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    1. kick yourself in the ass and you get rewarded

      by , 08-10-2018 at 10:10 PM
      so after quite some time with no lucids and to lazy to do proper night work i kicked myself and wanted to do some totms so after around 5h of sleep i stood up even tho every fiber in my body was like "go back to sleep man.." but i stood up meditated for like 20-30 min and then back to bad on my back setting intention and goals then earplugs and eyemask because it was loud in the house and falling asleep.
      3 LD was the result

      -i am in the bathroom looking on a clock 11:45.... way to late, not possible and how can i read the clock anyways its dark. i do a nosepinch and lucid. i am happy, phase into the hallway. everything is super dark and the visuals are bad but i just start running and move my hands more than necessary and suddenly visuals are back. i remember instantly my goals to do the totms so i run to a building and enter thru a door expecting to be on the roof of a high building but i just enter the building i look for another door but i find an elevator. convenient i think and enter telling it to go up by voice command. i get out and find myself on a parking deck with a roof over me. i remember that i want to cross my eyes and so i do. it works immediately with no effort i also do it by look at a finger that comes closer to my nose but actually its not necessary. i run to the fence at the end of the building and look down. not as high as i hoped but good enough i jump down and try to be as passive as possible. i accelerate to the ground but i feel i should accelerate faster than i do, like i get slowed down for some reason... i crash into the concrete and its pretty loud but i dont feel any pain. i get up and continue i want to fly but i have some problems getting higher so i jump from level to level. wake up?
      -i am somewhere on a party or in south america? i think of a girl i dont like to much i see another girl going around the corner [the evening before a friend wrote something about her] so i follow her i find her in a small dark room. i take her and we have a little sexy time. but after some time i get bored and i leave her behind. a voice from the off says something like " ah finally you learned it/managed to get detached from it"
      -i show someone how i make fire in the hand. first a liquid arise in my hand and then i turn it on. but the fire is weak and blue. i pour some of the liquid on the ground and throw a fireball on it but not to much happen....
      -i phase thru the ceilings a mix of flying and climbing and pushing thru, i find myself in some weird and colored rooms like for childs in a funny hospital or something? i try to fly in the room, i try different styles like ironman all is with not too much success. i look out for a jetpack it works shorty better but not good...i notice how i tense my body so i try to relax and concentrate on the goal where i want to get and not on the flying itself but i cant mange it...
      -i find myself on a public open space. i go to a girl and ask her if she can help me with flying she smiles and starts flying. i follow her and tell her flying that i have problem with height and speed. she tells me this is a luxury problem and i shouldn't mind but i say that i want to get better and see progress. we loose each other?
      - i phase into a bus? go to an older woman and with not too much words turn of her pants start rubbing her xxx and we have sex. i am positively surprised that her skin looks very young and elastic and her v... is mostly shaved expect a small part that is very short and white haired. we do it for some time but there is no climax
      -i actually want to get up but seem to fall asleep again in dream i want to clean my ears because of the earplugs. my roommate is on a bridge above me. we talk and i get lucid again. i start flying and fly low again not the best experience. i pass two buidlings. in the first one i hear music like there will be a concert soon i go to the second one and phase in a guy seems to hear me and he "hunts" me in circles between the living and the bedroom after some time he goes opposite direction and catches me but i hold him and then just leave with no trouble. i meet my brother?/someone i know up front and i tell him in the first building will be a concert so we go there and climb in thru the window. the woman that sits in the back room hears us [in the moment i woke up i had the name celine dion in the head. i googled her and the looks fits]. i ask her about the concert and she says there will be none. okay sad... she seems to have eyes in the back of her head... the hair is cut short at that positions... its a little weird. i remember the bonus totm and try to expand my sight by crossing my eyes so they kind of turn to the sides and then to the back but i cant go much further than i can in waking life.... i ask her if she can make me eyes in the back of my head like she has. she says something about tattoos and that she needs something for it or later or something? she ask me which kind of eyes, just eyes or also eyebrows or make up or something?! in the end i dont get them and move a little more in the room before i wake up for good
      -i ask a guy "if you should tell me something i shouldnt forget for sure, what would it be?" he answers "you should get yourself a fetish girl" aha i think... i go to another dude same question same answer...
      lucid , task of the month
    2. Be kind and friendly to your DCīs and you will wake up with a good feeling

      by , 05-13-2018 at 10:06 PM
      recall a bit fuzzy because of several DEILDS (i always get problem with continuity and mix up parts...) maybe i need to narrate the dream more while lucid. but with this DEILDS its super relaxed, no worrys to wake up or anything... you just need to remember to do it xD and have some proper goals or awareness will sink with time...

      -some sexy time with a woman in a bus
      - i am with A and F, A is visiting F, we are in the living room. i go to the toilet and get lucid [dreamsign i try to train... in one of maybe 10 or 15 it triggers lucidity] i phase back through a door and into the room. i remember the TOTM and ask the two if they want to sing me something? maybe something from queen? they start smiling instantly and start put their arm on the shoulder of each other and start singing (i also hear the music?), i smile and am curious if they know the songtext because me in waking life never remember any songtext. in the moment i think about it they just start mumbling and humming like people who dont know the text... we all laugh [sadly i cant remember which queen song it was...] and i wake up/FA and DEILD
      -i walk with a girl, i do a Nosepinch to see if i am dreaming, RC fail but i am not in my bed so this must be a dream, we walk and talk i rub my hands and sing an affirmation [it was one with a cool melody but i also forgot :/] we walk around a corner and there is a band playing with drums and singing and all, its very cool, i go there and dance a little between people i recognize one of the singers as a friend i know. the floor is made out of fine gravel. some girls dance bare feet. i am smiling that the "dream" is doing this for me. my goal for this dream is to be nice to DCīs and have a proper talk without expectation, so i go around the corner into a room where a super cute girl is sleeping with a big smile, i try to wake her calmly but she is very drowsy so i put a pillow under her head and dont want to bother her and again wake up and DEILD
      -i am on a canoe (later it changes that i am swimming) and i have a basket with me on a leash, i paddle past two girls next to the river and ask them if they wanne join eating. they smile shyly and deny. i feel very good about beeing friendly to everyone without any demand or expectation. i meet ("my"?) girl in the water i am swimming now and tell her food is ready. i climb out of the water on a platform that seems to be a cafe, i look into the basket and its empty, i look away and expect there food to be and look again. i find some cookies i try and deeper in the basket is some chines food in the typical take away boxes. the owner of the cafe comes around and i ask if its a problem that we want to eat here. he changes into a rat, perspective is changing and i see a group of rats disappear in a hole... DEILD??
      -i ride a bike with a girl, i phase thru several objects while on the bike, we park our bike and i ask her if she would like to have a talk with me but she seems not to? i stay friendly and tell her its no problem

      another lucid in same night:
      -i try to phase not thru walls (this got second nature) but i want to phase with the ceiling, but instead of flying... i jump feet first... xD sometimes i manage to get high enough and push myself with arms thru the ceiling sometimes i "fall" down again and a floor deeper... after some time i decide its stupid and phase thru a wall but instead of seeing the next room i feel like stuck in between the wall and everything is white?
      after that only semilucid stuff with low awareness i am to lazy to type
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      lucid , task of the month
    3. attempt to lucid meditation, go down a chimney, aggressiv family

      by , 12-05-2017 at 01:49 PM
      canīt remember why i got lucid but here i am and i start flying i am high enough to see different islands and states. there is a big part of an island that is grayish censored. for some reason i think this is the google map of america and Vietnam has censored it so america cant look it up. i fly there and up close it looks like everything is covered with grey snow or something similar. also there are a lot of climbing shoes [not too long ago i saw a "black mirror" episode where they could block people so they got grayish and one couldnt hear them; also i send my climbing shoes to get repaired and the package is missed so that probably how this theme came up].

