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    3rd Lucid (beach, theater) (DEILD) later on lost lucidity (party at a mansion) , 2 Dreams near-lucid

    by , 11-11-2012 at 12:47 AM (511 Views)
    Nov. 9, 2012
    4:00am-6:00am (the time period for all these dreams)

    Before these dreams, I would like to say that I woke up to go to the bathroom at around 2:50am. My dad was also on the computer in the other room at this time, and I couldn't fall back to sleep until 4:00am, which is when these events take place:

    I can't remember anything about this dream other than I gained lucidity at the end of it, then woke up immediately due to excitement. I didn't realize it when I woke up.

    When I woke up, I barely moved if at all. I was confused about why the dream collapsed. I went back to sleep almost immediately.

    I remember something about my mom in this dream; no idea what :/. What I do remember is being in a hotel with my grandmother. She was sleeping in the hotel room's bed on the left side when facing the bed. I was standing right next to the place she was sleeping. There was a bubble-like force field around the bed. It was spinning very fast and was colorful and a little transparent. It was called a sphere of confusion and, for some reason, it was associated with my grandmother. I walked around the bed, careful not to touch the force field. When I got to the other side, I walked through the force field. When I did, I gained lucidity and became trapped in a void of blackness. I felt as though I was kind of falling, but not really. I quickly woke after that.

    I didn't move at all when I woke up. This time, I realized the reason I couldn't keep the dream going was due to too much excitement. I fell back to sleep after a few seconds, and quickly started dreaming.

    This time, it was a false awakening. I got out of my bed and did a reality check (probably looked at the time). I became lucid. This time I remembered I had to stabilize the dream, so I looked at my hands and rubbed them together. Then my third lucid dream of my life really began.

    I started to imagine a scene where I could see naked women (lulz I'm a huge pervert in LD's). I closed my eyes and imagined a beach. When I opened them, there was a beach, with all the waves and ocean. I found an empty lawn chair with an umbrella up and sat in it. Soon after, I was watching some horny-looking naked women walk up to me in slow motion. One I remember very well was a naked Hispanic chick with the biggest breasts in the world, pretty much. They were humongous. They were as big as really big beach balls. I think she was the last one I saw. After that, I wanted to have sex. For some reason, I imagined a theater; an opera theater. I was in the rightmost path for the seats, very close to the stage. People were in the seats, watching the show, but I wasn't paying much attention to them. On the stage, there were many sexy women in very skimpy outfits dancing for the audience. There were also some props on the stage: a piano, a very long table, and an art canvas. The women were standing on top of them. The one woman who really stood out was a woman in her 20's standing on the part of the table closest to me. She had the skimpiest outfit on, which was very transparent fabric. You could see everything on her. This made me horny, so for some reason, I made my way to the bathroom, which was a public bathroom. They were on opposite sides of the theater, with the women's bathroom on the left and the men's bathroom on the right. I didn't go directly into the women's bathroom, but I went into the men's one because it was closer and I had the intention to sneak into the women's bathroom from there. When I entered it, there was a giant glass window that divided the men's from the women's. I saw a really beautiful girl who I had the intention to have sex with. I walked over to a hallway that went INTO the women's bathroom. It was then that I lost my lucidity.

    I couldn't remember much in the theater after I lost lucidity (I might have gone behind the stage and seen a very sexy show, with pink and blue lights). I do remember ending up at a mansion. Apparently, there was a business party going on there. Everyone was very classy and wore suits and dresses. I found this cute Korean chick (probably to do with this Korean girl I knew from second grade) with a red dress in the lower floors. She was being asked out by some random guy. The Korean chick said yes to him, and I naturally felt jealous. She then came over to me and said "Come on," like we were very friendly. We went over to the lowest floor (because the mansion was just one giant room, really) where there was a desk. Someone I know from school, named Jn, came over and asked out the Korean chick. He was dressed really fancy with a suit and tie and everything. She said she already had a date, and Jn said "Okay," and walked away. We then talked about stuff I don't remember. I eventually turn around and see that the parking lot (which is also on the lowest floor) was flooded. People were panicking and trying to get to their cars to drive away. The place I was was perfectly fine though. The dream ended there and I woke up.

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