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    Log 1152 - Waterfall Clouds

    by , 06-25-2018 at 12:33 AM (168 Views)
    Created Sunday 24 June 2018

    Got several things to note. But, besides the first dream, they're mostly just fragments now (or very brief, in the case of a DILD).

    Scrap Group 1
    Watching a British comedy movie. Some guy with white shirt was roaming around town, purposefully getting into arguments for the sake of doing such. He almost went to jail when he got on a police woman's bad side. Cut. On the road with family. This somehow transitions to below.

    Dream 1 - Waterfall Clouds

    The visuals were clear. I was in a basic hotel room with dad, my sister Maude, and niece Lolita. Not for long, as we were already packing up. I open up the window curtains, only to find that our room was, in fact, miles above the earth, the clouds spanning out as a mountain range under a clear blue sky. A nimbus churned directly below us, releasing not rain, but an entire waterfall. Highly unrealistic (and I even acknowledged the unlikelihood of such at the time), but one hell of a view all the same.

    Without thought, the others opened the windows and jumped out into the storm cloud below. Of course, I followed suit. I immediately pierced through heavy condensation, drenching myself in water. This was alarmingly cold, yet soothing. The descent then became a freefall in open skies seconds later, not too atypical an experience in my dreams, save for being far more vivid than usual. Eventually, I could distinguish a clear marshland below. Once I got close enough to accurately see the sky's reflection in the waters below, I let out the parachute (which I'm sure I never considered until that moment). Despite being the last to fall, I was, surprisingly, second to land, only preceded by Maude. Got a bit worried when dad and Lolita weren't in sight. Moreover, when they did get in view my, my niece's (implausibly acquired and unnecessary due to her age) 'parachute stroller' failed to deploy in a safe altitude. But, in the end, the two landed without incident.

    All of us then "remembered" having been invited to a party not too far off from where we were, so we headed off to that direction. It was about that time that I realized the unbearably hot weather, warm enough to even steam off the vapor from my jeans. We took a detour by a forested area, just to keep from staying out of the open for so long.

    One trek later, we arrived at the lobby of a mansion. There, we were greeted by a uniformed Navy sailor, who offered me a handshake. My palms were still a bit soaked, so I went off to dry it first. Apparently, I'd stammered my intent, given the sailor questioning my sister whether I was 'speech impaired'. This comment bothered me more that it should've. For instance, there was one bit where I'd a collapsing plastic container filled with half-pencils in hand. When he pointed that out, I responded with unfriendly sarcasm. Looking back, I don't think he meant for any hard feelings.

    Anyway, the group and I head outside to a huge poolside lounge. Standing out among the crowd was this middle-aged man in a fancy suit, who I figured was the host. Even from a glance, he looked to be a big ego. Hearing his gloating and fretting over his vast funds and estates only cemented such first impressions.

    I soon woke up.

    Scrap Group 2
    At a sports (baseball? American football?) stadium with Maude and mom. Later, Vega from Street Fighter appeared, going from aisle to aisle to gain the crowd's affection. When he got near us, I vocalized his theme song, if flagrantly out of pitch.

    Walking around locally during a bright day. I'd random thoughts of Homestar Runner and mercenaries. Then, I gained sudden, if brief, lucidity. I used that time to run hyper fast, until I attained such speeds to hover right over the ground.

    Watching a playthough of a new Resident Evil game. Leon is swimming in the waters of a seaport, where he's attacked by a colossal bipedal mutant crocodile (a poor man's Godzilla). There were numerous repeated clips of Leon getting eaten by the monster. Later on, he climbed on its head, but couldn't really do much when the beast stomps out to attack the city.

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