      i remember my goals that i loosely came up with before i fell asleep. i want to meditate so i fly and look for a good place to do so. there are several platforms some are skew. i land on a platform and see someone i know that is further down doing something. i dont want to get distracted so i ignore him. i rub my hands to prepare then i sit down. this time i let my eyes open and focus on my breathing. i want to unfocus my eyes but only seconds after this attempt a guy i know? is climbing up to my platform. i wave with my hand to signal him i dont want him here but to late he is there and we start talking. i know him from my past but i dont remember his name. he tells me a name but its not familiar but i remember to know him from school and that he was in b class. we are on a small something on water. he turns into a child and i fly away. i want to go down a chimney to complete a TOTM. everything changes into comic visuals and i feel like watching instead of actively participate and decide what i do. i fly to a building stand in front of the chimney and throw down something like a bomb. i see third person from inside the building outside of the room. the room is burning and several people are there burning and running away. i slide down and run out of the room. a line of fire emerge out of my shoes wherever i run. some more bad guys start burning and die. i fight one with bare hands, enter another room and freeze another one with an ice blast. i find myself outside again and the comic theme is gone. ok this probably wont count for the TOTM...

      i start another attempt and start flying. this time flying is more difficult. i am pretty slow and i feel like i get soaked to one direction. i kick of on a building wall and float to a big building looking like a very old church. the stone is oxidized like in a cave. my hand touches a wall that sounds hollow. ah this must be an chimney. i fly up a little and find the opening. i look into the chimney and it looks buried. i try to open it up with telekinesis but its not working. nevermind i think and just jump feet first in and slide down. i find myself in a kitchen. i have a small paper bag in my hand. i look outside the kitchen and see a room where a kid is sleeping on a couch. i open the paper bag and put out several tomatoes. a cat that looks like mine back at my families house walks around me and attacks my leg and stuff. i push it out and close the door to the kitchen. i want to morph the tomatoes into something nicer but seconds after i closed the door it opens again and my mother, looking slightly crazy and tired with a cigarette in her hand
      [she is a non smoker] approaching me yelling something. i hold my hand in front of my like i want her to stop but she just pushes the cigarette in my hand and it burns i walk backwards and phase out of the window and wall but she is holding me so my hand is stuck with her in the kitchen. she still yelling something at me. i manage to release myself from her grip and with a wave of my hand i erase her memory she is confused but shortly after she gets hostile again. i feel like i completed the task anyways and dont bother to wake up so i dont forget anything.
    4. first lucid since back -2 May TOTMīs

      by , 05-26-2017 at 10:50 AM
      i finally managed to get lucid in a low effort way since i am back from india. the last days i even had problems remembering dreams at all...
      even tho the lucid was nothing too special it felt like coming back. "wow i can do everything again, what to pick...?!"

      after several awakings this morning where i was struggling with recall i finally had a short clear dreamlet after waking with which i could work. i evaluated the dream and what was odd and where i should have become lucid and felt asleep again:

      i find myself in a car ride. the driver uses a headset that is connected to something similar like a walkman but more futuristic and fancy. i assume he is learning a new language and listening to lectures. but he doesnt repeat or say anything. we park in a garage and i ask him what language he is learning. he tells me the name and i dont know the language at all. i talk to someone else? who tells me it is exactly the same language like English? or something. i move away and find myself in a building.
      i pass a Pinboard and notice our workplan. i pin it off the wall and wonder why it is here because i am in a unknown place in a different city or something? i approach a guy and talk shortly about the piece of paper i hold in my hands. he says something odd and goes away. this triggers my lucidity and i do a nosepinch. i turn around and have the TOTMS immediately in my head.
      first i want to find my smartphone. i move around a corner and expect the phone to be there. just 2 feet away from the first place i look i notice my phone on the floor. i pick it up and do the standard waking move: turn on the display to see the time. the display turns on and it looks like my typical background but where normally the clock would be there is just empty space. it doesnt bother me. now i need someone to call me. i shortly hold it in my hands and see if someone calls but i dont try hard enough because three girls approach me. for some reason i just ask one of the girls if they could call me. she nods. but then the thought strikes me... "you need my number right?" i take her phone and dial my number. at the end there is no button call but continue. i hit that button and give her phone back. at that point i already think that this might not be the right approach to get the task done but i go with the flow now.
      i feel like it would be stupid to stand next to her so i walk away around a corner into a room. on the way i notice some other rooms. they look like offices but for some reason there is a lot of women cloths like bras and underwear and stuff. so i move into a normal looking room and then hold the phone to my ear. i hear no ringing. for some reason i feel like jumping of the balcony head first straight down to the ground. i enjoy the feeling of acceleration. i still hold the phone to my ear and suddenly hear a voice. we talk shortly some nonsense like: "hey whats up" and "i come back to you". i start flying and fly up back to the balcony. i enter the building again and now one girl is standing around. i cant tell if she is one of the three from before. we walk back and i ask or tell her that i found it weird that there is so much cloths stuff in those offices? we approach one and there is a hot babydoll. i ask her if she could wear it and she agrees in general. i think that it might need to long to change her cloth that i would loose precious dreamtime but on the other hand there probably would be a shortcut for this. for some reason we agree on not changing cloths and i remind the other task i want to get done.
      i tell her i look for my glasses and start looking around on the ground. i also put one hand in her pocket to see if it is maybe there. i see something similar like my glasses on the ground but its just a pattern of the floor what i find interesting because it looks like a optical illusion. i continue looking around and shortly after i find my waking life glasses on the ground. i notice that i already wear a pair of glasses (i can see a light frame around my visual field) i put on the glasses and i have slightly the feeling of seeing a litte sharper than before but the effect is maginal. [sadly i expected this effect already because i wear glasses in waking life so for me glasses make me see better. i might test this with a different pair of glasses like sunglasses or a "special" pair of glasses] . i see a guy standing on a closet. he says something. i approach him and intend to push him thru the wall behind him. i push him and he phases thru the wall the feet still on our side. i explain to the girl that it was nothing bad and that it didnt hurt him. that is cool i can not only phase myself thru stuff but also others, good to know.
      now there are no goals left. so what to do? i find myself on a street. i think about to visit a desert and some pyramids. i had some medium success with flying and phasing thru several buildings and with this "teleport" or change the dreamscenery completely. i think about if i really need to want to visit a special place or if i just can make one up and fly there. i look around and see a plane. i remember some old TOTMS and decide to fly in direction of the plane. i pass thru some trees with not too much space in between them and i worry what might be behind them. and fair enough behind the trees there is only dense fog and nothing to see. i decide to fly straight to the ground and fly through the earth and come out on the opposite side. i cant see anything so i concentrate on the sound of acceleration and the feeling. everything gets darker and at some point i feel like i should be through and flying "up" again and suddenly i see some buildings around me. i walk shortly and decide to fly on a balcony. while i start flying and feel slightly problems with flying i feel like waking up but i dont fight it
      and just awake happy with my latest lucid dream that hooked me again to invest a little more effort in getting lucid and doing cool goals.
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    5. February Totm attempts

      by , 02-03-2017 at 02:31 PM
      Tonight i finally could sleep in as long i wanted after some hard days of work. before i got to bed i looked up the totms of this month. i wanted to do the book of secrets, changing weather and switching to black and white.

