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    1. Triceratops Junkyard

      by , 05-31-1975 at 04:17 PM
      Morning of May 31, 1975. Saturday.

      I am wandering around in an isolated dump (in the sense of being a partial landfill) in the afternoon, that is also somewhat like a junkyard on a couple more external areas. There are steep hills on at least two sides, perhaps three. I get the impression that someone has been building, over a longer time period, a life-sized “robot” or working model of a triceratops from various types of scraps and miscellaneous rubbish, but I am not sure if it will ever be completed. It appears that at least two had already been started, but remain unfinished due to there being a lack of properly shaped junk, thus the projects were abandoned. There is a feeling of desolation, of remoteness. I am not sure if anyone else is around. There may be someone living in an old shack nearby but I never find out much else.
    2. Edge of the World? (precognitive)

      by , 05-29-1975 at 11:29 AM
      Morning of May 29, 1965. Saturday. (Memorial Day weekend - age four.)

      In an odd “twist” on comical partial precognition (which has been very common for me throughout my life), I dreamt (semi-lucid) at age four, in Chipmunk Coulee in Wisconsin, that my father drove us to the “edge of the world” just beyond the end of a road that just stopped. There, a thin red devil (with a narrow beard) danced with a pitchfork in an almost comical way (as in the “Hot Stuff” comic book with “Grandpa Blaze”, who often looked different, though), but there was concern that nothing else existed beyond that area beyond the fence and gate (assumed in my dream), where he lived in a grass hut or haystack? or some such, that was always catching on fire and needed to be put out by a team of chipmunks somehow (water-filled nut-shells?). The world would have just a smooth cliff-like drop and nothing beyond.

      In real life, the same afternoon as the morning of this dream, my father got directions from someone mixed up, and ended up driving down a road that actually did come to a sudden end and he talked about the “end of the road” - which, in my young mind, caused me to contemplate that it was as far as one could travel in that direction (south). A thin farmer with a pitchfork approached our car, giving me a somewhat uneasy feeling (thinking of my dream) of being near the “edge of the world”. The seemingly annoyed farmer looked at us suspiciously at first but gave my father instructions on what roads to take from there.

      Note to self: I see that I still have the bad habit of writing “chimpmunk” instead of chipmunk, even after all these years.

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    3. "Diamond Crawlers"

      by , 05-25-1975 at 10:40 AM
      Morning of May 25, 1975. Sunday.

      Background information: This dream seemed to relate to simultaneous associations of seeing razor blades as primarily dangerous combined with a concern about becoming ill from mosquito bites as well as leeches. There was also a brief incident at Lake Katherine where a few other teenagers (at least one wearing a razor blade as a pendant), walking by when our class was on a field trip, made threats about using a razor blade to slice up our backsides. The female teacher looked worried but did not react and the others just kept walking. I am not aware of anyone being killed in this dream, though the idea seems very plausible. My concern is possibly minimal due to wearing a repellent (such as “Off”) of some kind, though I believe it is a special type of “cologne” in my dream (and even this potential was possibly influenced from a television commercial about “Off”).

      This is not a more pronounced nightmare (I am not fully active in it nor emotionally bothered in any sense, although I am actually fully in-body in my Cubitis front yard for the most part, near the culverts that are about one-third filled with water), but it is a somewhat negative dream about a type of “giant flying one-celled animal” like a protozoa (though they are about the size of large moths and likely not one-celled relative to real-life logic), that attack and supposedly somehow eat people when rising out of culvert water and flying in groups of twenty or more (and it seems they live mostly in the water of the culverts or ponds as well as slightly flooded areas of parts of lawns). They have one maneuver where they tip sideways, mostly on the diagonal and moving about in a horizontal semicircular arc as such.

      I am not entirely sure why I decided to call this dream “Diamond Crawlers” back in the mid-1970s in my original dream journal entry, as they never crawled anywhere much; they mostly just rose from shallow water (when people were around) and flew around in a diamond-shape formation and were vaguely reminiscent of a diamond in form and body appearance. They resemble a transparent leech, shaped somewhat like a rounded-off truncated plus sign, but longer along the length than the winglike protruding sides (which is akin to an airplane having very short wings and is not realistically feasible), with the mostly translucent pattern of a glass-like razor blade in mid-body. Calling this dream “Razor Blade Flyers” would have made more sense, I suppose, but sounds ridiculous in afterthought. It is possible I was thinking of diamondback snakes at the time and just threw that absentmindedly into my dream’s title.

