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    1. July Competition 19 long and cool lucid

      by , 07-31-2019 at 09:39 PM
      dream starts with sexual content i skip

      ...i walk with the girl and we pass a meadow next to a house. she tells me she doesnt like the city. i say why not its not that bad and its kind of green and other citys are worse. we some dog babys and the mother some of them starts barking but the mother keeps them back and educate them. one of them runs at me and i kick it away. one of them is more like just a face on the ground and morphs into a butterfly. my awareness rises. we reach a canon and i get lucid doing a rc. i ask her if she wants to fly with me and start flying. i reach the ground and meet some people. they are something like superheroes? one of them has a problem with me. i fly further to a woman who greets me in a very friendly manner (maybe with a kiss?) i tell her that in the following 24h i can help her. the group of "heroes" arrives and the guy that had a problem with me pushes me with his thoughts away and laughs. i come back and remember that telekinesis is not that difficult and start concentrating and do a gesture with my hand. suddenly his face get serious and a second later he flys up 5m in the air and crashes in the ground again. i lough my ass of because it looked funny like hell.
      the dream fades and i am in another dream. i do a rc and still dreaming. i find my self indoors. i phase myself slowly thru many layers of walls and rooms and wooden construction out and climb some parts. i am on a roof now and jump from roof to roof. i want to find me some icecream. i jump down and see some people that look like they sell ice on big bicycles like it is typical in mexico but everytime they come closer the just transport paint for some reason. i cant find ice and have a FA. i sit at a table eating icecream. i do another RC and again still dreaming. i get up and look out for icecream again to finish the task. i ask a young guy at a corner of a street. he tells me he doesnt have some but i tell him he should look behind him and when he does suddenly he has some icecream. i am happy and pay him some coins. its ice made out of coca cola. i continue my way and notice i am in the suburban train station. i want to get out but dont want to phase all the way out so i phase straight thru the walls and imagine to be outside and after the second wall flying thru i find myself outside. i fly up a building because i want to see the sunset. after founding a good place to be i do another handgesture to let the sun go down. i am a little out of practice so it doesnt work immediately suddenly there are one or two guys next to me and distracting me with talking shit and how it doesnt work. the sun goes down but the visuals get super bad like in dark night and i start to calm down rub my hands and focus on the dream. i tell him that for his reason i didnt notice the sunset properly. i try to get the sun up again but it doesnt work. i switch the roof and remember that the sun goes up from the opposite side so i turn around and fair enough see a nice sunrise. i jump and fly thru several roofs and found a well painted arty house. i enter thru the roof and explore the inside. there is a lot of art in the rooms. i see a woman lying in a bed and aproach her. i resist to start something and just pass into another room where i see another person sleeping i think its a boy but then it turns out to be a guy. i phase out and think about what to do next and remember Dreamers method of narrating the dream to remember it better so i think what happend so far. something happens and the dream destabilizes but this time its not getting black but white. i go into it and let it happen. everything around me spins and patterns appear a short moment of drawings. i ask a question to the dream: what to do/work? a new dreamscene appears and a guy talks with me he wants to tell me something but dont remember the word in the end he tells me something about a doctor or that i should be a dentist. im not sure about it and ask him what about physiotherapy he tells me that its possible but i wont learn to much there.
      i phase into a house and i feel its mine. i enter the kitchen and eat a fresh cherry and think what to do. i feel like the dream is hell long and try to remember how fast i got lucid so that the REM might be very long. i want to meditate a little but i feel like the dream destabilize
      but i let it go to not forget to much about it.
      lucid , memorable
    2. Visiting Candyland - kind of... oh and jesus of course

      by , 11-16-2016 at 02:32 PM
      this morning lucid was really enjoyable. i am pretty bad at inducing fantasy stuff so for me it was kind of a big success and a good educational experience.

      i have a wbtb of around 30min because my GF has to get up to work. we talk shortly, i get up for toilet and put on my sleepingmask and my earplugs [wax --> very comfy and silent enough when tight]. i lay on my back and decide to do some progressive relaxation (i normaly dont do) i see that my mind is not too focused but i continue as good as i can. i then start doing SSILD. since i like the idea of tactile senses i decide to mix it with SSILD. i do some short SSILD cycles. first watching then hearing and followed by "feeling" but this time i do some imaginary movement with my hands. then i continue with watch etc. after the short ones i do long ones. after some time i just do tactile movements and it feels pretty good but i dont know if this is enough to success a WILD and to be honest i cant imagine how to fall asleep like this and....

      ... i stand in my old child room. i feel super stoned and wonder how come that its so early and i feel like this and what to do with the rest of the day. i go to the window and see my reflection. At the hairline i have super light skin where in the rest of my face the skin is darker. i wonder why so? did i cut my hair recently? i am at the verge to lucidity but i seem unconsciously to decide to wake up because i notice that i fall asleep.

      i wake up and my body feels very heavy. i could go from here but i decide to turn to my side to have a look at my clock because i have an appointment later in the midmorning and i dont want to oversleep it. okay i have around 1,5h. this should be enough. i concentrate very lightly on sight i think and fall asleep very fast...

      ...i am outside with someone? [damn i should have journal earlier...] we go to a buildingentrance and a mail delivery girl comes. i hold her the door open and take something from her to help her. i tell her its no problem i can carry it up with her so we move up some floors and we talk about jobs and the earnings. i go down again and this time there is a moving stairway. for some reason one stair dont work appropriate and there are sparks and all. the broken stair moves into the floor and one can see that this is not good. i start running because i dont wanne know if it might explode or something.

      outside i get lucid and i meet my GF (that turns later to a friend A.) and the mail girl. i tell them "okay listen i have two goals: 1. visit candyland and 2. let me teach by somebody how to do short distance teleportation. what do you wanne do?`" both girls decide for candyland and so i go with it and "candyland it is! how do we get there?"
      we take each others hands and stand in a circle. i look down to the ground and we wave our hands once. for a short instance i start seeing some colorful things on the ground that might be some candy but instantly my rational mind kicks in "hey we didnt even teleport or changed location whatsoever..." and everything looks mundane again. we move around and the girls are in a good mood talking alot and jumping around. i still look out for some candy and instead of candy i see colorfull lights sparkling here and there on the ground. i try to hold the thought that we ARE in candyland already and all i have to do is find the right corner. i tell them "hey here is no candy..." and they answer "not yet..." and we keep going. we past by a christmas tree with some colored lights. the girls talk about some school stuff from the past i think. there is some not too pleasant metal/punk music in the background.
      i remember a DV-Thread where they talked about expectation and the example of sivasion with the summon of a banana. okay so i pretend to see some candy on the ground and pick it up and put it in my mouth. as expected i see feel and taste nothing... nevermind i chew and chew and dont stop chewing and imagine chewing some chocolate and after about 10-15 seconds i suddenly taste sweet and "candyland" or my version of it appears. i start seeing some egg formed foiled chocolates inbetween some grass [more like eastern-themed]. and not only one or two but now a lot of candy on the ground. i move around and see chocolate easter-bunnys and little santa clauses and several more sweets. i taste some and feel super happy about it.
      Unofficial Dreamviews Buttons (yay!)-240_f_17881072_sksc8k7ofq0zcq3pwleokavc63obsswb.jpgUnofficial Dreamviews Buttons (yay!)-bunte-ostereier-aus-schokolade-zu-ostern-enyawf.jpg

      next to a building there is a big table and while i want to follow the girls into the building i notice the table and at the head of it Jesus sits there with some (2-4) people next to him. i smile big because now my "fantasy-Schema"-drawer seems to be opened. i jump over a chair and Jesus approaches me. i give him a high five and i think we exchange some words.
      Unofficial Dreamviews Buttons (yay!)-959a9ed0624216336e8d253aceb89e2b.jpg
      but nothing religious i turn around and another guy with a big beard is there that remembers me of someone but we dont talk and i enter the building , phasing thru the door.
      and i awe again because this time two aliens approach me and past me. the one has purple and the other green skin. both have no hair and a little bigger and broader head. i smile around and move down some stairs. i approach a girl and say something to her but notice that its someone else. i turn around and see my two girls next to a showcase. while i move to them i think about how stable this dream is and that they still are here around. i hear them talking about some stone that are inside the showcase. something about if it is good or bad to take or use this kind of stones. i have a good mood and while they still debate about it i just phase thru the showcase and pick a stone on a chain outside. one of the girls that was against using the stone starts complaining and i phase my hand thru the showcase again and put the stone back. i look at them in detail. they look something like this:
      Unofficial Dreamviews Buttons (yay!)-1609charo1a_m.jpgUnofficial Dreamviews Buttons (yay!)-kiesel_1.jpg
      with some chains or mountings and adornments.
      i think about if i might use them as items for performing short distance teleportation? i say "hey girls listen stop this discussion i want to practice short distance teleportation. lets say i want to go there to the xY [i look around and try to find a pregnant location and point at something]" the girls laugh because i pointed on something else or called it wrong or something? "oh come on you know what i mean i want to get there how may i teleport there easy who can show me?" i think about my recall and how bad it would be if i lose something from it
      and instantly i wake up [damn it!]