      i wake up at night and remember a dream where i started throwing fireballs. i didnt get lucid but this is always a good sign that my awareness is higher than usual. i stand up, go to the toilet and set my intention.
      i fall asleep and i have a dream where i am in a building. i have some trouble with someone? i go out and in front of the building a car is parked. i notice that i have an item in my hands. like a thing that you can use to plug in two headphones in one port. but instead i go to the wheels and stick it into the valve and let out the air. i go to the front wheel. here i have to screw of the cap first and repeat it. here you go.
      i stand up and walk down the street. it is night. im thinking what to do next and this moments of reflection make me lucid. i start flying and fly close to the street straight thru different buildings. i phase thru all with ease. but now i start to worry that i might loose control because the scenery is changing so fast. i slow down and find myself now high in the air. i keep flying and look for a good spot to do the advanced task. i want something in the nature. i fly over a small hill with threes and a meadow. i land there and while landing i think about how i get snow and suddenly touching the ground everything around me is white. a lot of snow is lying around. but it seems like it snowed days ago. the snow is not fresh and slowly starts melting. i feel the cold around me. i seem to wear a pullover. i touch some of the snow. it is cold but not as could as ice should be. okay how i change the weather now? i look around. there are no leaves on the trees. i try to will better weather but i accept that this wont work "okay maybe i can swipe of the snow" i think and start swiping around and i manage to make the snow disappear right infront of my eyes. my swiping gestures gets bigger because this method seem to be very slowly but the parts i can make disappear gets bigger and bigger. after some time nearly no snow is there anymore. but it seems that this does not really change the atmosphere to a nice warm day...i approach a small naked plant. i will her to start growing and it does. it gets a little bigger and some branches start to spring. but its not enough.i pause and fly up again thru different stuff and find myself in a room again. i jump out and fly down again and suddenly i see full colors of green. i smash into the ground and find myself on a healthy and well nourished meadow. i see a lot of clover. wow the weather changed. i get up and look around and the trees start to bloom. i notice that its pretty comfy and warm. i wear a t-shirt now. i look into the sky and i see full orange and yellow tones of color at the horizon. i start with some gestures because its still kind of night. i want to make the sun appear. the full red and orange colors raise a little but instead of a sun i manage to rise some bright glowing stars. i make them disappear again and try again but now different symbols of the sun appear at the sky. some numbers appear next to them. okay so no typical sun nevermind. i let it go but notice that its gotten brighter.
      K. starts to move in bed slightly and my attention shifts to my waking body. i keep calm and concentrate on the dream. i hear a voice talking and i start to engage my dreambody. it seems to work but seconds later the church bells start pretty loudly.
      so i woke up and make mental notes of this lucid.

      i fall asleep shortly after and i think i have a short nld. K.īs alarm clock goes of around 30min later. she gets up and i put in my earplugs and my sleeping mask. i lay there not too comfy. i feel like i fall slowly asleep but i notice that my arm is not comfortable. i change the position of my arm and instantly i find myself in a dream lucid. wow was this a wild?
      i am in a building with high ceilings. i jump around a little on different hights. i find it interesting that no matter how high something is when you aim for it and jump up you always get high enough.
      after some climbing at some metal beam i decide to think about the totms again. "okay what was the basic one i wanted to do?" at first i cant remember but then i do: find the book of secrets. i look down and instantly see two bookshelves. i am pretty happy with the fact how easily i summoned the shelves. i jump down and look into the first one. different books and magazines. some seem to look like waking ones i own. but nowhere there is secrets written on it. i look into brownish one. its a empty book i got by a friend of mine. it looks pretty similar. outside is written something like: treasure or safe or something. not secrets but in a way related to the sense of this word. i look inside and only on the first side are some notes. it looks private. something about bondage*another word* i have the feeling its not what i am looking for and close the book but open it again. the layout of the notices have changed a little but for some reason i dont keep reading but close the book and start to look in the other bookshelf. again it seems like i recognize some books. one looks like the black dream yoga book. for some reason i think i dont have to pick them up because i know them already...
      [to sad now when i think about it it would be very interesting to read some more and see what there is]

      some part i dont remember. i dont know if following was in same dream or another.

      i am lucid and i think about what to do next. i try to make my dream black and white. i am in a room and dont know how to start. for some reason i summon money out of my pocket. first there is only a used tissue but after get it out a lot of money is around. i think i asked a dc to give me some glasses that change my perseption into black and white. he give me a pair of glasses where one glass is a little brownish. i look at him and ask him "this will work?" he nods. i put them on and my vision changes. it gets a little darker and the colors get full and high contrast but not black and white. i put them of and next to me are different ones. i put them on but again not black and white. "hm" i start with swiping again to get ride of the color. it works in some way. everything i swipe over gets darker and less colorfull but a plant for example is still greenish in the end. i dont get it completely black and white. nevertheless the effects i created was pretty cool.

      again memory hole.

      i think what totm i could to and remember the other basic totm. i am sitting in a chair like in a bus. i turn around and there are two girls sitting. i excuse myself for interrupting and ask one of them to tell me a totm that i should do AFTER i wake up, she looked confused at first but then tells me an easy math calculation. [i cant remember the equation anymore] i tell her there has to be a better totm and she stands up and goes somewhere. now we room. i fly thru some walls where i think she is and we talk again but i dont remember what.

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    6. Some January TOTMīs in lucids from two days

      by , 01-02-2017 at 11:19 PM
      some nights ago:

      i run up the street. i see my sweater on a junction box. i wonder because i remember to already wear it. i continue to walk but my lucidity peaks. i am lucid and remember instantly to do the Advanced Task ii - Get on an alien spaceship. Describe what you see. (Spaceline). i turn around and walk down the street. i tell myself that i know that somewhere here should be some spaceshuttles. i turn left into a building and walk down a long narrow floor. it looks like a office building i notice some DCīs. some look like advanced robots. i pass them and turn left again. i am in a hangar and see big spaceships. some look more like helicopters. on one is writen "havoc" i feel happy but i notice that they look like human airships. "ah there has to be another hangar around with the onces from aliens" i go thru a door and see around 5 or 6 big ships that look unhuman. they are made completely out of metal in a silverish bluish color. one of them has a similar form like a big whale or fish. i choose which one i want to enter. i pick the third one and move behind it. but now the perspective switches to third person and i know i am in the ship but i only see the ship form behind. seconds later a map appears and i can choose continents to which i want to fly. i pick one and i think the dream continues non lucid?

      ... i sit on a couch and arguing with my girlfriend. i get lucid thinking "ah this is still a dream..." [maybe continuation from last dream?]. i ask her if she can massage me. i sit in front of her but she barely touches me. its a very soft and short massage...no further recall..

      i am lucid again but i cant remember how. i want to do the massage task again and i am in company of some female friends of mine. i ask one if she can massage me and she agrees. we enter a shop and look for a comfy place to stay. there is a meadow where we lay down but the dream destabilizes after that.

      last night:
      i am on a street. it seem i have to play WOW in the back of a small bus. they call me out. i approach the bus and notice i still have my bite guard inside my mouth and i put it out. my saliva is pulling strings. i look up and am ready but notice the bite guard is still inside. i put it out a second time and my awareness rises. i enter the car and some people are talking to me but something feels off and i get lucid. i run to the front and jump and phase thru the front window. i fly some meters approaching some flats. i want to do the massage task. i approach the first floor window and look inside. i decide to be polite and to ask first and not to just take what i want to with demand. i phase my head thru the window and ask her if i might come in. she agrees and smiles. i phase in completely and she shows me something. i see that she has a husband and a kid sitting in the living room. she tells me that he is the boys dad but not her husband anymore. i say something like "hey i bet you are a physiotherapist right?" and nod to her so she agrees. and she indeed is " so hey maybe you could massage my back? i have there a tension. she agrees and she starts massaging me. i tell her the place where i have problems IWL too and she pushes. after a short time we go to the bedroom and there starts a little sexual tension but i dont feel like it. i lay on my stomach on the bed hoping to continue the massage. she lays on me and because of me laying passively around the dream destabilizes a little. i work shortly against it but then wake up.

