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    1. Crazy Lucid Nap + FA! Sensations

      by , 06-20-2011 at 12:05 PM
      So I 'woke up' in the dream about 15 minutes after I went to sleep, I hardly felt SP besides a little spinning in the head which was weird. I had the lucid dream at first in my room which is very normal for me. I did like five different reality checks because I couldn't believe that I was in a lucid, they all came out positive of course. Yet, I still didn't believe I was in a full lucid so I tried to close my eyes again and get deeper which is where the craziness starts. I visualized a new scene which was my full upstairs and kitchen. In real life I was about to bring some alcohol to my friend Nate's house so I had it sitting on the counter. So in my dream I pictured the alcohol there also, and it worked I appeared in my kitchen and my mom had just got home. She asked me why I had her alcohol on the counter. At that point I had the weirdest feeling I ever had in a dream I felt like I was super, super drunk. I was passing out everywhere I went like I was too tired and drunk. I couldn't answer any questions and I knew it was a dream so I felt no need to. I stumbled over to a wrap around table and laid my head down while she was still talking to me. She grabbed my face and started lightly slapping me and say Derrick come on wake up... What should I make for dinner tonight? I couldn't even respond I was passing out but I was still fully lucid the dream was not fading.
      I then appeared in my bed again, with some crazy sensations. By third eye area was going crazy with tonsss of pressure my body was waving like I was smoking weed, I was hallucinating like I was on shrooms and I still had the drunk feeling all at the same time. I also felt SP hitting me while I was in the lucid don't know how that happened, but the waves were going through all of my body, and certain pressure points hurt really bad. I tried to stand up in this false awakening which at the time I thought was reality, I managed to stand up but then I fell STRAIGHT on my face directly on my nose. At that point I knew I was in a dream because I felt like I floated before I hit the ground so I wasn't hurt, but it was a complete loss of muscle control.

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    2. Emotions within the dream

      by , 06-14-2011 at 11:55 PM
      Normal Dream

      I was getting ready, I had a black tux on with a red tie. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought to myself that I looked pretty good today. I was heading to a huge upscale dance party in a huge hotel. I walked in and it was packed, at least 500 people there. But it was a huge place it felt like I was a millionaire at convention or something. I walked around for a while and saw a few people I knew, I saw my X girlfriend walk in. Her name was Amber and for some reason I felt really bad for breaking up with her, I walked towards her she was with her new boy friend. We looked each other in the eyes from about 20 feet away and I could tell she wasn't happy. I walked straight to her without saying anything and just gave her a huge hug, and I said I'm sorry for doing that to you. It was a very emotional hug one I've never experienced before. It was like you were giving a comforting hug to a friend that had just lost a family member. I then walked away and got on with the party, first I needed to go to the bathroom. The urinals were flooding over and there was a teacher or coach from my high school years in there. When I left the bathroom I randomly started crying no one seemed to notice but I wasn't happy with what I was doing in my life and how things were going. Eventually people I knew started coming in, mostly people from work. I chatted with a few of them, I don't really remember what I said.
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    3. Tropical Dream Note

      by , 05-26-2011 at 10:41 AM
      This is a part of a dream I had about a week ago and I totally forgot to write something about it so I'll say a little just so I remember.

      The dream started in a wonderful area that seemed to be in between tropical and a wilderness area. The water was a radiant dark blue, you could see all the way to the bottom in it though. I had my own little house on the side of this lake/ocean. I had no reason to go in it, it was too beautiful outside, the perfect temperature and so tranquil. The house was white with maroon trim and was brand new. It looked very small but it had two stories, it almost reminded me of the houses in New York or in that show Everybody Hates Chris, very tall and skinny. I went for a swim so I could swim to my parents house, they lived on the other side of the ocean and greeted me happily when I arrived. I appeared at my Grandma's house once again, I did not enter the house this time. Instead I went to the backyard where the pear trees were, there was a small open cottage built back there, there was no door and it was very spacious. I remember there was a computer or a TV in there. My friend Nathan came out with his cell phone in his hand, walked to the right of the house which there was a large sitting area with about four people sitting there. I remember leaning against a girl there like she was my girl friend though I can't remember her face though she was very skinny.

