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    First attempt at fast traveling (portal)

    by , 01-29-2011 at 12:24 PM (358 Views)
    After a couple false awakenings, I wake up in my bed once more knowing I'm still sleeping.
    For some reason it is incredibly hard to get out of my bed, but I manage to slide out of it eventually.
    I've been waiting for a chance to try and travel to specific locations or meeting spots. I decide to try and travel to the ancient pyramids of Egypt.
    Not really knowing how to do this, I give it my best shot and imagine my bedroom door being the portal I am going to travel through. I think really hard about what I'm going to see when I open my door, picturing the scenery behind it and getting ready to open my door and go through.
    I open my door, but sadly..the only thing behind it is nothing more than my hallway.
    I decide to close my door and try again, but all of a sudden I'm getting pulled towards my bed. I then wake up.
    I thought I should give it another go. I close my eyes and they open up again. However his time, I'm not sure I'm actually dreaming. I try and get out of my bed but it's impossible. I think I must have been in sleep paralysis with my waken eyes still open.

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