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    Hallucinogenic Jellyfish ~

    by , 05-03-2011 at 11:20 PM (825 Views)
    I had this dream after 11 hours of sleep, it's non lucid and pretty strange compared to my normal dreams.

    I arrived at my Grandma's house near Ritzville, Washington while it was still light out. I walked inside and saw a few of my family members like Julie, Jacob, my Grandma herself, and I was also with my Dad only. We must have been celebrating some kind of event, which we usually are when we come here, because everyone was in the kitchen cooking. There wasn't really any talking in the dream so I just went in one of the back rooms and started to go to sleep, I was feeling tired inside my dream (lol). I laid there feeling stoned and just on the edge of sleep when my Cousins Meghan and Alissa arrived. They came in the room and laid on the bed next to me and were watching TV. I said hi to them and just continued my nap. After I felt rested enough to get up my dream had kinda changed someone asked me if I wanted to go outside and go swimming, there are no swimming spots in the place I was supposed to be but I went anway...
    I went straight out the slider door and down a steep dirt road to a small lake or pond. One of the people I was with told me there was a thick wire that goes all the way around this lake right on top of the water, he then walked over and stood on the wire (His feet were like 3 inches in the water) he then started walking around the lake with it, when I joined him I noticed I had perfect balance without holding anything around me. It seemed like we walked on that thing forever... But eventually we started seeing some weird stuff, a bunch of white 2 foot long Jellyfish started swimming around our feet and rubbing against us. I wasn't really scared but I just hurried to get out of there, suddenly a huge wave, like atleast 6 feet tall came crashing down right on us. I remember seeing inside the wave and seeing all of these white jellyfish rushing towards me rubbing against me. Their legs thin and wavy. When I got back up on the wire to balance everyone else was gone, I was alone. I made it back to shore after a few more waves hit me. The beach was only like 20 feet wide and didn't even rap around the whole lake, but when I got to shore I saw my Mom's white envoy sitting on the beach perfectly parked. That kinda freaked me out since I came with my dad and just a minute ago that wasn't there... I read a sign that says do not park cars here the tide will take them away, a sign that wasn't there 5 minutes ago. The sign also said Watch out for Hallucinogenic Jellyfish, with a picture of the white Jellyfish I saw. At that point I was convinced I had gone forward in time due to the Jellyfish and went back up to the house, which was completely different. I went in and no one recognized me at first, then they all got really happy and were like Derrick oh my god you've been gone for so long we missed you where have you been all this time? Apparently I had been gone for over a year (weird)

    Added Note: I now have realized that the waves could have been producing the same effect as dream spinning.

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