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    Fake OBE

    by , 09-17-2011 at 04:23 PM (598 Views)
    I've been practicing and reading about OBE and Astral Projection for quite a while, and today I had a fake dream about it.:( I thought I was having an OBE because it seems so real but it was a fake dream, again!:lol:

    In my first fake OBE I was struggling to leave my body, but I was glued to it. I managed to pull half of my Astral Body out and tried to open my astral eyes but instead my I opened my physical eye and saw through, it was annoying.:P So I closed my eye and memory went to blank. I'm not sure about this one being a fake, I'm just guessing.:?

    But about this one, I'm positive that it was fake because I had a paper with some random numbers on it, placed on top of my drawer. I saw the number in dreams then checked against the number in reallity, two weren't same.:panic:

    I was practicing on leaving my body, I heard the buzzing noise and it got stronger and stronger, then I felt the vibrations. Then I suddenly found myself above my physical body with eyes closed. I tried to open my astral eyes but again my physical eye got opened, then I close it again. After closing both of my eyes, I tried to open them slowly and it worked, I could see through my astral eyes.:banana:

    Then I tried moving my astral hand up in front of my eyes and looked at it, it was pretty normal though a little smaller than my physical hand. Then I remembered that to confirm it's a real Astral Projection (OBE) I had to check the number on top of my closet. Before than I took a look around the room and out of window. I went up and picked (!) the paper on top of the closet and looked at it. I saw the number and I was excited.

    Then I went exploring the house again, but my family weren't there. So that's it, then I went back to my body and woke up only to find out it was just a fake dream.:(

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