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    Bonus totm december

    by , 12-25-2016 at 12:41 AM (405 Views)
    I had two lucids this night in that I attempted bonus totm. I write them down just fast and shortly because this tablet is shitty and my recall is not the best.

    - I am in a street running around approaching a building getting lucid. I fly up on a balcony and enter the room. I taste some salat (DTR). I remember the totm and concentrate on my goal to fast foreword time. I write with my hand on the wall something like "100 years in the future" I strengthen my intention by repeating it in my head for several times. I move back out on the balcony and jump/fall down from it and the dream is pretty unstable. I rub my hands and the visuals come back. In the first moment it looks like nothing changed but I try to keep my thoughts positive and keep looking around. I see a police car that looks unusual.I go around the corner and see more and more untypical stuff. There are two police motorbikes that look bulgy in the front.( reminded me of a whale of some kind) I see no people or atleast they don't seem striking. I keep moving the street and notice a building that seem to be a hospital but it has huge similarity to a church because it has a green glowing cross as a sign. A garage door opens and a small car sized spaceship flys out and in the sky. Shortly after I think I wake up.
    All in all this future was more dirty and let's call it poor like in a dystopia. Maybe comperable to battlestar Galactica where its not this typical sci fi overload.

    -i get lucid again with low awareness. I try to make a car explode by holding my hand at the fuel opening and make it hot. It don't work. I take a big chocolate house in my hands and it melts down with no problem. I try throwing some fireballs on the car but with no success. I keep moving and after I walk into a house and then into the next one.there is a friend of mine and I go into the kitchen and take a chocolate bar and wonder that it is not so sweet like I expected. I tell him I want to fast forward time and ask him if he has a watch for me. He puts a wristwatch on the table and I put my finger over the seconds hand an start spinning. I don't see that the watch moves faster but I keep doing it. Then I phase out of the house and look around. This time nothing seems to have changed. We walk around and up a street. There are sime people but not to many. I think about that If I want to see more people I should go in a bigger city. A truck approaches us and I make him stop and then throw him on its back. I need two attempts for this. We keep going and I see a girl and with her I visit her friends in a house. From here I tart caveman but am not to successful and wake up because its very late in the morning and my sleep seem to be very light and the dream quality pretty bad.

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