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    1. empty

      by , 05-17-2016 at 03:12 PM
      There was no dream, alcohol clouded the mind. I couldn't sleep for a good midnight hour or two and I am extremely tired.
    2. 17 May 2016 - Driving Grandpa's Truck

      by , 05-17-2016 at 02:46 PM
      Dreamed that Grandpa's 1940s Dodge was running and I was driving it, even with its manual transmission.
      Tags: driving, truck
    3. Silently Shut Down :(

      by , 05-17-2016 at 01:41 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I did not sleep very well last night. Lots of waking up. I know I dreamed a lot but I only remember a bit of a slightly explicit dream from this morning.

      I was at some school. I think the school day was either about to end or had ended. I wanted to give oral sex to one of my good friends C (a female) for some reason. I know I had talked to her about it at some point. I wanted to do it in the shower. Thinking about it really turned me on. I felt like there was some penis involved somewhere, but it wasn't my main focus.

      I was then in the shower with her, though we were clothed and there was someone else in there as well. It didn't even really look like a shower, but a little hallway and another room seemed to break off of it. As I turned the water on, I had to move some floor mats out of the way so they wouldn't get soaking wet. One got a little wet on the edge as I moved it. I believe it was navy blue.

      Then we were just in there and nothing was happening; she seemed blissfully ignorant to my desires, though we had talked about it. I didn't want to go out and say what I wanted either, I just wanted her to know since we had already talked about it. The other person in the shower was this guy I met once IWL named MH, but he goes by his last name, H more often than his first name. I was trying to hint to C that I wanted her by saying the letter "O" and some other things. MH then said
      "Oh you want oral?" or something like that.
      I said,
      "H!!!!" and left the shower. For some reason, I really didn't want him to do that, as if I'd get in some sort of trouble for those words being uttered. I didn't think C wanted him to know that we were planning on it, and I had apparently told him, as he knew exactly what I wanted to do to her.

      Then, I was sitting in the hallway of the school as many people walked by. I was upset. Then, this guy I was in group therapy with IWL, SW, a slightly creepy old black man, said he could help me. I followed him to a room and it was dark and quiet. He wanted me to give him oral, and I didn't want that at all. I left him in the room alone.

      I remember being in classrooms at some point in this dream.

      I have never given a woman oral, or even made out with a woman, but as I've become more comfortable in my skin, I've really realized that it's something I wish I could try, as I find it quite sexy, but am married to a man. Granted he would be totally fine with it as we have discussed it many times, but I wouldn't be comfortable doing it inside of our marriage.

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    4. Don Knotts Orders Tanks but Receives Yo-Yo

      by , 05-17-2016 at 11:17 AM
      Morning of May 17, 2016. Tuesday.

      Featuring as Gatekeeper: Don Knotts (actor, July 21, 1924-February 24, 2006). Here, he implies (and symbolically demonstrates) control of my transitory waking self, an essence of the Source.

      In my dream, I am aware of Carole Cooke (Bessie Limpet) being Don Knott’s (Henry Limpet’s) wife in the “The Incredible Mr. Limpet” (1964 movie) role. Don has to go to the post office to get a couple packages, as he supposedly “collects tanks” and I first assume that this is what he will be receiving in the mail. Even though this seems an obvious reference to fish tanks (again, with regard to the “The Incredible Mr. Limpet” scenario) it is instead something to do with large older water towers and water (storage) tanks, or so I firstly assume (but I do not consider how large they would be or how he would have the space for them at his residence).

      Eventually, I am at the Arcadia Post Office with Don (where I have not been in real life since the 1970s). He somehow absentmindedly ends up in the employee area behind the service counter. He looks very old at this point and the postal workers seem somewhat puzzled by his imposition on the wrong side of the service counter but they still allow him to stay and converse with them.

      It turns out that, illogically, the “tanks” I expected him to collect from the post office are neither big nor even tanks at all, but seemingly yo-yos. He uses one behind the post office counter, but looks very frail and even unnaturally “shriveled” at this point yet he still seems cheerful and optimistic though otherwise oblivious to his imposition status. I get the impression that even though it is a yo-yo, or appears and functions as a yo-yo, it may somehow also serve as a kind of miniature storage tank (though this is not conclusive).