      i am near a busstation talking to a girl. she moves away and i follow her feeling we are not done yet. after some meters the thought "hey i can fly" strikes my head. i instantly jump up front aaaand fall down on the ground. i am confused and first do a nosepinch where only very little air runs through and then count my fingers. yep more than 5. i dont even finish counting and start my adventure. i think hey i did the massage task good enough now. so lets try the bonus one. i remember the name of the avatar planet: Pandora. i smile. while i was falling asleep i just couldnt remember the name but now i know instantly. okay so how do i get there? i walk by an old woman and ask her: "hey can you tell me where pandora is?" she looks confused and shakes her head. i continue my way and ask a couple. they talk to me but dont know it either. i move further up the street and enter a building. okay so i will spin around and try to change location that way. i enter the building and i feel like in dragonballs time chamber that one could see in the picture of previous TOTM month. i falsely remember to be here several times already. just the background changes every time. this time i see some trees but nothing special. i start spinning around and tell myself pandora. the glowing trees" and when i stop a see some scenery change. there are some buildings that look unusual. but nothing like woods or pandora. i start spinning again but the dream destabilizes and i get blind. i dont want to go yet so i stubbornly rub my hands. dont help. i kneel down and start rubbing the ground. i feel gras in between my fingers. after some seconds i see a peace of candypaper on the ground. i need some time to understand that i can see already. i stand up and now the scenery has changed more significantly. still dont look like pandora. i move my way thru a street and i see big trees with very thick chains with a big padlock. i fly up the three and want to free it by opening the padlock. i unwind the tree from the chain and a couple is approaching me. i think now there is going to be trouble. they dont seem to amused with unchaining the tree but they dont accuse me. they just speak to each other. saying something about "thank god the pliers is still holding the tree on the top. i feel like continue my way and i suddenly remember basic one: finding a christmas present under a tree. i feel sure that it has to be right around the corner and fair enough i find a tree with a present and a little decoration. but it dont look like the typical christmas tree. i approach it and see even 3 or 4 presents. hm which one to choose? i pick the biggest and heaviest. i open it and i find a bag full of loafs of bread. i pick one and taste it. it tastes good. its a light and bright kind of bread. i open the next big present and i find 3 more loafs. hm boring presents i think and continue my way.I enter big field. i push myself up in the sky flying up and up. i feel pretty high and the sky slowly turns dark. but now i get a little unsecure about my flying and it wont work too good anymore. i decide to land on the top of a building. i enter a room and notice two friends? guys? i know. soon after i wake up

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    7. Bonus totm december

      by , 12-25-2016 at 12:41 AM
      I had two lucids this night in that I attempted bonus totm. I write them down just fast and shortly because this tablet is shitty and my recall is not the best.

      - I am in a street running around approaching a building getting lucid. I fly up on a balcony and enter the room. I taste some salat (DTR). I remember the totm and concentrate on my goal to fast foreword time. I write with my hand on the wall something like "100 years in the future" I strengthen my intention by repeating it in my head for several times. I move back out on the balcony and jump/fall down from it and the dream is pretty unstable. I rub my hands and the visuals come back. In the first moment it looks like nothing changed but I try to keep my thoughts positive and keep looking around. I see a police car that looks unusual.I go around the corner and see more and more untypical stuff. There are two police motorbikes that look bulgy in the front.( reminded me of a whale of some kind) I see no people or atleast they don't seem striking. I keep moving the street and notice a building that seem to be a hospital but it has huge similarity to a church because it has a green glowing cross as a sign. A garage door opens and a small car sized spaceship flys out and in the sky. Shortly after I think I wake up.
      All in all this future was more dirty and let's call it poor like in a dystopia. Maybe comperable to battlestar Galactica where its not this typical sci fi overload.

      -i get lucid again with low awareness. I try to make a car explode by holding my hand at the fuel opening and make it hot. It don't work. I take a big chocolate house in my hands and it melts down with no problem. I try throwing some fireballs on the car but with no success. I keep moving and after I walk into a house and then into the next one.there is a friend of mine and I go into the kitchen and take a chocolate bar and wonder that it is not so sweet like I expected. I tell him I want to fast forward time and ask him if he has a watch for me. He puts a wristwatch on the table and I put my finger over the seconds hand an start spinning. I don't see that the watch moves faster but I keep doing it. Then I phase out of the house and look around. This time nothing seems to have changed. We walk around and up a street. There are sime people but not to many. I think about that If I want to see more people I should go in a bigger city. A truck approaches us and I make him stop and then throw him on its back. I need two attempts for this. We keep going and I see a girl and with her I visit her friends in a house. From here I tart caveman but am not to successful and wake up because its very late in the morning and my sleep seem to be very light and the dream quality pretty bad.
    8. Visiting Candyland - kind of... oh and jesus of course

      by , 11-16-2016 at 02:32 PM
      this morning lucid was really enjoyable. i am pretty bad at inducing fantasy stuff so for me it was kind of a big success and a good educational experience.

      i have a wbtb of around 30min because my GF has to get up to work. we talk shortly, i get up for toilet and put on my sleepingmask and my earplugs [wax --> very comfy and silent enough when tight]. i lay on my back and decide to do some progressive relaxation (i normaly dont do) i see that my mind is not too focused but i continue as good as i can. i then start doing SSILD. since i like the idea of tactile senses i decide to mix it with SSILD. i do some short SSILD cycles. first watching then hearing and followed by "feeling" but this time i do some imaginary movement with my hands. then i continue with watch etc. after the short ones i do long ones. after some time i just do tactile movements and it feels pretty good but i dont know if this is enough to success a WILD and to be honest i cant imagine how to fall asleep like this and....

      ... i stand in my old child room. i feel super stoned and wonder how come that its so early and i feel like this and what to do with the rest of the day. i go to the window and see my reflection. At the hairline i have super light skin where in the rest of my face the skin is darker. i wonder why so? did i cut my hair recently? i am at the verge to lucidity but i seem unconsciously to decide to wake up because i notice that i fall asleep.

      i wake up and my body feels very heavy. i could go from here but i decide to turn to my side to have a look at my clock because i have an appointment later in the midmorning and i dont want to oversleep it. okay i have around 1,5h. this should be enough. i concentrate very lightly on sight i think and fall asleep very fast...

