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    1. Teleporting is more difficult than I thought; amnesia-recall

      by , 11-11-2015 at 11:51 AM
      Bedtime: 11:30 pm; no meditation before bed; visualization ~15min; did sport; stomach not full/empty

      First time awake: 3 am

      F: practice something but not as a job

      should be micro WBTB but a little longer awake because sick and nose full so little problems breathing (~20min?)

      5:10 am
      Dont remember how the dream started or how i got lucid in the first place. its really bugging me because it was an interesting feeling and i would love to know what happend before.
      I am in a small group and (re)enter a house. i try to move something with TK and it works. i smile and say ah still lucid thats good. i look to my left site where a friend is walking and tell her: "Im still lucid, nice right? Remember? Ah youve forgotten again?" and pet her back. [funny enough i dont remember neither :/] "Wow im already a long time lucid this is cool." We enter the house. i ask her if she can tell me how to get lucid more often. she answers that ive already asked the question before. i cant remember if i got an proper answer or thats it. i want to make her levitate and it wont work at the beginning even if i try hard so my body tense up. Hm wait this is not that hard i did this already with more than 3 people! i relax my body and zap she starts floating. i do so with another friend of mine because i think its funny
      I go into a garage? Its a garage for small boats (size of a normal garage but with water in the middle) i look at the wall and there is some text about a dude who now is handicapped and cant swim anymore or something? after ive read that a guy jumps into the water. i want to make him levitate but he dives down under the garage door. there is a girl in a swimming ring. i swimm to her and kiss her and tell her something naughty. i sit down on the other side of the garage and
      Spoiler for explicit:

      I remember my goal that i want to teleport. i smile, enjoy, close my eyes and think why not. i lukewarm imagine where i want to go open my eyes and feel again a little like my eyes are squint but i can manage it to look straight again. more interesting is that i see through a grid of compound eyes like i would wear funny insect eye glasses. Pretty strange i think. i try to put the "glasses" of and actually put of some glasses but the visual stays. i concentrate on the other feeling i have or get and pretty soon my visual is normal again. the girl and i are now on the other side of the water again. i tell her what i would like her to do for me and she is doing. behind me a dude is standing around and talking to me it seems that it is his girl or atleast he did it with her. he says something like ah you like that? nice i like the movement the other way round. i think we then talk about something not sexrelated. something about vacation somewhere?

      F: im walking somewhere with L. i climb up a little wall and walk on the wall. there is a construct of wood. it looks pretty unprofessional. its like a tunnel. i think i shouldnt go up there and want to come down the wall because L will surely be like "Dude you cant do that thats dangerous" but instead he climbs up the wall too and i go into the woodconstruct. near the end tilt over like a weighting scale. we are a little scared if the whole thing blow up but we come to the ground or atleast near it and jump out.

      F: I seem to be in a hospital? or maybe school? i enter the local bakery and there is a lot of sweet stuff. i think its all vegan? i feel stoned (cant remember to smoke but the feeling) and think wow now munchies. i want to buy stuff but need to get money first. i go outside to ask L. for some money. he is on a very low wall behind some plants.

      should be micro WBTB but a little longer awake because sick and nose full so little problems breathing (~20min?)