      A post office represents messages between the dream self and the conscious self (with the gatekeeper here as an implied middleman). A yo-yo is a very rare dream symbol for me, but it represents potential lucidity relating to “up and down” control, that is, control of levels of awareness in the dream state, but here the gatekeeper seemingly has control of my level of consciousness. An aquarium or fish tank (though fleeting and vague in association here) otherwise represents a form of downsized dream-state induction and the outer layers of the unconscious mind.

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    5. 2016-05-17 lots of fragments, pizza (twice), driveway, aunt/car, return boy, porridge, basketball

      by , 05-17-2016 at 09:57 AM
      + in some kitchen with wife mixing some porridge in a large pot on the floor. The grains are spilling out on to the floor all around the pot. I scoop them up with my hands and put it back in the pot. I think people won't like this. So I try to scoop up only the part from the top which is not in contact with the floor

      + [vivid] I'm on GP Blvd at Av looking up the hill in between the big house on the left and the houses on the right. They're constructing a new driveway. It's pretty steep, I imagine they're doing a ridged concrete driveway so it won't be slippery. The house at the top (I look up and see it) will finally be able to drive up to the house. (I'm standing on the corner with my dad and putting on a raincoat?) [CH neighborhood, DREAM SIGN]

      + I'm in TV Park [CH neighborhood, DREAM SIGN], there's another guy there we're going to play basketball. We're trotting along towards the sloping road down to this level and I pass him the ball. He passes it back to me. I look at the low basket/hoop and see its net is torn

      + With a couple of people, I'm scooping up large piles of cooked pizza toppings, mostly crispy pepperoni, and piling it (back on the pizza?) in front of my friend. Some (relatives?) are there and I offer them some of the pepperoni but they decline

      + I'm walking next to some automated food production line. There is stuffed pizza oozing hot cheese there, and other things (eggs?) also stuffed with oozing cheese. I scoop up a droopy slice of the pizza and put it on my plate, while the food moves through the stages on the conveyor belts.

      + I'm riding in a car (back seat right side) with my aunt [mom's sister, deceased] (front seat right side, in front of me), uncle (driving), and my sister (to my left). I'm thinking about my mom, and planning what to say. I say "I think my mom had it/took it the hardest in the <her maiden name> family," they don't completely agree.

      + (long, details forgotten) I'm doing something in a group/team, I have a young boy with me, I leave, but then I want to return to that region, I go to the boy and implore him to send me an invitation so I can return.
    6. #148: Library / Prison

      by , 05-17-2016 at 07:33 AM
      Bed: ~23.00
      Wake up: 08.00
      Now: 08.15

      I'm at what seems to be the university library. There's a rap video being played or being recorded. Either way, it's happening right there and the people who are in the video are also there. It starts out in a language that I can't remember. It's a collaboration of European rappers. Eventually it's the turn of some Dutch rappers. Man this is quite cool. The fact that Dutch rappers were deemed important enough for this.. The video is an old one though. It has to be at least 10 years ago. This makes me wonder why I've never seen it before. I remember recognising one of the rappers, but right now I don't remember who it was.

      At another moment in the library, I'm out in the hallway. There are some people sitting on chairs and some people standing. I'm trying to mingle a bit, but I feel quite excluded. I'm not taking part in any conversation really.

      Another moment again. I'm talking with some classmates. One of them is telling the group that his thesis is going really well and that he will fly towards whatever country soon to do his research. I know there was more to this dream, but I can't recall it.

      I'm somewhere inside I think. I'm sitting at a table which has a bench on both sides, sort of like a picknick table.. or a prison table. There are at least 2 guys sitting at the same table with me; one in front of me, one to my right. One of them is telling me/us about him needing his wisdom tooth extracted soon. Only problem is, he lives in Groningen and on the day of the extraction, he'll need to get to Schiphol for his flight. I suggest to him to get his tooth extracted at the Slotervaart hospital, or better yet, the VU hospital. That way he can still catch his flight afterwards. He tells me the system doesn't work that way. He can't just go to whatever hospital he pleases. I tell him that he just needs to get a letter from his dentist for that hospital.

