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    Nice, long and vivid semilucid with alot of dreamcontrol

    by , 10-28-2015 at 05:23 PM (410 Views)
    Did three sessions of half an hour meditation and one shorter right before bed, had decent awareness thru out the day, got to bed with pretty full stomach. had not that good mood.
    Bedtime: 22:20

    Awake with this very long vivid semi-to lucid dream: 1:40
    (shortened a little because way to detailed in my Paper DJ)
    Standing on a Street with V. its dark package of someting falls down and starts jumping and spinning around like there is some pressure on it. we get a little wet from it on. i taste it and say to him: do you have this sometimes too that something dont tastes like expected or not at all? we hide behind a wall so someone doesnt see us? i push it with TK down the road into the water. one can still hear the sounds it makes. on the right side is an apartment. a woman wants to exit but before she reaches the door i do a handmove and lock the door so she cant open it. she uses her key and gets outside. some more people are coming. i push a kid via TK so he falls down. (no harm done just a little push ) i push also a girl on a bike but help her up with TK again... two other women are coming that dont seem to notice me. Via mindcontrol i force them to look one after another up to me so i can examine them in detail. i talk to V how funny it is do to this stuff. we go some feet away. there is a crowed and i let about 6 people levitate with TK. its a little bit difficult and 3 in the middle are sinking but after all all are in the air. V stands about 150 feet away. i aim for him and try a kamehameha (dragonball Z) and it works like a charm. i dont see the energy in my hand but when i push a bright energybeam goes of in his direction. first try i miss because its to high. he shots back and i jump to the side. i think i throw some firebeam aswell?. i throw another energybeam and this time i hit the ground right in front of him and a pretty big explosion happen. he gets thrown away and i think hes dead... that was not my intention... i run to him and its a little bit like in a game where you can collect his Crystal/soul whatever and i run with it back to a point where i can revive him. time is running up in the upper side "of the screen". i revive him and tell him i am sorry and tell him i just wanted to try the kamehameha. he says no problem no harm done
    Change of location
    we are at a parking lot for trucks. there is a fence around. even if i dont see clearly water i kind of know that there is water. i hijack a speedboat (like in GTA, same feeling here) and V enters from the the jetty. we drive a bit (3rd person view of the boat) and i get into some metal mill (defecator?) and the boat explodes and we get dropped out. there is no water again and its a parking lot. i enter a trailer and pick up "accidentally" a baseball that get add into my "inventory" i wash my hands? i go out and search for a car or something and pick up a basketball same thing. i go to the end of the parking lot where some friends are standing. my awareness rises again and it dont feels like a game anymore. i ask them if they know where V is because he helps me to be grounded and stable in the dream. i dont find him so i spontaneously think about Senseis Blink eye teleportation and want to try it. i fix a location not far away in sight distance. i close my eyes, expect to be there feel a little bit like falling backwards open my eyes and am there. i do it again and teleport back to my friends. i try a more distant location. a petrolstation far away. i do it again but do it to fast and have not the feeling of falling back. i repeat with more calm and i feel like beeing there but my sight stays at my friends. i go back and they are cheer and i am super happy it works so easy. i see some friends coming and teleport right infront of them. i ask them if x and y are mad at me for leaving without saying something (previous dream) my awareness is dropping again and after some time i wake up

    --> this was an awesome dream. made a lot of fun and was more aware for a earlnight lucid then the ones i had before. i am really happy about the blink eye teleportation because it felt so nice and smooth and without problems (i once did portals that was way more difficult). i think it is even very good that it was a little semilucid so i didnt overthink the whole thing like oh new tech. for sure it will be difficult hopfully i dont wake up when i close my eyes... i just did it and now that i did it it will be way easier in future because i know i did it once and it works!

    at 2:50 finished writing the dream down... was way to awake afterwards... had problems falling asleep...

    -another NLD: talk with my brother about his future. while talking transition from a room into a bus. i smell fire. run around the bus to see if there is danger. but no someone smokes...

    -low level semilucid dream:
    i am in a room with high dark stones in different heights. a guy is doing this:

    (Daytime residue: watched a youtube video someone was doing this on a mountain)
    im like wow i want to try this to. i do and i have a enlightenment that if i stretch one arm i feel more stable in the position. i climb up fast the highest of the stone pillars. (like at least 150feet) high and do it up there. i feel my stomach a little bit fussy because its damn high and on the bottom i see that the people are discussing something. i slip down the pillar like it was a pole and tell the guy what i did. i want to do it again and jump up from the bottom right to the top and do it again and have again this uncomfortable feeling. i jump from pillar to pillar all the way down. it feels great. the whole time i kind of know i am dreaming and i can do whatever i want. i reach the bottom and a woman is locked in a room. she tells me she is locked because she pulled out a knife (that was the discussion about before). she tells me i should be locked up to because she know what i do (referring that i am a lucid dreamer and jump that high) she starts screaming and yelling and people are coming. i try to silently move away because i dont want any attention

    -another NLD: guy is stealing some money and tobacco from my backpack. i catch him. we keep going. i want to roll a joint... someone wants that i show him how. i see that the guy is again at my backpack taking my tobacco. i ask him if it is his and he twitches with his shoulders and says kind of yes. i say to him he can keep it.

    -again nearly lucid dream:
    i go by a street i know. i look at my watch 3 times. the watch is analog and shows tree slightly different times all around 6 am. i smile knowing i am dreaming but dont stop but move on. some NLD is following. again a woman whispers to a guy she wants to look after me because i am kind of special (again because i am a lucid dreamer)
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    1. Patience108's Avatar
      Great action and stretchy body stuff - sounds like fun We're you watching Ice Man video?
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    2. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      The video was a vice documentation. kind of interesting, maybe i will go into the lake too this winter

      and yea the pose felt really nice and easy and really a little epiphany but in real life not possible for me because i just dont have the body tension and muscles for this^^
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    3. Patience108's Avatar
      Yes I just know ice-woman is alive within me it makes me feel destined for the icy lake too
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    4. Patience108's Avatar
      When you do your meditation sessions do you do incubation at all for LD?