      That's all I really remember I woke up from there, a lot of other things happened in between but they were scary parts that I don't recall as much. Well Gtg it's late hopefully I'll have another lucid tonight.

      Note: Grandma's house again, dream sign.
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    4. I knew I was close ;) First Lucid

      by , 05-19-2011 at 08:43 PM
      Before Dream Notes
      Bed Time: 3AM
      Induction Technique: Believe it or not, a nose pinch RC AND WBTB at 11AM Did a RC with my eyes closed and apparently I was dreaming because I felt the cool air go straight to my nostrils, the best breathe of air I have taken in a long time (Allergies ;p)
      Trigger: Seeing through my eyelids

      The dream starts off by me waking up in my Grandma's house, it was early in the morning and the only people who were up were my Grandma and my parents. I noticed the difference between a lucid dream and a normal dream at this point, I could actually focus on something and see the details, colors, and vividness. I didn't do anything major in this LD I just walked around the house observing what I could actually see and how long I could make it last. I went to the front door and tried to leave the house but the moment I did my Grandma's crabby old boy friend pulled up in a red mustang. I decided I didn't want to go that way.... I went down the hall and then directly left into the first bedroom. I rubbed my hands together and began, the first thing I wanted to do was to summon someone. I remember reading threads about summoning techniques, and I thought putting a blanket over something and then imagining something under it then pulling it away would work. I summoned at least three different people, the first was my friend Nicole second was my friend Nate. Nicole didn't talk when I summoned her she was a failed summon (Sorry Nicole) but when I threw the blanket off the bed and onto the ground and tried to imagine Nate being there it worked! I pulled the blanket off and Nate was under it, he actually talked to me. He was like what the hell put that back on me I'm trying to sleep here. He wasn't very exciting so I erased him with a dream spin, I felt like I had to clean up the room before I left it so that's why I did it, didn't wanna leave a buncha Dream characters sitting around ;p The first time I DS it didn't work except for moving some blankets around, but the second time I did it, it completely cleaned every part of the room (But didn't change the dream scene). I walked out of the room and noticed all of the vivid reds, golds, and green colors all around me.
      I finally did one more Dream Spin and ended up on Division street in Spokane. I rubbed my hands together to make sure the dream wouldn't dissipate and did one more RC, I then got into a dark Gray Jeep that was on the side of the road (There were no other cars on or off the road) started it and went, I already had seen the park I'm talking about in a second but anyway I went towards there. There was a curb to go over so I decided if I sped up I could fly over it, I imagined myself flying 2 feet above it and over it but it was a failed attempt, I just barely got over the curb and then parked on a trail to the park. It was just getting dark out, I traveled along the path until I saw a park then I walked over some red colored bark on a trail to get there. All of the sudden I hear people screaming, two little kids run by me because someone was chasing them. It doesn't phase me I keep walking into the park when one of the 'chasers' runs past me to catch up to the other two. I finally walk up to the park (It's like a park in Renton, near where I used to live huge field with very green grass. The playground has a whole jungle gym on it, slides, swings, and everything. There is also reddish bark filling the playground area not rocks like in most places), there is a skinny depressed looking girl standing under a huge oak tree. She has jet-black hair and green eyes, I ask her ,"What's the matter why did you scare those kids like that?" She said ,"I don't know I hate doing it *She begins to cry*, I just hate making people feel that way I destroyed all of those kids belongings and then had my brother chase them off." I gave advice ,"Maybe you should go to a store each day and buy one thing for a random person instead of hurting people by ruining their stuff." Then she got all happy and thanked me, she also said she is definitely going to do this.

      That was the end of my first lucid dream, I think it was a very good start. I got an idea on how they work now, and what I need to improve on. This was not expected to happen in the morning, it was supposed to happen at night so I didn't really have a plan on what to do in a lucid.