      The conversation continues to another topic. It's about prison. I tell them that I have been in prison once. The prison was shaped like a narrow rectangular strip, just like the tiny strip of paper that I'm holding. In the mean time I get soup. It's Chinese [something] soup. The liquid is yellowish and quite clear. It looks great. Suddenly I say: ow forgot to mention, I was in prison in a dream.
    7. Mikayela

      , 05-17-2016 at 07:06 AM
      I was a man as for my name i don't know I was betrothed to a women named Mikayela. Mikayela was a short woman with emerald green eyes and long brown hair. My wife and i were arrested for treason. For what kind of treason i do not know. Armored guards arrested us and tossed us in a joint cell. The room seemed to be made out of brick and concrete. The door was huge wooden. The door was oval shaped and it had iron reinforcement all over it. There was a separate cell in the large room it was small. In that small separate cell was a small rectangular window. It never provided any good light since it was all dirty and looked burned with haze. Other light sources were the two wall ordainment candles as well as the opening on the door. The floors were filthy and has what i assumed was dirt grime and saw dust with hay. one night while i slept Mikayela was escorted out of the cell. Three days and three nights went by until i saw her again. The guards brought her into the room but they put her into the small cell. As they entered the room they dragged her in her body was limp and her hair and clothes disheveled. Her leather boots scuffed and scraped on the floor as they dragged her in. As soon as the guards left i ran panicked to the cell falling from haste. I stood up then rushed over to the cell. I drew closer and i could hear her whimpering and crying distraught. Her backed faced me and i reached my hand through the bars to grab her wrist. "Why do you cry love?' I murmured worriedly. Her voice cracked with and broke all word she attempted to speak came out in distressed whimpers. Her body shook and i wrapped my arms around her. Her quivering lips were so loud they were audible. "Beautiful tell me whats wrong." Mikayela sucked in air."Dont call me beautiful i feel disgusting." Mikayela curled into a ball as she shivered. "Mikayela no matter what has happend ill still love you." She tilted her head against the iron bars between us. Peering at me with one tear filled eye. Even with messed up hair and blood shot eyes. She was beautiful and her blood shot eye made the color of her green eyes pop out. She swallowed and licked her chapped lips. What she would say next would kill me inside. Filling me with fury and blood lust. "Lllove theyy took me to the head guards quarters and he took me against my will." Mikayela looked down away from my gaze in shame. She clutched her stomach then attempted to speak once more. "Im scared for something i hadn't told you. I'm 1 month pregnant with our child. I don't know if the child is alright the guard beat me when i struggled." She fell to her side and broke out into loud sobbing. Rage filled me and i began to seeing red. I went to the wooden door and began kicking and punching. Screaming at them to let me out that id kill the head guard. The door opend when i became tired. I was no longer facing the door when three men entered. Two of the men grabbed me and the third man held a hammer. He walked behind me and bashed me atop the head. Everything began ringing my vision blurred i saw red then blackness.
      non-lucid , nightmare , lucid
    8. DJ#176: Football & Family

      by , 05-17-2016 at 02:24 AM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      Dream 1: My grandma came over to my house to talk with us. After talking for a while we went over to my uncles house to look after it while he was away. I think there was some disaster which had happened.

      Dream 2: I was in a fight with Homer Simpson where we were both fighting over this giant set of scales. I think I wanted to save the scales but Homer wanted to destroy them. I think it took place in a giant warehouse/supermarket.

      Dream 3: I was going around selling stuff. I think there was a lot more but I've forgotten it.

      Dream 4: I was watching a football game with my dad. It was a good game and afterwards we went to the park to play football ourselves. We met up with another family and started playing with them.

      Dream 5: I was reading a newspaper, starting out at the tv guide, then the comics and finally to a back page article which had some article about dating.
      Tags: non - lucid
    9. Dark Mansion Bookshelf

      by , 05-17-2016 at 01:44 AM
      I find myself in a bed in a room that feels normal to me at the time. I have the intent to leave my body and enter a lucid dream so I imagine my limbs moving from my body. I move my legs first, then my arms. I find myself standing up next to the bed, facing the door, lucid. I realize I'm in a different room. Another door stands on the oppositve side of the room, across from the foot of the bed. My brother is in the room, but I don't interact with him. Instead, I make my way through the door, and begin thinking of what I should do. I think to myself: 'I really need to pee' then realize: 'No! Bad idea! lol. At the time I have a strange impression that I had just seen a movie (upon awakening, it seems it was a memory from a dream I had just before the lucid began). I continue on to a narrow corridor with a ceiling ~4 stories tall. Doors lay on either side, but I continue on straight ahead, beginnig to fly upward as I go. My brother follows along as I enter the expanse of the mansion. I continue on to two massive room separated by a massive wall. I continue to the right and enter a massive room. I look toward the far wall and notice a bookshelf with four racks. On the third lays a row of books with spines colored from white, to black, to red mixed in-between. I tell myself that the book I pull out will have an important teaching for me (part of one of my dream goals). I move my gaze down the row of books and select one toward the middle with a red spine and gold lettering on it. I slide it out, but the top line reads something like: S O; the next line reads something like D R G T. I reason that it is gibberish and decide not read the following lines or open the book. I return the book, fly up toward the top of the ceiling while turning around. I look down and notice my brother standing on the bottom. The dream quickly fades and I wake.
    10. TOTM-Platform 9 & 3/4 fail