      ...i am outside with someone? [damn i should have journal earlier...] we go to a buildingentrance and a mail delivery girl comes. i hold her the door open and take something from her to help her. i tell her its no problem i can carry it up with her so we move up some floors and we talk about jobs and the earnings. i go down again and this time there is a moving stairway. for some reason one stair dont work appropriate and there are sparks and all. the broken stair moves into the floor and one can see that this is not good. i start running because i dont wanne know if it might explode or something.

      outside i get lucid and i meet my GF (that turns later to a friend A.) and the mail girl. i tell them "okay listen i have two goals: 1. visit candyland and 2. let me teach by somebody how to do short distance teleportation. what do you wanne do?`" both girls decide for candyland and so i go with it and "candyland it is! how do we get there?"
      we take each others hands and stand in a circle. i look down to the ground and we wave our hands once. for a short instance i start seeing some colorful things on the ground that might be some candy but instantly my rational mind kicks in "hey we didnt even teleport or changed location whatsoever..." and everything looks mundane again. we move around and the girls are in a good mood talking alot and jumping around. i still look out for some candy and instead of candy i see colorfull lights sparkling here and there on the ground. i try to hold the thought that we ARE in candyland already and all i have to do is find the right corner. i tell them "hey here is no candy..." and they answer "not yet..." and we keep going. we past by a christmas tree with some colored lights. the girls talk about some school stuff from the past i think. there is some not too pleasant metal/punk music in the background.
      i remember a DV-Thread where they talked about expectation and the example of sivasion with the summon of a banana. okay so i pretend to see some candy on the ground and pick it up and put it in my mouth. as expected i see feel and taste nothing... nevermind i chew and chew and dont stop chewing and imagine chewing some chocolate and after about 10-15 seconds i suddenly taste sweet and "candyland" or my version of it appears. i start seeing some egg formed foiled chocolates inbetween some grass [more like eastern-themed]. and not only one or two but now a lot of candy on the ground. i move around and see chocolate easter-bunnys and little santa clauses and several more sweets. i taste some and feel super happy about it.
      Unofficial Dreamviews Buttons (yay!)-240_f_17881072_sksc8k7ofq0zcq3pwleokavc63obsswb.jpgUnofficial Dreamviews Buttons (yay!)-bunte-ostereier-aus-schokolade-zu-ostern-enyawf.jpg

      next to a building there is a big table and while i want to follow the girls into the building i notice the table and at the head of it Jesus sits there with some (2-4) people next to him. i smile big because now my "fantasy-Schema"-drawer seems to be opened. i jump over a chair and Jesus approaches me. i give him a high five and i think we exchange some words.
      Unofficial Dreamviews Buttons (yay!)-959a9ed0624216336e8d253aceb89e2b.jpg
      but nothing religious i turn around and another guy with a big beard is there that remembers me of someone but we dont talk and i enter the building , phasing thru the door.
      and i awe again because this time two aliens approach me and past me. the one has purple and the other green skin. both have no hair and a little bigger and broader head. i smile around and move down some stairs. i approach a girl and say something to her but notice that its someone else. i turn around and see my two girls next to a showcase. while i move to them i think about how stable this dream is and that they still are here around. i hear them talking about some stone that are inside the showcase. something about if it is good or bad to take or use this kind of stones. i have a good mood and while they still debate about it i just phase thru the showcase and pick a stone on a chain outside. one of the girls that was against using the stone starts complaining and i phase my hand thru the showcase again and put the stone back. i look at them in detail. they look something like this:
      Unofficial Dreamviews Buttons (yay!)-1609charo1a_m.jpgUnofficial Dreamviews Buttons (yay!)-kiesel_1.jpg
      with some chains or mountings and adornments.
      i think about if i might use them as items for performing short distance teleportation? i say "hey girls listen stop this discussion i want to practice short distance teleportation. lets say i want to go there to the xY [i look around and try to find a pregnant location and point at something]" the girls laugh because i pointed on something else or called it wrong or something? "oh come on you know what i mean i want to get there how may i teleport there easy who can show me?" i think about my recall and how bad it would be if i lose something from it
      and instantly i wake up [damn it!]

      nevertheless it was a very very funny and enjoyable lucid from which i can learn alot about expectation and that a typical "teleportation" is not necessary to change the dreamscene. and that if you once open a drawer with the right schema everything will work on its own! i would love to experiment more with it. maybe my excitement will endure long enough to make a smart setup how to practice and experiment with it in future lucids!

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    9. Spooky Comp. Day 23 - totmīs fails, teleport but not to candyland

      by , 11-06-2016 at 02:34 PM
      i stay infront of a mirror in a bathroom. i see that i have no beard and short hear. hm this is not right. i do a nosepinch and am lucid. i rub my hands look out of the window and think what to do. okay candyland here i come.
      i look to the wall and even tho there is no mirror i see a reflection of me. i see myself smiling and tell myself "behind that door is candyland" i open the door but just a floor. the setting is like an very old hospital. i move to the next door and open it and again just a random room. i continue thru several doors until i land in a room with a guy and a girl. both seem to be personal. i see two doors next to each other and i want to ask the guy which one is the door to candyland but before i can ask he opens one and enters. again just a bathroom. i go to the girl and ask her same question. she tells me "none of those but this one" and points on a bookshelf with a small wooden door. she approaches it and puts in a tissue to open the lock. while shes making around i summon a fire in my hand again. its working but with a little more willpower than the two days before. i think iīve found a reproducible and easy way to summon a nice fireball in my hand. i am happy about it.
      she opens the wooden door and i see a purplish portal behind it. without hesitation i jump inside and find myself in the void. pure blackness. i move some body parts to ground myself and not to wake up. i say again and again "candyland" and try to imagine it. this time it feels long to be in the void. after some time i start to see small circles that start to get bigger. suddenly i am in my room. for the split of a second i seem to see some candy outside but i am back in my room standing there. just to be sure i do a nosepinch and phase outside. i feel like in a different reality. the plants i have on my window board are half a meter outside in mid air. i float next to them and look and them. the colors are special. very green and strong but not loud or shiny. kind of different... i float up and see that alle the buildings are different then they should be. there are some constructs made of wire that seem to be a parking lot on some roofs. i try to make a fireball in midair but i seem to concentrate to much because i have problems with the fireball and sinking at the same time. i stop it and decide to fly up into the sky. i fly to a bulding and kick myself of it to the next one like a pinball. i jump strongly and up in the air. its night and the sky is over and over with stars. i see galaxys/milky way and some falling stars but they dont fall straight but in shape of snakes. i accelerate more and more and the stars start to blur and i find myself around stars
      and wake up...

      i go somewhere with my roommate. he has a bicycle. he has a big TV on it. and it seems that i want him to do something for me. transport something? he agrees and i ask him if its really okay and he nods and starts moving slowly. i look down at me and notice that i have nothing on my except a t-shirt. so i need to go back home and get my stuff. i have a pink old bike and i start riding. i see my roommate and ride past him. in a curve the right handle of the bike falls down. i stop pick it up, but it back on and continue riding. i am now in my hometown. the handle falls down again and after picking it up again i do a nosepinch and can breath thru like a king. i am confused and to back this up i look at my hand. yup seven fingers.
      i phase into a car and push out a granny again (dont know why i have a high affinity to cars that much at the moment and why there are always grannys inside...) i say out loud: "navigation on, bring me to candyland." and immediately a blueish arrow shows the direction. i start driving the car and hear music in the background. i accelerate and decide to drive to a place i know and get out there. but because i think about something else i land in a different location and i get out and everything is game-like. i want to communicate with DCīs that are next to the car but i have to type it so it appears as a speech bubble infront of me. i notice something is off and normally i dont have problems communicating with DC. why do i dont just speak? i die?! or reload?!
      however i am back in the car in same position before i started driving. i ask out loud "turn on some music. Sigil plz" and music is starting. i think i even got something similar to what i wished. i get out of the car and approach a girl. since i found the last "show me a dance" not so convincing i ask her to the same. without a word she moves around the car and in the moment she wants to start another girl approaches her looking worried. she wants to whisper her something and i put my hand behind my ear deciding to have super hearing and i hear her loud and clear saying something about to think twice to just like that show a dance and to think about it. shortly after
      i get woke up by a temporary roommate smashing a damn door...
    10. Spooky Comp. Day 22 - some TOTMīs, searching and summoning FM

      by , 11-06-2016 at 02:04 PM
      the first lucid i only remember the end. i think it was an early night lucid:
      i am in a hurry because i want to get somewhere? i see a car run to it and phase from behind into it. on the seats are two grannyīs. i tell them to get out because i need the car. after a short moment they agree and get out. i start riding and waking up. i try to stabilize but no chance.

