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    1. 6-20-2016 & 6-21-2016 bloodworms and a jeep ride

      by , 06-22-2016 at 02:13 AM

      Dream one- My son complains that his back hurts. I lift his shirt to check for any marks or bruising but he looks fine. I offer to massage it for him, and he agrees. I grab some nearby lotion and start to rub circles accross his back. I notice that after rubbing for a second that there is a white grub on his back. I pick the bug off and wipe it on a nearby paper towel, then continue to rub. Another grub appears. I repeat the removal, and then frustratingly find a third grub. A lady walks up to us. She looks very newage with the typical multi color clothes, big earrings, and tons of clanky bracelets. The womam claims to be a message therapist and offers to massage my son free of charge. I check to be sure there are no more grubs on him and let her try to ease his back ache. The lady begins to rub his back and instead of grubs, huge white worms start working their way out of the skin on my son's back. The lady tells me these are bloodworms, caused by evil spirits, and we have to massage them out or they will continue to make his back ache. I grab the paper towel with the discarded grubs on it and notice that they have turned purplish red like blood.


      Dream one- We are riding in the jeep. My boyfriend is driving and my kids are in the back seat. We are going to a park. The bridge is out in the path over a creek, so my boyfriend just drives off the edge of the bank and into the creek. We go upstream a bit until we find an easy spot on the oposite bank to drive up. Theres a big dirt parking type area, and we get out of the car. My kids turn into two other people that I don't know and the jeep becomes a truck. A cop asks us if we need any help. The cop then starts telling us that his partner isnt there but if he was he would have given us a ticket for having two people in the back of the truck bed bc he "is a real stickler for the rules." The cop then helps us pile bunches of packages of toilet paper over the two people in the back to hide them from other cops and cushion their ride.
    2. Sleep Paralysis bad experience

      by , 06-22-2016 at 01:29 AM
      I kept trying to wake up but felt like something was trying to have sex w/ me & was speaking. I couldn't yell or move. I also heard a door creaking & closing. I have had AP things happen to me & many bad experiences w/ sleep paralysis also. I finally woke up & got halfway through a cigarette when I thought I'd try to go back & deal w/ what ever this thing was but things happened in real life that prevented that from happening.
    3. Trailer's & Zombies

      by , 06-22-2016 at 01:22 AM
      2 non-lucid, still having vertigo issues.

      #1: Dreaming of watching tv with Mike in my chidhood home. He wanted to stay up. I was making up the futon we have in our real house in my childhood house. He was in the hall & he was asking about a show coming on. If it was on yet.

      #2: Trying not to get raped by zombies. I kept thinking one of the other guys fighting the zombies was attractive. People were randomly having sex in a building in a park but it was like a shell of a one story stone building.

      Listened to one Lilian Eden meditation but my son is here from college & I got really mad today over it so we had to call around 5;30 am about it dropping out on my wifi. I had a really bad morning. I will be listening tonight hopefully. Guess we'll find out if they fixed it. My son has 2 monitors & monster computers & high tech games which I'm always in competition with.

      Explanation of details-Blue
      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown
    4. Mundane and Canine

      by , 06-21-2016 at 07:34 PM
      1. I went into a basement level shop to check on the alteration of a bra/corset. It was metallic grey. The shop couldn’t find it.

      2. My dog was recovering from a surgery of some kind, (injury on one of her hips/hind legs?) and I decided to stay with Jane, a woman who used to work at the dog training facility we attended. In my dream I only lived a block or so away from Jane, and it was total dream logic as to why I needed to stay at her place. I remember her asking me, and I told her that I knew she was trained in case something happened while my dog was recovering. She seemed to disagree that she was qualified, but I justified it in my mind. Later though, I remember thinking I should gather up my things and go home so I started to do that. Just then, some people came to Jane’s front door- a group of meshy-looking adults that seemed to want to sing for us. They had 2 dogs and I held my dog back and said she wasn’t good with other dogs (partial lie). They came inside anyway, and stood around us and seemed intimidating. It was a mixture of men and women, specifically I only remember the pockmarked face of a man with a mustache. I decided to continue gathering my things and bolt. I had an old long blue car, maybe something like circa 1970s. It barely ran, and some people in the group made fun of me as I drove off. I said, ‘This isn’t my only car!’ The way in which I was driving was more like me on a toy car (sitting on top of a small car) which is common in my dreams.

