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    first lucid in a while

    by , 04-05-2018 at 11:46 PM (635 Views)
    I am in a white car, in the back to the left. I cannot see the driver. I see a street of stores and I assume I'm in Pittsburgh (where i went to college), and that I go back and forth between Pittsburgh and where I live now. Then something clicks: I realize I don't live in Pittsburgh. I start to wonder if I am dreaming. Once I am certain I am dreaming, I jump out of the car without opening the door (what does that mean?). I walk around and then the driver comes out of the car and tries to stab me.

    I start to fly instead of fighting back. I am spinning out of control in the flight and I am scared. My body is acting like a tornado. So I breathe in and control it. I levitate down and up and propel myself forward, far away from the road of shops that realistically look nothing like Pittsburgh. I sense water, and I land in the water. I can feel gentle ripples/waves and the water is dark blue, almost black. I sense sharks around me so I levitate up out of the water. I am out of control again, I am flying fast and its like someone else is controlling my flight. I control the dream. I slow down, meditate in the air and wake myself up. I wake up and wish I kept flying, that I found some utopia to explore my unconscious mind and heart and soul. Anyways, this was my first lucid in months.

    I am doing reality checks hoping my dream signs (Pittsburgh, sustained flight, perfect gymnastics, figure skating barefoot, etc) appear at night. I am not ready to keep a real dream journal. I mean I want to, need to develop the discipline first. Any tips?
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Hm..For me my discipline is to tell myself that i just need to do it because i might forget what i liked about the dream. In the future, when i read the entry ill be motivated to continue lucid dreaming as well. So even if it feels hard, just do it, than after a while it wont feel like a chore and youll improve. Reading other jourmals can help too. Also, since this is your first lucid in a while, itll be the starting point for more lucids to come since it motivated you to accomplish your dream goal next time. Think about what you can do and go for it.