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    Log 1161 - Deeper Sleep and Shouting and Other Assorted Stories

    by , 07-04-2018 at 03:09 AM (167 Views)
    Created Tuesday 03 July 2018

    Got several things to note, a mix of non-LDs, a DILD, and a fragment or two.

    Dream 1 - Mercs, Soup, and Police Evasion

    Scene 1 - Metal Gear Solid AU - Familiar Stranger
    The visuals were dim. Spectator mode. I was watching a revised Metal Gear Solid story walkthrough. Pan in to a parking garage. Solid Snake enters, dressed in a trenchcoat. He was accompanied by Meryl, who was similarly inconspicuously dressed. The two meet up with Master Miller and Liquid Snake, both in formal wear. In this setting, Liquid had not gone rogue, remaining in Foxhound as its leader. With Miller's help, Liquid planned to pull his brother out of retirement and back into the battlefield. Snake was wary of such arrangements, especially when given by (at the time) an unusually familiar stranger. During their talks, Meryl, in her nervous overeagerness, would blurt out questions and random exclamations, earning silent scowls from the others.

    Unknown cut.

    Scene 2 - All Souped Out
    The visuals were a bit blurred. I was wandering around a local plaza during daytime. My brother and sister were accompanying me. One of them mentions something about a soup buffet that had recently opened around there. Very intriguing, though at the moment, I felt too full to get much enjoyment out of such.

    Not clear on much where else we browsed. Unknown transition.

    Scene 3 - Urban Cathedral Police Chase
    The visuals were less blurred. I was wandering around a relatively upscale urban area during an overcast day. Eventually, I cut through the back area of an empty cathedral, jumping over its cast-iron fence and circling around within its perimeter. When I passed by a tree, a bird darted out of its leaves and scurried away. There was something unusual about it, but I can't say what.

    I circled all the way to the front gate, which, of course, was locked. So I flew up and over this barrier. Then, from my right, I heard someone shouting at me. Just my luck, I stumbled upon ongoing multiple arrests not 10 meters to my right. One of the officers demanded I kneel with my hands up. Since he was preoccupied, he told me to stay put.

    Got bored after a minute. So, I turned invisible, and snuck away. The cops reacted quickly, but with luck, I barely avoided getting nabbed on the spot. I hurried through the neighborhood, sirens echoing through the streets. Between this, I glanced inside an apartment building. There, a tanned skinned older woman was watching this fantasy themed soap opera, a show set in an underground city. While she viewed this, she ate something called 'Equillix', supposedly a medicinal candy that helps with memory. This reminds me to think about my goals the next time I'm dreaming (d'oh...). Anyway, I then fly up to the rooftop, where I intended to keep hidden until the heat died down.

    Don't recall how this ended.

    Scrap Group 1
    At an arcade. I was watching a King of Fighter's run.

    Dream 2 - Deeper Sleep and Shouting

    Scene 1 - Mind Trick Inner WILD
    Unknown beginning involving the DCAU. Cut. The visuals were slightly blurred. I was flying through the borders of an urban/suburban area during a bright day. Initially, I was wearing a cape, which then spontaneously changed into a blanket.

    A minute later, I floated in the upper floor of a boarding house constructed of dark wood. I entered a darkened bedroom, a place I thought as my own. Random thoughts on Dragon Ball Z sprouted in my mind, including musings of a Super Saiyan Blue Nappa. It was then that I remembered my previous WILD attempt, and so gained lucidity. Things begin collapsing. I thoroughly rubbed my hands, then the mattress, to little result. So, I thought to 'fool' my brain by WILDing on the spot. Didn't take long to 'sleep' consciously. Transition.

    Scene 2 - Yol Toor Shuul!
    Similar visuals. I 'awakened' from the above state in the same spot, fully aware, where I further reaffirmed myself with more hand rubbing. I fly from a balcony and to the suburbs once again, sweeping past narrow buildings. Thinking of the competition, I yelled "Yol Toor Shuul!". As expected, this shout erupted as a blast of flame. Unexpectedly, the fire's smoke rapidly spread throughout the environment. Cue the dream collapsing.

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