      3. Ordering dog food online. This felt like a longish session of me being unable to make a decision on what type and size food to order. ???

      Thoughts: I went to bed after a full day of work and exercise. I took a melatonin because my mind wasn't feeling very tired. I read for a while and then slept like a dead person until @3am, when I woke up and remembered just a small portion of the corset dream. Read for about an hour and a half, tossed and turned until I fell back asleep. Thoughts more active than usual, had trouble quieting my mind, and visualization did not come easily. I'm not sure what these dreams mean if they mean anything. My dog has an upcoming vet visit for a vaccination. She was a little sick the other day but otherwise very healthy and happy.
    5. Lots of vivid dreams, only snippets left

      by , 06-21-2016 at 06:14 PM
      My favourite part was when I had a GTR, and it was parked down the street. I looked down at my hands and realized that I was holding a wireless Xbox 360 steering wheel. I used it to drive the GTR around and I though it was super weird but I didn't RC. Then I started doing this thing where I lay on the pavement in front of the car while it was driving and for some reason I was smoothly sliding down the road in front of the car relaxing. The cops drove by and pulled a U turn to take me down for illegally sliding on the road (ha!) so I slid right under an oncoming car and lay on the ground in a police uniform. The car stopped and so did the police, and when I got up they said "Well done officer" and arrested the oncoming car. I began walking away and at my house I ran into a billionaire chinese kid. I started asking him about the difference between here and china and he was very awkwardly responding. I followed him into an elevator, which led us onto a canoe.

      I was suddenly in a place from a dream that comes from my childhood. It was a beautiful wooded lake, and rising about 100 feet off the water was a levitating house of glass and steel. It was a long house, and from the front door extended a glass tunnel that traveled over the river leaving the lake, and disappeared around the bend. I knew that walkway would continue for miles through the forest, calmly hovering in the sky and looking so beautiful against such untouched landscape. We passed the house in the canoe and arrived at our destination. The place was a gathering of young people just hanging out I guess. We all had dogs, but for some reason I brought a tiger. There was a really vicous shiba inu that would hang out with it on the patio as it was unafraid of the tiger. We all left the dogs and headed out to this place with amazing waves in a small fleet of boats, and I continued to interrogate the kid. He didn't drive cars or anything else you'd expect of a billionaire baby so I slowly stopped talking to him. On the ride back I remember having to violently steer the boat as there were massive waves and extremely shallow patches all around, and we kept sliding over areas of rocky shore. We managed to make it back, but as we arrived the Shiba started antagonising the tiger, who promptly fucked him up and ate him whole. I had to go in and tell my friend that my tiger ate his dog, and after he flipped out I woke up.
    6. Home not alone

      by , 06-21-2016 at 05:52 PM
      Had a nightmare again. This time I was in an old house, victorian with old style lamps. Cold and creepy.
      The lights went off and I was left alone, my daughter went out.
      I could make out stairsdown in the half light but didnt want to go down as I knew there was a big ol monster down there.
      So I sat and are cakes, even though they were making me feel sick, to take my mind off the fear.

      When i'm depressed I over eat. So that figures.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    7. RC at Blumac's

      by , 06-21-2016 at 04:46 PM
      Bedtime: 11:00 pm
      WBTB: 3:30 am
      Technique: mantra (Is this a dream?), counting
      Notes: This dream occurred between 7 and 7:30 am, after multiple wake-ups throughout the morning

      I am working at Blumac's (a bar I worked at years ago). I committed to one night just for fun, but I realize the owner put me back on the schedule 4-5 days a week. I am worried I can't handle that kind of schedule anymore since I'm out of shape, and really might be too old for this now. I greet Michelle in the dressing room and realize she is older than me and looks amazing, so maybe I can do this for a little while to earn some extra money. I decide to stay, but I don't want to work Friday or Saturday nights, or double shifts. I ask one of the other girls if she would like my Friday shift and she agrees.

