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    Ticketed at Dairy Queen

    by , 05-08-2011 at 03:22 AM (1463 Views)
    Non lucid, I did have control over the dream though and it was quite vivid. Don' bother reading the first paragraph it's fairly boring but it's something I need to note.

    The dream started with me driving down a dark road, it was raining outside or at least felt like it was cold. I was smoking a cig driving down the road minding my own business. I suddenly drove by a Dairy Queen I don't remember if there were even any other buildings around it but it was there I saw a friend that I'm trying to avoid in real life through the window, she took a glance at me so I knew she saw me. It meant I had to go in and say hi to her I walk in the back door for employees only, this place is huge for a DQ lol it feels like I walk through 10 different areas or hallways. I was meeting all sorts of people managers, workers, and everyone was friendly and said hi. The manager that I saw in there was the manager of a Carls Jr near my house in real life. I finally came up to the girl I was trying to avoid and said hi to her she wasn't mad like I expected but was very happy to see me. We talked for a moment she asked where I'd been and how I've been. I just shook it off with saying I was ok and asked her how she was. At that moment something interrupted the conversation, I think it was a customer that needed help so she said she had to go.
    When I was about to leave she asked me to hang out with her and go for a run.. I said sure and that second she started sprinting out of the place, I kept up with her until I got outside which is when I saw my cousin Trevor. he wanted to go on a room with us also, so we started running together and the girl suddenly starts to sprint again and gets way the hell in front of us, we were running in a dark park like area with a paved trail about 15 feet wide. My cousin was like damn that girl can run, I was running as fast as I could to keep up but couldn't. I didn't feel tired or anything, but it felt really good to just run full speed. we never ended up catching her and all of the sudden very quickly someone appeared and said I had broke the law and gave me a $300 ticket, it was a voucher like ticket that listed my offences and the amount I owe. The figure told me I had to appear in a court and pay this off right away. The charges were ridiculous, it said I was going over the speed limit running.... and that I had been caught with maryjane on me (lol). The weed charge was a lot less than the speeding charge for some reason :x So I had to navigate my to the stupid court house and pay my fines, I finally got there and there were tons of people standing in an airport like setting waiting in line to pay their tickets. I was comparing tickets with my Cousin and his was only $23 I was pissed. Other people around me had very small charges also. I should have known I was in a dream because the amount I owed kept going up and down, like I was making up for some of it and also accumulating more debt at the same time. That's the end not an exciting dream at all but it was very realistic and vivid while in it, I woke up several times in this dream back into real life but I honestly just needed sleep and didn't feel like trying a DEILD, though I thought about it.

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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Hey, hope you do not mind. Arian Black and bold was horrible to read, so I removed it, but I did not touch anything else.
      This way you will get people to read your journal without burning their eyes.

      I like dreams were space/reality is distorted (such as a huge DQ)

      You should have tried DEILD... it cause no loss of sleep
    2. Reclypso's Avatar
      Well if it wasn't readable then thanks

      I'm gunna try to DILD or DEILD tonight hopefully it works but I have to wake up too early for a WBTB or WILD