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    Pizza hut

    by , 04-28-2011 at 07:37 PM (646 Views)
    April 28th, still stick in rl woke up with no dreams at 7 in the morning. My whole body was aching from this sickness or the nyquil/dayquil i had to take yesterday. Anyway I woke up at 7 which is like 4 hours earlier than normal sat in the shower for like 45 minutes then tried to sleep on the couch :X didn't work. I went and laid in the spare bedroom after taking allergy meds to clear me up and then I had a pretty vivid dream. The dream started in the kitchen of pizza hut (Where i work).

    The first thing i remembered was looking at the cook screen to see if there was any pizzas that needed to be made, there were 2 (I couldn't read what they were), I started making them but I soon became lost and just gave up... Orders started pilling up on the screen and at the highest point I was 6 orders behind which is too much for one person.... One of my co workers Shelby walks in, she is in normal clothes not work clothes (Light blue jeans and as I remember a blue shirt with short sleeves), she was acting very happy and strange. She kept messin with me and sayin haha Derrick your 6 orders behind how are you gunna get out of that. At that point I was panicking so I tried to clear the screen, at that second our whole system that sends orders back went down and all of the orders were dissapearing. Now my Manager Joe walks back in the kitchen and gives me a whole stack of like paper orders (Like you fill out at papa murphys) I looked at them puzzled and started to yell at Joe, he said he didn't know what to do. As I looked in the oven to check what pizzas I already put in I noticed that there were misc. things in there.... Like bowls plates and spoodles and stuff... And there also was a small pan of breadsticks with something on it, Joe told me this is the new pizza (that i wasn't informed of...) it had some weird name, also Joe had to wear some costume (It was like a dark blue pimp jacket that went all the way to the ground and it had light blue stripes going down it) for the new release of the Pizza which he was supposed to wear infront of everyone. The last thing I remember is trying to read the stupid paper slips with pizza orders on them it looked like this. The square with the circles in it is supposed to represent what toppings are on the pizza, and the huge red square is showing it had red sauce not alfredo. Idk what the pizza option is for lol, I guess it's just informing me that I'm making a pizza? The crust had nothing on it, it just said crust (There's like 6 different types of crust). Anyway that's it I ended not getting anywhere and I didn't make a single pizza

    The image got deleted and replaced with two hillbillies lol

    Note: The funny thing is before I went back to sleep I told myself I would dream of pizza hut and I would know I was dreaming ;p but I didn't know.

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