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    Log 1095 - Botanical Draqueduct Trial and Other Assorted Stories

    by , 04-30-2018 at 01:31 AM (328 Views)
    Created Sunday 29 April 2018

    Got various things to note, though I've lost memory of several of these.

    Scrap Group 1
    Something about a highway drive.

    Went to a fancy Chinese Buffet with my friend Vlad and brother Javy, the entrance priced agreeably at $6 per person. While going through the food counters, an attendant handed each of us a gigantic bucket of fried rice. I forgot it while serving myself other things, and only realized when I took my seat.

    Dream 1 - Coincidental Return to My Old Job

    The visuals were mostly clear. I was working again in my old job at the gas station. Coincidentally, Anthony, a former co-worker who'd left before I did, supposedly returned just a month prior. Spent quite a while catching up with ourselves, even if I'm embarrassed to admit certain matters. Later, I man the registers, only it was logged in someone else's name. Enter another presumed co-worker, a tall black guy. I realized we were never formerly introduced, but seeing as a lot of time has already passed, it would've been awkward to do so at that moment. A former boss, Paul, also showed up briefly.

    Not too sure on much else. I know some woman ended up behind the registers to pick out cigarettes for herself. Don't recall how this ended.

    Dream 2 - Botanical Draqueduct Trial

    The visuals were slightly blurred. I was wandering around in the mid-upper levels of an apartment building, a grey sky visible out the windows. Later on, I go through walkways interconnecting the structure with adjacent buildings. These platforms got dangerously narrow at times, reduced to even a long wooden plank at its worst.

    Eventually, I meet up with a striking figure, a tall woman with impressive musculature, and a forceful personality to match. She demanded I follow her into one of the buildings. Seemed unwise to not to heed as much. Inside was a series of blue stone hallways. A spectacular bloom of vines and other plantlife decorated every inch of this structure. Such vegetation grew thicker the deeper we went. And then, the plants began moving. They lashed out, forcing us further inside. As I was crossing a doorway, a shrub suddenly sprouted behind me, interposing between the woman and I. She bade I not mind her, that I continue on my own. I did so without hesitation. As I went further ahead, the vegetation dwindled in number. Soon after, I found myself back at the entrance.

    The tough lady was already there, alive and well. She explained that I'd gone through some kind of trial, one only select persons were allowed to complete. After that, she takes me to another nearby building. Upon taking one step inside, a plant emerges yet again from behind, blocking me from the woman, the exit, and even from any light. "You alone were chosen", grunted the woman. "This is something you have to do on your own."

    Unnerved, I walk towards the darkened open space ahead. Just then, a deep voice boomed from above.

    "You have come far in this trial.", said the enigma. "Now, final judgement is upon you. But beware" the voice bellowed fearsomely, "failure in this next test will result in your certain demise. Prepare yourself!"

    I shook in place uncontrollably. Only, I realized it wasn't me, but the entire structure itself. The floor quickly gave way. Now, I found myself sliding backwards through the winding tunnels of a vast stonework aqueduct, the sky partially in view through narrow slits above. I started looking for a way out of this unintended ride, when I noticed a terrifying figure overhead: a massive dragon, bony spikes protruding from its olive-green scales.

    "How long can you survive?!", taunted the creature, quite apparently the source of the aforementioned voice.

    I forced myself to go faster, hoping that I could somehow outrun the beast. Indeed, I did soon lose sight of it. But then, I found myself face to face with its massive jaws, snapping in from one of several occasional large openings on the walls of the structure. Luckily, its wicked fangs missed me by a hair.

    Reactively, I reached into my pockets, but could only find a handful of stones. Still, I 'figured' I had magical abilities. I enchanted the stones, then waited. Eventually, while passing some large gaps, I saw the creature trying to swoop in at me. So, I hurled a stone at it, if feebly (I was still getting dragged by currents, after all). Nonetheless, even a mere graze caused it great distress. Roaring in fury, the dragon responded by breathing a gout of flame, almost incinerating me, had not the tunnel closed again in the nick of time. When it next tried to attack, I conjured an earth elemental, created from the materials of the structure itself. This being obviously stood little chance, but it could at least occupy the menace long enough to give me some distance.

    Later on, my ride was abruptly halted by my getting dropped into a huge cistern. I swam around momentarily, scouting for an exit, but could see none. This delay cost me my lead. The dragon soon hovered in from above. In such circumstances, I was all but helpless. Just as I thought my demise was imminent, I was suddenly flushed into the depths. When I came to, I found myself sliding down that aqueduct all over again. The trial wasn't over.

    Much of that sequence repeats, until I eventually woke up.

    Scrap Group 2
    Some extended scenes of the work dream above.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      What an epic trial~ The characters all sound very cool too. I like the dragon part especially. It must have been mind boggling to be sliding down the aqueduct that many times. Just like a high water ride.
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    2. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Heh, thanks. Yep, that's an apt description of this experience, with some added thrills of course!

      Been so long since I had such an enthralling non-LD (or it at least feels that way). It's as if I'm starting over with dream journaling again, back to a time when everything about the subject seemed so novel, mysterious, and intense... Ah, I'm letting nostalgic feelings get the better of me!
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    3. Charles3's Avatar
      WOW that sounds like such a cool dream. I don't know if I've ever had anything quite like it! Of that magnitude. It makes me want to keep practicing
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