      I return for my second shift. I overhear the other girls talking about money, and realize that I handled my tips incorrectly the night before. I put my money in my makeup bag instead of giving it to the DJ, so I didn't pay the DJ or bouncer last night. I feel bad. I start digging through my bag to count my money and notice there is a lot more than I thought. Suddenly I realize in horror that I am looking through the wrong bag. I feel horribly embarrassed and worry that someone might think I'm trying to rob her. Thankfully no one sees me, so I sit down to relax again and sort through my clothes. I contemplate getting a trunk for my clothes again instead of dealing with this messy gym bag.

      I suddenly remember to look at the RC tattoo on my arm. I fully expect to see the word "Dream" written there, but when I look I see only a P and another partial letter. I stare at it, dumbfounded for a minute, then become fully lucid. I stand up, excited, and look around the room to see how stable the dream is. Everything is solid, and I move easily. I realize this is the highest level of lucidity I've had in over a year! I decide to glide instead of walk. I glide easily across the room and out the door. As I enter the next room, I notice things are hazy, like I am not wearing my contacts. I decide to keep moving, hoping things will clear up because I'm concerned about waking myself if I try to adjust the light. I decide to go outside, hoping the light will clear up naturally out there. I see a door to the patio and decide to walk right through the solid wood. It works! The dream is much clearer outside. The sky is blue and the weather is pleasant. I see a large brown dog across the yard. When it sees me it gets up and runs my direction. It appears to be very friendly and curious. I notice there is something odd about it's jaw, so I try to look closer.....then BEEEEEP! Damn alarm work me up!
    8. #4 - Dream Chain A

      by , 06-21-2016 at 04:23 PM
      I had this series of dreams after waking up early and going back to sleep, which is typical for my previous lucid dreams. I was familiar with some of the features of these dreams: a realistic environment not usually drawn from real life, realistic dream characters who are part of the scenery instead of the plot (and sometimes ignore me), and dream chaining.

      I can't quite remember the beginning. Before I went to sleep, I recall deliberately daydreaming to occupy my mind, so it might have developed out of that. At some point I found that I could have WILDs really easily. All I needed to do was let my mind wander, I'd soon see some realistic imagery (or once, a geometric pattern), and at some point, rather than getting caught up in the dream's plot, I'd just go 'yep, this is a dream'. I was able to improve the quality by shouting 'increase lucidity' and so on. The dream chain included:

      - One where I found myself in a large building with a vague 'institutional' feel, having corridors and a reception desk. Most of the dream characters seemed to ignore me, even after I did the "You're all in my dream, what do you think of that!?" thing, which I sort of felt like I wasn't supposed to do. I found an old lady who did respond to me and asked her something, but I don't remember what she said.

      - A non-lucid false awakening in which a kid climbed through my window, much to my anger, causing me to go and get a sort of spatula in case I needed to repel the intruder.

      - One where I found myself in a garden or courtyard surrounded by three-storey Edwardian architecture. There was a small, cubical brick building similar to a power substation. I decided to test my dream control abilities. Simply by telling the dream that my hands were sticky like a gecko's, I climbed up the brick wall and stood at the top. I then marvelled at the feat and pondered what to attempt next; I didn't want to try anything that might disrupt the dream. I considered trying to turn into an animal but rejected it, for example.

      - Misc.: I also recall some SP-like sensations of shouting but having no voice coming out, being unable to feel myself breathing, or having a dry throat but being unable to clear it. I recall trying to shoot 'energy balls' out of my hands by sheer willpower and failing. I recall looking at my bedroom despite knowing my eyes were closed and sagely recognising it as a false awakening. I recall the realistic sensation of having an orgasm after doing nothing more than passingly thinking about it. I recall the sensation of partially separating from my body by sitting up in bed but failing to fully do so.

