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    New Zealand and an Eagle

    by , 05-30-2017 at 08:46 PM (185 Views)
    I was in a mall with Michael, and we looked at different stores. I realized we were in New Zealand (currently I live in USA) and I didn't have my passport. We walked around and someone asked us for our passports. Michael showed them his and I showed them my hand, hesitantly, hoping they would see a passport. (In another dream, I was stuck in a preschool in England, and an evil British cop wanted to cut the kids to pieces, she looked like a grandma. I cut off her thumb but there was no blood, so I should have became lucid. It felt so real that I thought God had carried me there. Then I walked around and found a book shelf and hid there, and then I saw Stephen and he told me he tried to arrest her showing his CIA badge...he's not in the CIA....by showing his hand and they saw a badge). They didn't see a passport though, and told us that I had to leave.

    We didn't listen to them. We said goodbye and walked around and then we were in Europe. I told my dad (Michael) that there might be concentration camps there, and I still didn't have my passport. I thought I have to get a locksmith to open my safe (I lost my keys in real life) to get my money and passport and social security card.

    Then I slipped into a different dream, which I don't remember.

    A long time ago, I dreamt that I was seeing an eagle and then I was in the eagle and was the eagle, and I flew for a while and felt powerful and afraid. Then I woke up.

    These are really just fragments there is really a lot more that I lost.

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