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    5. Ticketed at Dairy Queen

      by , 05-08-2011 at 03:22 AM
      Non lucid, I did have control over the dream though and it was quite vivid. Don' bother reading the first paragraph it's fairly boring but it's something I need to note.

      The dream started with me driving down a dark road, it was raining outside or at least felt like it was cold. I was smoking a cig driving down the road minding my own business. I suddenly drove by a Dairy Queen I don't remember if there were even any other buildings around it but it was there I saw a friend that I'm trying to avoid in real life through the window, she took a glance at me so I knew she saw me. It meant I had to go in and say hi to her I walk in the back door for employees only, this place is huge for a DQ lol it feels like I walk through 10 different areas or hallways. I was meeting all sorts of people managers, workers, and everyone was friendly and said hi. The manager that I saw in there was the manager of a Carls Jr near my house in real life. I finally came up to the girl I was trying to avoid and said hi to her she wasn't mad like I expected but was very happy to see me. We talked for a moment she asked where I'd been and how I've been. I just shook it off with saying I was ok and asked her how she was. At that moment something interrupted the conversation, I think it was a customer that needed help so she said she had to go.
      When I was about to leave she asked me to hang out with her and go for a run.. I said sure and that second she started sprinting out of the place, I kept up with her until I got outside which is when I saw my cousin Trevor. he wanted to go on a room with us also, so we started running together and the girl suddenly starts to sprint again and gets way the hell in front of us, we were running in a dark park like area with a paved trail about 15 feet wide. My cousin was like damn that girl can run, I was running as fast as I could to keep up but couldn't. I didn't feel tired or anything, but it felt really good to just run full speed. we never ended up catching her and all of the sudden very quickly someone appeared and said I had broke the law and gave me a $300 ticket, it was a voucher like ticket that listed my offences and the amount I owe. The figure told me I had to appear in a court and pay this off right away. The charges were ridiculous, it said I was going over the speed limit running.... and that I had been caught with maryjane on me (lol). The weed charge was a lot less than the speeding charge for some reason :x So I had to navigate my to the stupid court house and pay my fines, I finally got there and there were tons of people standing in an airport like setting waiting in line to pay their tickets. I was comparing tickets with my Cousin and his was only $23 I was pissed. Other people around me had very small charges also. I should have known I was in a dream because the amount I owed kept going up and down, like I was making up for some of it and also accumulating more debt at the same time. That's the end not an exciting dream at all but it was very realistic and vivid while in it, I woke up several times in this dream back into real life but I honestly just needed sleep and didn't feel like trying a DEILD, though I thought about it.

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    6. Pizza hut

      by , 04-28-2011 at 07:37 PM
      April 28th, still stick in rl woke up with no dreams at 7 in the morning. My whole body was aching from this sickness or the nyquil/dayquil i had to take yesterday. Anyway I woke up at 7 which is like 4 hours earlier than normal sat in the shower for like 45 minutes then tried to sleep on the couch :X didn't work. I went and laid in the spare bedroom after taking allergy meds to clear me up and then I had a pretty vivid dream. The dream started in the kitchen of pizza hut (Where i work).

      The first thing i remembered was looking at the cook screen to see if there was any pizzas that needed to be made, there were 2 (I couldn't read what they were), I started making them but I soon became lost and just gave up... Orders started pilling up on the screen and at the highest point I was 6 orders behind which is too much for one person.... One of my co workers Shelby walks in, she is in normal clothes not work clothes (Light blue jeans and as I remember a blue shirt with short sleeves), she was acting very happy and strange. She kept messin with me and sayin haha Derrick your 6 orders behind how are you gunna get out of that. At that point I was panicking so I tried to clear the screen, at that second our whole system that sends orders back went down and all of the orders were dissapearing. Now my Manager Joe walks back in the kitchen and gives me a whole stack of like paper orders (Like you fill out at papa murphys) I looked at them puzzled and started to yell at Joe, he said he didn't know what to do. As I looked in the oven to check what pizzas I already put in I noticed that there were misc. things in there.... Like bowls plates and spoodles and stuff... And there also was a small pan of breadsticks with something on it, Joe told me this is the new pizza (that i wasn't informed of...) it had some weird name, also Joe had to wear some costume (It was like a dark blue pimp jacket that went all the way to the ground and it had light blue stripes going down it) for the new release of the Pizza which he was supposed to wear infront of everyone. The last thing I remember is trying to read the stupid paper slips with pizza orders on them it looked like this. The square with the circles in it is supposed to represent what toppings are on the pizza, and the huge red square is showing it had red sauce not alfredo. Idk what the pizza option is for lol, I guess it's just informing me that I'm making a pizza? The crust had nothing on it, it just said crust (There's like 6 different types of crust). Anyway that's it I ended not getting anywhere and I didn't make a single pizza