      I don't know if the chain started with a real lucid dream, and I definitely caught onto one or two bits of false awakening imagery while still asleep, but as soon as I woke up in real life I realised that my supposed 'really easy WILDs' were actually all from a false awakening. I'd been dreaming about lucid dreaming the whole time.
    9. June 21st, 2016

      by , 06-21-2016 at 02:32 PM (Book of Dreams)

      Went to bed and didn't dream much until maybe 2:00am (I remember looking at the clock before this dream).

      Dream 1
      This was a FA. I "woke up" in my bed, and there was a thunder storm going on. The storm sounded really close because the thunder had that crackling sound. I got up and walked into the hallway of the apartment, and I could hear someone tap-dancing downstairs. I remember thinking "who would be tap-dancing at 2 in the morning?" If only I had done a RC!! I walked halfway through the hall and closed a door that doesn't exist IRL, and continued down the rest of the hallway. I used the bathroom, then went into the sunroom when I was finished. When I got into the sunroom, I realized that the lighting had changed, it wasn't dark anymore. The storm was still going on, but it looked like it could be afternoon. Also, the room was on the 1st floor, with very tall windows, and when I looked at where my piano should be, there was a different piano. I thought to myself "omg, am I in someone else's apartment by mistake? how did that happen?" then I woke up. I think I was on the verge of becoming lucid, because I was really questioning things, but not enough to do a RC

      my WBTB alarm went off, and I attempted yet again to do a WILD, but still no luck. I even tried some visualizations, and also put headphones in and used some binaural beats.. Didn't do any good, I was just lying awake in bed. So eventually I decided to just go to sleep, because I knew I would be having my longer REM periods anyways, so I could just hope for the best and maybe I could get away with a DILD.

      Dream 2
      This is mostly just a fragment. It was along dream, but I don't remember much of the details. From what I remember, I was in a large building, I think it was a college of some kind. I think I was in classes, but in between I would go into this big open room, and in the middle of the room was a pit, and a piano was suspended above the pit. I would come into this room and play in between classes, but the piano was hard to reach and every time I would start playing I felt like I was going to fall into the pit. Not a very convenient set up.
      Toward the end of the dream, my grandma and mom were waiting for someone in the hallway, and I went out there to talk to them. They were talking about the time when either Paul Simon or Paul McCartney recorded an album in Prague (obviously just a dream memory, not a real one). They were looking at a map, and Prague was like, in Northern China. "Wow!" they were saying, "that really in the middle of nowhere!"
      I started to say goodbye to my grandma, and I asked her when I could come visit her. She said something about how my aunt was allowing us to have a horse race, so I should just come then. It didn't make sense to me but I just nodded and left.
    10. 2016-06-21 overflow dreaming night

      by , 06-21-2016 at 09:53 AM
      + swarms of snakes in (hotel) room on bed, leave room, re-enter, look for them, find them in bundles in the corners of the room and under desks, one bites me

      + submerged in the "murky", small pool, get out, open up the cover. Doesn't seem all that murky to me.

      + S2 with super weird eyes, go down stairs, kids (S1) in bed with (my parents?), I hide under sheet beyond foot of bed and someone (wife?) walks by me and stumbles over me

      + girl in bathroom short haired blonde says something (in German?) to me, I say "what!?" but she leaves I'm lying horizontally across multiple sinks and shampooing my very long hair. Get up, dry my privates beneath towel, to go to sauna and girl gets in front of me into sauna area but it's under construction, I'm confused about where I am and where things are that should be here

      7-8 hrs waking

      + S2 can't find lego, in the room with the super loud A/C, it must be here, there are large brick-sized pieces of colorful lego and I tell him he should use those to build with, he wants to find the "swamp-colored" sheet/poncho where there were big boxes of legos find the switch in the wall to turn off A/C, it's a rough hole in the drywall. I tell someone else about the swamp/camo-colored poncho later.

