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    I knew I was close ;) First Lucid

    by , 05-19-2011 at 08:43 PM (780 Views)
    Before Dream Notes
    Bed Time: 3AM
    Induction Technique: Believe it or not, a nose pinch RC AND WBTB at 11AM Did a RC with my eyes closed and apparently I was dreaming because I felt the cool air go straight to my nostrils, the best breathe of air I have taken in a long time (Allergies ;p)
    Trigger: Seeing through my eyelids

    The dream starts off by me waking up in my Grandma's house, it was early in the morning and the only people who were up were my Grandma and my parents. I noticed the difference between a lucid dream and a normal dream at this point, I could actually focus on something and see the details, colors, and vividness. I didn't do anything major in this LD I just walked around the house observing what I could actually see and how long I could make it last. I went to the front door and tried to leave the house but the moment I did my Grandma's crabby old boy friend pulled up in a red mustang. I decided I didn't want to go that way.... I went down the hall and then directly left into the first bedroom. I rubbed my hands together and began, the first thing I wanted to do was to summon someone. I remember reading threads about summoning techniques, and I thought putting a blanket over something and then imagining something under it then pulling it away would work. I summoned at least three different people, the first was my friend Nicole second was my friend Nate. Nicole didn't talk when I summoned her she was a failed summon (Sorry Nicole) but when I threw the blanket off the bed and onto the ground and tried to imagine Nate being there it worked! I pulled the blanket off and Nate was under it, he actually talked to me. He was like what the hell put that back on me I'm trying to sleep here. He wasn't very exciting so I erased him with a dream spin, I felt like I had to clean up the room before I left it so that's why I did it, didn't wanna leave a buncha Dream characters sitting around ;p The first time I DS it didn't work except for moving some blankets around, but the second time I did it, it completely cleaned every part of the room (But didn't change the dream scene). I walked out of the room and noticed all of the vivid reds, golds, and green colors all around me.
    I finally did one more Dream Spin and ended up on Division street in Spokane. I rubbed my hands together to make sure the dream wouldn't dissipate and did one more RC, I then got into a dark Gray Jeep that was on the side of the road (There were no other cars on or off the road) started it and went, I already had seen the park I'm talking about in a second but anyway I went towards there. There was a curb to go over so I decided if I sped up I could fly over it, I imagined myself flying 2 feet above it and over it but it was a failed attempt, I just barely got over the curb and then parked on a trail to the park. It was just getting dark out, I traveled along the path until I saw a park then I walked over some red colored bark on a trail to get there. All of the sudden I hear people screaming, two little kids run by me because someone was chasing them. It doesn't phase me I keep walking into the park when one of the 'chasers' runs past me to catch up to the other two. I finally walk up to the park (It's like a park in Renton, near where I used to live huge field with very green grass. The playground has a whole jungle gym on it, slides, swings, and everything. There is also reddish bark filling the playground area not rocks like in most places), there is a skinny depressed looking girl standing under a huge oak tree. She has jet-black hair and green eyes, I ask her ,"What's the matter why did you scare those kids like that?" She said ,"I don't know I hate doing it *She begins to cry*, I just hate making people feel that way I destroyed all of those kids belongings and then had my brother chase them off." I gave advice ,"Maybe you should go to a store each day and buy one thing for a random person instead of hurting people by ruining their stuff." Then she got all happy and thanked me, she also said she is definitely going to do this.

    That was the end of my first lucid dream, I think it was a very good start. I got an idea on how they work now, and what I need to improve on. This was not expected to happen in the morning, it was supposed to happen at night so I didn't really have a plan on what to do in a lucid.

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