      by , 05-17-2016 at 01:16 AM
      TOTM attempt -Platform 9 & 3/4 fail. I had a dream with the main characters from Harry Potter. Harry, Hermione & Ron. But unfortunately it wasn't lucid & I lost the details. So sad. But, I just came back from the trip for my son's Bachelors Degree graduation & I'm exhausted.

      I just got back from a day & a half trip & I'm so exhausted. My son graduated & got his Bachelor's degree. I am so proud of him. It was a really great experience. It was a prestigious school for smart tech kids. I kept thinking that the faculties attire reminded me of Hogwarts, lol. I was so proud when they had the parents stand up & get applause from their kids. The acknowledgement was so emotional.

      Explanation of details-Blue
      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown
    11. I fucking did it! First full length, real lucid dream

      by , 05-16-2016 at 08:17 PM
      I am so happy right now. I just experienced a lucid dream that lasted around 1.5 hours. I woke up at 10 AM and went back to bed and lucid dreamed until 11:30.
      Here's how it went down.

      **Warning, lots of sex**

      I was at the old cottage with Melanie and Jake. We were looking out at the water, and in the middle of the lake where there would usually be the islands in the distance was a massive white and red castle of Indian design. Melanie said "it's amazing how fast that thing was built here." As I was looking at it however I had a moment of peace, and as I do nowadays in most of my peaceful moments, I look deeply at my surroundings. I knew that castle was impossible, so instead I looked at her and said "that's because it wasn't built. That was a dream castle, and we're in a dream.


      I look around and they don't believe me. Of course they don't, this is their world. We begin walking past the cottage to the garage, and I am astonished at the reality of it all. I grab Melanie by the arm and lead her into the garage. We start to kiss after a moment and she is getting excited, but I just really jump the gun and whip it out. She is shocked and starts having doubts. She leaves the shed and is talking to Jake. I really want to redo that, so I try to create a previous version of her from before we walked in the shed. It worked, but the old one was there and her doubtful vibe spread. I didn't know what to do so I just started snapping my fingers and pointing at things to make them dispensary, and it worked. The multiple versions of Melanie were gone, but I couldn't make a new one appear. When I went in the shed, Anna was in there. Almost immediately her douchey boyfriend (not rob) showed up and they started fucking. I was trying to watch then got pissed and gave up. He came all over her back like a douche, so I looked at her and she knew she was better off with me. She grabbed my hand and we flew far away, to the top of a mountain base\event center. We touched down in a hot springs tub, and were naked. She gave me great head while I stared in amazement. I finished quick so I could go explore and then my mind was blown. I went into an elevator and there I encountered some incredible detail. This massive house that the party was in was beautifully decorated, and not how I thought it would be. Firstly, there were plants everywhere, and in this elevator there was a window with a sill covered in about 60 plants all shoved in. I marveled at the detail of the cacti, the flower petals, and then I stepped out. There was a party there and I was the one in control. The music was just great, and the people there were out of some crazy film. Some wore masks, others regular work clothes, some nothing. I left the party and encountered Rachel Shewfelt, who seemed to be a second person jacked into my dream. She thought she was lucid. I think this branched from my idea last night that every person around Chris and I was either fake or another one of my own lifetimes, and then I realized that it applied to Chris as well. Rachel was governed by the same rules as everyone else, but to convince her she was a dream I had to demonstrate my power. I decided to create invisible walls to box her in but I kept failing. Then I remembered the techniques to increase control. I looked at my hands and saw the same disfigured fingers, and then I screamed "LUCIDITY BOOST!" and slammed my hands into the ground Last Airbender style. This caused a massive stone wall to erupt from the ground, and then I just looked at it and willed it to be invisible and it was. I jumped at it and bounced off. She was amazed, but I then remembered how spinning can boost lucidity, but forgot that it induces change. At this point I'm really crushing on Rachel because she's the confident, social Rachel of my dreams (literally) and I want to have her in full clarity. I spin, look back, and she has been replaced by Gwen from steam whistle. It's pretty freaky how it happened so I go back to the party. I dance a bunch with my buddies, but then Holly and Mom come back to the dance floor and keep showing me my phone and texts from Jake about his mental issues. They convince me that these texts are on my real phone right now and I need to wake up and read them, so I do that. I check my phone and I have a snapchat from him of the Grad skip day party.

