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    Old dream, memorable

    by , 06-12-2017 at 07:56 PM (408 Views)
    I am in a world where everything is made of rocks. It's old,
    like the 1700s. The rocks are gray and white stone and I
    think I'm in a parallel universe. I get excited. I throw three
    front handsprings, feel the motion in my arms and legs and back, and land them. \
    I am not terrified at all. I am not lucid, but I am not afraid, and I
    decide to explore this new world. Deep inside, I insist it's real and it's part of Heaven
    and that God sent me there, otherwise I would have become lucid.
    I find a castle and suddenly I am on a bridge above where I used to be walking around\
    doing gymnastics. It is at least 15 feet drop. Someone jumps, then I jump off landing in a perfect stick-it squat, and then my friend Kirstin jumps too and I see her she looks 12
    even though she's around 25. We hug I think and then I wake up.

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