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    Swordfight with principal

    by , 05-05-2011 at 04:46 AM (603 Views)
    The dream started with me back in high school sitting in the cafeteria listening to a speech from my principal. I kept talking to my friends and making jokes and he started to get pissed. He kept telling me to be quiet and pay attention. After the 3rd time he was like Derrick come over here right now, I walked over and he was like so do you wanna swordfight me? In the dream I knew he was a master swordsman, but I was like sure I'll do it looking for some entertainment. We walked over to the middle of the area and I saw two fencing outfits and two swords. The fencing outfits had nothing to do with the swords, the swords were quite long and flexible and bended when you swung them it was like in this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mbz8U...eature=related And no the fighting wasn't like this lol and we weren't wearing strange clothes, anddd we didn't have shields.

    Anyway there is what we call "the pit" at our school and its a mini amphitheater we were fighting inside that, and all i remember is the sword was very flexible and foreign. It felt like he was literally trying to kill me but I was confident in my dream so I didn't die. He kept cutting my hands with the blade and I could feel the sting. The fighting was very vivid I felt every blow and every strike I took and was thinking about the next moves I was going to make to beat him. My hands were way too cut up so I changed my plan, he was wearing a neck brace so he had limited movement in his vision and he could hardly move his head at a large angle. I ran through the crowd of people around to the back side of him and sliced him in the back. He once again found out my plan and started to throw powerful blows at me. We were about 10 feet away from eachother and that's when my fighting skills all of the sudden increased and I became aware of how to fight. I blocked his attacks with counter blows of the same force to knock his rhythm off. Once again I circled around him to get into his blind spot, this time he fled into a nearby elevator before he got into it I swung my whip blade and hit a pure gold watch off of his hand. I grabbed it and threw it inside the elevator as he started going up. I won the fight

    After that I remember talking to him and him saying how good of a fighter I was and that I had great potential. He also thanked me for giving his watch back. And that was the end and a bunch of other less consistent dreams appeared after that.

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