      later the night after a wbtb:
      i drive a car and touch my chin and notice i have a 1 or 2 day beard. it makes this feeling and sound when you wipe over it with your hand. i start wondering: i have a beard for some years now and in past 3 or 4 month i have a pretty long one. i do a nosepinch and get lucid. after some seconds i decide to get out and just stop moving so that the car continues driving and i phase out thru the back of the car. i move around the corner looking for something? and wake up. i lay still and DEILD back in using tactile sense. i lay in my bed and feel that i am dreaming again. i stop the tactile movement and do a nosepinch its working. i still have my sleeping mask on and i am a little scared if i just can put it off. but it works and i see perfectly (probably because i gave the dream enough time with tactile movement and a long nosepinch). i dont loose time and phase thru the window.
      i fly down in a clumsy way and see a guy. i land/stumble next to him. i ask him to show me a dance. i notice that he looks like a kickboxer or something. big, strong and athletic. he starts his "dance" that looks more like kicks in the air (maybe a little like capoera but really not that dancefull) i tell him "yea but i want to see a dance" and he nods telling me THIS IS a dance. okay i think and for some reason i decide to answer this with a fireball the way i learned it yesterday. and yes it works pretty straight forward without to much problems. but i have a problem throw it on him but nah who cares. he "danced" for me and now i want to put my head into some nice concrete
      i look for a good place in the ground. i notice that everywhere are bigger and smaller manhole covers. i dont want to make it too easy so i look for a place where there is solid ground. i find a nice place and dive free of fear on the ground head first. i stick my head face first into the ground and i feel that the ground gets flexible pretty fast and i sink in. darkness. i want my head to go deeper so i do a hand/headstand and push this little ball of a head deeper into the ground. but i just cant see anything. its pure black darkness. i wait some moments and notice to start see some schemas like HH or looking into the sun and see little bits and balls but nothing with real structure. i decide that its time to get "my head out of sand", spit some dirt out of my mouth and continue with next totm.
      i look around and see several people. i want to do advanced II. i go to a group, turn my back to them and my hand behind my back asking for FryingMan. some random dude takes my hand i turn around ask him "are you FM?" he shakes his head. i let him go and move some meters to the next group and repeat it. again someone takes my hand and again its not FM. i ask/tell him to bring me to FM. we start walking (hand in hand?!) and i see some tables i want to move thru but because he holds my hand i move against them... i let go of his hand and think about some way to make easy points on my way. "i could smash the wall with my bare hand!" i approach a wall and start to punch it strongly. but i cant destroy the wall. just some sand is dropping. on the other hand my hand get no harm neither. " i really am not a fighter guy" i think and keep moving. i decide i could jump super high and try this with no aim. i cant jump significantly higher than normal. i aim for a rooftop and this time jump up and with ease i make several meters. in mid air i start floating and decide to come back to the ground.
      but i have some problems going down again and i feel how the dream destabilizes. i start rubbing my hands and use some tactile movement. next thing i know i am infront of the house i was jumping and i enter it. there is a guy and his dad. they are eating something with eggplant and a dip made of tomatoes and cream. i for some reason feel that they do it "wrong" and the dip is not right. i move into the floor but then i decide i want to taste the eggplants. i go into the kitchen but the boy already cleared away the food. i ask them "where is the food?" he answers "in the freezer" i look around and ask "where is the freezer?" they just stare at me and dont answer. fuck it i think and pick up the bottle of juice on the table. i drink it and its grapefruitjuice. i phase out of the building but put my head in again and call the dad an asshole and phase out again. i look thru the window and see how he gets angry and want to get out. i want to throw him the juice against his head but the bottle dont phase thru the window and just smash against it and falls down. the dad comes out and wants to beat me up but before he can smash me i but both my hands on my temples and use mindcontrol. i say: "you dont remember any of that. you have a headache and want to lay down" the surrounding changes from outside to inside the livingroom. he come around and shakes his head saying "uh i have a headache i need to lay down." i stand up and point to the couch tell him to lay down there and meanwhile i leave him alone so he can rest.
      i leave the building and in front of the house is a girl and another person? we talk shortly about something and then she wants to go somewhere and i accompany her. she tells me where to go but i stop her and say i first need to do something. i put my hand behind my back and this time feel super confident. immediately i feel a hand and ask "are you fryingman?" no answer i ask a second time and again no answer. i turn around and see a thin guy with short blond hair and light skin wearing blueish cloths standing there. i ask him directly "you are FM?" and he nods. i tell him that he wanted to show me how to get invisible last time but it didnt work out and if he can do it now. he starts to get worried like something is not right mumble something around. he seems to be torn between yes and no and i start waking up.
      i try to stabilize again but this time feel thatīs over and i should journal to not forget it.
    11. Spooky Comp. Day 14 - low awareness lucids, advanced TOTM

      by , 10-29-2016 at 11:12 AM
      only two low level lucids where i, for some reason, remembered the advanced totm: walk with your head

      i riding my bike thru a forest. i turn left and ride up a hill. there is more and more snow until its high as my hip. it dont feel cold tho. now i ride down the hill on the other side and i try to ride slowly and controlled so i wont trip. there is a turn and i try to come around slowly but i slide and go straigt ot of the turn and find myself behind a building holding something to not fall down. i notice that i am levitating a little and i get lucid relaxing myself. i do a nosepinch and float around the house and land on a stair and move down. for some reason first thing that come up in my mind is the totm. i do a headstand but in suddenly feel gravity shifting and kind of falling into the ground and i wake up.

      there was a party? i have taken some drugs? i see a friend taking some and i enter a bus. i dont manage to get out at the right station and have to walk one. while walking i see some plants in a garden and they are beautiful. its more a bush and has some blue flat flowers. while moving calmly i get lucid again and do a nosepinch to confirm. for some reason there are some fries on the ground (i drop them?) and i pick them up with TK and thinking about to eat it but they are dirty so i tk them away. and again i thinking about the totm and so i slowly and controlled start do do a handstand, it feels very realistic and is a little shaky but then i manage to remove my hands and only stand on my head. i look on the ground and will myself to move. i dont feel anything so i imagine to see the ground moving as an indicator that i am moving. fair enough i start to see some movement and i feel the ground. but i dont feel like my head actually is "moving" but i stand on my hand and i seem to move so fair enough. i get woken by the alarm.
    12. Summer Comp. Day 7 - FA, Sensei summon, TOTM Basic I & II; Advanced I

      by , 08-05-2016 at 01:32 PM
      Got a little to late to bed and had to stand up early. this time i tried the mantra " i will wake up at 5", woke up at 3:30... good enough, did a WBTB and SSILD. Fall asleep and woke up at 5:30 with a lucid in my pocket.