      The new image I made does not do justice to their transparent nature, but is fairly close otherwise.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    4. An Easter’s Valentines

      by , 04-18-1975 at 10:18 AM
      Morning of April 18, 1965. Easter Sunday.

      I am lying in my bed in the morning, seemingly just prior to dawn, but not certain of the date, thinking it may be a day or two before Easter. The Easter Bunny (not seen directly but mentally perceived as an ordinary brown rabbit) had somehow brought me a glass of root beer and heart-shaped cookies with pink frosting. (My unconsciousness is confusing Valentine’s Day with Easter to a certain extent. This has happened in other dreams.)

      The Shobijin (miniature twin girls from the 1961 movie “Mothra”) walk across my bed towards where my head is (left side). (I have a sheet over most of my body.) It seems as if they think that I cannot see them. Still, they soon look directly at me and warily watch me drink my root beer and eat a cookie, which tastes sweet.

      For some reason, since early childhood, the appearance of miniature people usually creates a vivid and very lifelike level of awareness (compared to other non-lucid dreams), despite the impossibility and how it does not trigger lucidity.

      The Mothra egg (as an underlying influence which did not appear in this dream) is likely associated with Easter eggs. I had seen the movie in February of this year, on the sixth according to research.

      My father had a rabbit farm, although rabbits are also associated with being unconscious and dreaming (as in “Alice in Wonderland”) due to most species living underground in burrows. Thus, they can be typified as an induction factor (as here in being the foundation of the apparent backstory) and a second-level dream sign or dream state indicator.

      Although Mothra is a flight symbol, I have not typified the waking symbolism as such despite the appearance of the Shobijin. Still, that is the primary connection of the shift back into consciousness (which is otherwise directly flight-related in over one in five of my dreams, based on RAS and inner ear dynamics while returning to consciousness).

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    5. Lion on my School Bus [dual narrative form]

      by , 04-13-1975 at 10:13 AM
      Morning of April 13, 1975. Sunday. [Dual narrative format utilized Saturday, 29 July 2017.]

      [Eighth grade will finish in about two months. I contemplate the challenge of leaving my middle school, while incorporeal, within the realm of subliminal lucidity as my dream comes into focus. My conscious self is unaware that I am dreaming but many viable threads of my conscious self identity are shared within the ephemeral mind of my dream self.]

      I am on a school bus with a lot of my schoolmates. I am vaguely wondering whether it is Sunday or not as it does not seem reasonable for me to be on a school bus if it is. The school bus comes to a stop in a field northwest of my school. I remember that we had been going north, so I assume I might be going home at the end of the day even though it does not seem to be afternoon yet. I think we are probably still in Arcadia. I notice high grass in some areas to my left and what looks like the outer perimeter of a possibly relinquished orange grove. I do not know exactly where we are.

      [The preconscious as my bus driver is an unfamiliar male. Instead of continuing with the neural energies of generic dream exit symbolism and returning the essence of my dream self to my physical body in my bed, he decides to leave my dream. I am not sure why he has abandoned the vehicle.]

      For several minutes, none of my schoolmates get up or speak about why we are here. I notice that Ray has his transistor radio on but at not that loud of a volume. He seems somewhat cheerful but some of my schoolmates seem impatient over the status of our situation. Susan is present and she regards me curiously. I am trying to recall if we are together or not. I am unsure about remaining here. I contemplate walking home, but consider that it may be too far.

      [Coalescence waking symbolism is precursory, and soon, in more ways than one. The school bus contains these potential personas from the core of my unconscious, yet to coalesce on the bus as a more sustained waking transition is not to complete my journey. Where is the preconscious?]

      It seems that the reason our school bus driver abandoned his duty was because of a lion in a cage right behind his seat. The lion’s paws can almost reach the back of the driver’s seat, but it is not certain what could happen. I do not question why a lion would be kept in a cage on a school bus, especially right behind the driver.

      [Susan looks at me. She seems sad somehow. The preconscious will not return me to my world other than by swallowing me in his lion form, back into whole consciousness, so it seems up to my dream self to take some sort of control to perhaps avoid this event or even the thought of it].

      I bravely walk up to the driver’s seat. My schoolmates smile, but I am not sure if they think I am being foolish or are glad we are going to be going home. I sit down, trying not to move for a few minutes, pretending that there is not a lion behind me. Is there really a cage? What if the cage is not strong enough? What will high school be like? Where will Susan be now that I deliberately try to avoid her?

