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    Old dreams and last night's dreams

    by , 05-31-2017 at 08:53 PM (201 Views)
    Time travel dream

    I was on a deck, it was brown, and I saw Columbus's wife. She was tall and had red wavy hair and she was an elf. She asked me to get on the ship. I said no but later I was on the ship with them. Then I walked from the deck to a mall. I was way in the past but I walked into a place that was around 2005-2012. I walked around the mall feeling peaceful. It was a sign I'm an elf. (archangel-faerie-elf). I found my enemy and hugged him...I was so happy to be hugging him platonically. He was his younger self, maybe his inner child. I warned him that in the future he would stab his parents and I told him to try not to do it. I walked around and saw an ancient kind of phone. I went up to a desk and asked to use the phone. The people let me. I tried to call Stephen but it was at least year 3000 so he had a different number. I was in the future. I was excited. Then I went back to around 2005-2012 and saw the murderer's little sister and was happy to see her I wanted to protect her. She was around 12 I think, and she had dark brown hair. A lot like me actually. I hugged her and she warned me that her brother wanted to stab me. I knew that already but she meant that he was in the mall with a knife since I knew his secret before it even happened. Then I woke up.


    I was in a faerie town. I felt peaceful it was like I was at the Maryland faerie festival. There were golden brown things. I forget. Then I was at a train station, and again, the bench was golden brown. I called my twin's foster parents telepathically. The train was going to Israel and I live in Maryland. I was a little bit terrified. Then I woke up, thinking I got on the train and teleported home with some wise man.

    Leotard in the adult section (last night)

    Michael picked me up to go to a psychiatric appointment and some of my siblings were with us. They let me go into Target and I teleported to Khols and was in the adult woman's section and there were a lot of leotards. I remember one was purple and it had a choker neck. I wanted to find the kid's section, but I was happy they had leotards for adults too. I found the kids section and saw a black mesh leotard with a colorful pattern underneath, maybe flowers. It was originally 250 dollars but was on sale for 48 dollars. I hurried to buy it and realized that now I only have two dollars (I get 50 diollars every two weeks). Then I was lost, my family left me there. I tried to find Target but I couldn't, and this was where I could have become lucid (for me nightmarish things make me realize I am dreaming. Like I will be on a highway lost and confused and scared and then I think "Maybe I'm dreaming." and five minutes later I am sure of it, with no reality checks, and I decide I am not afraid anymore and I just explore and find grass and ask symbols what they mean. But I didn't become lucid this time, I was just happy I had a leotard to add to my collection. Then I woke up, it was 4 a.m. and I rushed to turn the lights on and wrote it down. Usually I wouldn't do that, but I am trying to make it a habit to do that. Some dream patterns I have is stores/malls and school (high school or college).

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