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    Burnt with a cig

    by , 04-26-2011 at 09:26 PM (501 Views)
    This will start off my first dream entry.

    I appeared in a spacious store like Walmart, tons of people were walking around me and I had a huge sense of anxiety around them. I was with my friend CJ, Nicole, Madi, and her mom. CJ is only about 16 years old and is Nicole's little cousin, yet I remember him puking in the store like he was drunk or something. Anyway I'm pretty sure Nicole's mom was buying us alcohol... doesn't surprise me this is a common event in our lives. The second we walked out the door I ended up landing in a car with about seven people, it was a small car yet it felt huge. I was with six of my friends one being Marissa. We were on our way to the movies on a highway with no other cars, we headed out into the middle of nowhere, it looked like a desert. Finallllly we came up to this huge movie theater with a few other people there. Marissa was smoking a cig like always before we went inside, no one was saying a word (That I was aware of) Marissa all of the sudden reaches over and burns me with her cig on my arm. I jumped away quickly and said what the hell do you think your doing, complete silence as she takes another drag and everyone ignores me completely. She finally does it again and as I try to walk away she walks towards me and pushes harder, I finally just said Marissa that actually feels pretty good.... I like the feeling of that. So she does it again and then I woke up.

    Not a very exciting first dream entry but kinda strange....

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