bouquet of white roses. The cake is covered in white frosting, with a little rose pedal on top. I take a bite, and it is the most delicious cake ever (this time with 100% less calories!) It tasted like the most delicious and fresh Twinkie you can imagine, crossbred with a Krispy Kreme donut, and covered with delicious frosting.

      I took another huge bite and began to laugh at how awesome it was. Then, I realized that the roses were edible too! I bet the whole house was edible infact;
      however I began to wake up a second time, and decided to wake up peacefully with the best taste ever in my mouth.
    4. Third Lucid Dream and TOTM!

      by , 05-11-2013 at 08:46 PM (Raven's Roost)
      Lucid False Awakening

      Last night was the worst sleep I've gotten in months, yet ironically it was my third and longest lucid, and I completed a Task of the Month!

      I found myself in a gorgeous ski-lodge/ hotel, made completely with polished redwood and hardwood flooring. I was living there, alone, and my bedroom was bare save a neatly made bed that was only dipped on one side - a subtle hint that I no longer had, or had never had, a girlfriend in this dreamverse. I was a writer, and my study was cluttered with handwritten pages and crumpled failures. Surveying the seen in a relaxed yet depressed mood, I suddenly heard a hiss behind me.

      Turning quickly, a found a dead and zombie-like little girl with a red headband hissing and coming towards me. Still calm, I thought, this couldn't really happen, and suddenly my mind fought to gain lucidity, reaching a hazy stabilization. In waking life I was asleep with a nightmask on, and that carried through to my lucidity, making a weird, half-blinded effect. I tried to wipe my eyes, and peel away the mask, but to no avail. The dream began to collapse around me and I woke up. Looking around I saw my girlfriend on the top bunk in a bunkbed next to me, sleep walking and threatening to tumble over the edge. I called out to her several times, yet she still carreened over the edge into my arms. Wait, we are sleeping in the same bed in waking life... This is a false awakening!

      I was instantly sucked back into my previous dream, and this time the beautiful red wood lodge with its gorgeous support beams and white trim reappeared. The sensation of whooshing into lucidity was euphoric and unlike anything I've felt in a while. I heard a hiss, and turned to see the little girl back behind me. I told her I didn't have time for her, waved my hand dismissively, and she disappeared. I turned to hear yet another his, and this time it was a floating tiger head. I dismissed this as well, and turned to get my bearings.

      I was in the main lobby, with two giant glass skylights. Without thinking, I lifted off the ground and flew out one of them into the air, and landed in the untouched forest outside. My stabalization was still perfect, so I took a moment to remember the tasks of the month. I remembered laying an egg, but then I recalled Ophelia's story about thinking she had pooped herself and I decided to try a different one . As I remembered that the basic one was to tell a DC they were fake/ dreaming/ in a dream, a hefty latino woman came into view on a path that wound its way through the forest. I ran up to her, intent on telling her she was dreaming, but she began to undress.

      "Uhm... Anyway, did you know that you're in a dream!"
      "Oh shut up!" she grinned, removing more clothes.
      "No really, you're a figment of my imagination!"

      Still grinning, she ignored me and embraced me, now without pants on. She wasn't beautiful by any means, so I was a bit hesitant.

      Luckily, my girlfriend bumped me awake as she turned on her side, and I woke up, totally euphoric, and wrote it all down.

    5. 2nd Off and on Lucid!

      by , 05-07-2013 at 11:01 PM (Raven's Roost)
      Last night I had my second Lucid experience!

      It was a really unique dream... I had full control, however I didn't realize I was dreaming - I just accepted I was all powerful. I was a private investigator in a huge city, and a bit through my dream I developed God-Like powers. I could do anything.

