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    Tropical Dream Note

    by , 05-26-2011 at 10:41 AM (599 Views)
    This is a part of a dream I had about a week ago and I totally forgot to write something about it so I'll say a little just so I remember.

    The dream started in a wonderful area that seemed to be in between tropical and a wilderness area. The water was a radiant dark blue, you could see all the way to the bottom in it though. I had my own little house on the side of this lake/ocean. I had no reason to go in it, it was too beautiful outside, the perfect temperature and so tranquil. The house was white with maroon trim and was brand new. It looked very small but it had two stories, it almost reminded me of the houses in New York or in that show Everybody Hates Chris, very tall and skinny. I went for a swim so I could swim to my parents house, they lived on the other side of the ocean and greeted me happily when I arrived. I appeared at my Grandma's house once again, I did not enter the house this time. Instead I went to the backyard where the pear trees were, there was a small open cottage built back there, there was no door and it was very spacious. I remember there was a computer or a TV in there. My friend Nathan came out with his cell phone in his hand, walked to the right of the house which there was a large sitting area with about four people sitting there. I remember leaning against a girl there like she was my girl friend though I can't remember her face though she was very skinny.

    That's all I really remember I woke up from there, a lot of other things happened in between but they were scary parts that I don't recall as much. Well Gtg it's late hopefully I'll have another lucid tonight.

    Note: Grandma's house again, dream sign.

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