      and again i am missing the interesting "what happend before"-Part...
      I am in a shoe store. I "remember"(false memory?) that the saleswoman needed a break and go somewhere and i substitute her. two girl are coming and want to buy shoes. i look very critical because the shoes look bad and they get insecure and decide not to buy them and look around again. an older woman enters the store and asks if dogs are allowed in here. i dont know try to look on the entrance to see if there might be a symbol that tells me but i dont see anything. i thinking about to tell her its my first day but i dont say anything. i move to the entrance and start hoping that the girl comes back soon because i dont have that much time anymore. while i open the door i see her and some other people infront of the store. i ask more to her if dogs are allowed. but one guy of the group answers "Yes". i enter the store with the saleswoman and we sit at a table. i make a stupid joke about if she would like to know anything specific about a product (so one could believe i am really working there) but she dont get it and think about the money she may pay me for my effort. i tell her nevermind. i tell her i was daydreaming (actually it felt like i was sleeping for real?) during my shift. this makes me RC. I raise my hand and tell her to count my fingers because they look a little bit blurry to me. she answers "Five" i move it out of her sight and up again and ask her: "And now?" "Six" i smile because it worked and stand up and do a fast nosepinch. i clap her back and say something like "and thats the reason why you should regulary do a RC, i go now and try to teleport cya" i move some feet away close my eyes and imagine a meadow. my eyes seem not to be closed 100% like in meditation and i see my shadow like there is a bright lamp right behind me. i close them for good try to visualize (i see a little visuals like floating stars or something) nick with my head and open my eyes. i am in my bed. a little confused i stand up and still know i am dreaming but start to question. i want to go out of my room and notice my door is completely green. i smile because no RC is needed. i move out and remember for the first time that i never been in our bathroom and i might look into a mirror there. i enter it and want to switch on the light. it doesnt work and its to dark to see without. i shortly try to just make it glow in a corner but have no idea how. i try to make my hand burn for a second but again no real effort. i go out and see my roommate. "R can you please turn on the light in the bathroom?" "Yea sure" and he do. i enter and the light is on. i want to look into the mirror but its only a horizontal stripe pretty high so i need to put on my toes to see myself. i see him and me and one of us has different hair but i am distracted because i ask him why the mirror is so high and if L is bigger than me? (like in a different dimension) he answers: yea he is bigger than you. i gape because IWL he is a head smaller than me. i tell R that the light is not so good and IWL there is the light and i point to a position over the mirror. i leave the bathroom and go to L.s room. the door is closed R. is following me. i start smiling and make a kamehameha at his door. instead of a unbelievably strong energyburst some water sprinkles against the door. the pressure is not that bad but the door just dont cares and gets wet. i try again with "more force" but again just water and this time even less pressure. i open the door like every normal human would do and enter the room. L. is sitting infront of his computer and playing something. he sits right infront of his monitor and has only his mouse in his hand and a book right next to him. i again do the watersprinkler and wet his monitor and book. he complaines a little but i just smile and tell him who cares this is a dream. i look around in his room and wake up


      i am in the living room? there is a girl stting at a computer and one of my roomate on the other side of the room at his computer? i enter my room and sit on the ground. i notice some saltsticks in between my laundry on the clotheshorse. i wonder shortly. i do the crow (yoga asana) and somehow manage to be that flexible in my back that i am in perfect balance and nearly need no strength and can look up. it feels awesome and i have a moment of epiphany. i try aga but this time it wont work that good. the girl enters the room and steps over me to get something. i hold her leg and move it so that she drops on me. she smiles and i pet her head. i look into her face and recognise a girl i met some days ago IWL. i notice that she had boots on while i was holding her but now is barefoot. i give her a kiss and she stands up and puts on her shoes (now something smaller like ballerinas) and goes back to her computer.

      so conclusion? teleportation is not that easy as i thought. i think the next time when i close my eyes and visualize i also tell out loud where want to go and maybe let my eyes closed some time more. i am scared that if i close them to long i might wake up but i think that should not be that of a problem after all.
      dont know whats about with my dream recall. it was pretty bad. maybe because i am sick a little because i really was eager to recall alot this night. i even used another mantra for it.
      on the other hand the little longer WBTBs might have been good for lucidity.
    2. Getting lucid in a very self-aware way, short lucid and semi-lucid

      by , 10-14-2015 at 08:14 PM
      -Standing in a Tram. i am track the stations subconsciously. after two stations a guy leaves the tram. he makes an handicapped/strange impression. he grins in a strange way. he leaves very very slowly with a lot of holding himself everywhere. after he got out the doors close and we start riding again. i see him thru the window again. he has something creepy. the tram is turning and we ride back because of some roadworks. i look around and examine the people inside. i realize that i wear a watch because it beeps shortly. (i normally dont but startet this day with every time i look at a digital watch raise awarness) i think about the watch and think that it should be useful for lucid dreaming but i dont notice the actual time... i notice a big woman infront of me and she talks to a guy. they talk about something that they need to climb some stairs and she answers in slang (i cant echo this in English) " stairs? Hell no i will go stairs..." i look at her and think it fits considering her weight. she looks and me and says: "Dont say anything!" My watch is blinking now. i look at it and push a button so it stops. again i think about the watch... a silent alarm... nice for lucid dreaming for sure... im sitting now in a seat and my brother sits right next to me. i try to configure the watch. the display shows complicated functions or tools and i try with pushing some buttons to understand what the functions are there for. i debate with my brother if we need to get out here or some stations earlier. no matter what we will need to go some distance by feet.
      --> damn so close to get lucid with the watch

      WBTB after 6h. Doing mantra with SSILD. I feel medium concentrated but pretty confident. i feel a little to awake. maybe next time an earlier WBTB?