      [My dream self is vaguely puzzled. I consider why I should take over the role of the preconscious. Is this what I must do?]

      I do not know how to drive a school bus, but that does not matter. Mere thinking on my part initiates the restarting of my journey…

      […slowly back to my physical body.]

      The lion growls softly behind me. If I am calm…

      […I will not experience coalescence into whole consciousness as a hypnopompic jolt.]

      I am calm.

      [The bus drives itself to the exit point of my dream. I am bilocated in my bed and behind the steering wheel of the fading bus.]

      The lion’s growls become softer; the transmutation of a passing semi-trailer truck on Highway Seventeen.

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    6. "Route to Death"

      by , 04-04-1975 at 10:04 AM
      Morning of April 4, 1975. Friday.

      Stanley Livingston, some sort of explorer (relative to my dream, fictional, but more likely influenced by the actor name) and archaeologist, is traveling in an “unexplored” land (with at least four other people including me), which, in my dream, happens to be the area behind the large shed of my Cubitis home and near the railroad tracks, but on the eastern side of the tracks. The area is a bit different. I am traveling with him, but mostly as a seeming secondary character of no direct influence.

      Instead of the railroad tracks, there is a shallow river in that area in my dream (an interesting changeover, I think, but which has occurred before) running south to north. Stanley finds several unusually shaped stones with interesting textures. Over time, he concludes that they show signs of being some sort of “message”, as they have tool marks, although one person says they are some sort of arrowhead.

      Oddly enough, Stanley determines that each stone is about half a letter of the English alphabet (as seemingly some edges perfectly fit together), although one seems like a complete uppercase letter “E”. A member of the team says that it is probably the remaining part of a fork-like tool, as it has a hole in the main stem that indicates it could have been used as a sort of fork if a stick had been inserted.

      Stanley insists that the stones were left there for someone to purposely find. He arranges the stones in order based on subtle color variation and size. It turns out that they seem to spell “HELP”. He then feels it is the duty of the exploration team to cross the river and find the person or persons apparently in need of help even though it is not known how long the supposed message had been there.

      Eventually, we are confronted by menacing human-like apes on horseback that resemble the gorillas in the original “Planet of the Apes” movies. Their clothing looks like that from “Planet of the Apes” as well. They are angry that we are in the “Forbidden Zone”, which was supposedly why the stones were placed there (which had since shifted from the flow of the river), the original pattern being “HELL”. They take us to some sort of building that looks like an old abandoned warehouse (liminal space), but which may be implied to be in the location of our Cubitis shed (though the distance orientation based on the first part of my dream would not be correct as such), though not much happens after this.

      Last update Friday, 16 September 2016: This dream has features that have appeared in other dreams, mainly the explorer or archaeologist in the beige safari outfit in my backyard as well as the idea of the area near the railroad tracks (especially more easterly) being “forbidden” (as with the “Forbidden Land” dream from 1973 that featured a giant horse). Other subliminal associations with this could be related to “living stone” and “Chip Douglas” (as in “chipped” rock).

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    7. There he goes… (prank on math teacher)

      by , 02-16-1975 at 03:03 PM
      Morning of February 16, 1975. Sunday.

      This dream mostly involves a prank on a math teacher. In real life, this teacher would continuously roll around in his desk chair from his desk to the far side of the chalkboard and back again. He was an older, shorter man with white hair, slightly chubby, and with thick glasses.

      In my dream he seems even more talkative than usual and is waving his arms around asking riddles in an incorrect manner as in real life. For example, in real life, one of the ones which he always got wrong in how he asked was “If a boy jumped off a wall, is he still on the wall?" It was supposed to be asked as: "Where was the boy when he jumped off the wall?" If you say "on the wall” the response is “that was before he jumped” and if you say “in the air" the response is "that was after he jumped”.

      A few members of the class somehow tie up the “portable” (which was what we called the small square trailers that were used as classrooms) to a large truck. Eventually, the truck leaves and takes the portable with it. However, the teacher does not notice this and is still talking and waving his arms even though all the students are outside near the main high school building. I watch the trailer go down the street at an odd angle behind the truck. There is a very amusing mood in my dream. It is fairly short.

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    8. Cat o’-Nine Tails and Willow o’the Whip

      by , 02-15-1975 at 03:15 PM
      Morning of February 15, 1975. Saturday (a day after Valentine’s Day, which seems related).