      iīm lying "awake" in my bed and feel not sleepy. i do a nosepinch and i am asleep. i stand up, the quality is not too good. i rub my hands and feel my barefeet on the ground. i phase thru the window and float down to the ground. i only can open one eye and the other feels dry and hurts a little. as i try to open it too i loose visuals completely. i still feel my body and do some swiming motions. at the beginning i do breastrokes but then get a little more energetic and start crawling. i feel how my back gets warm from the muscletension. i (think) to feel my body in my bed and try to slowly move my head without waking because i think i lie on my eye [i think in the end everything was in the dream but i am not sure]. i correct my position and use more tactile senses until i stand again in my room this time with a very good quality. i phase thru the window again and fly down to the ground. there are everywhere bags of different sweets. i think "ah some points for eating, seems to be here because i probably fall asleep with an empty and hungry stomach" and pick up a diam chocolate and take some in my mouth. i feel the consistence but dont pay to much attention to the taste. i cross the street put my hand behind my back and call for sensei. immediately a big hand takes mine and i turn around. an asian looking guy with a bald head and athletic body looks at me. i start to ask "tell me a secret about s... oh damn i wanted to summon FryingMan and not sensei... Nevermind... so tell me a secret about Fryingman" he nods and we start waking next to a construction side and into a building. we hold hands for some time? we phase together thru a wall and i look at him while he phases thru. it looks interesting. he needs some time until he starts talking. he starts and for whatever reason he talks in english and not in german. he talks like he would tell me an epic story. i am confused because of the language and i feel like his sentences dont make sense or i dont understand them. i ask him if he might talk in german plz and he nods again but starts in english again. he says something about 'mind streching' and 'knowing for long time'... i interrupt him and ask if behind me there is a microscope, he denys and i look behind and there is nothing, i say "but there has to be one here" and keep on looking. i think i found one and approach it, put some items aside but notice that its a vinyl player. damn... some meters away sensei says "here is a microsope" i go there and it is a digital one. i ask sensei if he would like to accompany me in my dream and do some tasks but he denys and tells me he cant because soon there will be some fights. i push a latexbutton and the light goes on. on the table there are two smartphone with some picture with woods and people in comic style. i put it under the microscope and see the screen magnified and the colors of the picture fluctuate in waves... i feel a little disappointed because i thought i would see something cool. i move away and tell sensei to look inside. he looks and i see a reflection of the lights at a wall. while i think about what to do next i wake up... i try to DEILD but no chance
    13. Summer Comp. Day 6 - Summon Fryingman, catching FA, stealing Car

      by , 08-04-2016 at 09:58 AM
      after sleepingquality last night was bad and i was tired and anemic the whole day i got to bed at 11:30 fall asleep on my side and woke up 6:30 in same position... no awakenings no recall except of last dream. think positiv, did a WBTB and induced a DILD via SSILD. Later catched a FA that lead to another short uneventful DILD.

      recalled 1 dream and 2 fragments

      i am outside and want to lock up my backpack. it feels like our library at the university but at the same time it is outdoor and i am at a parking lot. a lot of the lockers are damaged, all in the same way. i move away from them do some steps notice the parking lot but see then that a undamaged locker is free. i go there put my stuff in and i know that my phone is in my left pocket and my wallet in my right pullover pocket. i close the door and hear my phone ringing from inside of my backpack... i wondering and check again. no my phone is in my pocket.. so i ignore the ringing and try to lock the door but somehow there is no lock but just a cord. i tighten up the cord and think "nah will do it everyone is doing it like this". i move away and tell someone that we can order rechargeable batteries online? i go to my GF, she is shopping something? i tell her too, that we can order rechargeable batteries online because they are better. she says nah. we start kissing and move now thru a building we pass a room and i pull her inside, there are two beds inside. i somehow like the room and how the bed is made. we climb over the first and i want to start sexytime with her. she says that xy will be inside later but not now.
      i take of my shoes but randomly get lucid and tell her that we need to postpone this because this is probably not a good idea anyway and i have some tasks to do. i put on my shoes again stand up and leave the room. i put my hand behind my back and say "hey Fryingman take my hand" nothing happens. i move on a different place and repeat it. its not working. i get tensed and move away, i loose visuals but still feel my body inside the dream. two drawn eyes appear inside this blackness and they move there where i look too. i play around with it for some seconds but then decide i want the dream back and engage my body and rub my hands. i get back the visuals and standing outside. i again try the behind my back summon but without success. i form a funnel with my hands and shout out hey FryingMan! and one guy in a group of 3 guys shouts back here! i approach them happy and ask him: "you are fryingman?" "yepp" i jump up and hug him (damn his summoning costs me a lot of emotions xD) he is pretty big like nearly 2m? and looks big but not in fat way but trained, maybe around 40? he or the guy next to him has a black leather jacket. we walk together and i start some smalltalk like how are you. one of the guys starts talking and talking and after some time i say "hey sorry man, dont want to interrupt you but i have something going here: fryingman you know sensei pretty good yes? can you tell me a secret about him?" he answers: "oh i dont know him so good but i know him a little yes" the other guy comments something about sensei but before FM answers i wake up...

      i feel like waking up. my one ear is tickling a little and i notice that one of my earplugs has fallen out [i put on some earplugs and a sleepingmask after the WBTB] i stand up and notice that my door is not completely closed and i hear my roommate outside. thats probably the reason why i woke up i think. there is somehow a light reflection or something that suddenly makes it pretty bright for a second. i wonder and try to redo the angle to see where that came from but i dont find it and just close the door. i approach my window and for some reason i feel like doing a RC. i do a nosepinch. nearly no air comes thru. i use now both hands (not the fingers) and pinch my nose as hard as possible. and again a faint of air passes my nose. i cant believe it and look at my hand. its bigger and blurred but nevertheless i count each and everyone of my fingers and there are six of them. i am perplexed but seems to be dreaming. i climb on the window board but before jumping out i look around in my room. looks like always but on my couch are two pillows missing.... hm okay and i jump/fall out and land flat on the street. for a second i think damn what if this wasnt a dream? i could die like this... but i feel no pain and so i shake of this thought and stand up fast. i put my hand behind my back and ask for FM again. but now cars are driving on the street and bypass me. i feel like this is a bad place to summon someone. i jump over a car and start to levitate in the air. one car draws my attention and i decide to steal this car. i fly behind it but it is to fast and i am too slow. i put my hands next to my hip and accelerate like ironman. now without a problem i get to the car. there are 3 guys sitting inside. the first one i just pull out and throw away. i land on the car and now pull out the driver and quickly jump on his seat to stop the car before it crashes. the third guy was sitting crosswise to the driverseat and just disappeared after i stopped the car. a silent voice in my head tells me to not waste the lucid and do something meaningful but i think to myself to drive just a little around and then do some tasks. i accelerate and its an awesome car. the street is pretty full and here and there i ram a car by accident. the visuals turn into GTA. i try to find the traffic ramp to drive faster but again i notice how senseless this is and thinking about how to get out of the car. my vision gets black and this time there is nothing i dont feel my body i dont see anything in the blackness. i lay still and hope for the best but suddenly someone (my brother?) tug around my sleeping mask and blow some air into my ear [FA].... i put of the mask and wake up for good...
    14. 1 LD = 3 TOTMs

      by , 06-30-2016 at 12:03 PM
      after my first proper WBTB since months! i used SSILD for induction, also didnt used it like for months, i felt pretty confident to have a nice and long quality lucid