      nevertheless it was a very very funny and enjoyable lucid from which i can learn alot about expectation and that a typical "teleportation" is not necessary to change the dreamscene. and that if you once open a drawer with the right schema everything will work on its own! i would love to experiment more with it. maybe my excitement will endure long enough to make a smart setup how to practice and experiment with it in future lucids!

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      lucid , memorable , task of the month
    3. Summer Comp. Day 3 - no recall but cool lucid: summon/unsummon building, morph color, teleport

      by , 08-01-2016 at 10:30 AM
      since i had a bicycle day yesterday i was occupied the whole day and got late to bed (around 2 am), i woke up for the first time at 7:30 with only a fragment of the whole night and felt tired. got to the toilet and was torn back and forth to just go back to bed and sleep some more or try to induce a lucid. i decided to try it. lay on my back started with relaxation, incubated my goals again and did some SSILD cycles. i felt for a WILD but felt way to alert and awake. i turn on the side and try to fall asleep. but even now i felt to awake i turned 2 times and fall asleep and woke up with a nice Lucid in my pocket

      [some more NLD i cant recall] ... move down the street in company of a woman and a older man. while walking a super tiny thought of 'when this is a dream' pops up. my awareness rises instantaniously and i am fully lucid. i do a nosepinch and its difficult to breath thru but i know i am dreaming. those two move infront of me and i tell them to go without me i will catch up. "but wait a sec" i say and pull a stone with telekinesis from a building site next to me and give it to the woman. she looks confused and like i want to shit her and she throws the stone away. [i did this to score some points maybe not fully lucid yet ]
      i look behind me to the horizon. it is night and i see two buildings on the left and the right side. in the middle i can see the sky. i turn to the woman and tell her: "you see? behind me? there is no building but now you can see the tall building? in the middle? you can see it right?" i turn around and see the building i have summoned. it worked like a charm. i stand next to her and we look both at the building now.
      I tell her: "now, since everything is just a picture, an image in my head i can make this building disappear just like that" i hold up my hand and move it slightly in front of the building. at the beginning not much happen but then i just imagine some more sky instead of the skyscraper and it disappears. i smile to her and she smiles too and seems to be a little impressed and not thinking that i want to kid her anymore. "now do you want to accompany me a little?" i think shortly... originally i wanted to summon a skyscraper to climb it up like spiderman but now that i unsummoned it i dont feel like put in more effort and dream time to make myself a suitable building.
      i look up front and see an old not to high house. this will do i think and "my next goal is to climb up this house like spiderman" while i say so we approach the house and i imagine micro hair on my finger tips [like in the movie ] and start to touch the wall. the woman and the man seem a little confused but do as i do. at the beginning i have some problems and hold myself at edges of the house but then i dont need anything to hold on and climb purely the wall like spiderman. i climb up and for whatever reason there is a roof/ceiling there and i climb up side down. it feels a little weird and i dont know exactly what to do now. i push myself away from the ceiling and land on my feet standing in a room now.
      i am in a kitchen. i think about what to do and pull a rubber ball with TK into my hand i look to the man and tell him "i will change the color of the ball." the ball is blue? now i look at it and will it to change the color to green. after a sec the color starts changing and the man screams up with enjoyment. i stop - but wait the ball turned white. i will a little more and now it changes in green. i feel satisfied.
      i want to mass TK and pick up three items. the ball and two little tomatoes i try to make them levitate at the same time but have some problems with it. i dont try hard enough but instead i change the color of the two tomatoes. because of schemas they turn green like unripe ones, but i want them to be purple i look at them concentrated and it changes and changes to black and then purple. nice!
      so i cant lift enough objects at a time but i could lift something very heavy. i use TK to lift up the water boiler and smash it around. the DCs around scare up and feel a little uncomfortable but i dont care and start to find it funny to demolish the kitchen. i lift up the stove. i rip and tug around until the cables rip of with some sparks and smash it against the wall. i turn around and lift the refrigerator and throw it across the livingroom (that wasnt there before). i feel like this was enough. i lift a book and throw it a guy against his head and enter the living room.
      i think around what to do and think i could teleport. i approach the window to jump out but on half the way i think it would be smarter to phase thru the wall. i turn left and run straight to the wall. for a part of a second i think about if it would be smarter to do it slowly and static but i decide to jump right thru will work fine. and i phase thru it without a problem [in opposite to some other encounters] and find myself in mid air over a street, as it seems at the height of the 5th floor or something... i am surprised because i didnt expected this and i start falling with waggy arms. while falling i reflect on my situation and tell myself i am invulnerable and my falling gets controlled and i land safely on my feet.
      now it is after dusk, the street is a little wet and it smells wet and fresh. its silent like it should be in the morning hours. i draw a portal with my feet but it looks shitty so i kneel down write with my finger 'My room' draw a portal right beneath it. stand up look at it and try to push my hands in a "handstand" into the portal. nothing happens at the beginning but after some seconds i feel like my finger start to sink in like into wet mud i embrace this feeling and start to sink in completely. i am in the void but still feel like a part of me is inbetween the locations. i give it a last push and feel a litte falling and now am completely in the void. i do some tactile movements to be sure not to wake up. i see some white noise while i think about a sentence i have read some days ago from sageous or sivason or someone: "the void is like a loading screen, like the construct of your head [or something]" i think about it and it makes sense. i finish this thought and feel like beeing long enough here so i start to visualize my room. a homescreen (like in windows) appears with two users. [again schema because thinking of a "loading screen?] i "click" it (but without doing anything...) and stand in my room. i decide to wake up because i am scared i would loose the beginning.

      this was a very pleasing lucid. i didnt believe i would get lucid because it didnt felt that way but it was a long and stable one. too bad i didnt remember to summon a teammate and let him accompany me (that way i would have had about 30-40 points more...) but used the woman that was already there... but i dont care and am happy about getting lucid again.