      Like a lot of my dreams (especially when looking just a tad deeper) this one had intriguing word plays as well as layers of apparent long-term precognition as is often the case (when the precognition is far more impersonal or only indirectly related to my real path) - which is oddly foreshadowed by pop culture references as well (and I have not been the only one to notice this - there are a lot of articles on this phenomenon).

      The setting of my dream seems to be some sort of modern “castle” but is actually a distorted version of my brother Earl’s house during the time he lived in Cubitis several houses south of us on the same side of the highway. My mother would sometimes walk down to get a ride into town when his wife was going to work at Tinsley’s IGA store.

      The house has a smaller fictional room on the west side (in what would otherwise be the front yard), connected to the main hallway, but where there is only an outside wall at that point in reality (but which eventually leads to the large living room at the north end of the house - it was actually a bit similar to our house). There is a fictional character who seems to be a variation on the “mystery girl”, who is a witch, and who goes by “Willow o'the Whip” (or “Willow of the Whip” - meaning that she uses a whip). She dresses a bit like the Heidi character (from the infamous Heidi Saha poster and magazine) but is not her and seems a bit older as well. This is a distortion of a real-life phrase regarding eerie swamp gas sightings, known as “Will-o’-the-wisp” (or variations thereof), which I incorrectly wrote in my childhood journals as “Willow-the-whisp” (could not spell back then, either). On a side note, there was a rumor that the Saha magazine was published and then recalled and destroyed because of its “scenes of torture” and exploitation of the model (which I think got confused with the model kits related to the ads from Warren magazines, which actually did have a miniature torture chamber). I guess people will believe anything except something that makes any sense. (How do you “recall” a magazine that was already sold and read, by the way? It’s not exactly like food or a defective product.)

      At any rate, there isn’t much drama or interaction. I am aware that a “sacred” whip exists and is kept in this special smaller room. For some reason, when the door is opened, a mist flows in. The whip is a cat o’-nine tails (which is written at least a couple different other ways). There is also something about getting Valentine’s Day candy - a white heart-shaped box tied with a red ribbon. The “mystery girl” gives this to me. The whip supposedly has magic powers along the lines of a magic wand (or relative to Wendy the Good Little Witch’s magic wand, it seems).

      At one point, the whip seems to be missing and I am very annoyed and seek it out. There is also an idea (or a possible in-dream “reset”) that the room was actually like a vault at a bank, when regarding the whip as a rare and magical treasure.

      Again, as with a lot of my dreams, there are numerous layers and even Pascal-Triangle-like constructs. For example, some associations (as well as nine of “cat o’-nine tails” being “my” number as “Yang”):

      Willow was associated with a female witch, whereby, much later on, a witch named Willow was on the television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, based on the movie from 1992. There was also a completely unrelated movie relating to witchcraft, called “Willow” from 1988 (but which was the name of a dwarf). This was during the time when I first started having my mystery-girl-based panic attacks in public (and almost passed out in the theater when seeing this movie - not sure why) which stopped just shortly before I saw the PAIA ads in 1991 (and was precognitive to several dreams) and worked out the “mystery girl” was a real person all those years (since earliest childhood, in fact - thousands of layers coincided over a lifetime, including the exact location I used to “stare at” as a boy from the other side of the ocean) - and thus we married in 1994.

      Still, another layer relates loosely to a relative/ancestor due to the fact of a weeping willow being on his tombstone, though this was fairly common according to resources - I just did not know it at the time. It was also loosely related to the fact that he was supposedly kept in a “dungeon” (or at least underground or a “prison pit” or whatever) and supposedly whipped by someone called Proctor according to my father. According to one website, he was “appointed Major of the Second Regiment in place of Lewis Bond, declined.”

      In my dream however, I did not associate the whip with anything negative, and again, it was supposed to produce a form of magical energy when swinging about in the air. I also used a whip (on the ends of silver oak branches) in real life as a teen and it put harder muscles in my arms then when weight-lifting.
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    9. My Father as a Red Car

      by , 02-14-1975 at 08:14 AM
      Morning of February 14, 1965. Sunday.