      -I run thru a Street i kind of know. i wear a heavy backpack and have some issues with movement. i look down and see that i am wearing a black bumbag and it is open. i wonder why it is open look insight and see a compass. i wonder whom this is because i know it is not mine... i keep on moving but start getting aware. i decide to put the bumbag in my backpack while keep moving. i have problems to walk... i start questioning what is going on. i cant remember why i wear a backpack or where i coming from or going to i get lucid without any RC. i look up front and see a tree. i change my focus of vision and the leaves of the tree blend with the background in one focal plane with a high contrast like i experienced once while taking LSD. i normalize my sight again by blinking and keep on walking. now everything starts getting slow motion and pulls streaks. i shake my head and everything turns normal again. i get at a crossing with some signboards. i look at one and want to look away and back again to see if the words change or something. i look therefor at another sign where is writen Pharmacy but then i look closer and see Pharamhyzy. from nowhere a woman appears. she is attractive and reminds me of someone. i put out my arms to hug/kiss her but i notice i wearing loose braces that i want to put out. i wonder alot where they come from and wake up.
      --> i really liked the way i got lucid it was so "logical" and not surprising like it is sometimes. i think i became awake because i didnt ground myself. the dream was untypical. it was not like it was low quality like bad sight or something but everything was so muffled without sound and like i was floating?

      -another NLD about a girl i meet at a parade/demonstration we ride a tram and get out want to buy some green tea. meet another girl i kiss. Transition/next dream
      i am in the room next to the room i was in the previous dream. sitting on a couch watching tv about something that either is related to lucid dreaming or the dream before. i recognize the two persons. i have a pillow on both sides of my head and try to fall asleep (my roomates alarm was going on so i put on a pillow on my head to keep on sleeping) a friend is entering the room and lies down on the top of me. i am a little scared if it could hurt because my legs are crossed. i feel that my back needs to click and i relax and take a deep breath and it clicks silently.

      dont know if i really wake up and think to long about writing it down in my dreamjournal or had a direct FA...

      -FA: i lie in my bed and make some notes to the dream with the girl (funny thing as i woke up i didnt remember the dream anymore but i remembered the FA and that i was writing things down. i could remember the notes and so remember the dream ) my phone beeped silently. i turned on the display but it stayed black. i was wondering if it is broken again and i need to restart it but then i saw a little text "10 new messages" i tried to unlock the phone and it hang a bit but after some seconds my homescreen poped up. my mum enters the room and asks me if and how we account the woodthing. i tell her that there is nothing to account because it was for free/a present? i am irritated because i try falling asleep now and have again two pillows around my head. she sits on my bed and i watch a tv series. i can see a big building that might be a prison. it starts morphing around and changing and i smile and think its pretty cool. i like the fact that the series is so dreamrelated... now there is a big camera at the corner of the buidling and i know that it is a prison now. someone escaped. now perspective is changing and i am infront of the prison. it seems that i am the one on the run and i have a dejavu that i know that i was here before. i turn into a corner and now that in some feet i was catched from the police before. i walk carefully but this time there is no policeman. i turn around two corners and see a person but it is no police and he dont recognize me. i see a nice porsche car and go towards it. the engine is running and the door is open. i enter the car and start driving. i can turn right and know this is the way to the freeway but i decide to turn left because the police will be all over the freeway for sure. i accelerate really fast until the road is very thin. i think i should have taken the freeway because it would be more fun and they wouldnt get me anyway. i drive very fast and get concerned that i shouldnt force an accident. i look on my hand to check that i am (still) dreaming. i know that i am dreaming and so nothing can happen. i continue driving very fast. then a traffic junction comes up and the lights are red. i slow down rapidly and wait for green. 2 or 3 tuned cares pass me and ignore the red light. i think i can do that to and fast enough i am for sure and drive after them. there is a lot of traffic on the road but i manage to drive thru it without an accident. they turn left into a ramp but i miss the moment and drive frontal into a wall. nothing big happened and i try to turn and drive up the ramp but i am to slow. my car is now an american taxi. i try again but now my car is a construction truck and way to slow for the ramp. both times i see the car from outside like in a car game. i suddenly stand there and look on my "car" which is now a sponge. my roommate stands next to me end explains, that the one i have in my hand is a fine-pored sponge while the bigger one on the ground is coarse-pored. the coarse-pored is way more rare...

      F: i sit at a table with my roomate and tell him ".... this is still my dream...."
      F: Going in a bath and putting out my braces. i choke a bit and find it disgusting. i spit and examine the braces that consists of two parts?