      from today on my GF is in town again and we will see how lucky i get when sleeping not alone anymore.
    4. 1 LD = 3 TOTMs

      by , 06-30-2016 at 12:03 PM
      after my first proper WBTB since months! i used SSILD for induction, also didnt used it like for months, i felt pretty confident to have a nice and long quality lucid

      i am in a city and walk down the street. i tell someone? on the phone? about my diploma thesis. "the gathered results there where up to date at that time..." i have an awesome mood and keep on moving. an elevator left to me opens and i make a small jump to scare them a little and smile to them just because i feel so good.
      just like that i get lucid and keep on moving some meters. i remember the basic task. i look around and everywhere are some people so i move back a little and found a girl with his boyfriend moving up some stairs. i decide to pull down her skirt and repeat it with her underpants. her boyfriend looks awkward down to the ground, she tells me "oh [my name]" like i would have told a bad joke and stands around. two guys that where next to us smile and look down on her bottom. since i knee anyways because i pulled her pants down i give it a short lick but i dont want to waste time with sexystuff because i have a lot more goals to check so i stand up and tell her to put up her pants again. before anyone react i already move away and see another girl with a dog? i approach her and knee before her for what reason i cant remember [i think i worried a little that the dream gets unstable so i grounded myself with a detail?]. i notice that i am still a little caveman and so i stand up and move on. i remember both advanced tasks and i decide to do the pokeball one. in waking i have incubated a little how i wanne approach this task and so i move straight to a guy and ask him/tell him i want to catch him into a pokeball but he dont have to worry i will let him out shortly after. [with this i wanted to make it feel easier because there will be no battle or resistance] he looks not that enthusiastic but since this is my dream he has no chance anyway. to summon the pokeball i look to him and say "ah and the pokeball is right behind me right" and i point without looking at a place behind me "but more on the right side?" he starts nodding. now i look to the point where i point at and see the pokeball. i smile because it works like a charm and pick up the ball. next to me is a girl or something? it feels like a witch [i hear harry potter audiobook at the moment] and i feel like she will prevent me from catching this guy. i push the button on the ball and throw it at the dude, the ball opens but it only bounce of him and nothing happens. damn it... i pick it up with TK and throw it at one of two ghost next to me [damn you harry potter xD] but the ball flows thru him. i pick it up with TK again and this time a guy approaches the scene and is next to the guy who i tried first. i throw the ball at him and he gets soaked in to the ball. i smile again and pick up the ball. i hold it in my hand and start moving around again. after some time i remember that part of the task is to let the guy out again and so i throw the ball. it opens the guy gets out and in same second the dream is fading.
      i think i dont wake up but have a change in scenery where i lose lucidty.
      i walk with a friend of mine in a mix of office and climbinghall. i see at the of the wall a climbing wall where a dude is belay a girl at the wall. i have the strong feeling of already knowing him and i already told him once that he is doing something wrong. my friend is laughing about him. he hears us and approaches us. i welcome him friendly and tell him that the thing he did was not smart. while telling this i suddenly have multiple ropes in my hand and i wrap them around my hands and start to swing a little. someone is pulling me backwards strongly and letting go so i swing to the ceiling on both sides. i do a backflip in the air and get lucid by that again.
      "this is a dream again or still!" i move around and i see a office with some tables and people in suits. moving around i want instantly to phase thru a glassdoor but it wont work because in the last moment i feel insecure... i take a bowl per TK into my hand with some teabags. i move on and see a secretary i remember the bonus task and start moving and shaking my feet like it would be a earthquake. i say "wow do you feel this i think this is an earthquake" she looks up and agrees that this must be an earthquake but she seems not to bother. on the side of my visual field i see a window and outside some signs falling apart. i stop moving around like pretend because now i dont need to pretend anymore. i move to the window and for a short second hope that it wont get out of control and start to strong or end bad. i sit infront of the window and look around. shining Advertisement signs fall down and make some sparkles. i look at the street and see how it starts to crack up and to make a big hole. i feel satisfied to accomplish the bonus task so easy. the earthquake ends and i stand up and move over to the kitchencorner to make me some tea "hm i never drank any tea in a lucid" i think and expect a mug being in a wall cupboard. i open it up and find a mug with some water in it. i put it out pur our the water and start to boil me some water. since it need some time (doh..) i look around and think about meditate a little but the ground is wet so i imagine to know that next to me are some pillows and fair enough i look to my left and see two pillows. i them both up with TK and want to sit down as my roommate approaches me. i connect a bad feeling with him and think about to approach him and to resolve my waking life problem with him but the dream fades again and the scenery changes.
      i loose lucidty and hear him telling me/a friend? that he just cant do it anymore. the music is too loud there are to many birds and he just cant sleep anymore. i sit somewhere outside and somehow feel like this is a dream and try TK on an item but it wont work because i feel insecure about my state. i move to a sign where some letters are pinned with magnets and i try to change them in something like Good bye but the letters are wrong and it wont work. i wake up for real

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    5. Sensei handed me over his "persistent ring"

      by , 12-09-2015 at 03:16 PM
      So some of my actual goals are summon fire in my hand and to teleport.
      i tried both now several times and have more or less difficulties with it. i thought about how to approach this goal or problem and how i could solve it. i longer thought about to ask a dc to help me but i never know who might be a good candidate because either i dont know them or they are not practiced in lucid dreaming so it would be "harder" to convince myself that in-dream this is THE right person to show me something.

      i had some days ago a low level lucid/semilucid where someone showed me how he uses fire with his hands with channeling his energy thru a ring. i liked the idea. but again thought about where to get a ring with a history (not just summon out of pocket and expect it to be special but have a story for it) i thought about an antiquarian where i would "find" one but it was too much incubation and too locationdependend... so i forgot about this for some time again.
      yesterday i talked to Fryingman and how he tried to summon Sensei...
      later in the night i had a micro-wbtb and thought about some goals i want to do in my next lucid. suddenly i had THE idea i could summon Sensei. i had a lot of contact with him so i kind of know him and he is very experienced in lucid dreaming, he can teleport so i dont need a special place for him and so on. he seem like the perfect in-dream-mentor! i was pretty exited so i needed to focus on my mantra and not get too awake from this thought...

      Here comes the dream:
      i am in a university library and have 3 books in my hand i want to borrow. i also have my phone in my hand and read a message. one of my (not so liked) Professors stands at a computer and wants to search for a book? he has some problems. i see it and out of reflex snort with laughter. he turns around and i look fast down on my phone. he starts choleric to complain: "i am sick of it that people are laughing about me, that is it, its enough blabla" i justify myself telling him that i dont laugh about him but i got a message and laughed about that. he dont belief me and keeps complaining. after some time i finally can convince him that it has nothing to do with him and he should stop... i turn around and want to go. i say "have a good success finding what you are looking for!" he answers " yea i need more luck that success..." i look down and suddenly have only two books in my hand. i see the third on a shelf right next to me... wait a minute that makes no sense. i pick it up again and it looks different. i do a nosepinch and i am lucid. my first thought is: "Ah this lucid is not worth it... it is over soon anyway..." but then i am like "wait you dont know you can atleast try."
      i go out of the room put my hand behind my back and say:
      "hey sensei take my hand"
      i nearly immediately feel a small rather soft hand. i turn around and a big guy is standing infront of me. he is atleast 2m big. he has short blond hair and looks rather calm and reserved. he looks younger than me and smiles softly.
      i start right up
      "Hey senei... wait you are sensei right?"
      He just nods and smile calmly .
      "okay so you helped me alot and i know that you have persistent items and among others a ring right? and you now are very experienced and have over 1000 lucids so would you give me your ring please and show me how to make fire with my hands?"
      He nods again and give me a 2 coin.
      Phone Call WOOHOO!!!!-2euro_a.jpg
      i look at it and i am a little confused because its not a ring but i dont hang up on this thought and look at him. he starts telling me something and says i should put it on. i try to but i cant get the coin on my finger. i tell him:
      "Sensei this is a coin, i cant put it on my finger?!"
      He just answers
      "This is all in your mind"
      i get it and tap some times with my finger against the coin until it feels a little liquid and sticky. i then just push my index finger thru it and the coin/ring sits on my finger. i am exited and tell him:
      "Hey i got it i just need to tap some times on it and it gets permeable"
      He says something like:
      "Yea the frequency and combination of tapping is relevant"
      Suddenly a woman i saw some times IWL turns to me and says:
      "Yea i use tapping too sometimes."
      I turn again to Sensei and say to him:
      "Now show me how you make a fireball in your hand."
      He starts bending is hand and concentrating but i just dont wait and do it on my own and without any effort a little fireball instantly appear in my hand. I freak out of excitement and am super happy and i hear him say something. i dont get the words but i feel like he regret a little he gave me the ring and want it back when i am done with it.