      This was a very long early childhood dream with “resets” - and it also recurred later, though the main longer-lasting and more vivid and emotional one was on that cold Sunday in Chipmunk Coulee. I had been able to determine the exact model of the car as I grew older. It was a red 1922 Phaeton in the dream. Although I had at times associated it with a Ford, the actual proper term is apparently “1922 Lincoln Phaeton”. In this early childhood dream, one of the most vivid of this time period, my father somehow “was” the car. The car becomes involved in an accident somehow (or goes off the road) which I do not actually see occur (but does not really show more obvious damage in-dream) and is apparently red because that is the color of the blood that was from my father which supposedly “painted” the car - being a melancholy perspective rather than more macabre. Interestingly, there were no other cars in the dreams, so one assumption, in having a clear understanding in-dream that the car “was” my father, I thought maybe the car had just stopped working rather than being in an implied accident - and there was also something regarding the thickness (or “wearing down” by the environment) of the car body’s coat of paint. I see it parked in the middle of an old back road in the coulee region at different points near mostly dense forests. My father did not have any health problems at this time. Actual health problems were not more apparent until 1969 and into the 1970s when we once again lived in Florida. Because we had moved between Wisconsin and Florida a couple of times, there was also a problem at one point with my father’s blood circulation and blood thickness relative to climate adjustment later on.

      My father actually died on February fourteenth of 1979 (from blood clots) - Valentine’s Day (and I have had dreams on other Valentine’s Days involving parental loss and such), but that is not the main unusual aspect of this. After his death, when I lived on King Street (on my own for the first time) I was given a couple special edition car magazines discarded from a local book store on the south-side of La Crosse. Interestingly, there was a larger fold-out in the middle of one - of the “same” red 1922 Phaeton. I had it on my wall for several years, which sort of created an unusual “retroactive” mood and “continuity” at the same time, regarding the dream. It really made an impact on the nature of my life and personal path, almost like giving me more “grounding”.

      That is not all of course. I also consider this a type of “artifact” event, which happened with a couple other patterns (including a light green pendulum-shaped wall clock), and with another one (relative to the mole cricket/lobster “hybrid symbolism” seemingly coming out more or on the horizon so to speak). The 1922 red Phaeton appeared in other dreams in my youth (even before I had the poster). It became the in-dream “car of choice” in some dreams involving the “other” (a female classmate that seemed “in competition” on the spiritual plane with my wife-to-be, before I knew the mystery girl was actually a real person).

      Although the majority of my dreams were precognitive in highly precise ways, often in ridiculous, impersonal, and trivial ways (such as dreaming detailed Harvey comic book plots just prior to seeing and reading them in real life, as well as new television commercials), I consider this dream element more of a personal and paranormal nature because of the lifelong time period involved and because of the several layers. Another layer was that a slightly similar reddish antique car appeared in the movie “Fear No Evil” from 1969 and it went off the road, crashing - which actually strangely tied into my dream themes regarding the “mystery girl” and the “other”.

      Most mainstream people or westerners would likely find it amusing how I believe certain movies (certainly not all - it depends on the person regarding their associations) have such a strong influence on dreams and even the nature of precognition and self-fulfilling prophecy, almost like a cycle of liminal associations “feeding off each other” - after all, imagery is an extraordinarily powerful force regardless of the source (and of course I remain perplexed at why so many people dream about zombies when this aspect is completely lacking from my dream life and always has been other than one or two comedic ones in my lifetime regarding the old-school aspect of so-called zombies). I have seen amazing examples of self-fulfilling prophecy in movie associations, often absentminded reenactments by other people, sometimes somewhat startling. People sometimes dismiss the paranormal nature of certain types of dreams because they claim people seek and find patterns where there is no actual connection, which is ridiculous because of the very nature of fractals in all things, something humanity seems to only be learning about now (but which I knew of as a young child). I do not look for patterns; patterns find me.

      Although other types of cars have featured in my dreams later on, including the red 1958 Plymouth Fury (“Christine”), none have held such a dominating place and seeming importance as the red 1922 Phaeton. This was solely a “dream car”. I never had close contact with one in real life.

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    10. Ocean Beyond the Doorway (with Kenneth Hill)

      by , 02-09-1975 at 08:09 AM
      Morning of February 9, 1975. Sunday.

      The original 1975 title for this was “It Didn’t Work”. This is the first time I have changed the title since then to be more descriptive.

      I travel with a friend and schoolmate, Kenneth Hill, to find my “mystery girl” who I am supposed to marry in Australia in a couple months. I keep going as far as I can to the southwest, thinking it is a short walk from my home, sometimes going southeast, such as towards where the train tracks and farms beyond are in real life (although some scenes and changes of direction seem like typical dream “resets”).