      --> dont know why i dreamed two times of braces... didnt wear any since at least 20 years...
    3. Competition Night 10: less effort than yesterday but more lucids... + weekly Task done

      by , 08-27-2015 at 06:13 PM
      To bed at around 10:15 pm

      First wakeup: 4:00 am one fragment (i do FP-measurements and instead of one plate i have for every transfection one and i did forget the 2mM -Me) +

      I am in an airplane perspective and shoot things on the ground. perspective is changing and i am on the ground. my task is to kick little yellow plasticcars on the site. i have a radar. my mom is coming: "you run so lovely"... her hands are dirty. a girl cross my way i tell her she needs to turn off her phone or take out the simcard because she appear on the radar.
      im in the lab now and do measure something as an experiment. a girl i saw sometimes in the university is coming in and we kiss each other. "seems to fit [between us]" i think. on the other side of the room is a new equipment, something with ice. i ask myself what it is good for. i am satisfied with my measurement and go over to R and M.

      WBTB with some SSILD cycles and Mantras:
      i am sitting at a table with my roomate L and her girlfriend J. we eat some savory pie which J has done. L is asking if F has feelings or if he changed in the lately. My opinion is F still has feelings but them changed (he has a new GF now). L stands up and goes on the balkony. its windy outside. Someone is visiting us and the topic remains. i tell him my thoughts about it. im sitting in my room at a table (that normaly is not there) and eat the rest of the pie. the pie is dry. my curtains are closed but its really bright from outside. i wonder for a sec if i forgett to close the curtains or if it is the superbright moon. I do a RC and am lucid. i want to summon Nightfeather and expect her to be outside of my room. i leave my room but instead of NF there is another guy in our floor who enters the kitchen. i go into the kitchen and its full of people. i dont understand right and ask what they are doing. someone tells me to not speak so loud because its night and everyone is sleeping. i am stressed out because its my home i dont know the people and the fuck he tell me what to do? i repeat a RC because i just cant belief this is real. i ask them if they want to kidding me its 4 am in the morning (i kind of know the clock on the counter says 20:50) i want them to leave but noone cares. i leave the room but come in a second later go to a dude that has a particularly annoying and stupid grin on his face grab him at his balls and pull him out of the kitchen into the floor. i enter the kitchen again and ask if someone else dont want to leave and the room starts to getting empty. i say the pretty one may stay and you can choose who is the pretty one of you. but i kind of alrdy choose a girl which top kind of is up and i can see her breasts which have piercings. i find it interesting move to her and kiss her. a girl behind me asks: Really? Her? she is so dumb! and her lipstick stains... i wake up.

      I lay still and DEILD:

      Im now in the city [Fnffensterstr.] and remember i wanted to summon NF. I expect her behind the corner [at Rathausstr.] and go there. there are some people but its relativly dark and i dont see her. i call her name: NF, her real name but the wrong one (ups). then i remember her real one and shout S. i turn around and a girl is coming in my direction. i ask her if she is NF and she affirms it. that makes me somewhat happy and i take her hand and we start walking. she looks super sympathic. she has dark cloth on a beanie on her head and really dark red to black hair and a very friendly face. i rub my hands and we keep on walking. i tell her if she can show me a trick and if she can show me what she can do. in front of us is dark night with no stars or moon. suddenly at the horizon its getting brighter. after some seconds a hugh moon is rising slowly. i am excited about it and she smiles. after i look to her and to the moon again the moon is smaller to a normal size and rising much faster until its all up. now its not that dark anymore. i say to her Wow this is awesome i normaly have big problems with that same as with changing the weather. and she agrees with me. i think whats might be next and i ask her if she would like to show me a dream of hers. she nodds and tells me we need to get to a building for this. we keep on walking. i rub my hands again and we cross a bridge. i want to summon a little boy behind my back because i want him to bring me this little rubber massage balls lucid but stupid-39008_image.jpg because i have now for some time the idea to use it for dreamstabilisation to have it in my hand so i have a sensual stimulus the whole time. but there is noone behind us and we reach a street. we are at a hobo corner. there is some piss on the ground and a lot of beer. i see a guy on the other side of the street and i tell NF to remember me to ask him about the ball when we reach him but while i tell her that i see that he is drunken as fuck and falls to the side. i say nevermind and we keep on strolling. we cross the road without looking right and left and in the middle of the street some scooter drivers cross our way one after another. they drive while looking on their phone and i try to use telekinese to take it away from them. at two i can push it a litte bit so there hand moves like you like you would collide with them. but they dont loose it, dont care and keep on driving. with the third one i bother more and accidantly push him of the street and he drives into a bush. i say ups and NF just smiles. we keep and walking slowly. we reach a building that reminds me of a cinema or something and i think we wanted to enter but i wake up again.

