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    Trying to Fly, Weeping Angels

    by , 08-15-2012 at 06:44 PM (846 Views)
    This one was lucid, but I didn't accomplish anything. -_-

    I think it started with me and a group of people standing in a parking lot, and Optimus Prime appeared and told us he needed people to help him fight evil. He handed each of us a mask, and when we put our masks on they turned into a full Power Ranger uniform. I was green. Optimus told us all our names (Glitter, for me ) and informed everyone that there were aliens in a nearby city. We were supposed to fly there... But I couln't get off the ground. Of course. So I grabbed hold of Optimus when he took off and rode all the way to our destination.

    We landed in a mall. There were large dinasaur-humanoid creatures rampaging around. People were screaming and running everywhere, and the other Power Rangers quickly went to work beating them up. I, however, had no idea what to do. One of the aliens spotted me and started to charge. I ran, but he was catching up. I made a feeble attempt at flying and landed flat on my face. The alien actually stopped and laughed at me, along with most of the people who had seen my fail.

    I gave up on the alien fighting and headed into the main part of the mall. People pointed at me and whispered things along the lines of, "There's that Power Ranger who can't even fly. What a loser." I just tried to find an interesting store. My friend Wesley came in after a minute or two and started following me, and I lost lucidity while trying to lose him.


    Just a fragment. I was in some kind of house or half-outdoor setting. The whole place was overrun with weeping angels from Dr. Who and Inferi (basically the Harry Potter version of zombies). I had a sledgehammer and was trying to destroy the angels and keep away the Inferi at the same time. That was pretty much the entire dream. At one point towards the end, though, I think I was explaining what weeping angels were to someone. There happened to be several of them surrounding us at the time.

    "You can't blink," I told her. "Every time you blink they come closer. When they're far away they look like this--" I put my hands up in the weeping pose-- "But when get up to you they look like this." I tried to imitate the hands-clawed-teeth-bared stance. As I was doing that, I noticed an angel behind me doing the thing I was trying to imitate. I pushed it away and said, "Back off, I can do it myself."

    Spoiler for Don't blink:

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