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    3 girls in town

    by , 05-22-2015 at 06:06 AM (392 Views)
    Me and two guys we were in town. We met three girls. One of the guys was talking with them. I do not remember the conversation. But one girl with blond hair, looking at me. I am watching her. She was very beautiful. One girl was dressed in white (maybe jacket). When we left, I told one guy, he was like one girl who is giving signals. He was very happy because he did not know.

    A very beautiful dream.
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    1. Gaea's Avatar
      Cool dream... maybe you can do a MILD tonight, and have a relationship with that girl. Good luck with Lucid Dreaming. Hopeful I can manipulate time, and wake you up from your dreams even with the timezone difference. -Good Luck, Gaea
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    2. relevart's Avatar
      Thanks, Gaea! Yes, I would like again to meet this girl. Yes, I believe, time difference does not matter. I wish you sweet dreams.