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    Bullies, tatoos, candy,

    by , 04-27-2011 at 10:10 PM (436 Views)
    So I went to bed last night planning on WILDing, I was horribly sick.... Coughing spitting out shit. So I didn't expect to even have a normal dream but I did.

    It starts off at the mall where I run into this guy from my high school years that was ALWAYS the most hated guy in the school. He picked on everyone and started fights quite often. I accidentally ran into him he then started saying rude things ," Hey watch the fuck where your going." I said something tough back to him because I didn't wanna look dumb in front of my friends. Anyway he then told me he was going to kill me and would find me later.

    Next I go into the candy store of course and buy those like 2 pound bags of candy.... I remember it had like jolly ranchers, laffy taffys, and other fruity stuff in it. We then leave the mall into the parking garage when I was informed this bully that i met earlier was waiting for me and already got my other friend. We ran to my car, at this point i was feeling quite anxious, I plugged in my ipod and listened to some Necro and some other horrorcore. The guy never came for some reason so we just left and ended up driving to a downtown looking area like Seattle.

    While in Seattle my friend Nicole recommended that I get a tattoo (I had the feeling of being drunk right about this part). I was like hell ya I'll get one right now so I went in the tattoo parlor I see this guy with dread locks and pure white skin he says he'll give me a cool tattoo from a band that I like. So he puts the needle down and starts doing it, there was moderate pain but after a while it was fine, he then proceeded to shine a blue light on the tattoo once it was finished which hurt like hell I jumped and then he proceeded again after telling me to stay still. The tattoo was on my knuckles and traveled slightly onto the top of my hand and a little bit over the right side (It went underneath my hand also). My hand looked completely normal in this dream and I looked at it for quite a long time ;x

    I'll stop there

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