      because i am sooo excited i wake up prematurely like it didnt happen for month^^

      This was sooooo awesome because everything fitted exactly and perfectly together i didnt have to convince myself about anything or belief in the result because it was consistent. sensei can teleport, i know he has persistent items and he is very experienced so he can show me new dreamcontrol and should have no problem with sharing his item with me. it worked like a charm!
      i think i will summon him from now on way more often to show me stuff. he is already my mentor so why not use him as a mentor in my dreams too?
      i also thought now that he handed me a ring and i kind of know it is a "persistant ring" i should summon it out of my pocket and just know that it is THE ring and not just some ring. the only thing is that it is a coin maybe i will use it nevertheless and find someone who can craft it into a ring for me
      but now i have a really good starting point in creating my first "persistant items" and how i can channel my power when i might have some problems with any dreamcontrol i can take my ring and see if i can fix my doubts then and straighten my expactations

      later that night i had another lucid:
      i need to bring two things to someone i go up the street and to a busstop here i need to deposit the things. i did it already once (dejavue) but i cant remember to whom exactly. there is more than one person. another girl seems to need to do the same thing and she asks around. a girl with a cart seems to be the person of interest. i give her my dreamjournal. and say "ah with all this dreamjournals you know a lot secrets about the persons right?" "Nah they are boring" "i dont read my dreamjournal too often" i say. "why not what sense does it have then?" "i just dont have the time but it still helps me LD." i go away with her into some basement. i want to get my botany book back i forgot last year... some book is missing and she thinks someone stole it. they first think it was the girl who asked around whom to give the DJ. she is there and says "i feel uncomfortable hearing you talking about me..." "no we know it was not you we think it was this guy" and they point at me. "he seems poor so probably he stole it"... i tell them "I dont care about fukkin botany at all i did only two semesters my basic lectures i needed to do and i just dont care about your field of science AT ALL!" she is pissed a little because of my attitude but she seems to belief me. i go to a bookshelf and find the book i was looking for. i try to recognize if it is really mine. i look into the pages and on one stands the name of a friend of mine. i show it to her and say "this is my book i taking it. here you can see the name of a friend of mine so cya" she is not amused but dont stop me. i go outside to "my" car with a backpack where i put the book in. i want to open the trunk. i suddenly think wait is this my car? (IWL i dont have a car xD) i turn around and expect the car to be blue instead of wine-red. i turn around but it is still the same car. nevertheless i do a nosepinch and can breath clearly. i already opend the driver door and put in the key. a girl comes and is like "hey this is my car right?" I tell her "yea whatever drive away with it" and go away. i want to summon sensei again but i am not in a relaxed mood. i put my hand behind my back and say "hey sensei take my hand" but i am unsure about the result and fair enough noone takes my hand... i keep going and enter a bar. i go to the counter and see an old friend from school. i ask him if he knows where sensei is and describe him as a big guy with blond hair. he nods and starts walking with me and point on a random big guy at at table. "no its not him" okay we keep going and he points on a lot of guy that are random but tall. we go in the direction of the exit und suddenly a lot of people are coming and all are atleast two heads taller than me. even the girls are huge. i start feeling overwhelmed and pressed. i want to get out of the throng and shout out "Sensei" i hear somewhere a "Wuhu" and i go in the direction but the dream gets unstable and i wake up.

      so here again i was to much in a rush... i sometimes have this dreams where i want something to deperate and it just dont work i get hectic and the dreams get an unpleasent touch. next time i will try to ground myself first and then do it "Zen-Style"

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    6. Success with different ways of Teleportation; memorable Lucids; TOTM; Rhino & Unicorn and more

      by , 11-13-2015 at 05:40 PM
      Bettime: 23:15 no meditation, visualisation

      missed first awakening because fall asleep before tagging and had a dream where i wrote down some notes about interesting thoughts/some energy i felt?

      woke up at 4 am. i had a dream, tried to remember a fragment and lost the dream. i squeezed my brain and got in the end 4 short fragments. the squeezing made me pretty awake.
      ive tried to wild on my back but noticed after some minutes that i am to awake. got negative thoughts cycling in my head like i hadn't it for nearly a year before i start with meditation. was awake for about 2h...
      at 5:36 my roomates fu**in alarm clock ringed every three or four minutes for half an hour... so i stood up go to the toilet and sit down on my meditation cushion and tried to calm my mind. after about 15-20min i got back to bed again and noticed that i now had more control over my toughts again and could block the negativity. i noticed how i drifted into dreamy toughts and repeated my mantra. (fall asleep aprox. 6:20)

      7:30 LD:

      some NLD stuff with transition from a room into a bus into a room again with a baby turning into my brother and crazy stuff like that. back in front of the building where my brother and i was inside. a house party is going on. some windows are open and i see young adults that seem pretty drunk and on drugs kissing and yelling. i enter the building and on the entrance there are two bowels of food. i recognize that one of them is mine and i put it there previously. i pick it up and see a lot of fruitflies and similar stuff. im wondering a bit and wave them away with my hands. the food consists of pretty big balls with food that is nonexistent in real life or maybe can be found in asia somewhere O.o (ive had an NLD where i eat similar stuff) my awareness rises and i remember that this is a dream. i eat up the last spoon and move up the stairs. its pretty dark and while moving im doing a RC and think about the dream. i open a door and wonder that my subconscious rendered this room i was before although i was in my thoughts and looking down. the party is over and on my left site i see a dude lying on a couch sleeping. i keep going and there is another door. i wish to myself to find at least an attractive redhead somewhere behind. i go thru the door and turn right in the direction of the room i saw from outside with the open windows. i see a lot of sleeping people. a dude builds up in front of me and is trying to tell me that its private here. we somehow start a little talk and he tells me that he watched up the whole time for the others. he smiles and looks proud of himself. i walk some more and look around but find nothing interesting. i turn around and walk back. on my way an average looking redhead girl crosses my way. i turn around stop her and kiss her directly. ive ask her if she might tell me a joke. "hmm nah dont know one...". my hair is in my face and bothering me. i put it away and fall into the void. i know i am still dreaming because some music is playing so i am singing with it and move my hips like i would do naughty things or lets say dance. i wait some time and suddenly are in my bed. a really really beautiful girl with relatively short reddish purple hair is sitting on my and wants to kiss me. while she approaches me i do a nosepinch just to be sure. she kisses me and i tell her something like "unfortunately this is just a dream" she looks sad for a moment like i would have degraded her. i smile to her and we talk a little. i ask her if she wants us to undress our underclothes. i start with my boxers and she with her top. while we undress i ask her if she might tell me a joke. she answers straight forward: "hmm all jokes i have are incubated" i look at her and am surprised. she lay down on me but a sleeping bag is between us. i put it away and we lie now skin on skin and i wake up.

      she made me think. she was really really beautiful in a very natural way and seem to be more intelligent/independent than all the previous DC. she was sad when i mention that she is "just a DC" and irritated me with her answer for my joke question. i would love to see her again. maybe i can summon her again but dont see her face clearly anymore... but maybe it can work nevertheless! i wouldnt say this is my dreamguide or anything but it was an extraordinary encounter!