      i set my intention again and repeat my mantras but dont force to get another lucid because i want to sleep and i fall asleep fast.
      i remember standing in a mall and eating something. someone is standing next to me. someone is passing us with a dog and he sniffs my hand and snap my hand and growl but dont bite me. i frighten for a sec and then just wander what that was because i didnt do anything.
      i am still at the mall and somewhat go to a girl in a group and kiss her because i just like that know that must be a dream. i go away but come back shortly after and she is looking at her phone and i see three times my name like i had called or something. the time says 9 am. i ask a dude what time is it and he tells me 11 am. thats not possible i say because on her phone its nine. i finally remember the weekly task i just didnt remember and touch her shoulders and tell her OOOHHH the task. okay wow do you see right behind me some plants? i see her look wander and she nods. i look behind me and see some boring typical office plants some feet away. i think for one second thats more far away than i wanted to be but who cares. we walk there and i tell her i want that the plant speaks to me and she can choose which one of those. she points at a branch of one plant and i follow the branch to see which one of those plants it is. its a human size one with a white pot: lucid but stupid-buerobegruenung-_raumbegruenung-_innenraumbegruenung_-3-.jpg i start talking to the plant like it would be a child or a dog but it dont responds. instead of that it stats to shake with its branches. the girl and some of her friends make sounds like you see a little baby or a puppy. i ask the plant if it would be so nice and come a little bit closer and the whole pot starts to slide in our direction. everyone is cheering and i say nice thank you and now back again and it slides back. i see a little behind that plant and another did the same without asking
      task done i think and want to make some fire in my hand again. and again nothing -.- i tell them that if i had some liquid in my hand and someone ignites it i have no problem. i try to ignite it with my thumb that could be a lighter but it doesnt work neither. some of the guy finally uses something like a lighter and my hand is burning. i throw the fireball into my other hand and than on one of the guys. his chest starts buring slowly and i take away the fire again and throw it on somebody else. but there the fire end and only a spot of liquid is on his cloth. we walk a little bit further and there is a butcher on the right site. i want to do some mindcontrol and approach the counter. i see in the background that they have a strange animal in a glass box and it still moves. i tell the saleswoman i want to see it first. she bring it and put it on the counter. it looks a little like a beaver or something and it dont moves anymore. i tell her i want to take it but for free. she somewhat disapears in the room behind and she comes back with her chef. she tells me how much it costs but i tell her i want it for free and she will give it to me. i get what i want and turn around to the girl and the guys and smile. i then point at the thing i get for free and try to make some lightning but it dont work that well. i make some stupid sounds like bztbzzbzt and now it works *facepalm*
      i wake up again. my roomate is up and i hear constant noises so i decide to write it down and get up soon.
      in this dream i was not that clear or lucid. i could do what i want but everything felt like i was in a sitcom or something and not in "reality" but nevertheless i finaly accomplished to do the weekly task

      Fragment: big tent. L sleeps left of it outside. i enter the tent and there is awning. its dark and i kick someone accidentally. i throw my sleeping bag and my sleeping mat into the tent. J and i talk about something and at the other side of the tent some girl i dont know is just sitting there.
    4. Totms Ride a dino, Black hole, new level of dreamcontrol, some caveman action