      Along the way, his foot gets stuck under a railroad track rail, but I save him by pulling on his arms to help him get free prior to the train arriving. It seems to be afternoon at this point. (This actually seems to be just beyond my backyard, though I pull him westerly back towards the backyard, so our implied direction keeps changing.)

      Time passes. We reach a door. Kenneth stands directly to my right. I open the door in a hallway - as it now seems as if we are still in my Cubitis home, the fictional door being on the west wall (but seemingly in a different area than the hallway closet door, more to the south) and I only see the ocean beyond, starting directly from the doorway.

      “It didn’t work,” I tell him sadly as my dream fades.

      This dream occurred years before I knew my “mystery girl” existed in real life. This was also the date (in 1994) when I arrived in Australia. We married on April 9th, 1994 in the Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens in Queensland.

      • This dream is of the threshold type, which was more common in my childhood and young adult years. This type renders a doorway as a dream’s implied exit symbolism. (It may be less common now due to the fact that our bedroom does not have a doorway, being partly open to the kitchen and lounge room, though with a curtain over the kitchen side.)
      • The other side of the fictional doorway in real life would have been the southwest bedroom. Although I had been “blocked” from my “mystery girl” by the ocean in other dreams (though not as a general occurrence) as an association with her being on the other side of the world, because water symbolizes the dynamics of sleep in real time, this seems like a logical ending (though typically, water lowers when waking, though the ocean being implied to be inside a house would make it not very deep other than relating to its seeming bilocated nature).
      • The threshold dream type often renders my emergent consciousness as a different character or feature (though seemingly still linked to the preconscious factor). In this case, Kenneth seems to be the passive preconscious factor while it is my dream self that initiates the final symbolism. (The preconscious usually only dominates the dream’s last segment when there is no first-level dream sign or waking indicator, confirming one of the main dynamics and actual purposes of dreams.)
      • Last check and update on Monday, 17 July 2017.

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    11. Cat Stand-off

      by , 01-01-1975 at 07:01 AM
      Morning of January 1, 1975. Wednesday. (New Year’s Day.)

      Summary: Two cats quickly going in opposite directions meet on our Cubitis carport and their movement ceases as they stare at each other until my dream ends. This dream was possibly at least partially influenced by the limerick “There once were two cats of Kilkenny“, as the term “Kilkenny cats” did seem to be in the back of my mind at one point in-dream but was not spoken aloud (though the cats do not fight or even move as in the limerick). A younger neighbor and friend I waited with at the school bus stop on weekday mornings had the first name of Kenny, which may have added to the associations.

      It is early morning in Cubitis just prior to the time I would be going out to wait for the school bus on a normal school day and the sun has not fully risen. I become aware that I am going onto our carport at the start of my dream for this reason.

      Seemingly out of nowhere, two (unfamiliar to me) cats suddenly approach each other and both assume a stand-off position in our carport near the front entrance of our house, facing north and south. Immediately before I actually see them, I get an uneasy sense of a loud two-layered human-male-like “Ugh!” as if both of the cats had somehow “said” or “exclaimed” it simultaneously, each with a sense of implied disgust at the other, immediately prior to their near-collision.

      Time seems “frozen” for seemingly several minutes as the cats stand completely motionless, facing each other from only about an inch apart (nose to nose). I get an eerie feeling that they may somehow have additional human-like attributes (though there is no real evidence for that other than the unvalidated assumption that they spoke).

      Soon, at least a dozen (unknown) reporters, both male and female, having donned primarily early 1960s dress styles, appear on our carport as if out of nowhere. They are evenly gathered around, both standing and crouched in a semicircle (open to the driveway), with cameras (a male near the main door seemingly using a Polaroid 185 Land Camera) and yellow notepads with pens (though I briefly notice one female making continuous cursive loops rather than words or sentences). The reporters are gathering around the cats (though not that closely - about a yard or more away) and appear to be ready to plan or begin some sort of television or radio broadcast on the event. The cats do not make any other sounds and continue to remain motionless throughout the rest of my dream. I still feel a growing and somewhat unpleasant eeriness that they are “more than cats” and I almost expect something else to happen but nothing else does. There is a strange mythical awareness that neither cat will ever move again.

