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    by , 06-13-2017 at 07:26 PM (385 Views)
    I was in Greenland talking to someone. I wanted to fly to New Zealand so someone told me fly to Peter in New York. I called Peter. I forgot he's not in NY yet. I needed to practice getting on a plane by myself. It didn't happen. I thought okay I'll fly to New Zealand I can do it girl power. I wanted to make a home for myself there. This is my daydream too. But I want my whole family to be there. I started to realize my siblings don't really live in VA, unless they do. It was a blind dream where everything was a vision of black and I was talking to people. I realized Peter hadn't moved to NY yet and was still in VA and thought I'll fly to VA. I needed to practice getting on a plane and realized I needed to get my passport out of my safe (I lost the key)

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    Tags: fragment, travel