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    Side Notes

    1. calm, wakinglife-like lucid dream after 90min of sleep

      by , 12-16-2015 at 02:48 PM
      Got to bed at 00:00 woke up at 1:40 with a lucid.
      was an interesting experience. i was lying awake in my bed and "couldnt fall asleep". just like that thinking around and decide to do a nosepinch and was lucid... i dont know if i was awake for real before or if it was a FA. i think i woke up before i could do anything but just lay still and DEILDED back in. my ancor was tractile sense... i am not sure if i am in my dream again. i do a a motionless RC where i close my respiratory ways in my throat. i seem to dream. i do a nosepinch to be sure. i carefully open my eyes. they feel dry. everything is dark. i then stand up and see that i have the cloth on i went to bed with. i put on my slippers. i know i am dreaming but it feels weird. it is so realistic. no random or dreamy stuff just my room. i go to the window and want to phase thru but it is solid and cold. it feels like 100% waking... i looked at my hand and it looked perfectly normal. but i repeatedly try and can breath thru my pinched nose.... but this seems the only sign i am really dreaming. i look around and see that a jacket is lying on my bed and my plant window board looked slightly different so i finally accept that i must be dreaming and dare to open the window and fly or glide outside and down to a DC. i started a short convo like "hi how are you" but then say ah no sry and just go away. i fly some meters (this time like a bird with moving my arms, it feels exhausting) got to a restaurant called Pharaoh. i get the desire to go inside and eat something. it looks closed but when i approache it i see it is open. there is a table with some plates. from right to left it seems that the food gets more done/cooked. from raw over breaded to grilled. i take the plate to my left. it is already used by someone and there is just a piece of steak left and some fries. i take the plate and move to a table. at the table right next to me is a man and a woman smoking i think but i dont pay to much attention and dont smellanything. i think it was their plate but who cares. i sit down and start eating. the beef tastes incredible. but somewhat it is dry in my mouth and i cant swallow it. i just tasted one bite. i want to eat more but i just cant get rid of it in my mouth... i wake up shortly after.
      the whole time i couldnt get the scene of matrix out of my head
      Cypher: You know, I know this steak doesn't exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize?
      [Takes a bite of steak]
      Cypher: Ignorance is bliss.

      i had a strange feeling in this dream. thinking about the definition of reality...

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    2. Sensei handed me over his "persistent ring"

      by , 12-09-2015 at 03:16 PM
      So some of my actual goals are summon fire in my hand and to teleport.
      i tried both now several times and have more or less difficulties with it. i thought about how to approach this goal or problem and how i could solve it. i longer thought about to ask a dc to help me but i never know who might be a good candidate because either i dont know them or they are not practiced in lucid dreaming so it would be "harder" to convince myself that in-dream this is THE right person to show me something.

      i had some days ago a low level lucid/semilucid where someone showed me how he uses fire with his hands with channeling his energy thru a ring. i liked the idea. but again thought about where to get a ring with a history (not just summon out of pocket and expect it to be special but have a story for it) i thought about an antiquarian where i would "find" one but it was too much incubation and too locationdependend... so i forgot about this for some time again.
      yesterday i talked to Fryingman and how he tried to summon Sensei...
      later in the night i had a micro-wbtb and thought about some goals i want to do in my next lucid. suddenly i had THE idea i could summon Sensei. i had a lot of contact with him so i kind of know him and he is very experienced in lucid dreaming, he can teleport so i dont need a special place for him and so on. he seem like the perfect in-dream-mentor! i was pretty exited so i needed to focus on my mantra and not get too awake from this thought...

