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    Dream within a dream

    by , 01-29-2011 at 12:40 PM (398 Views)
    I'm dreaming (non-lucid) that I'm having a sleepover with a couple of friends of mine.
    Not doing anything special, except practicing a few MMA moves with one of my friends, we decide to call it a night.
    I lay down in my bunk-bed and go to sleep. Now I start dreaming that I'm walking around in the city with a cigar.
    I walk for quite a long time, smoking my cigar and looking a the big crowds of people walking past.
    Suddenly it starts raining an my cigar starts to melt, as if it was made of chocolate. As I'm smoking my now melting cigar, I fall down this hill. The crowds of people start laughing, but my only concern was to get my cigar to light up.
    I wake up, however, I'm still in the room were I started. My friends are sleeping and I wake one of them up to tell him my dream.
    Can't remember how it ends from here, I either start dreaming something else and not remembering it or I just wake up.

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