      take some notes and fall asleep again

      8:35 LD:
      i wake up in my bed and instantly know this is a dream. i am in a dull room with white walls and nothing inside. i stand up and hear my roommates alarm go on again i start singing something to not hear the alarm so i dont wake up (the alarm must have been in my dream because at this time my roommate wasnt here anymore i think) i think about what to do and remember that i want to practice teleportation. i dont want to try blink eye teleportation and think about lay back in bad and fall asleep. i sit in my bed but i remember ~Dreamer~ way of teleporation. i stand up again go to the wall and point my finger on the wall and think "Red" so i can paint. i paint a oval portal that is not red but more a faint line. i try to push it some times and it the wall give away. i push so hard that i just fall right into the hole and find myself in the void. i use it to incubate where i want to go because i forgot to do it before. i think and repeat "meadow with a tree" and suddenly after some moments im standing on a way and infront of me is a field. a little further are some trees and a railway lines. i am alone. not what i aimed for exactly but close enough i think and start flying near the ground over the field. i see some flowers that have deep blue stems and leaves and bright red blooms. i pick one while flying, land and try to smell it but it has no odor. i look on the ground and notice that the soil is pretty dry and there are alot of ankle high plants with short little spikes. hm no barefeet walking i think to myself and start flying again in the direction of the railway lines. i land there and look around. i see some mushrooms and some plants that remindes me of a yellow narcissus flower. i see a feet big snail. with a second look i see that it is made of earthenware. i look around and see an old truck and a little further a rhino i fly over to the truck to get a better sight on the rhino. i land there and look at him. he is lying down. i think about fly a little closer but in this moment it notice me and runs in my direction. its an big adult rhino. he stops infront of the truck and scrape with the hooves. i remember the tasks of the month again and see that it wont tell me a joke but i might communicate with it via telepathy. i climb a little bit down so i get closer and hold my hand on my temple and think "let us be friends". i repeat it over and over. i decide to climb down a little further but the rhino starts running again furious in my direction i go up a little so he cant hit me. he runs past me and i think telepathically "HEY!" and he stops and turns and look at me. i again repeat let us be friends and he runs back where he was standing before. i repeat the sentence some times more and decide to climb down "what the hell should happen. this is a dream he cant really hurt me" i climb down on the ground and he starts running in my direction again. i kneel down and open my arms. he turns into a small (baby?) rhino who jumps into my arms and starts licking my face like a dog would do.
      i wake up and feel really happy.

      i think about standing up but still feel tired and fall asleep again after some notes

      10:15 LD:
      I have a FA in my bed. this time my room looks more realistic and i am a little confused although i am pretty sure i am dreaming. i stand up and look around and see for example my couch missing. i still do a nosepinch and remember that i could teleport again. i search a wall with some space and draw a small portal like before. i push again and the cycle falls insight the wall i feel a pulling force again but can resist to fall insight. i sit infront of the hole/portal and climb insight. i feel like falling and this time i dont see black but greyish like when you pick the wrong tv channel. it changes a bit and gets more sharp like a loading screen and suddenly i hear a sound and enter a game? everything looks a little pixelated. it is a futuristic theme and i think i see some startrek guys. i am a bit confused and move around. i enter a bath and look into the mirror. i look like a pixelated game figure but my appearance is changing. now i look pretty normal but have black curled hair with some dreads. in those dreads is some metal ring that looks nice. i pick the ring and put it in my pocket for later. i smile because i know i cant bring it back to waking. i move some feet away but then thinking about that i could teleport right again this time with a mirror. i go back but now the mirror is just a small vertical stripe. i tap against it and after some times it gets fluid. i put in my arm till my shoulder but then it doesnt go any further because the mirror is to small. i back off and while heading to the next room i yell "Commander i need a bigger Mirror!" i enter the next room and see "Data and Riker" (i dont watch Startrek so dont know what rank they have or anything; i talked to a friend one or two days ago about Startrek because there is an episode about lucid dreaming he told me). Riker starts going away to get me a bigger mirror while data is just standing around. i see an mirror on a shelf and take it. it is a little dusty and i put it on the ground thinking this might be big enough. i strife of some of the dust and tip on it again. it starts to be fluid again and i stand on the mirror sinking in. i leave with a Ciao! while Data is just looking at me with no motion. i fall again into the void and imagine my "meadow and tree" i appear on a forest path and see a farm infront of me. some feet away is a guy working. hm i think people... i move in the direction of the big building and see some horses. i look closer and notice that they are no horses but unicorns. one has cut of wings. i pet him a little and keep going. i see an orangutan crossing my way and again i put my hand to my temple and say telepathically "hey come to me" he looks shortly at me but keeps running. i look determining and he stops and approaches me. i sit on the ground and he jumps into my lap and i pet him. we communicate a little (cant tell if with words or telepathically) he tells me something i dont remember and i tell him he smells good (i actually cant remember a smell) he says thanks but the thing he put in his fur is itching or something. i stand up and keep going to a table where two or three men are sitting. i talk to one of them a little and then ask him if he might tell me a joke. "nah i dont know/remember any jokes......... no good atleast" i say "nevermind tell me one" the second guy intermeddle with some stupid stuff i dont remember. next to him is a box or a travel case with some small items and stuff. i try to get something with telekinesis but it only moves a little and dont levitate to me. he tells me that i am not allowed to take something from there. i get a little angry and decide to Kamehameha the table away. i connect my hands and notice i have something in them. a bag and something different in the other hand. i put both into my pockets and start over again. i do the motion and the words but nothing happens :/ i move some feet away from them and try again and i feel shortly some energy between my hands but nothing to see and nothing happens again. one of the guys stands up and approach me like nothing happens. i am in a room now and another guy stands next to me. he has three eyes like the dude from dragon ball. i ask him if he might show me how this works and he says yes but not now its not the time. i say: now please? have no time! but he just walks away... never mind i think and see some big coins. i take one and start to levitate it in my hand. the guy from the table stands next to me and is watching. i do some tricks and try to hold it in the air without movement. i have some problems but change my mindset to i want it to freeze in the air. the coin stops moving around and just spins a little but this stops to and the coin stands motionless in the air. the guy is cheers and i explain to him that the trick is to think that it freezes in the air. i want to morph the coin into another but then i wake up because of our postman...
    7. Finaly an enjoyable long and stable lucid dream with teleportation

      by , 10-28-2015 at 05:59 PM
      Bedtime: 11 pm, did meditation before bed, eat early so not that full stomach, daytime awareness decent. did some visualization of my previous lucid dreams
      had problems falling asleep (needed like 1-1.5h till fall asleep) unusual but maybe fullmoon maybe because i did an hour nap at afternoon.

      -"Nightmare" or better say unpleasant dream:
      in a room. some bananas on the table/ground. a big black-yellow spider comes from them and runs and jumps around. switches the room. i lock the first so it cant go back. i run after it and in the next room. a hell lot of plants (bananaplants?) i dont find the spider. think about putting something yellow on the ground so the spider comes and wants to hide there? a couch with some friends sitting. i talk to them and see 2 or 3 spiders right behind a friend. tell her not to move and want to approach her. suddenly i feel a spider on my left foot. i scream and wake up.

      --> not super nightmarish like awake with high heartbeat and all sweaty but i normally dont have this kind of dreams.

      -FA: i look at the clock and see its 6am (need to get up at 7am) so i decide no try to get lucid because i want to sleep. wake up afterwards and see its 4:40... damn

      -FA: i stand up and look at my hand. it is a little blurry but i think its because my eyes are tired. i look closer and count fingers. there are five. so i am "awake" NLD