      Overall this was an incredible experience. I found full stable lucidity for hours and it was the best sleep of my life. I will not finally have the mental fuel for the fire of constantly reality checking. I am so excited for the future of dreaming like this.

      Dream Signs:
      Thomas Cole
      Impossible locations
    12. Black Jacket [S-LD]

      by , 05-16-2016 at 06:42 PM (Blackbox)
      In this dream i acted like i was lucid but i have some doubts. In any case, i'll label this as a semi-lucid dream of some sorts.

      It all took place on the streets right near my house at nighttime, there weren't many people around the area.

      I was there with someone i apparently knew. I have a sense of being lucid back then, but i don't recall discovering it as a dream. Anyway, i was looking around for a black jacket to wear; i was planning on wearing one once i got lucid. I found one and wore it but it was shorter than i wanted so i extended it to be as long as i'm. I was also wearing a red glove on my left hand, and a black glove on my right hand. The person with me had a tablet that had a photo of a weird-looking sword on it.

      I walked away for a few moments then found the sword that i drew and planned to summon in my LDs which i also called "Raven". I held it and immediately started slashing around. I said a made-up spell that got the sword some light red energy aura around it. The sentence in question was "我が体に宿る力を今に解放しろ!" Which pretty much means "Release the power dwelling in my body!".

      I cut an oncoming car with the blade, in a weird way too. I don't know how to explain that. Afterwards i had thrown the gloves i was wearing so i asked the person to lend me a fingerless-glove. He did give me one, and also asked about "What kind of grade-clothes are you wearing?". I saw that he was wearing a white coat.

      I don't seem to have the sword anymore. The dream felt like ending but i fortunately was able to keep it going after i understood how to stabilize properly. A bit later i thought about how the dream might end so i should find something to do next. I thought about flying and riding a motorbike but didn't really do them. I walked around with that person and we saw a green cat that looked like it was about to die, i commented "it's green so it's probably very ill or something". The dream was ending.

      Probably fell into an FA or something as that always happens in this fashion.

      I have jumped back into the street in "another dream". It's daytime and there are many people lined up at my house. I don't really know what happened here, but it felt like i switched into seeing a chat room that was apparently related to DV. I was nicknamed "Sure" and i was apparently saying something in the chat. A user replied saying "I'm pretty sure you're honest with your question!" and sent me 10k hall points. Sageous appeared in the chat saying "sono kuroki hagane" which is the title of a show that i had read before.

      I woke up. Still in memory are small fragments of two dreams: Me going to a hatsune miku concert and me playing the piano with a family member. The second dream was nice, i somehow played some really good songs even though i have no experience at all with a real piano.
    13. Changing Snakes

      by , 05-16-2016 at 04:34 PM
      I was walking through the woods and came across two bright green identical snakes, I somehow knew that there were many more than that around, as I watched the snakes one of them grew larger and its color changed to teal and black and I was aware it was extremely deadly, I picked up the smaller still green snake and ran until I found stone ruins where a large amount of people were gathered, all of the people seemed familiar but the faces were blurred, I woke up just as one of the people started to speak.
    14. Pho at McDonalds

      by , 05-16-2016 at 04:13 PM
      It was late at night and I went with my parents to McDonalds. I ordered pho because I didn't want to eat a burger. I was hoping that the pho would be good there. The packet of chopsticks had one red, one blue, and one yellow. I woke up before I got to try any of the pho.
      Tags: mcdonalds, pho
    15. Mall Pickup

      by , 05-16-2016 at 02:34 PM
      I'm at the mall, at some tightly packed store of pretty much everything with someone. I was sent to pick something up by an old high school acquaintance that I didn't even really know very well... I'm surprised to see that it's an ex-girlfriend working there, old flame from a LONG time ago - she looks good, and has a cold sore on the corner of her lip. She mentions that they also have 80s posters in the back of the store and I go to have a look. It's so tight and very busy that to get to the back I can barely squeeze past people coming in the other direction. At some point I meet up with my friend M who was picking up some shoes in the mall.