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    monster inside of me nightmare

    by , 10-09-2017 at 11:45 PM (644 Views)
    I was running around in the wilderness. Everything is green. A fat brown skinned man is chasing me and telling me he will rape me, and I feel creepy and scared. Then I am at a rainbow family gathering. There are tents in the woods and I ask if its really a rainbow gathering. I am so excited because they say yes. I've always wanted to go to one. There is a plank and a girl is standing on it, I sense she might do a back flip off of it but she doesn't, I tell her I want to telepathically and she jumps off and spins in the air. Not a flip. I jump off and suddenly I am being chased by the man again. I'm fast but I feel slimy. Then finally a gay man says that he will go after the man and so the fat man stops chasing me. Then my mom and sister and maybe other family members show up in a car and we drive to a very green, hilly front yard of a beautiful big house. I think it must be my aunt's house. Then the scene shifts again. I am in a clinic with a bunch of people who are raped and everyone is getting tested for STDs for free. I think the guy must have gotten me (it's weird, I forgot he didn't get to me) and that I caught something. I decide I don't want to know and I wake up and it's five am.

    It was so nightmarish that I should have become lucid. It would have been a great dreamspace to explore, especially I would have stayed at the rainbow gathering longer. I fly in normal life so I probably would have flown and done cool gymnastics.

    What do you think this dream means?
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Maybe you had a dream about the rape man because you saw or were around something/someone that made you feel insecure. The part with the rainbow place/aunt house gave you that security. Do you think that, that could be why you had the dream?
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    2. Nebulus's Avatar
      It seems every time the weird guy was going to get you, you always somehow managed to get away. So maybe you didn't feel the need to get lucid to escape.

      Hmm i'd like to fly more in dreams, people are always trying to grab me when I do, which is so annoying. Oh to fly free.