      + outside with French teens near bus, run to building, fly to 2nd floor balcony I'm racing against an opponent to the 2nd floor I'll surely win, but aim low and have trouble pulling up to the balcony he wins, I'm inside and invent a flying game with ball fly towards floor really see it and play around. Later I see a hand puppet with adult writing on it and coloring on it and try to read it and the mother who wrote it comes by

      Outside on the street, a large truck comes by and all the kids race towards it, I try to scream "get back!" but can't speak, I motion with my arms not to get too close but they swarm the back of the truck as it approaches the sidewalk from the yard backwards.

      Someone runs for an athletic move up over the back of someone else out on the street. Inside the room, I say to others, "can you imagine what would happen if you tried going over the back on the president of the US?" I imagine you'd be swarmed by secret service agents. Then Obama is there doing something goofy, climbing on someone's back, he gets down and straightens his golf shirt and walks away from me, heading outside. I think he's a goofy scrawny pencil-necked geek.

      + wife almost steps on "the baby" lying in between sharp coral rocks, I pick it up and wonder what to do with it

      + the (detective?) called on his phone for a drink by buddy, but he's been drinking already (cheap bourbon, some vodka, something else). I'm bodily there but just observe, then tell the story to a fairly attractive young asian woman who's sitting with a different group to the side of the same room

      +(f) I see an outdoor covered pathway. It is either covered from the rain, or is covered by a sheet of running water. I try to make out the faces of the people beneath the water.

      + outdoors the board of the company is killed by explosives, the large board table with the board members fly hundreds of feet up into the sky and turn upside down and fall to the ground. Those sitting in the gallery to the side move forwards and are unharmed. Later there is a reception for the dead, lots of people, they notice me (a relative?) and I feel a bit like crying.

      + sitting down to eat in a fancy restaurant booth table very crowded with people, some of which have overly skinny/narrow heads, I sit on the corner edge of the right bench. Look under the table bumping feet with people, you're supposed to take off your shoes and put them in a container at the end of the table (room side), we're eating stuff. But the food it turns out was supposed to be individually boxed portions, each one about $3000 fixed menu, but I wonder why the boxes were opened up and we were served on common platters instead.

      + kids who play my instrument, just learning, visiting my house, candle light, want to play duet, get music, put together music stand, recorder stand, see two playing mine, one holding it like a flute. I hear the duet [accurately] in my mind and perfectly in my head, I hope my music is still there in my case, I find it and head down but wake up
    11. #250 - Hunted

      by , 06-21-2016 at 09:48 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I remember being in a house, it was night time and snowing outside. There was a lot that happened earlier in the dream but I've forgotten. The context is that now I'm experiencing a prologue story for the npc's, a backstory I guess.
      There was a newly born babe and his mother had passed away.. His older brother wanted him to stop crying so he strangled the baby, I couldn't intervene since it was a memory but it was really sad :/. I then watched the years flick by, the dad was a werewolf and was almost never around, leaving the two brothers alone in the house. Whenever the younger brother cried he would get strangled, he soon learned not to cry. They're a bit older now, maybe the youngest is 5. It's night time and snowing still, I see a scene where there's a werewolf flailing its arms at someone.. The person stumbles through a doorway out of sight. I think it was the dad attacking the older brother. Then I see the 3 of them, dad and two sons side by side. Except the brothers are vampire dogs. The dogs had pitch black fur with a brown underbelly and bright red eyes. I'm in the house for real this time, they hound after me and run me up the stairs. I slam a door shut but it's only closed long enough for me to clamber out of an open window onto the roof. It's completely covered in snow, I see trees around the house in the dark of the night, evergreens. There's a light at the base of the stairs leading down from the roof, but one of the vampires is going to come from that way.. I just remember its eyes, so red and evil. They glowed and seemed to not really 'see' you, like they weren't in control.
    12. Death the Kid