      i am at a small store. i go some stairs down and see some muffins. i wonder if xy has baked them. i look at my hands but they look pretty normal. i do a noseplug but very little air comes thru. this time i not led up and think about how i could prove now if i am dreaming or not. i look outside at a stores sign. i look three times and everytime a completely different word is standing there. i smile and feel happy and tell J "wow i am still dreaming" and start flying slowly away. i levitate/fly thru the street and meet another friend. i fly on my back and ask her how she is. i keep flying some feet stop and remember i want to summon my roommate. i try the hand behind back technique but it seems that i have the wrong mindset i am not impatient and only feel my hand entangle in my jacket. i think shortly and decide that i sure will find him in the store i left because there where other friends of mine to. i go there and he is not there i call his name and in this moment he runs down some stairs and jumps on the street saing "Tadaaaa" everyone is happy to see him and wants something of him. i go to him and make him clear that i want to talk to him alone. he jumps on my back and i want to start flying (obviously i dont belief he can fly on his own ) i start and he falls down. i help him up and tell him to hold tighter. we try again and slowly i rise. i tell myself that its not more difficult to fly than alone but still we are pretty slowly but steady. i fly on a roof where we stop and sit down.i rub my hands. i ask him if he wants some candy and have a big smile on my face because i want to do the summon out of the pocket move. i put both hands in my pockets and get out some candy plus a used tissue and a tissuepack. i put them away again and we continue talking. i notice that somehow i have some sweets in my mouth too but i dont mind because tasting will ground and stabilize the dream. i tell him how much i like him and tell him that he appear in atleast one dream every night. i ask him if he might help me get lucid next time when he appears in my dreams and i am not lucid. he dont get it and tells me we can rent a cottage and spend some time together there. i say ya cool but i dont mean that. i explain again. he nods careful and i dont think he really get it. atleast its not the reaction i wanted to hear. a guy is coming a rooftop next to us and rant something. L is asking if it is okay if we are on this rooftop and i tell him who cares this is my dream and if someone has a problem with it will see what he get right? i ask loud and the guy says something like hell yea! while we talking i look onto the horizon and see an explosion or something but without sound and a shock wave expanding and coming to us. i dont want the conversation to be interrupted and so i stretch my arm in the direction and put some will into so the wave stops right infront of the riverside. my roommate didnt notice anything because it happened behind his back. he climbs of the roof and wants back to the other guys. i think about run after him but then i decide that i want to try out t he blink eye teleportation (i incubated this scenario or this goal before sleep) i want to teleport to my room because i know it pretty good and can visualize it easily so this is a good start i think. i close my eyes and imagine my room with the bed on the left side, my table, my cupboard... i feel a slight falling backwards, open my eyes and i am lying in my bad with a pillow on my head (Daytimeresidue: i woke up before because my other roommates alarm was ringing for his work so i put a pillow on my head and fall asleep again). Its not the feeling of a FA. i know that i teleported. i do a short noseplug and i can breath completely free. i stand up, notice that i have my sleeping cloth on but i dont care, its a dream . i dont know what to do because i didnt incubate anything after the teleportation (kind of didnt tought it would work that easy) i think about jump out of my window for some action but i decide to explore the apartment. i go into the kitchen and notice that it looks different than usual. its dark so i want to turn on the light but it dont works. i dont care and go into my roommates room. he is doing some random movements with his hand like ti shi. i accidentally suprise or scare him and he rants shortly. i ask him if he cant remember that we where together some minutes ago. my alarm starts ringing and i try to build it into the dream and say to him hey your alarm is ringing but wake up some seconds after.

      This was a very nice and aware lucid without worrys of waking up or instability. i needed this because the last 2 or 3 dreams i started to get a problem with thinking oh might this dream gets unstable or may i fall into the void and it always happens then... this time i was likE "this dream will last forever"
      and teleportation is sooooo coool ! and the close eyes be somewhere else is very easy and fast way. its nice to see i dont have problems with closing my eyes in dream
    8. Nice, long and vivid semilucid with alot of dreamcontrol

      by , 10-28-2015 at 05:23 PM
      Did three sessions of half an hour meditation and one shorter right before bed, had decent awareness thru out the day, got to bed with pretty full stomach. had not that good mood.
      Bedtime: 22:20

      Awake with this very long vivid semi-to lucid dream: 1:40
      (shortened a little because way to detailed in my Paper DJ)
      Standing on a Street with V. its dark package of someting falls down and starts jumping and spinning around like there is some pressure on it. we get a little wet from it on. i taste it and say to him: do you have this sometimes too that something dont tastes like expected or not at all? we hide behind a wall so someone doesnt see us? i push it with TK down the road into the water. one can still hear the sounds it makes. on the right side is an apartment. a woman wants to exit but before she reaches the door i do a handmove and lock the door so she cant open it. she uses her key and gets outside. some more people are coming. i push a kid via TK so he falls down. (no harm done just a little push ) i push also a girl on a bike but help her up with TK again... two other women are coming that dont seem to notice me. Via mindcontrol i force them to look one after another up to me so i can examine them in detail. i talk to V how funny it is do to this stuff. we go some feet away. there is a crowed and i let about 6 people levitate with TK. its a little bit difficult and 3 in the middle are sinking but after all all are in the air. V stands about 150 feet away. i aim for him and try a kamehameha (dragonball Z) and it works like a charm. i dont see the energy in my hand but when i push a bright energybeam goes of in his direction. first try i miss because its to high. he shots back and i jump to the side. i think i throw some firebeam aswell?. i throw another energybeam and this time i hit the ground right in front of him and a pretty big explosion happen. he gets thrown away and i think hes dead... that was not my intention... i run to him and its a little bit like in a game where you can collect his Crystal/soul whatever and i run with it back to a point where i can revive him. time is running up in the upper side "of the screen". i revive him and tell him i am sorry and tell him i just wanted to try the kamehameha. he says no problem no harm done
      Change of location
      we are at a parking lot for trucks. there is a fence around. even if i dont see clearly water i kind of know that there is water. i hijack a speedboat (like in GTA, same feeling here) and V enters from the the jetty. we drive a bit (3rd person view of the boat) and i get into some metal mill (defecator?) and the boat explodes and we get dropped out. there is no water again and its a parking lot. i enter a trailer and pick up "accidentally" a baseball that get add into my "inventory" i wash my hands? i go out and search for a car or something and pick up a basketball same thing. i go to the end of the parking lot where some friends are standing. my awareness rises again and it dont feels like a game anymore. i ask them if they know where V is because he helps me to be grounded and stable in the dream. i dont find him so i spontaneously think about Senseis Blink eye teleportation and want to try it. i fix a location not far away in sight distance. i close my eyes, expect to be there feel a little bit like falling backwards open my eyes and am there. i do it again and teleport back to my friends. i try a more distant location. a petrolstation far away. i do it again but do it to fast and have not the feeling of falling back. i repeat with more calm and i feel like beeing there but my sight stays at my friends. i go back and they are cheer and i am super happy it works so easy. i see some friends coming and teleport right infront of them. i ask them if x and y are mad at me for leaving without saying something (previous dream) my awareness is dropping again and after some time i wake up

      --> this was an awesome dream. made a lot of fun and was more aware for a earlnight lucid then the ones i had before. i am really happy about the blink eye teleportation because it felt so nice and smooth and without problems (i once did portals that was way more difficult). i think it is even very good that it was a little semilucid so i didnt overthink the whole thing like oh new tech. for sure it will be difficult hopfully i dont wake up when i close my eyes... i just did it and now that i did it it will be way easier in future because i know i did it once and it works!

      at 2:50 finished writing the dream down... was way to awake afterwards... had problems falling asleep...

      -another NLD: talk with my brother about his future. while talking transition from a room into a bus. i smell fire. run around the bus to see if there is danger. but no someone smokes...

      -low level semilucid dream:
      i am in a room with high dark stones in different heights. a guy is doing this:

      (Daytime residue: watched a youtube video someone was doing this on a mountain)
      im like wow i want to try this to. i do and i have a enlightenment that if i stretch one arm i feel more stable in the position. i climb up fast the highest of the stone pillars. (like at least 150feet) high and do it up there. i feel my stomach a little bit fussy because its damn high and on the bottom i see that the people are discussing something. i slip down the pillar like it was a pole and tell the guy what i did. i want to do it again and jump up from the bottom right to the top and do it again and have again this uncomfortable feeling. i jump from pillar to pillar all the way down. it feels great. the whole time i kind of know i am dreaming and i can do whatever i want. i reach the bottom and a woman is locked in a room. she tells me she is locked because she pulled out a knife (that was the discussion about before). she tells me i should be locked up to because she know what i do (referring that i am a lucid dreamer and jump that high) she starts screaming and yelling and people are coming. i try to silently move away because i dont want any attention

      -another NLD: guy is stealing some money and tobacco from my backpack. i catch him. we keep going. i want to roll a joint... someone wants that i show him how. i see that the guy is again at my backpack taking my tobacco. i ask him if it is his and he twitches with his shoulders and says kind of yes. i say to him he can keep it.