      by , 08-17-2015 at 10:47 AM
      got to bed at 10 pm

      i sit with someone in a car and we are on a bridge. Someone from down is provoking me with some rubbish talking. i jump out of the car into the water under the bridge. the water is deep and i swim and swim up again to the surface. i start slowly to breath under water.
      i realize that i am dreaming and doing a nosepinch (not only i can breath underwater, i can even breath with my nose shut under water xD)i leave the water and there is a kiosk under the bridge. the guy i there and first thing first i let him eat a booger freshly out of my nose... kind of disgusting i think but he deserved it. i let him buy me some club mate (limonade) and keep going.
      i am in supermarket with a firend of mine. i want to summon a known person. i think about a acquaintance that is right behind me. i turn around and look around and find some feet away at a table the person sitting with her back to me (lets call her P). i shout her name and she turns around. i am happy that it worked.
      we keep going and i am in a litte room now. the friend of mine is still with me. i want to try something new again and i ask a random guy to bring me something. i cant think of anything usefull so i ask him to go to P and ask her what time it is. he goes away and i see a clock on the wall. he come back after some time. he need a second to "remember". my friend wants to say something like "hey but there is a clock" but i raise my hand to stop her. the guy says: "P said it is 30 min after 3 oclock. " i say: "You mean half past 3?" "Yes he answers" i smile because the clock is saying it is 4:50 [after i woke up i looked at the clock and it was 3:34...coincidence?] he wants to have something for his effort and i dont want to give him anything. he gets a little bit sad and i tell him he can have one of my club mate i get.
      we keep going again.
      my friend and i are now outside at a fireplace. i am really happy how well my LD is going on and i am really self-confident. i tell her it would be soooo good if she would remember the dream too not just me. i think about what to do next and the TOTMs come in my head. i can remember riding a dino and go fishing but i alrdy have basic wings so i decide to ride some dinos. i think about how i could manage this and just try like i did with P. i expect in front of me some dinos. on the first try it dont work. i decide to turn my back and think about dinos that are behind me i just have a vague imagination of a dino and that i want to sit on it. i turn back again but instead of dinos there are three horses which are mostly black or dark brown. my friend is laughing and we aproach them. i turn again and this time i think more specific about some little t-rexes and as i turn they turned into hip high little t-rexes but they act still shy like horses or dogs. i whistle and one of them is coming to me. i climb on him and we start to ride. he is uncomfortable because his hip bones push into my ass. as i think about it that they are more like little dogs i am riding on he morphs into a dog. nonetheless i still riding him and we jump over a fence. someone wants something from me but i just ignore him and ride here and there. i think we enter then a rail station?!
      i am infront of a railstation and think about what to do next. the friend of mine is still there. i think about the black hole task and remember that some of you dont needed to fly into space but just summon a black hole somewhere. again i think about that somewhere behind me is a black hole and i then turn around and keep running because i know that it is just around the corner of the station. i keep running and i see the black hole. it is 1.5 to 2 meters big and is more like a portal transparent and in the middle black and dark. i jump in and while jumping asking myself where i will land?
      i jump through it, roll of and i am still there. in the first moment i think "him this was more boring than expected but then time slowed down and everything got a hint of blue or yellow. the effect didnt last long and everything got normal again. i think what tasks i have and i remember that i want to find my mentor in my dreams. i go to a guy sitting on a bench and ask him if he knows where my mentor is. but even before he answers i know that he is just a stupid dumb guy from whom i wont get any answers. he just answers "no" and shakes his head... too bad...
      i then decided that ive done enough and can enjoy myself a little bit like fryingman is doing like alot xD
      Spoiler for Cavemanmode:
      i think about what to do next and imagine a global map. i see it and think about where to go. a loading screen starts and i am waiting.... after some seconds i decide to wake up to remember the dream because it was pretty long.

      i think i never had a so long LD. i could complete more than one task i wanted and didnt fell once into the void. it was an awsome feeling to have the time to try so many different things and just to get whatever i wanted. sure i dont know why i summon P and not someone else like a friend or somehing because in RL i just know her and have nothing to do with her. and sure i could have asked the guy to bring me something more interesting but everything just worked and even if i needed a second try it didnt set me up and it was nice to be so direct and dont have to say please to get what i wanted.
      this really lifted me up on a new level of LD experience!!!

      some dreamfragments later that night:
      -i am in a big flat. i am searching a toilet and find one in the kitchen behind a fridge standing in the middle of the room. the "toilett" is a round little thing where you normaly could wash your feet or something. i start pissing but gets disturbed by someone coming. i talk to the person but search on a different place for a toilett i run some stairs down and find a proper bathroom but my chef is coming down too and i offer him the toilett and i want to take the urinal. but somewhat we talk that much that i dont do my business.
      i am in some sort of restaurant or something and i am searching for some hiden door or exit or something. i have an envelop in my hand. i get lucid and do a short nosepinch. i deside to rub my hands to stabilze but because of the envelope in dont work like i would like to and the dream gets unstable and i get black vision. i dont fight it and wake up/transition in NLD.
      -im standing at a terrace at a wooden cabin. a friend of mine stands next to me and asks me when i kiss a girl in a dream if it is real or just imagination. i tell him it is real and you can really feel it and not just imagine it. and kissing is the innocent staff you can fell reffering to my spoiler
      -i lying across on my bed and i am awake and cant sleep. someone comes in to wake me up but i am alrdy awake. he says my pupils are dilated an he knows what that mean (i think i took some LSD)