      Analysis from my primary standpoint: This seems to be a play on the “old year” meeting the “new year” face to face or “blocking” potential progress into the new year with any issues of the previous year, almost in a mythical sense; thus, the in-dream uneasiness and “waiting for something to happen” even though a new year is basically just a continuation of the prior day. My family did not have a Polaroid 185 Land Camera but the camera has a feature that resembles the bellows of an accordion, which my father was well-known for playing and writing popular polkas and waltzes for. The reporters had a very vague association with cartoon characters on “The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour” though they did not really appear cartoon-like in any way in my dream. The “reporters” are there perhaps to “record” my progress in my path into the new year and my otherwise blocked passage into the new day, one cat being “of me”, the other a potential rival with opposite opinions, perhaps; likely a classmate I have conflict with.

      Analysis from my secondary standpoint: What people have seemingly failed to see throughout the entire history of so-called dream “interpretation” (as I have never seen much evidence of it in commercial publications) is that certain types of dream events often reflect the dreaming process itself. In this case, it would be my dream self being “blocked” from the knowledge of the holiday, part of me wanting to wake up in thinking I have to get up for school (though I do not) and another area of my (dream-self’s) mind saying “Hey, you can sleep longer today, what’s your hurry?”. Of course, dreams are typically multilayered, sometimes with so many layers, it sometimes takes years for certain facets to reveal themselves.

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    12. The Idol

      by , 12-08-1974 at 03:02 PM
      Morning of December 8, 1974. Sunday.

      Steve J, a classmate whom I did not dream about very often, is with me on some sort of “quest” that involves the search for a supposedly magical idol of some sort. It is apparently some sort of smaller ancient statue; primarily (tainted) silver, and closely resembling Kali images I have seen.

      Not much happens as we search and converse informally. We wander about through a “castle” (or possibly an abandoned temple) which actually seems more like the high school building on the inside (the dream manifests an unfamiliar, or likely fictional, location out of a familiar location - this is a recurring natural aspect of my dreams). Revae M, a female classmate (she was sometimes seen as a “know-it-all snob” as far back as fifth grade and was sometimes perceived as having no sincere friends) ends up in another part of the “castle” (or temple) somehow. Steve makes a joke about her probably thinking she owns the place and suggests we find the idol before she does.

      Eventually, the idol seems to be in the “basement” (or dungeon?). There are some enjoyable scenes which were fairly common at the time. They involved somehow “surfing” down the stairs on our feet (fairly swiftly) without needing to walk down - and the act creates a sort of intense feeling of freedom. I have even done this a few times in recent dreams. In some cases, it seems extremely vivid and realistic (sometimes triggering lucidity) even though it is not really possible in the manner it is done in the dream. I find myself doing this in dreams of my old high school, sometimes swiftly moving past others on the steps, and the boarding house on King Street; I even somehow slide around the ninety-degree turns quite easily in both locations.

      In this dream however, it is possible that the presence of the idol is causing us to have the “ability” to slide downward, which has negative connotations, almost as a subtle warning depending on the viewpoint.

      We find a small somewhat semicircular nook in the wall and realize that Revae has taken the idol, which is actually quite small if the wall recess is anything to go by, even smaller than a human hand.

      We walk around and eventually find the silver idol (which again, looks a bit like Kali) lying on the floor on its side. Over time, we somehow realize that the idol is actually now Revae, or rather, she has been “absorbed” into the idol and trapped. We place the idol back and leave the “castle” (or temple) and the news seems to be shared with other classmates about how Revae is now “gone”. However, there is some ambiguity here (or perhaps a dream “reset” and partial “replay”) whereby, there may have never been an idol in the first place and Revae was the first to become one through some sort of curse by going into a particular room or area or just by thinking a certain way in the particular room.

      Revae M seemed to symbolize the “unattainable female” (although it is likely also relative to her status of “unworthy” regarding my general outlook on life, based on her false view of being “superior” as a rule), an aspect that seemed relative to each dream where she appeared.

      Using the school building to “define” the castle/temple is not a first-time event. There are several occurrences of this in my early childhood dreams. It is likely relative to attempting to take the mystery out of the ambiguous nature of the public education system and the sometimes both fabricating and condescending nature of authority. The basement classrooms in my school have also been seen in dreams as a castle dungeon with obvious symbolic parallels relative to transient situational perspective (relevant to exaggerating the comparisons).

      This dream also appeared to have a precognitive layer:

    13. Gateway Accordion

      by , 12-05-1974 at 03:05 PM
      Morning of December 5, 1974. Thursday.