      Here comes the dream:
      i am in a university library and have 3 books in my hand i want to borrow. i also have my phone in my hand and read a message. one of my (not so liked) Professors stands at a computer and wants to search for a book? he has some problems. i see it and out of reflex snort with laughter. he turns around and i look fast down on my phone. he starts choleric to complain: "i am sick of it that people are laughing about me, that is it, its enough blabla" i justify myself telling him that i dont laugh about him but i got a message and laughed about that. he dont belief me and keeps complaining. after some time i finally can convince him that it has nothing to do with him and he should stop... i turn around and want to go. i say "have a good success finding what you are looking for!" he answers " yea i need more luck that success..." i look down and suddenly have only two books in my hand. i see the third on a shelf right next to me... wait a minute that makes no sense. i pick it up again and it looks different. i do a nosepinch and i am lucid. my first thought is: "Ah this lucid is not worth it... it is over soon anyway..." but then i am like "wait you dont know you can atleast try."
      i go out of the room put my hand behind my back and say:
      "hey sensei take my hand"
      i nearly immediately feel a small rather soft hand. i turn around and a big guy is standing infront of me. he is atleast 2m big. he has short blond hair and looks rather calm and reserved. he looks younger than me and smiles softly.
      i start right up
      "Hey senei... wait you are sensei right?"
      He just nods and smile calmly .
      "okay so you helped me alot and i know that you have persistent items and among others a ring right? and you now are very experienced and have over 1000 lucids so would you give me your ring please and show me how to make fire with my hands?"
      He nods again and give me a 2 coin.
      Phone Call WOOHOO!!!!-2euro_a.jpg
      i look at it and i am a little confused because its not a ring but i dont hang up on this thought and look at him. he starts telling me something and says i should put it on. i try to but i cant get the coin on my finger. i tell him:
      "Sensei this is a coin, i cant put it on my finger?!"
      He just answers
      "This is all in your mind"
      i get it and tap some times with my finger against the coin until it feels a little liquid and sticky. i then just push my index finger thru it and the coin/ring sits on my finger. i am exited and tell him:
      "Hey i got it i just need to tap some times on it and it gets permeable"
      He says something like:
      "Yea the frequency and combination of tapping is relevant"
      Suddenly a woman i saw some times IWL turns to me and says:
      "Yea i use tapping too sometimes."
      I turn again to Sensei and say to him:
      "Now show me how you make a fireball in your hand."
      He starts bending is hand and concentrating but i just dont wait and do it on my own and without any effort a little fireball instantly appear in my hand. I freak out of excitement and am super happy and i hear him say something. i dont get the words but i feel like he regret a little he gave me the ring and want it back when i am done with it.

      because i am sooo excited i wake up prematurely like it didnt happen for month^^

      This was sooooo awesome because everything fitted exactly and perfectly together i didnt have to convince myself about anything or belief in the result because it was consistent. sensei can teleport, i know he has persistent items and he is very experienced so he can show me new dreamcontrol and should have no problem with sharing his item with me. it worked like a charm!
      i think i will summon him from now on way more often to show me stuff. he is already my mentor so why not use him as a mentor in my dreams too?
      i also thought now that he handed me a ring and i kind of know it is a "persistant ring" i should summon it out of my pocket and just know that it is THE ring and not just some ring. the only thing is that it is a coin maybe i will use it nevertheless and find someone who can craft it into a ring for me
      but now i have a really good starting point in creating my first "persistant items" and how i can channel my power when i might have some problems with any dreamcontrol i can take my ring and see if i can fix my doubts then and straighten my expactations

      later that night i had another lucid:
      i need to bring two things to someone i go up the street and to a busstop here i need to deposit the things. i did it already once (dejavue) but i cant remember to whom exactly. there is more than one person. another girl seems to need to do the same thing and she asks around. a girl with a cart seems to be the person of interest. i give her my dreamjournal. and say "ah with all this dreamjournals you know a lot secrets about the persons right?" "Nah they are boring" "i dont read my dreamjournal too often" i say. "why not what sense does it have then?" "i just dont have the time but it still helps me LD." i go away with her into some basement. i want to get my botany book back i forgot last year... some book is missing and she thinks someone stole it. they first think it was the girl who asked around whom to give the DJ. she is there and says "i feel uncomfortable hearing you talking about me..." "no we know it was not you we think it was this guy" and they point at me. "he seems poor so probably he stole it"... i tell them "I dont care about fukkin botany at all i did only two semesters my basic lectures i needed to do and i just dont care about your field of science AT ALL!" she is pissed a little because of my attitude but she seems to belief me. i go to a bookshelf and find the book i was looking for. i try to recognize if it is really mine. i look into the pages and on one stands the name of a friend of mine. i show it to her and say "this is my book i taking it. here you can see the name of a friend of mine so cya" she is not amused but dont stop me. i go outside to "my" car with a backpack where i put the book in. i want to open the trunk. i suddenly think wait is this my car? (IWL i dont have a car xD) i turn around and expect the car to be blue instead of wine-red. i turn around but it is still the same car. nevertheless i do a nosepinch and can breath clearly. i already opend the driver door and put in the key. a girl comes and is like "hey this is my car right?" I tell her "yea whatever drive away with it" and go away. i want to summon sensei again but i am not in a relaxed mood. i put my hand behind my back and say "hey sensei take my hand" but i am unsure about the result and fair enough noone takes my hand... i keep going and enter a bar. i go to the counter and see an old friend from school. i ask him if he knows where sensei is and describe him as a big guy with blond hair. he nods and starts walking with me and point on a random big guy at at table. "no its not him" okay we keep going and he points on a lot of guy that are random but tall. we go in the direction of the exit und suddenly a lot of people are coming and all are atleast two heads taller than me. even the girls are huge. i start feeling overwhelmed and pressed. i want to get out of the throng and shout out "Sensei" i hear somewhere a "Wuhu" and i go in the direction but the dream gets unstable and i wake up.

      so here again i was to much in a rush... i sometimes have this dreams where i want something to deperate and it just dont work i get hectic and the dreams get an unpleasent touch. next time i will try to ground myself first and then do it "Zen-Style"

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