      by , 06-21-2016 at 03:14 AM
      I mostly joined this forum just because of this dream. Basically this is how it went, what I first remember seeing is being held (Bridal Style) in Death the Kid's (DTK) arms I'm not exactly sure why but I assumed he caught me from a fall or something along the lines of that. Nobody else was around and we were in the very front of the DWMA (Death Weapon Meister Academy) He was blabbering inaudible words and had a VERY red face. The only thing I heard out of him was "I really like, wait, love you." And I could actually feel my face heat up. My mind went "Screw it" and I grabbed him by the back of the head and kissed him. Note that I have never been kissed before in my life and it actually felt like a kiss and It was amazing. The reason why I wanted to post this somewhere is that I have never been kissed before and by body simulated a kiss. Let me tell you that right after I woke up I nearly fell out of my bed reaching for my dream journal.
      non-lucid , memorable
    13. Seeking my spirit guide

      by , 06-21-2016 at 02:48 AM
      So since I'm already a proficient lucid dreamer my goal recently has been to search my dreams to see if I have a spirit guide. Maybe there's a trick to it or Im trying too hard because so far even though I'm lucid it hasn't gone anywhere. I feel like I have something watching over me though in other dreams where I'm not actively trying to meet that spirit/force.
      So my last quest was short and wierd.
      I was dreaming about taking a part time job waitressing like I used to do on my 20's. I feel pretty confident because I was pretty good at my job then but everything just goes wrong and I can't keep up...I start becoming lucid at this point of stress and recall my goal. So now i'm flying up through layers and layers of building floors and find myself standing in a failu dark hallway thinking about meeting my spirit guide. I see ahead of me this huge dog which I'm assuming from the size and look to be a wolf. It strats leading me down a hall towards the elevators. The elevator door closes and now this wolf is a dog standing loke a man but in a suite. I started laughing to myself at this point thinking how funny dreams are and loose the thread. I woke up.
      I think my dream was influenced from having watched Game of Thrones the night before. Anyways. I'll keep trying
    14. Darts Dream

      by , 06-20-2016 at 11:17 PM
      I am shrouded in darkness, as the light seem to slowly seep out of the world. I know that this is a dream, but it feels so real. I am a spectator in my own mind as the floodlights burst on, and the music begins to play. "AND NOW, THE SEVEN TIME DARTS CHAMPION OF THE WOOOORRRRRLLLLLDDDDDD!!! DREAM MASTER 27!!!!!!!!!!" The music is deafening as I make my walk down through the crowd who are all chanting my name. I can feel the heat, the intensity and the pressure of the occasion. As I walk onto the stage, my heart sinks slightly. My opponent is non other than the great Adrian Lewis. We exchange a respectful glance, but now I know it is time. This is the ultimate test. The darts match to end all darts matches. I can feel the sweat on my face. I can feel the blood coursing through my veins. This is darts.

      I don't know if this is some sort of premonition? Maybe I will face Adrian Lewis in a darts game soon. I am very good at darts so it could happen if I become professional. I think this dream may have been my minds version of a dress rehearsal for the walk out and the whole situation. I know if it does happen, I will be better prepared now...
    15. Vivid non-lucid involving omnipresent sunlight and a little bastard spider.

      by , 06-20-2016 at 07:15 PM
      This is my first DJ entry in a long, long time, and I've deleted my previous entries. I plan on updating my DJ regularly now.

      I had a non lucid, where I was in a forest. There was a spider sort of insect on a waist-high green bush, crawling up and down it erratically. I got the feeling that I was inside some sort of 3d computer graphics program, because I felt like I had clicked a button so to speak, when I "activated" some sort of lighting effect- I mean, I removed the source of sunlight.

      I say "I" did this because it felt like I had made it happen somehow, and it was a result of something I had done, although this seems illogical now.

      Instead, everything was illuminated, from every angle. There were no shadows anywhere because everything was illuminated equally and not from anything- it just was.

      I remember thinking that this disorientates spiders, it was just a sort of gut feeling. The spider did not move at all for about ten seconds, then it flew at me, or jumped, I am not sure. This gave me a fright and woke me up.

      I had fallen asleep after listening to the "I thought I ate a spider in my sleep..." creepypasta on YouTube, read by CreepsMcPasta.