      I am in the Cubitis living room with my father. We are both sitting on chairs. There is an impossibly large accordion near the southwest area of the room, standing upright and slightly taller than a person. The bass section with the bellows is separated from the other part and revealing a sort of eerie “tunnel” or more like a hallway inside the bellows and implied gateway to “another world”. A glow comes from inside the “hallway” which seems longer on the inside than the outside as the bellows are not stretched out that much, probably only about a quarter of the length possible (relative to a real accordion). My father is not speaking. It is more like an unusual contemplation by both of us of this implied “portal”. Nothing else happens though my dream at this point is very vivid. I do not think about going into it or what could come out of it, I am just aware it is there.
      Tags: accordion, portal
    14. "Terra Cotta"

      by , 11-30-1974 at 03:09 PM
      Morning of November 30, 1974. Sunday.

      I am wandering around in an unfamiliar area yet somehow am also aware it is part of my school. I find a large utility room, seemingly underground, which has a portal into another dimension in a west wall. This portal starts out as a very large, long square tunnel or metallic hall, somewhat like part of a huge ventilation system - yet large enough for a person to stand fully upright within. All of the sides; floor, ceiling, and walls; are like thin aluminum but not as pliant as would be the case in reality. Still, I make a sort of hollow clomping sound (with nuances somewhat like flexing roofing tin) as I walk through the silvery hall towards an unknown destination. At one point I notice a very large pipe with green sludge flowing out.

      After seemingly a fair amount of time turning down various identical passageways, I end up in another world, apparently an alien planet. The race of human-like beings are about seven feet tall on average and have striped purple and white skin in a zebra-like pattern. Their features remind me vaguely of a more detailed and “realistic” Doctor Seuss character (such as a hairless Grinch) as previous in-dream aliens have sometimes appeared, but still with that sense of cartoon-like unlikelihood in conscious afterthought.

      The dominant focus is of a giant beige-brown cobra (about six feet high when in striking position) that is known as “Terra Cotta”. It is originally kept in a cage of sorts by the “Zebra Men” but gets out shortly after I enter their world. It follows me back into my world (yet does not pose any direct threat at any time). Several friends and I plan to trap it back in its own world again, the main one being Charles D on his bicycle in one scene. There is some discussion of using it as a money-making endeavor with a carnival or some such, and also something about writing a book, but this does not clarify or continue.

      For some reason, “Terra Cotta” seems a very familiar titular form in-dream at one point, apparently via a false memory, of being the name of a well-known war movie; I think about Pearl Harbor. In real life, after my dream, I mentioned it to my best friend Toby T on the school bus and he apparently had a similar association.

      A partial influence of this dream may very loosely be based on the terra cotta warriors (also written as terracotta and terra-cotta) which I had not really known much about at this time. There is a terra cotta “monk with cobra” in Mianyang, China.
    15. Narrowtown

      by , 11-23-1974 at 05:23 PM
      Morning of November 23, 1974. Saturday.

      This was not that clear of a dream (that is, not that vivid regarding dream self awareness). I wander into an area near a small city in possibly another country (possibly in the Middle East though this is not certain) and it is very narrow even though there are many tall commercial buildings. Everything, including every building and structure, is “unrealistically” narrow, almost as if it was purposely designed to be about half the size of a typical alley width. There is at least one outdoor area that seems to be selling clothes but with the seeming essence of a magazine vendor. I see a jetliner fly overhead (from my left to my right) at one point in the final moments (with even a vague awareness of white noise), and I see several people walking around. However, just on the outskirts of the main part of town, I am somehow aware that there may not be enough space for me to even walk down the street or sidewalk. I do not really feel trapped, just puzzled and slightly annoyed.

      This short dream, though somewhat unique in my own lifelong dreaming history (though there have been other settings with limited space, sometimes relating to narrowing or truncation leading to instigation of the waking process), follows the same generic pattern in meaning as hundreds of other dreams.

      Typically, coming out of an alley in a dream brings on astounding vividness. That does not happen here as I remain in the same general area for the most part.

      Anything relating to the selling of clothing relates to the waking transition and "preparing” the temporary waking self (even though this form is sometimes incorporeal or hybridized into unusual forms, not necessarily even human).

      The typical waking sign of the airplane flight (sometimes rendered as a flying bird or other feature including a model airplane or very distorted airplane parts) is seen here near the ending.

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