      i am in a city and walk down the street. i tell someone? on the phone? about my diploma thesis. "the gathered results there where up to date at that time..." i have an awesome mood and keep on moving. an elevator left to me opens and i make a small jump to scare them a little and smile to them just because i feel so good.
      just like that i get lucid and keep on moving some meters. i remember the basic task. i look around and everywhere are some people so i move back a little and found a girl with his boyfriend moving up some stairs. i decide to pull down her skirt and repeat it with her underpants. her boyfriend looks awkward down to the ground, she tells me "oh [my name]" like i would have told a bad joke and stands around. two guys that where next to us smile and look down on her bottom. since i knee anyways because i pulled her pants down i give it a short lick but i dont want to waste time with sexystuff because i have a lot more goals to check so i stand up and tell her to put up her pants again. before anyone react i already move away and see another girl with a dog? i approach her and knee before her for what reason i cant remember [i think i worried a little that the dream gets unstable so i grounded myself with a detail?]. i notice that i am still a little caveman and so i stand up and move on. i remember both advanced tasks and i decide to do the pokeball one. in waking i have incubated a little how i wanne approach this task and so i move straight to a guy and ask him/tell him i want to catch him into a pokeball but he dont have to worry i will let him out shortly after. [with this i wanted to make it feel easier because there will be no battle or resistance] he looks not that enthusiastic but since this is my dream he has no chance anyway. to summon the pokeball i look to him and say "ah and the pokeball is right behind me right" and i point without looking at a place behind me "but more on the right side?" he starts nodding. now i look to the point where i point at and see the pokeball. i smile because it works like a charm and pick up the ball. next to me is a girl or something? it feels like a witch [i hear harry potter audiobook at the moment] and i feel like she will prevent me from catching this guy. i push the button on the ball and throw it at the dude, the ball opens but it only bounce of him and nothing happens. damn it... i pick it up with TK and throw it at one of two ghost next to me [damn you harry potter xD] but the ball flows thru him. i pick it up with TK again and this time a guy approaches the scene and is next to the guy who i tried first. i throw the ball at him and he gets soaked in to the ball. i smile again and pick up the ball. i hold it in my hand and start moving around again. after some time i remember that part of the task is to let the guy out again and so i throw the ball. it opens the guy gets out and in same second the dream is fading.
      i think i dont wake up but have a change in scenery where i lose lucidty.
      i walk with a friend of mine in a mix of office and climbinghall. i see at the of the wall a climbing wall where a dude is belay a girl at the wall. i have the strong feeling of already knowing him and i already told him once that he is doing something wrong. my friend is laughing about him. he hears us and approaches us. i welcome him friendly and tell him that the thing he did was not smart. while telling this i suddenly have multiple ropes in my hand and i wrap them around my hands and start to swing a little. someone is pulling me backwards strongly and letting go so i swing to the ceiling on both sides. i do a backflip in the air and get lucid by that again.
      "this is a dream again or still!" i move around and i see a office with some tables and people in suits. moving around i want instantly to phase thru a glassdoor but it wont work because in the last moment i feel insecure... i take a bowl per TK into my hand with some teabags. i move on and see a secretary i remember the bonus task and start moving and shaking my feet like it would be a earthquake. i say "wow do you feel this i think this is an earthquake" she looks up and agrees that this must be an earthquake but she seems not to bother. on the side of my visual field i see a window and outside some signs falling apart. i stop moving around like pretend because now i dont need to pretend anymore. i move to the window and for a short second hope that it wont get out of control and start to strong or end bad. i sit infront of the window and look around. shining Advertisement signs fall down and make some sparkles. i look at the street and see how it starts to crack up and to make a big hole. i feel satisfied to accomplish the bonus task so easy. the earthquake ends and i stand up and move over to the kitchencorner to make me some tea "hm i never drank any tea in a lucid" i think and expect a mug being in a wall cupboard. i open it up and find a mug with some water in it. i put it out pur our the water and start to boil me some water. since it need some time (doh..) i look around and think about meditate a little but the ground is wet so i imagine to know that next to me are some pillows and fair enough i look to my left and see two pillows. i them both up with TK and want to sit down as my roommate approaches me. i connect a bad feeling with him and think about to approach him and to resolve my waking life problem with him but the dream fades again and the scenery changes.
      i loose lucidty and hear him telling me/a friend? that he just cant do it anymore. the music is too loud there are to many birds and he just cant sleep anymore. i sit somewhere outside and somehow feel like this is a dream and try TK on an item but it wont work because i feel insecure about my state. i move to a sign where some letters are pinned with magnets and i try to change them in something like Good bye but the letters are wrong and it wont work. i wake up for real

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    15. Short talkout about Gravity RC & 2. Bonus Task attempt

      by , 06-14-2016 at 09:27 AM
      So my girlfriend stood up for work and was in and out of my room several times. i fall asleep every now and then. after she was gone i felt pretty awake but still felt that i might fall asleep. i turn on my side and start to focus on gravity. after some time i notice some hypergonia and focus on my sight. i see a structure similar to a rock slowly forming and morphing.
      next thing i now i am in my kitchen with my roommate and someone else. i want to put something down but notice that the kitchenfurnishings are disorientated. i do a fast nosepinch and am lucid. i show everyone but especially my roommate both of my midddlefingers (seems like i am angry on him a bit... ) after some seconds my awareness raises some more and i see that this is no approach to have a nice lucid. i want to get the gravity RC to work so i thought about to attempt to notice and talk about gravity in dreams. so i drop the sentence: "Hey lets talk about the gravity RC what do you think? how will it work?". The dream is very very liquid this time. the room has changed and now different people are there. two female friends of mine are sitting at a table, the room is bigger and not my kitchen anymore. my roommate is not there but in the next moment another guy will show up. so after asking the question one of my friends answers "hm i dont know maybe it has something to do with the m-orbit?" i get that she is revering to the orbital names of atom orbitals... its not where i want to go and change the question to "how can i notice gracity best" or something like this. randomly i feel like open the window in the room. she starts to juggle some balls and i ask her to throw me some over so i can juggle (and therefore get a feeling of the gravity) she throws me some over but different then IWL i have some trouble with 3 already because it feels different and a little weird. now the guy appears and starts take the balls away from me and to juggle by himself. there are about 6 balls around so enough for two of us. i pick up some try another attempt but again he gets close to me blocking me and then picking up my balls. i ask him "dude wtf? you just need 3 balls take the other ones" but he seems to want to be a pain in the ass so i decide to lift him up. he is a little stiff like a puppet but still complaining and talking shit. i carry him over to the window and throw him out. he makes a little "aaah" but nothing spectacular. i go back and see still both of my friends sitting there. i bend down to pick up some balls and is i get up again the girl i was talking to disappeared. fine... i go over to her and while try to juggle i attempt some sexy time with her... she is not that motivated but texting with her phone. i put the balls down and get more active. but before a lot happen the dream fades. i stay cool and find myself in the void, still having the tactile feeling of my pants that i wanted to take down. i move it a little around and get a feeling like someone is pressing or hugging me. it feels interesting. i am not sure if i awoken i linse one eye open and see my bedroom. but wait i still must be dreaming. i do a nosepinch and still lucid. on my right side is a flatiron that morphes right infront of my eyes into an older model.
      i stand up and want to perform the bonus TOTM again. since this is my apartment i know there will be a washing machine in the kitchen. i approach the kitchen (even tho the apartment looks completely different) and already hear it. i open the door and enter the kitchen. i see no washing machine but a dryer. i look closely thru the whole kitchen if i not might still find a washing machine but no. this time i am determined to not close my eyes when approaching my goal. i do a little jump into the open dryer but get stuck like expected. i dont care and keep pushing forward like stuck in the mud and want to get out of it. i push and push and slowly get deeper. i want to get into a different world. in front of my the wall of the dryer starts morphing into different pictures and symbols. it starts with a beating hearth and turns into a brain or something? it changes colors a bit and morphs around. i feel stuck and dont know exactly how to proceed. i try to close my eyes but am at a point where the situation and the visuals are that abstract that it makes no difference if i close or open my eyes. i see the same things. i see dropping water out of a wall. the inside is turning 360° in all directions. after some time between those two moving solid spheres i am stuck inside i see some daylight and i await the sphreres to move in that way that they open a little so i get outside. now outside i find myself at a whole different place. in a round valley some meters away i see a two round stoneshapes moving against each other in 360° similar to the thing i get out of. the landscape has darker round and long stones and just a little vegetation. i fly some meters and thinking hm damn last time atleast i could teleport with my approach but this time?!
      ... i wake up

      and thinking with a waking mind... i did teleport somewhere else i just didnt expect that outcome... the lucid was pretty short but nevertheless an interesting one
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