      The image got deleted and replaced with two hillbillies lol

      Note: The funny thing is before I went back to sleep I told myself I would dream of pizza hut and I would know I was dreaming ;p but I didn't know.

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    7. Bullies, tatoos, candy,

      by , 04-27-2011 at 10:10 PM
      So I went to bed last night planning on WILDing, I was horribly sick.... Coughing spitting out shit. So I didn't expect to even have a normal dream but I did.

      It starts off at the mall where I run into this guy from my high school years that was ALWAYS the most hated guy in the school. He picked on everyone and started fights quite often. I accidentally ran into him he then started saying rude things ," Hey watch the fuck where your going." I said something tough back to him because I didn't wanna look dumb in front of my friends. Anyway he then told me he was going to kill me and would find me later.

      Next I go into the candy store of course and buy those like 2 pound bags of candy.... I remember it had like jolly ranchers, laffy taffys, and other fruity stuff in it. We then leave the mall into the parking garage when I was informed this bully that i met earlier was waiting for me and already got my other friend. We ran to my car, at this point i was feeling quite anxious, I plugged in my ipod and listened to some Necro and some other horrorcore. The guy never came for some reason so we just left and ended up driving to a downtown looking area like Seattle.

      While in Seattle my friend Nicole recommended that I get a tattoo (I had the feeling of being drunk right about this part). I was like hell ya I'll get one right now so I went in the tattoo parlor I see this guy with dread locks and pure white skin he says he'll give me a cool tattoo from a band that I like. So he puts the needle down and starts doing it, there was moderate pain but after a while it was fine, he then proceeded to shine a blue light on the tattoo once it was finished which hurt like hell I jumped and then he proceeded again after telling me to stay still. The tattoo was on my knuckles and traveled slightly onto the top of my hand and a little bit over the right side (It went underneath my hand also). My hand looked completely normal in this dream and I looked at it for quite a long time ;x

      I'll stop there

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    8. Burnt with a cig

      by , 04-26-2011 at 09:26 PM
      This will start off my first dream entry.

      I appeared in a spacious store like Walmart, tons of people were walking around me and I had a huge sense of anxiety around them. I was with my friend CJ, Nicole, Madi, and her mom. CJ is only about 16 years old and is Nicole's little cousin, yet I remember him puking in the store like he was drunk or something. Anyway I'm pretty sure Nicole's mom was buying us alcohol... doesn't surprise me this is a common event in our lives. The second we walked out the door I ended up landing in a car with about seven people, it was a small car yet it felt huge. I was with six of my friends one being Marissa. We were on our way to the movies on a highway with no other cars, we headed out into the middle of nowhere, it looked like a desert. Finallllly we came up to this huge movie theater with a few other people there. Marissa was smoking a cig like always before we went inside, no one was saying a word (That I was aware of) Marissa all of the sudden reaches over and burns me with her cig on my arm. I jumped away quickly and said what the hell do you think your doing, complete silence as she takes another drag and everyone ignores me completely. She finally does it again and as I try to walk away she walks towards me and pushes harder, I finally just said Marissa that actually feels pretty good.... I like the feeling of that. So she does it again and then I woke up.

      Not a very exciting first dream entry but kinda strange....

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