      -again nearly lucid dream:
      i go by a street i know. i look at my watch 3 times. the watch is analog and shows tree slightly different times all around 6 am. i smile knowing i am dreaming but dont stop but move on. some NLD is following. again a woman whispers to a guy she wants to look after me because i am kind of special (again because i am a lucid dreamer)
    9. Epic long LD with DEILDS+rescues and first Portal made and walked trough and morphing in front of me

      by , 09-28-2015 at 08:54 PM
      wow what a night. i think my longest LD so far. awesome new dreamcontrol level.

      wake up after 4h and WBTB after about 50-60min (not intended but needed so long to write my dreams down + toilet) i used SSILD again. it works like a sharm and i really like the technique how it feels and how it helps me to fall asleep again even if i felt a little bit to awake and pumped. if i would say up my mantras MILD style or try a wild i wouldnt have fall asleep that good i think.

      dont remember the nonlucid dream before the Lucid because it was too long
      I get lucid and am in a building. phase thru the wall fall outside on the street. do a long noseplug with deep breathing (thank you ~Dreamer~).
      First task is to summon a Angel. i picture one behind me. dont work. i imagine there is a point in the sky that gets bigger and will be an angel. i see the point but no angel. i keep going. try to summon Nightfeather dont work neither but other people appear that now stand around me. nevermind second goal: making a portal with a portalgun. i expect one to be in my backpack and even describe a woman what i want to get out of my backpack and how it looks like (i am for a portalgun rick and morty style). i take of my backpack and look insight but nothing more insight than some tape... so a old woman passes us. i stop her and say to her that i think my portal gun is in her bag. she wants to look insight but somehow she gets pissed and dont want me to look in it. she tries to walk away but i raise her with TK and turn her around. she pisses around so i think fuck that, next goal: look into a mirror and talk to yourself. i go into a floor with some shops that are all closed. i expect a mirror to be behind me, turn around and yes there is one but way to small. i look at it and start to wipe with my hands to make it bigger. it starts morphing but a litte clumsy the frame gets bigger but totally crooked and not how i like it. i stop because i dont see that this will get better and bigger like i would like it. a guy passes me and i turn to him and ask him if the mirror behind be now got bigger. he negates it and i ask him if he knows where i find a bigger one. i follow him and find a mirror behind a shop window. i phase thru and take the mirror wit TK to me. i now am searching for a good place where i can put the mirror so i can see myself as a whole but just cant find a good place (damn dreamlogic^^)
      i notice the dream fading and start rubbing a pillar. it feels rough wet and sandy. i swap somehow and am in a dark wet dungeon or something?
      memory gap

      DEILD i think a short NLD part

      i cross a street. a car is driving fast. i try to stop it with TK it dont work but he stops anyway because he dont want to drive over me. because i move so slow he starts driving again and i earn a angry look. i remember that i want to make a portal. so i search a wall that is straight and have some space for a portal. but i just cant find a suitable place. i want to do it on a white car i see but when i approach it i see its a normal car and have a lobsided back. so what do? ah just do it on the ground i think. i move with my hands and i even hear a sound (something like the TP sound in Diablo i think) but there is no portal but some red glowing symbols on the ground. unfortunately under the white car... so i use TK again to lift the car and put it away so i can see the whole symbols on the ground. i got some audience now that watches what i do. i try again and the location of the symbols changes. now i try to "open up" with a gesture the circle. after some time a little hole originates and i see a bright light. i feel really happy and now i just rip the hole bigger with a guesture. this part fees way more simpler. i jump in and i feel and see crazy shit like a little bit in stargate but the wormhole is not blueish but it looks like distorted and twisted surroundings. i get spit out out and i think i landed at the same place or maybe not far away. memory gap/maybe short NLD

      i am getting out of a building (in the same street i know) and i investigate something with somebody? a car wants to flee or drive away i stop and lift it again with TK. memory gap

      i am in a hut and phase through the wall outside. i want to have some sexytime now and move to another hut and expect there to be a nice woman. and there i find a black goodlooking woman. i move to her and open up my pants and sit right next to her. she is a little bit complain that i cant do that and we are in public but i just kiss her. she starts to like it and i knead her naked nippels. it feels realistic and good. we think about to go somewhere else. short memory gap

      i move down the same street and see some more huts. infront of some of them there are some dead animals like rabbits and pheasants hanging around to dry or to smoke. [Played Skyrim yesterday ] i wonder a bit but keep on moving. a friend of mine is calling and asks me where i am. i dont know exactly and she tells me to take the bus home. i think about it and tell her " while saying that i try to phase through a wall what is not working. "but if this is a dream it shouldnt matter where i go because i would wake up anyway. on the other hand i could do that because i am not lucid anymore anyway..." i see the bus she wants me to take. in the background i see a huge amusement park. i tell her "damn if i would new that this is here i would have been there a long time" i look at my hand shortly. she tells me to take the bus again. now he is near me. i look on my hand again and count mindful my fingers and count seven. i am lucid again and tell her "yea i take the bus" replace the phone. I breath again a long time through my plugged nose to ground myself again and fly over there and in a pretty height. i see a big rollercoaster that i want to ride. i fly straight downwards and i feel again a very strong gut feeling so need to stop the nosedive i do this like two or three times until i am at the ground. i look around and see that its night, there are no visitors and everything is turned of. damn i think and want to make it day. i turn around and look at the horizon and imagine it to get there a little bit lighter and it happens. i see a little bit of the sun and from there on it is easy again i rip the sun up in the air in that of a speed that some stars wasnt fast enough and are still up there. never mind i think they dont bother me at least it is bright now. i look down again and its snowing now. i think about to change the weather too but ahh who cares its not cold and the machines should work anyway. i start flying and searching for the entrance to the rollercoaster. i fly by some attractions but nothing that interest me. i look up to see the rollercoaster and find it. i fly low near the ground and fly right trough a car and a tube up where i think is the entrance. i see the seats and pick one. there are the safetystraps and i try to find out the mechanism. i fly next to it and put the straps down. damn now i dont sit inside... i let it pass me. the next seat is taken by some DC i want to take the one after him. i fly there but somehow tumble a bit and do some swimming moves to come near the seats that are moving in the air the whole time. i sit in and know now that the safetystraps go down by themselves when its time to. i look to the front on the passanger before me and i see how he gets nearly shaken of his seat as a little teaser before the ride. i am happy like a little child and singing "i am still lucid and that for some long time now yuppyduppydoo..." i get accelerated fast in my seat and take a turn. memory gap

      dont know if the following part was after the rest or in between. forgot to write it down and just remembered:

      i am outside at a parking lot. i want to try another portal with the intention to teleport home. i start some gestures and the symbols apear at the ground again. there are two old women standing next to me looking what i do. with some effort a little portal apears again and i stretch it with a guesture. one grandmother tells the other to go away not that she falls insight. i intent to land at home and jump in. (i think i didnt set or visualise the intent enough it was more like a home?! jump) i land in the void, everything black, no effects like before. i hear some voices (of the grannies?) and i say something. and wake up five minutes before my alarm clock.

      ive fallen more than one time into the void but just didnt care waited for some seconds in the dark, didnt move and a new dream formed. this was awesome because normally i would just wake up, move and thats it. once i even thought: "oh dark... damn just wait....nothing happens damn its over...oh wait picture aaaaand there you are dream"
      --> therefor i used for the first time while going first to bed "i wont move after waking up" because i just yesterday read a thread about DEILD, so nice it worked that fast
      i think i was like for an hour lucid with some lost fragments and some short NLD moments but overall gained lucidity over and over again and had a lot of fun! i had a super mood this day because of this awesome night!

