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    Totmīs Ride a dino, Black hole, new level of dreamcontrol, some caveman action

    by , 08-17-2015 at 10:47 AM (431 Views)
    got to bed at 10 pm

    i sit with someone in a car and we are on a bridge. Someone from down is provoking me with some rubbish talking. i jump out of the car into the water under the bridge. the water is deep and i swim and swim up again to the surface. i start slowly to breath under water.
    i realize that i am dreaming and doing a nosepinch (not only i can breath underwater, i can even breath with my nose shut under water xD)i leave the water and there is a kiosk under the bridge. the guy i there and first thing first i let him eat a booger freshly out of my nose... kind of disgusting i think but he deserved it. i let him buy me some club mate (limonade) and keep going.
    i am in supermarket with a firend of mine. i want to summon a known person. i think about a acquaintance that is right behind me. i turn around and look around and find some feet away at a table the person sitting with her back to me (lets call her P). i shout her name and she turns around. i am happy that it worked.
    we keep going and i am in a litte room now. the friend of mine is still with me. i want to try something new again and i ask a random guy to bring me something. i cant think of anything usefull so i ask him to go to P and ask her what time it is. he goes away and i see a clock on the wall. he come back after some time. he need a second to "remember". my friend wants to say something like "hey but there is a clock" but i raise my hand to stop her. the guy says: "P said it is 30 min after 3 oīclock. " i say: "You mean half past 3?" "Yes he answers" i smile because the clock is saying it is 4:50 [after i woke up i looked at the clock and it was 3:34...coincidence?] he wants to have something for his effort and i dont want to give him anything. he gets a little bit sad and i tell him he can have one of my club mate i get.
    we keep going again.
    my friend and i are now outside at a fireplace. i am really happy how well my LD is going on and i am really self-confident. i tell her it would be soooo good if she would remember the dream too not just me. i think about what to do next and the TOTMīs come in my head. i can remember riding a dino and go fishing but i alrdy have basic wings so i decide to ride some dinos. i think about how i could manage this and just try like i did with P. i expect in front of me some dinos. on the first try it dont work. i decide to turn my back and think about dinos that are behind me i just have a vague imagination of a dino and that i want to sit on it. i turn back again but instead of dinos there are three horses which are mostly black or dark brown. my friend is laughing and we aproach them. i turn again and this time i think more specific about some little t-rexes and as i turn they turned into hip high little t-rexes but they act still shy like horses or dogs. i whistle and one of them is coming to me. i climb on him and we start to ride. he is uncomfortable because his hip bones push into my ass. as i think about it that they are more like little dogs i am riding on he morphs into a dog. nonetheless i still riding him and we jump over a fence. someone wants something from me but i just ignore him and ride here and there. i think we enter then a rail station?!
    i am infront of a railstation and think about what to do next. the friend of mine is still there. i think about the black hole task and remember that some of you dont needed to fly into space but just summon a black hole somewhere. again i think about that somewhere behind me is a black hole and i then turn around and keep running because i know that it is just around the corner of the station. i keep running and i see the black hole. it is 1.5 to 2 meters big and is more like a portal transparent and in the middle black and dark. i jump in and while jumping asking myself where i will land?
    i jump through it, roll of and i am still there. in the first moment i think "him this was more boring than expected but then time slowed down and everything got a hint of blue or yellow. the effect didnt last long and everything got normal again. i think what tasks i have and i remember that i want to find my mentor in my dreams. i go to a guy sitting on a bench and ask him if he knows where my mentor is. but even before he answers i know that he is just a stupid dumb guy from whom i wont get any answers. he just answers "no" and shakes his head... too bad...
    i then decided that iīve done enough and can enjoy myself a little bit like fryingman is doing like alot xD
    Spoiler for Cavemanmode:
    i think about what to do next and imagine a global map. i see it and think about where to go. a loading screen starts and i am waiting.... after some seconds i decide to wake up to remember the dream because it was pretty long.

    i think i never had a so long LD. i could complete more than one task i wanted and didnt fell once into the void. it was an awsome feeling to have the time to try so many different things and just to get whatever i wanted. sure i dont know why i summon P and not someone else like a friend or somehing because in RL i just know her and have nothing to do with her. and sure i could have asked the guy to bring me something more interesting but everything just worked and even if i needed a second try it didnt set me up and it was nice to be so direct and dont have to say please to get what i wanted.
    this really lifted me up on a new level of LD experience!!!

    some dreamfragments later that night:
    -i am in a big flat. i am searching a toilet and find one in the kitchen behind a fridge standing in the middle of the room. the "toilett" is a round little thing where you normaly could wash your feet or something. i start pissing but gets disturbed by someone coming. i talk to the person but search on a different place for a toilett i run some stairs down and find a proper bathroom but my chef is coming down too and i offer him the toilett and i want to take the urinal. but somewhat we talk that much that i dont do my business.
    i am in some sort of restaurant or something and i am searching for some hiden door or exit or something. i have an envelop in my hand. i get lucid and do a short nosepinch. i deside to rub my hands to stabilze but because of the envelope in dont work like i would like to and the dream gets unstable and i get black vision. i dont fight it and wake up/transition in NLD.
    -iīm standing at a terrace at a wooden cabin. a friend of mine stands next to me and asks me when i kiss a girl in a dream if it is real or just imagination. i tell him it is real and you can really feel it and not just imagine it. and kissing is the innocent staff you can fell reffering to my spoiler
    -i lying across on my bed and i am awake and cant sleep. someone comes in to wake me up but i am alrdy awake. he says my pupils are dilated an he knows what that mean (i think i took some LSD)

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    1. Patience108's Avatar
      Wow Great night of Dreams! New level looks good!
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    2. FryingMan's Avatar
      Congrats on a great dream! The best thing about this is that you prove to yourself that you can have long, stable lucid dreams where you can complete a number of goals (and have "a nice time like fryingman" haha). Don't let those DCs distract you, they'll troll you if you let them !
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