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    Log 1130 - Fire Fly Attacks Monkey and Other Assorted Stories

    by , 06-03-2018 at 03:06 AM (624 Views)
    Created Saturday 02 June 2018
    Got a DILD and DEILD to note. There were plenty of other things I recalled, though they're scraps now.

    Scrap Group 1
    Something about the interface from Cataclysm DDA appearing during some mundane events. There were prompts about martial arts styles.

    Watching Hokuto no Ken. A spoiler character appears much earlier than intended. Yuria thinks of helping that character out, but the two got captured by Raoh before that could happen.

    At home. Uncle Dimitar was there, watching TV. An animated movie was on screen. Incidentally, the main villainess of the film had the same name as my guide.

    False awakening in my bedroom at night. Lots of other beds were there, and with them, other people. Most of these were supposed acquaintances, but also included my brother Tristan. I checked the time on my phone, interrupting the others' sleep. I then 'daydreamed' about 'high quality rips'.

    Dream 1 - Treeformed Guide

    The visuals started dim and slightly blurred. I falsely awakened in bed in the middle of the night. Just then, my cousins, Alayne and Edda, barged in out of nowhere, both appearing younger. They went on about an astronomical event, and wanted me to see it with them. The two went ahead while I unwounded myself. I then woke up Tristan, and told him about such. We got to the front door, but Tristan said he'd catch up later. This somehow made me realize the dream.

    I phased through the door, which took a bit of effort. A very early dawn awaited me outside. High up in the sky were two full moons, one slightly golden, the other silver. In fact, there might've been a few other such heavenly bodies as well. To keep from getting too enthralled, I rubbed my hands for a half minute. Then, I exclaimed that I'd fly up in space for a better look. Indeed, I floated up a few stories high, but struggled to go further than that, even as my cousins cheered me on. So, I slowly fell backwards and phased below the asphalt, intending to teleport out of Earth.

    Things fade from view. More hand rubbing. Soon, I felt cold air blowing around me. Guessed I was still in the planet's atmosphere, so I continued upwards (or my best estimation of such; I'd lost my sense of direction).

    Warp. I found myself in an altered version of my neighborhood during early morning, reappearing about 25 yards or so from where I last was. I thought of going to space again, but opted to first bring my guide, E. My first attempt was a passive summons, which, unsurprisingly, had no results. Maybe a transformation would do the trick? Noticed a bunch of palm trees growing in what should be an empty lot. I glid over there, and plucked out the most massive one with ease. It was as if the tree was completely hollow. Next, I carried it off towards the sky, where I only then noticed how, uh, curvy, it looked. Anyway, with but a faint thought, I began changing the object into her likeness, if scaled up to the size of the tree itself. Although I could sense her distinct warm aura, she looked a bit different, appearing now as a slender Caucasian, though retaining her long, wavy dark brown hair.

    "E, that you?", I inquired.

    "Mmhmm.", she replied sleepily, a faint smile on her face. Her voice was clearly her own.

    "You don't look like you."

    "Only what you see. Don't worry about that."

    Despite the advice, I tried changing her anyway, doing so by blocking sight of her face with my hand, then slowly revealing her from the chin up. At that, my guide finally took her more familiar (and plump) Asiatic form.

    Her joyful grin was the last thing I saw before the dream collapsed about 10 seconds later.
    DEILD within a minute's time.

    Dream 2 - Fire Fly Attacks Monkey

    The visuals were slightly blurred. I was wandering between a wide alleyway within an elegant, near-futuristic city, a clear teal morning sky above. Didn't take long to regain awareness. I walked to a more open space, when I remembered the contest, my thoughts settled on getting in a fight with a rival. In this case, MadMonkey. And, just like that, he phased in view. This first appeared as a Roblox-ish figure of his avatar, which quickly changed to a realistic (if a more human, older, and ethnic-European) look of such.

    "Hey, Mads.", I blurted out. "Let's fight!"

    The two of us immediately took combat forms, myself using (a perhaps terrible impression of) Mantis Kung-Fu, and MadMonkey taking a Karate stance. Concurrently, dramatic music (Futatsu no Kyousei from Hokuto no Ken) sounded in the background. We circled the area, trying to catch the other off-guard. I then opened the match with Denshou Reppa (ground-cutting energy waves), releasing at least three. Each time, my fellow dreamer made an acrobatic leap to safety. Really made me look stiff by comparison. Anyway, I followed up with some Earth Bending, blasting concrete and dirt towards him, but again, he dodged without effort. Between a side-flip, MadMonkey fired an ice spike at me, which I deflected with a geyser of dirt. He then let out a wave of icy thorns. I only barely rolled away from it. After recovering, I raised two stone pillars, then had them home in on my opponent.

    Things quickly blurred up. The dream deteriorated before I could react.
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