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    10. First successful flight to the Moon

      by , 09-20-2015 at 02:41 PM
      i am in the livingroom of my old house. a girl i once have a thing with is there and i come near to her and our faces come closer. she rubs her cheek on mine i kiss her but now the looks very unhappy. i think i got bad mood after this because i stood right next to my mum and my brother. she made fried eggs and made me 4 without asking. i demonstrade and eat the one egg thats on my plate. i want to eat the other ones that are on the plate of my brother but when i get the plate its already empty and i get angry again...
      i am in a dark kitchen and take some food on my plate. i leave the kitchen and find myself in a backyard with some construction trailers where people life in etc. i sit there at a table and eat my food. i nearly eat everything up except of a steak but i am full alrdy and have a bad feeling that i put it on my plate so i need to eat it.
      i get lucid dont know why because of the food or the location? i stand up but still take the steak and eat it up. there is not that much of meat but more bone. i enter the kitchen again and my mum is cooking. i hug her and thank her and leave the room on the other side. i am outside and its raining. i dont want it to rain so i close my eyes and say now its sunny. i open my eyes again but its still night but no rain atleast. i want to make the clouds go away and point on them and just expect them to go and they do. i want the sun to go up and on the horizon its getting lighter but i dont manage to see the sun. then the moon rises and i think close enough. i can control the speed and the location where it rises. there are some clouds again and i want to see the moon without clouds so i push away the clouds around the moon because i now want to fly there and once had a dream where i fly in clouds and everything got grey and i woke up so this time no clouds. i start flying and this time the moon is getting bigger and bigger and comes closer. suddenly everything gets white around me and i see a circle that seems to be the moon. everything looks like drawn. the gravity flipps and i find myself on the moon. it still looks like a bad drawing with a pencil. i look up and can see shortly the earth but its not like the typical image like everyone knows "the earth seen from the moon" but more a little planet with something around maby like a logo or something. i dont look closer and start to look around what is there. there is drawn a line with something i walk by the line and find a backpack. i think about to take it with me but then decide i dont need one because i am in a dream and everything i need is just behind me. i look behind and see, that oh what wonder, i am wearing a backpack already so nevermind i think. i put it back on the ground and walk a little bit further the line and found something different i dont remember. i look up and see some people that look like guys from startrek with their uniforms. i think about if they are friend or foe but i have the feelings they dont like me. 2 of them approach me slowly and start shooting with their laserweapons. i find a supersmall little lasergun and start shooting. after every shot i need to reload her with the typical shootgun mechanism. they are now near me and are 3 guys. we shoot on each other but i often miss and the laserbeams that hit seems to have no effect. i expect that left of me is a bigger rifle, look there but instead there is a lasershootgun. close enough i think take it and start shooting on the nearest guy. i hit him now and then and after some time i think he normaly should bleed or something and with the next shot his face turn red and he starts bleeding. somehow the situation changes and we dont fight anymore. i put the shotgun on my left site and expect it to hold to the backpack and it does. one of them tells me how i should take a savepoint maby for the weapons or something? i need something therefor they tell me. i pick up another small gun and take it with me but wake up then.
    11. Totms Ride a dino, Black hole, new level of dreamcontrol, some caveman action

      by , 08-17-2015 at 10:47 AM
      got to bed at 10 pm

      i sit with someone in a car and we are on a bridge. Someone from down is provoking me with some rubbish talking. i jump out of the car into the water under the bridge. the water is deep and i swim and swim up again to the surface. i start slowly to breath under water.
      i realize that i am dreaming and doing a nosepinch (not only i can breath underwater, i can even breath with my nose shut under water xD)i leave the water and there is a kiosk under the bridge. the guy i there and first thing first i let him eat a booger freshly out of my nose... kind of disgusting i think but he deserved it. i let him buy me some club mate (limonade) and keep going.
      i am in supermarket with a firend of mine. i want to summon a known person. i think about a acquaintance that is right behind me. i turn around and look around and find some feet away at a table the person sitting with her back to me (lets call her P). i shout her name and she turns around. i am happy that it worked.
      we keep going and i am in a litte room now. the friend of mine is still with me. i want to try something new again and i ask a random guy to bring me something. i cant think of anything usefull so i ask him to go to P and ask her what time it is. he goes away and i see a clock on the wall. he come back after some time. he need a second to "remember". my friend wants to say something like "hey but there is a clock" but i raise my hand to stop her. the guy says: "P said it is 30 min after 3 oclock. " i say: "You mean half past 3?" "Yes he answers" i smile because the clock is saying it is 4:50 [after i woke up i looked at the clock and it was 3:34...coincidence?] he wants to have something for his effort and i dont want to give him anything. he gets a little bit sad and i tell him he can have one of my club mate i get.
      we keep going again.
      my friend and i are now outside at a fireplace. i am really happy how well my LD is going on and i am really self-confident. i tell her it would be soooo good if she would remember the dream too not just me. i think about what to do next and the TOTMs come in my head. i can remember riding a dino and go fishing but i alrdy have basic wings so i decide to ride some dinos. i think about how i could manage this and just try like i did with P. i expect in front of me some dinos. on the first try it dont work. i decide to turn my back and think about dinos that are behind me i just have a vague imagination of a dino and that i want to sit on it. i turn back again but instead of dinos there are three horses which are mostly black or dark brown. my friend is laughing and we aproach them. i turn again and this time i think more specific about some little t-rexes and as i turn they turned into hip high little t-rexes but they act still shy like horses or dogs. i whistle and one of them is coming to me. i climb on him and we start to ride. he is uncomfortable because his hip bones push into my ass. as i think about it that they are more like little dogs i am riding on he morphs into a dog. nonetheless i still riding him and we jump over a fence. someone wants something from me but i just ignore him and ride here and there. i think we enter then a rail station?!
      i am infront of a railstation and think about what to do next. the friend of mine is still there. i think about the black hole task and remember that some of you dont needed to fly into space but just summon a black hole somewhere. again i think about that somewhere behind me is a black hole and i then turn around and keep running because i know that it is just around the corner of the station. i keep running and i see the black hole. it is 1.5 to 2 meters big and is more like a portal transparent and in the middle black and dark. i jump in and while jumping asking myself where i will land?
      i jump through it, roll of and i am still there. in the first moment i think "him this was more boring than expected but then time slowed down and everything got a hint of blue or yellow. the effect didnt last long and everything got normal again. i think what tasks i have and i remember that i want to find my mentor in my dreams. i go to a guy sitting on a bench and ask him if he knows where my mentor is. but even before he answers i know that he is just a stupid dumb guy from whom i wont get any answers. he just answers "no" and shakes his head... too bad...
      i then decided that ive done enough and can enjoy myself a little bit like fryingman is doing like alot xD
      Spoiler for Cavemanmode:
      i think about what to do next and imagine a global map. i see it and think about where to go. a loading screen starts and i am waiting.... after some seconds i decide to wake up to remember the dream because it was pretty long.

      i think i never had a so long LD. i could complete more than one task i wanted and didnt fell once into the void. it was an awsome feeling to have the time to try so many different things and just to get whatever i wanted. sure i dont know why i summon P and not someone else like a friend or somehing because in RL i just know her and have nothing to do with her. and sure i could have asked the guy to bring me something more interesting but everything just worked and even if i needed a second try it didnt set me up and it was nice to be so direct and dont have to say please to get what i wanted.
      this really lifted me up on a new level of LD experience!!!

      some dreamfragments later that night:
      -i am in a big flat. i am searching a toilet and find one in the kitchen behind a fridge standing in the middle of the room. the "toilett" is a round little thing where you normaly could wash your feet or something. i start pissing but gets disturbed by someone coming. i talk to the person but search on a different place for a toilett i run some stairs down and find a proper bathroom but my chef is coming down too and i offer him the toilett and i want to take the urinal. but somewhat we talk that much that i dont do my business.
      i am in some sort of restaurant or something and i am searching for some hiden door or exit or something. i have an envelop in my hand. i get lucid and do a short nosepinch. i deside to rub my hands to stabilze but because of the envelope in dont work like i would like to and the dream gets unstable and i get black vision. i dont fight it and wake up/transition in NLD.
      -im standing at a terrace at a wooden cabin. a friend of mine stands next to me and asks me when i kiss a girl in a dream if it is real or just imagination. i tell him it is real and you can really feel it and not just imagine it. and kissing is the innocent staff you can fell reffering to my spoiler
      -i lying across on my bed and i am awake and cant sleep. someone comes in to wake me up but i am alrdy awake. he says my pupils are dilated an he knows what that mean (i think i took some LSD)