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    old dream

    by , 10-11-2017 at 07:00 PM (830 Views)

    I am in a weird place, I think its London. It is half book store half preschool. There is an old woman watching the kids and I think she is a brittish cop "lorder" who cuts people to pieces and I think she's going to hurt the kids, so I cut off her thumb but there is no blood and I feel really bad but at least she can't try to destroy the kids. Then I am hiding in a bookstore by books wondering how to escape England. Stephen is there and we are frightened and then in Stephen's version of the dream (I think it was a shared dream, not sure), we walk to the woman and show them our fake badges (just by holding up our hands). Then I am lying on my bed my mom is on the bed too I get up and run outside and I jump and levitate and land/teleport from outside to suddenly being back in my bed.

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    1. sanctispiritus's Avatar
      It looks like some of my dreams, specially the levitation part.