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    1. Failing once more at making a portal and loosing my ability to fly.

      by , 01-29-2011 at 01:05 PM
      I wake up on the couch were I had fallen asleep earlier. On the bridge of the ship I'm on in the Navy.
      I walk over to one of the windows and stare out into to night. I then calmly say to my self, "this is a dream"
      Having the same problem I usually always have when lucid, not knowing/remembering what to do next, I realize I can try and travel to Egypt again.
      I've heard mirrors are good for portals, but unfortunately there are none near by and I don't have time to goto the nearest one, so I decide to try the door thing again.
      I picture myself opening the door and seeing the golden sands of Egypt. I open the door, but again.. nothing more but the same dark, empty and boring hallway as usual.
      Suddenly the boat rocks and I somehow fall out the window.
      I am not standing in an open field with a forest bordering this field, a night sky filled with stars and a thin layer of fog.
      Also the ship is now a train..traveling on tracks and everything. It's also moving quite quickly away from me. Annoyed, I say to myself "are you kidding me?"
      I then try to fly back to it. I'm quite good at flying in my dreams, so it came as a surprise when I took a big leap forward with my arms out and fell on my stomach.
      I brushed my self and tried again, this time jumping straight up. Nothing happened. I land on the ground.
      Annoyed and sad with my lack of ability to anything, I decide to just give up and wake myself up.
    2. First attempt at fast traveling (portal)

      by , 01-29-2011 at 12:24 PM
      After a couple false awakenings, I wake up in my bed once more knowing I'm still sleeping.
      For some reason it is incredibly hard to get out of my bed, but I manage to slide out of it eventually.
      I've been waiting for a chance to try and travel to specific locations or meeting spots. I decide to try and travel to the ancient pyramids of Egypt.
      Not really knowing how to do this, I give it my best shot and imagine my bedroom door being the portal I am going to travel through. I think really hard about what I'm going to see when I open my door, picturing the scenery behind it and getting ready to open my door and go through.
      I open my door, but sadly..the only thing behind it is nothing more than my hallway.
      I decide to close my door and try again, but all of a sudden I'm getting pulled towards my bed. I then wake up.
      I thought I should give it another go. I close my eyes and they open up again. However his time, I'm not sure I'm actually dreaming. I try and get out of my bed but it's impossible. I think I must have been in sleep paralysis with my waken eyes still open.
      lucid , false awakening
    3. Vague semi-lucid

      by , 12-17-2010 at 09:30 PM
      I get my gun out from the ships guns locker.
      As I fiddle around with it, it dissembles itself and falls to the floor.
      I try to put it back together, but the more I try, the more it falls apart.
      I become lucid and I remember another of the many thing I have to try and do while being lucid. Contacting another dreamer/sharing a dream.

      I call out to a person of whom I have in the past already chosen as the recipient (due to his experience and openness).
      I call out a second time, but this time as loud,strict and determined as I can.
      It could of been a number of reasons why my dream was now hazy. Maybe because of the amount of energy I put in my voice. Or because the dream was becoming unstable.

      I hear some sort of loud response, as if an annoyed person shouted "What?!" to me.
      A moment later a kind of silhouette appeared in front of me. If it was in fact the person I had been trying to contact, or a manifestation of my mind, I don't know.

      I proceeded to ask questions like "who are you", "what are you" and for some reason "what is going to happen".
      He answered the last question with calm words. Unfortunately, I don't remember what these words were. Even though I specifically told myself to remember.
      As he answered me I felt a cold breeze , his face revealed itself in a flash and I wake up
      non-lucid , lucid
    4. Attempt to fly to the moon & looking at the mirror

      by , 12-17-2010 at 09:06 PM
      On my way out side I remembered another thing I could do, look at myself in the mirror.
      I went over to the mirror and saw some kind of a demon/zombie, It had my face but with camo on it. I didn't stare at it too long because it was, to be honest, scary looking..

      Eventually I got to the door heading out. Reached up and started to fly (I find it very easy to fly in dreams).
      What I should have done , was to see where the moon actually was. I was to impatient though and because of that I spent a while looking for it in mid air.
      After a while, I saw it. Big, white and looking exactly like it normally does.
      I started flying towards it, making myself going faster and faster. I could actually feel the cold wind on my body.

      I was getting closer and closer but somehow the moon was getting smaller and smaller. Suddenly it was right in front of my, BUT the size of a pea!..It looked like a little light bulb. Being unable to slow down I flew right past it and found myself floating in darkness with no idea where to go.

      Everything was shaking and it felt like I was moving through water.
      I was trying to stabilize it all, but forgot how to.
      I closed my eyes to think and I woke up.
    5. First LD

      by , 12-17-2010 at 09:05 PM
      I forgot to do any of the normal reality checks like looking at my hand ect, I started to spin around to make the dream stable ( I've read so many posts saying thats a good thing to do). To check If it was a dream, I headed out on to the deck to see if there was anything unusual there.
      When I got out, everything around me was completly normal (same location, time of day and so on). Also there were no alarms different lighting or shattering glass (usual dream signs).

      Desperate to see if all this was actully real I concidered jumping overboard, but didn't since I was so unsure if I was dreaming or not.
      Instead I figured I could try to fly.
      I reached up and jumped as high as I could while being absolutely determined to fly. Surely enough..I was flying!
      Being thrilled about being lucid, I started to see how high I could go, but was quickly stopped by this rope kind of thing arround my waist. Though it seemed like it was coming out of my stomach (wierd) and was attached to the boat beneath me..

      This rope started to tug on me and it made me loose my "balance" in the air, making me fall back down. As I hit the deck, I woke up.