      I used these powers and became a super hero, hunting down my nemesis for the length of my quite-long dream. It was great. The dream was populated with thousands of DC, just like a real city, and it was incredibly vibrant. I found myself on a rooftop bar after my nemesis had narrowly escaped, and something about the place made me think... Wait... Am I in a dream? I realized that I was dreaming, and I got incredibly excited because I had all these wonderful powers. I looked at a table where my friend was sitting and did a Darth Vader force choke at it, and it began to shake. I still had my powers! I remembered a quote from Sageous that said I should forget entirely about stablizing because it actually more often than not led to destabalization. So instead I jumped off the huge Sky Scraper I was on and landed softly on the ground. My friend followed me, with Frozone type powers from the Incredibles. I began to sprint as fast as I could down the street, cars and headlights blurred into a single line as I broke the sound barrier. Suddenly, my friend pointed out our nemesis running a bit ahead of us and I was sucked back into the dream, consumed by the chase. I was still vaguely aware that this was a dream, but I didn't take control again, probably because it was so fun!

      What a great time!

      I meditated for a half an hour an hour before bed, and took one 5mg Melatonin. Then before bed I did an in-depth MILD, by stating my intentions. Very cool!

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    6. Dark Souls and Skrillex

      by , 04-21-2013 at 07:35 PM (Raven's Roost)
      Dark Souls-ish Dream - The Lost Gun

      Genre: Dark Fantasy

      Legnth: Medium

      Lucid Non-Lucid

      I am standing in a large central hub of a dark, twisted world. This hub is essentially a gorgeous train station, however it is ancient and crumbling. Vendors of all sorts of goods are set up throughout the train station, and other "players" are scattered around, talking to each other. I stand in front of a bandaged vendor, and from what little skin shows I can tell that he has been horribly burned at some point in his life. He has just improved my favorite gun. A gorgeous, ivory-plated six-shooter, with an extended barrel and runic carvings throughout. Its a classic pistol, flint-lock and like something out of the revolutionary war. I really don't know anything about guns, but somehow I knew plenty in this dream...

      I have just spent tons of this universes currency on him improving it, and I am excited to try it out. A "player" - someone that I know is another adventurer and survivor like me - comes to the same vendor, smiling. She has white hair, a reoccuring theme three nights in a row for me. I smile back, and put my gun on the table to pay the vendor. He thanks me for the business in a gravelly, damaged voice, and I reach down for my gun to go test it out.

      Its gone.

      Looking around, I see the white haired woman making her way quickly out of the Station, pushing past players and looking about anxiously. That bitch just stole my beloved gun!

      I run back and buy another, totally un-upgraded pistol in haste. It will have to do. I holster it next to my musketeer sword, my other weapon, and chase after her. She sees me hot on her tail, and breaks into a run, choosing to go the way of the sewers. As I run after her through the muck - phantoms materialize out of no where in the shape of british red-coat sailors. I fence with them quickly, knocking one blade aside, and putting a few bullets into his back. I leave the other one and run after the thief once more.

      I finally catch sight of her as I reach the end of the sewer. Many more red-coats have formed behind me, but I pay them no mind. She enters a door that looks very much like an old schoolhouse door, and I crash in after her.

      The Schoolhouse and Skrillex

      As I crash into the door, I find myself in a gutted school room, also looking dusty and ancient. My girlfriend is asleep on one of the beds, and I actually notice that it seems to be more of an infirmary than anything, though I know she isn't sick. I forget my quest for the gun instantly, and I lay down to go to sleep. Before I can, there is a knock on the door, and a girl I recognize from my college campus asks if her and her friend can come sleep because of some strange situation I can't remember. My girlfriend shrugs so I say yes, and she proceeds to bring about thirty people into our room.

      So much for one friend?

      One of the kids begins to play a Skrillex song (a dubstep music artist), and I tell him that I have some nice speakers in my room (which I do). I take his iPod and then realize that the remix of the Skrillex song doesn't actually exist... Wait... Is this a dream? I think to myself, as my alarm goes off.

      Phew! That dream was a doozie, and I was ALMOST LUCID! Gahhh. I think I was way too tired to lucid dream though, as I was already starting to fall asleep at 9PM and ended up finally going to bed at 1:30AM

      More to come tomorrow!